I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 141 is not forgetting the pole after death!

Zhidun group was hidden.

It is very humiliating.

Originally he can die, but in the two famous names of the Shangqi Nai, the Pharmacist, the psychological psychology of Zhi Village is completely collapsed.

The two guys in Shangyuan Needle and the Pharmacist are too angry.

Forget it, the endurance is not worth it, and the life is given.

Even if the village group hides hidden, I want to launch four elephant seals, and damage my body, but he has already gone strength.

Shangji Na Rou opened a seal reel, seal the body of Zhun Group, "I want to bring it back to live, I will take a little difficult, I can only bring back his body, I hope that Xiaonan teacher will not care about this. ! "


The pharmacist looked at the movement of the original Needle, and I made a while, "said the advice:" Needar, not as good as going back, give a bunch of flowers to Xiaonan adults? "

Where there is a woman who will like the body!

Shangyuan Nairi thought for a while, shakes his head, sighed a mouthful: "If the ordinary woman, such as the spring wilder Sakura, the wild in the mountains, but the Xiaonan teacher is not the same, she doesn't like these things. "

Small south energy folding paper flowers, how can I like flowers?

In the past four years, when Xiaonan helped the room, he will leave a piece of paper, a paper flower, a variety of pieces of paper, every time.

The Shangyuan himself saw a little greasy.

The pharmacist can only look at the Shangyuan Na, who is full of satisfying the scroll, and feels that his new boss has begun to fantasize Xiaonan to receive the bodies of the group.

What does this also let the pharmacist say?

The new boss is happy!

The original Nairou is of course very happy. He did not think that the principal task will actually grow. Is this because of the reward of the push-up of Zhun Village?

Main line task: Implement the wishes of the bodies boss, becoming the largest BOSS, 17% progress.

It is estimated that the schedule will rise again after the wooden crash plan is completed.

In addition to this, there is another other reward.

Branch Task: Beat the Village Group (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skills spatial breakage.

Temporal and space break: Time line to break the body with time space, enter the state of injury to anyone, return to the position and state before 4 seconds, so that yourself is more advantageous in battle, when returning to a predetermined position, will Let the space around the position hurt the enemy, the skill minimum consumption Chakra 100, the skill cooling time is 55 seconds.

This skill is a war life.

Strictly speaking, this is also a skill that can instantly kill the enemy, as long as calculating the time and its own position.

I can even develop some kind of tone.

For example, in the distance of fate skills to the distant place, close the moment and space break back to the original position, think about it is cool.

This skill is much more than Yi Evone.

Branch mission: Thoroughly kill the Zhizhi Group (11), the task has been completed, reward passive skills dark harvesting.

Dark harvest: passive skills, after each defeating a ninja, will get a part of the power from the enemy, increase the 10 points of life energy, check 10 points, natural energy 10 points.

When Shangji Nai Lu, I feel a good person.

Now he has a dark harvest, what skills are it?

As long as the number of defeated is enough, his strength will grow quickly. Who else is his opponent, a strong opportunity has arrived!

Shangyuan Nai felt couldn't help but look at the highest level of IQ: "Do you say that I have launched a role war now, declared the War of the five major countries?"

"... How can Neitaders think so?"

The face of the pharmacist has changed, and the cold sweat that rubs his forehead will be rubbed down. "Even if you can mobilize the power, you want to capture a small country, but you don't want to destroy a big country. It's that simple, let alone is the five big country to fortune ... "

After that, the pharmacist opened again: "But I will continue to improve the reincarnation of the big Snake pill during this time, as long as we have enough bodily reincarnation of the army, we have the power to compete with the five countries. ! "


Shangyuan never looked at the pharmacist.

He is really coming, how is the pharmacist?

No, the pharmacist, this guy seems to be one of the people who participate in the fourth endurance battle!

Shangji shook his head, sighed, sigh: "Ok, then I will bear it for a while, but you have to double your efforts!"

"Yes, adults."

The pharmacist should look at it respectfully, but he asked again: "I really want to know why adults want to launch a role war?"

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, I plan to find a speech for myself: "You wait, let me think about it ... forget, wait until I want to tell you again!"

Pharmacist: "..."

Mom, the new boss is really a neuropathy!

It's just a qualified subordinates, the pharmacist can't let your boss, he laughed and opened: "Nair Fair is to destroy the old order, take the opportunity to solve all the contradictions and wars of the endurance, is this?"? "

This statement is not wrong.

If you want to build a new order, you must defeat the five countries.

"To pair, can be."

Shangqi Nairi took a nodded, gave the pharmacist, after the eyes of appreciation, the opening continued: "Okay, first pack this scene, destroy this, let people think this is Yisi Borath or Yisi Bo Do it. "


The pharmacist also looked at the original navigation.

How can I not be good after killing such a big thing?

Yisi Bo Tong and Yisi Pub are undoubtedly the most motivated candidate.

If it is not the age of Unechebra, the pharmacist even believes that the Hui Zhi Saizuo will be more appropriate to carry this black pot, which can also force the defecation.

Because inherent prejudice, the pharmacist believes that Unecheo Sasuke is the genius ninja, is the best choice for joining.

After Shangyuan Needle and the Pharmacist left the base, a huge flame was shot from the original Nairi, instantly detonated the root of the base!

The entire ninja specializes in fire.

Since Unexpell Spotting, the flying one family and Yishabo family began to compete for the title of the strongest fire.

Flying, one family, certainly impossible to have people to kill the village group, then they can only be members of the Yishabo family.

Shangyuan Nai was recruited: "Okay, let's leave here, soon someone will investigate, I hope that I will not affect tomorrow's plan."

"Certainly not."

The pharmacist is very confident, and he speaks softly: "If you die tonight is the three-generation rigs, the Chinese tolerance will be postponed; but the death is the Zhun Group, and there is not much person to know the root tissue. leader."

This is another bad place to hide your identity.

Zhi Village Tibetan hidden guys don't have much people remember him, and the villagers don't know what to do. How can I sit on the noodle?

"By the way, I will prepare a Covenant, and I will give it to me tomorrow."

Shangji, I watched a pocket, and the light continued: "The content of the Allies is the allied treaty of wood and Yuyin Village, including wooden peppers in Yinyin Village, half-hidden, and supports rainfall. country…"

After waiting for a while, Shangyuan Nairou also touched his forehead: "You look at it, always write some people are beneficial for the country, but don't leave it ... If you pay, you will write a village group!"

"I understand what you mean."

The pharmacist took a nodded, this is what I want to let the village group will still carry a black pot, isn't it to say that I will be able to move my hand tomorrow, participate in the wooden crash plan?

"Okay, this is this tonight!"

Shang Quan Lu quietly opened the fate skills, it was necessary to return to the room of his own hotel, but when he saw the whirlpool, the avatar of the Spring Sakura, the entire person's face could not help but change!

Mom, the woman has a problem with the spring?

Is this the first time?

How do you break his good things every time!

This little girl will not be bad about him?

At the end, I returned to my own accommodation, even if I just endured the spring wild cherry, he also took Yizha Saso to take away!