I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 137 and the beginning of the day (the third!)

Woody village.

A Lelarie shop.

When I was sitting here, I sat here, I suddenly took a shot of his shoulders, I smiled at him, and smiled at him: "It's sufficient, Shang Shang, I didn't expect it to meet you here!"


When I saw the whirlpool, I saw the small yellow hair of the whirlpiece, I thought of my own plan, I couldn't help but show a smile.

Just as the original na, the way, when the Naruto said something, but saw another tall figure opened the curtain.

This tall man wore a red robe, and the white long hair was behind him, and his eyes were very threatened to look at the original navigation: "Well? Rain to finger?"

"Yes! Shangyuan is the genius ninja in Yuyin Village!"

The whirlpool is full of smile, and then the high man introduces a good name, and then he is rushed to the original naval.


The eyes of Shangyuan Na will be very strange.

Since he made a nickname black and rebellious plan, he didn't pay attention to the way to leave the leaves. I have forgotten that this guy returns to the wooden leaves when I take the exam!

And now, I have already begun to guide the whirlpool to cultivate, this shows that he has already come back for a few days.

Unfortunately, I will see myself in the first time. I didn't think of my Naruto rebellion plan.

Shangyuan Nai is only aware of a problem, and he has come to him that this disciple is time for Xiaonan teachers and long gates. By the way, several small tasks can be completed.

The only problem is, how can I hook myself?

At this time, I can't use the name of Xiaonan disciples, so I can only use another black ninja!

"Laters and adults!"

Shangyuan Na Run quickly stood up, full of excitement, looking at the tall and said: "Laters are also adult, I am your fans! The intimate heaven series is super good-looking!"


I also looked at the Shangyuan Na, who was full of excited, and touched my face: "That ... Do you need signing?"

Shangqi Na Lu is suddenly collapsed: "I have been confiscated by people in my hands."

"Then wait for you to buy it after 18 years of age!"

Bottomized and shot the shoulders of the original navigation, laughing and smiling: "Although I know that the sales sales is very good, after all, it is 18 ban!"

This person is quite a few in the hearts you wrote.

However, it seems that there seems to have some natural good feelings for people with the same enthusiasts. After all, the hobbies between men are easy to understand each other.

This meal is eaten by the guests.

Late and even take the initiative to let the whirlow people pay money, help the original navigation of a loaf of the meal, the beautiful name, this is the benefits of him sent to fans.

This operation can be seen in the original navigation.

However, the whirlpool is not resistant to paying, and even praises the original naval medical, the doctor is very powerful, and the doctor of the Woody Hospital has no injury, and Shangyuan Na will easily help treatment.

"Oh, is it a powerful medical ninja?"

Listening to the swirls of the whirlpool, they were more interested in the original navigation. He slowly swallowed a glass of water. Some of his face was a little said: "I also know a very powerful medical ninja!" "

At the end, I remembered a woman immediately, and my face was a bit unhooked: "Hehehe ... is a hand of the wood three tolerance?"


I also nodded, I was quite emotion, but he noticed that the face of the original Needle is different, I can't help but say: "Well? Little guy, do you know the master?"

"Hehehe ... Of course."

Shangji, I picked my fingers, my face gradually became a bit gloomy: "Lost her millions of millions, how can I forget her?"

The woman's face of the angel is like a devil, and the temperament is especially very honest.


I also slammed a sip of water, and I couldn't help but laugh. "Hahahahahahahaha ... You can lose to the master!"

The table is also laughing, and I don't care about my image at a little: "Hahahahaha, I have someone will lose to the master!"


The eyes of Shangyuan Needs have gradually been strange.

Is it a rare thing to lose?

What's more, I just lost a few million, if the top is not appeared, the guy will lose to the agency for a few years, but he lost itself.

Have to say, the person of this person is also very bad.

Wood leaves, no one is a businessman.

"Okay, I don't laugh."

I suddenly reached out my arm, hooked the shoulders of Shangyuan Na, since your little guy is a medical ninja, it is better to help me a busy? I am your idol, you will definitely help me? "

"Please explain it."

Shangyuan Na was married, and nodded carefully.

For the requirements, Shangyuan Na is not embarrassed, but it is even to ask what you can do. Who will make this be the bond of Xiaonan and the long-owed debt?

The face of Shangyuan Needle is very solemn: "No matter whoever comes, I will help myself, I will finish it."

Now Shang Shang, there is indeed this confidence.

As long as you don't mention those who are not positive, others can find a master, this is still very easy to do.


I also touched my own chin, curiously got an eye to the original navigation, I feel that this fan seems to be worshiped with him.

I also thought about it for a while, and made a serious thing, Shen Sheng: "Then I want to bear the peace forever!"


Shangyuan Needan slowly raised his head, is this requirement?

If you really want tolerance, you will always be peaceful, unless you only have the monthly read, let everyone enter the illusion, let the whole endured no way to do it!

"Okay, I am joking."

I also took a shot of the original nailed shoulders, the small channel: "I just need you to help me a little busy, because the Naruto is going to cultivate a very dangerous surgery, if he is seriously injured, Can you help him save him? "

"very simple."

The original Nairou immediately agreed.

It also wants to do it, let the whirlpool Sonance learn to borrow Jiuji Chakra, so he intends to throw the whirlowman to a most dangerous situation, so that the whirlpool can be in the moment of life and death Through the nine tail of Chakra, the .

The issue is…

Everything in all things.

Since they met a strong and simple medical ninja, they didn't mind secretly in which they were in this practice.

No matter when, the endurance is always lacked.

Especially those with strong and loving hearts.

According to the description of the whirlpool, plus the sensory feelings, it seems that the original navigation should be this kind of person.

Wooden leaves.

Drake the whirlowman came to the edge of the valley, and the valley is full of dense stone guns, which makes people look at dizzy.

"Just here!"

The voice is also low, staring at some of the wrong swirls, the voice gradually became a little cold: "If you want to practice, I have already handed it to you. If you don't want to die, you will want to live everything. ! "

After that, his finger fiercely played the forehead of the whirlpool!

In the next moment, the whirlpiece's body flew out like a shell, screaming into the valley, a series of horrified voice came out from the valley!

"Is this really no problem?"

Shangyuan Na will slowly walk, his existence is the insurance of the whirlpool, the problem is such a deep valley, the whirlpool is killed?

"This is his destiny."

The expression on the face is still indifferent, but when he saw the original navigo, he slowly revealed a smile: "Reassure, the valley is a small river, even if he fails, can also be used Kra sucks the mountain slate slip to the bottom. "

"Tongling's technique!"

A struggling and unparalleled tender voice came out from the valley!

A huge Chakra appeared in a perceived in the perception of Shangyuan Na, and the whirlpool is really spiritual out!


"Okay, it seems that the guy of the Naruto is successful."

Located, I hit my mouth, turn it away, I greeted the original: "Let's go, I will take you to the most beautiful scenery."