I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 138 I will help you with a spirit beast, after it is obedient!

The cliff is above the cliff.

Sitting on the top and Shang Na, sitting on it, just having a big tree blocked their figure, allowing them to hide everything around him.

Located and the original Nairi overlooks the following in the swimwear girl in the stream in the stream, they are observing the daily life of the ordinary people in the wooden leaves.

I saw the stream, one of the girls were laughing and suddenly smashed the chest of another girl, and a silver bell was passed up.

"Oh ~"

Listening to the sound from the stream, the eyes and voice gradually metamorphic, he even took out a telescope from his own endurance: "Slightly, pull down the clothes, come on, come on, refuel ... Hey! "


Shang Nai's faceless expression is like a saint, he slowly turned to look at the other side of the cliff, there is a huge , trying to put what something falls, and the heavens are gentle and easily run down!

That is the ..

Since the whirlpool people come out after the , they will not be willing to come down from , the two guys began to fight, and they seem to be there.

This is very dangerous!

In case the whirlpool is ...

Of course, Nairou is of course not worried about this. He is just trying to maintain his own people: "Laters are also adult, really don't need to help the Naruto?"

"No need to."

It is also getting a long-awaited hierarchy, but the smile in the mouth is getting bigger and bigger: "After the two guys who are and the Naruto, you will go to the help people to treat, don't This time said these topics of these areas. "

After the answer to the original nailed, I even got out a telescope from the endurance package, and I handed it to the original navigation: "When I see it, they seem to take off each other's swimsuit!"

This is a mess!

This is true that this guy is really his book powder?

Shang Nai wrinkled his own brow, I took the telescope in my hand, I went down to see what I have.

Branch Task: Participate in a splendid material (11), the task has been completed, and the reward passive skills are over-growing.

Overgrowth: The energy of life is increased by 300 points.

Until the sun falls behind.

The telescope was returned to the endlessly and the last time.

Since the sky is getting late, several girls also wear clothes and go home, and their net is over.

"Okay, the Naruto is estimated to be almost the same?"

I also removed a reel from my own body, I handed over the original Nairi's hands, I touched my own mind, some were sinking: "Help me take this reel to give the text too, from the text too much there Take it back! "

"it is good."

After the navigation, I watched my eyes and suddenly watched my eyes and I couldn't help but ask: "Looping is also adults, waiting for us to join us?"

"That is to see if we have a chance!"

Located, I waved toward the last navigation. He has helped the Naruto signed a spiritual contract of Miamu Mountain, and profess the Naruto Chakra Control and Psychics.

And this time did not discover the traces of the big snake pills, so he decided to leave the wooden leaves temporarily and search for the trail of the big snake pill.

After the arrival is also left.

Shangyuan Na will bow his head and look at the big reel in his hand, and the eyebrows can't help pick it. Is this the psychic contract scroll of Miami Mountain?

Forget it, this reel is not used.

Shangyuan Na defeated a sigh of relief, flying to the position of , slamming the reel in his hand: "This is the big person, let me transfer it to you."


After taking the reel,

"I don't know this."

Shangji shook his head, took a whirlpool, and waved a star perfusion against the whirlpool.

According to the vortex moon's super huge physical fitness, the perfusion of the star is definitely not enough, which is only able to let him wake up.

The whirlpool sounded his eyes slowly. After seeing the original navigation, he had a little happy to show off: "Shangyuan, I have just got a super powerful spirit beast, wait until I endure my test race. It will be able to overcome you! "

Single is just the body of , there is an overwhelming strength!

If the whirlpool is really a moment, this is really a good grade.

However, it is just a good thing.

The whirlpool tumbler saw the next to them, and suddenly waved his hands on this hormonics: "Hello, I won the boss, I won! When I summon you, I will come out!" "

" !"

Looking for a lot of friends! "

After that, is going to leave.

"and many more…"

Shangqi Nairou called the , slowly lift the head, revealing a good smile: "Before I left, I wanted to ask."

"Well? Ask me?"

: ::: :::::::::::


Shangyuan never squatted his eyes.

Originally for the task, he wants to provoke .

If this time doesn't give it a meal, I don't know when it is next time.

I don't have it, I don't care, I don't care, let alone many wooden ninja know that the original navigation is in addition to medical, the real combat strength is also very strong.

It is estimated that he will only think that he is just a book powder.

I didn't expect that ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Is this not sent to the door?

Shangyuan Na will slowly raise his head, rushing to : "Who is I, you will know!"

The voice falls, the figure of Shangyuan Na will suddenly disappear in the original place!

In the next second, Shangyuan is in the body of , put this huge , countless giant trees are blocked by it!

"Shang, you ... What are you doing?"

The whirlpool is shocked by the scene.

After the Shangyuan Na Run, he turned his smile and looked at a sluggish whirlpool: "It just despised me! See it, Naruto, even if you have this Tongle beast, Can't be self-respecting, think that you have become strong, do you understand? "


The whirlpool is a bit speechless to look at the four feet of the world. Is this still the big boss?

He just thought he had a strong spiritual beast. Since then, he has skyrocketing and hanging tapo to win Xiao Sakin to take the road of fire ...

As a result, all fantasies were taken down by the original naval.

"Okay, but its strength can be."

Shangji, I pinched my wrist, I looked at the , " Ok? "

"There is no such thing ..."

The whirlpool rushed to stop the Shang Shang.

"It is necessary, if you don't believe it, let's ask it."

Shang Nai is looking at ,,,, ,,,,,, ,,, ,,,,,,, ,

"Hey, that kind of devil gives me a little brother is not qualified!"

When I heard the Shangyuan, I couldn't help but I went to myself. I touched the huge short knife of my waist. The hind limbs were empty, and they pounced the original navigation!

How can it sue?

As the most powerful giant psychic beast of Miao Mountain, the pride of

Shangyuan Needan to push the whirlowman to the side, a pride of dry cloud: "Naruto, then there is no way, let me help you teach a small pet!"

"Who are you talking!"

The original Nair Falls hovered his own double-arm block, and the spikes were opened, and the orange grid defense wrapped his body.

A moment of huge short knife falls, is blocked by the gnergle!

A huge anti-earthquake force entered his body, and the anti-shock injection damage of spikes was completely powerful.

For the top, is too simply looking for death!

Next, the body of fly out, and the giant tremor collapsed in the upper and lower, and there was no number of wounds, and it couldn't help but spray a blood.

Shangyuan Nai Fei appeared above the , from the air, it's a huge psychic beast to completely defeat!

When ,Right?"


is too refused to answer.

At this moment, it believes that the original neck is a mental disap.

Someone will take this way to take the spirit of the beast, don't be afraid that their spirit beast becomes a bastard, can you betray the owner at any time?