I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 143 In order to greater benefits (third more)

War situation will often change.

The original sandy ninja will occupy an advantage in the moment of launching the raid. The ninja on the court has fallen into a disadvantage. Even the ambiguous sandy ninja in the village has also broken through the wooden defense line, and it has been invested in the village.

The highest power of the wooden leaves, the day and the big snake pills, the four people who have been souseed into the four purple arrays, which is also completely out of the game!

However, as the strongest rural village of the role, the deep helicy of the wooden leaves is not these people to compete. Under a group of endure, the wood rubber has successfully launched a counterattack.

On the court, the arrival of two people also changed the battle.

The flag-like Kaki and Uchimo Saso finally ended their cultivation and rushed to the entrance to the test, and they also saw the raging nine tails.

In the Millennium, who helped the sandy ninja killing, saw the flash of Kakasi, immediately abandoned his enemy, manipulating his own !

Wooden white teeth, but her most hated enemy!

The flag-like Carti face does not change, while welcoming the Millennium Mother-in-law, while the combat power: "Kay, don't waste the time to save the hot shadow, immediately go to control the people!

Li Luoke, Sasuke, two of you went to the people below the rescue, the war of sand in Sandy Village!

Every day, Xiao Saki, to organize the companion door to the audience, arrange the rescue, and ask the day to protect the audience!

Mystery, mini, blinks, don't waste time to crack the four purple array, immediately led other guard ninja to initiate counterattack, send people to the secret to dispatch aid! "



"Give it to me! Eight-door armor, Jingmen · Open!"

Since the arrival of the flagmati, everything is in an orderly manner, and when he is willing to take responsibility, it seems to have a convincing force.

This is also a little surprised.

This originally more severe situation than history, actually stabilizes the command of the flag wood Cassi, only need a little time to solve this crisis.

After arrival of the aid soldiers of the wood, everyone can almost foresee the endings of Saha Yin Village and Big snake.

Only is different.

The three generations of fire this time really can't save it.

Within the quadruple array, the big snake pills have spoken out of the first generation of the thousand-handles and the second generation of rigid shadows, and they directly let the arrogance of the day into disadvantages.

However, outside the four purple array, the wood and thefts have begun to gradually occupy the advantages, and the flags of Kakasi and the Millennium mother-in-law are resistant to the chamber, and they will not be able to win, others have achieved good results. .

The only trouble is the battle between Mitkai and four tail swirls.


Myrt Kai is really hard, he estimates that he wants to kick and kick, but it is very difficult to control it.

But very fast Michael doesn't have to be difficult.

Because Unecho Sasuke and LiLock, the two of the two hit, I love Luo was a hammer, and finally was stimulated by blood, forced out the strength of the tailed crane in his body!


My love is instantly closed.

His body slowly slammed a huge thing, and a tail guard showed his true body: "Hey, this uncle finally came out!"

The ninjas of just Saha Yin Village thought that the destination of the crane was their aid soldier, the first thing to be made out of the beast is the first thing to send the empty bomb to the four-tip whirlpool: "Just came out I will smell the fox 's smell! "


My Tham is a bit unclear, he doesn't know which tail beast should be attacked: "Hey, Kaki, which one is one of them!"

"Two are not!"

Flag Kakasi has avoided the attack in the Millenile hand, whisper: "No, talent is the companion of our village, as long as you don't kill the niece, how can you attack, I believe you can solve, Kay! "

To be honest, the luck of the wooden leaves seems good.

Who can think of the ultimate weapon of Sandy Village, after a tail guard, the first thing actually helped their leaves to attack the nine tail of the nine tail of the out of control?

"This kind of luck is really no place to say!"

Shangqi sighed in the sky, flying in the auditor's seat, extended his palm, whispered: "It's time!"

Spring Sakura, every day, mountain in the mountains and the day, the young girls such as the sect of the young land, surprised to appeared in the appearance of Shangyuan Na.

On the spring of the spring, I revealed a lot, I couldn't help but asked: "Oh? Shang Yuan, do you come to help? We have a lot of wounded here ..."


Help your sister!

I have seen you!

The original never looked at the spring wilderness.

When Shangyuan just appeared on the audience, a figure in a pocket came to him and gave him a reel.

I got this reel, and Shangyuan Na will have the possibility of doing things in the exam.

Shangji is looking at the drug teacher hidden under the hood, whispering: "You send Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white, I will solve the problem here."

"Yes, adults."

The pharmacist jumped into the auditorium.

With the head of the head, the newcomers of the wooden leaves are looking at the eyes of the original Needle, and the Spring Sakura, every day and the day, the eyes of the young Tiantian, etc., I can't help but show a worry, they are afraid This friendly senior is also an enemy.

The day and sufficiency have already recognized the facts, and he quickly took a few attacked sandy, flying to these new people.

The day, the sun is swaying, indicating that these little guys will leave immediately, and then slowly lift the head and look at the original Na Nai: "There is here, not a friend, is the enemy."

"I am a friend, it is also an enemy."

Shangqi Lu Lu laughed and raised the reel in his hand, and the moment appeared behind the day, whispered: "I also want to be a kind person, but the other people of your wooden leaves are too much. ! "

"Eight Diagrams · Back!"

The day and sufficient movement is very fast!

A high-speed rotating Chakra gas flow cover appeared around him, just hitting the original Nairi to fight out!

Last Nairi is also concerned, slowly collapsed his reel, patted the dust on his body, slowly swallowing: "Well, it is a long to the family, the speed is really fast ... but you Have you heard of ? "


The daily sun frowned.

Shangyuan Nair's figure disappeared in the original place, and the momentum appeared behind the day, and the high voice: "It is this!"

Countless boxing flew!

The day and sufficiency is still surprisingly used by the original navigation. It is not ordinary instant surgery, but the sudden illness similar to time and space, countless fists fall in his body!

The day of the day, the people of the family, can only force the two palms to try to resist one or two, followed by the countless boxing shadow of Shangyuan Na.


On the day, I looked at this scene to the flowers and my sister, and when they wanted to rush, a figure stopped them.

It is just that there is a day that is killed by the whirlpool.

"You are going."

On the day, Ningxin looks complicated to lying down the day, but the mouth is cold, and the day, the day, the day, the sister: "The guy is not your two small waste can be dealt with!"

"Ning Xin brother ..."

"hurry up!"

The day, Ning, is obviously impatient.

Shangyuan Needan is not chased, just slowly look at the day, I asked: "I have heard of your rumors, I didn't expect you to protect them, how? No longer hate you?"

"Hey, let you have anything!"

On the day, I wrinkled my brow.


Shangyuan Nai flew one foot kicks the day Ning!

However, the day on the ground has climbed up, and the flying blocked in front of the original Needle, I happened to be kicked by this foot.

On the day, the sunshine is tightly holding the upper leg of Shangyuan Na, and I took a letter and lost it to Ning. Ning, whisper: "This is your father left to you, go! Go to protect the young lady and Fire fire! "


The day, Ning, biting his teeth.

This day of the birthday, gaining the letter, chasing the letter, chasing the direction of the nutai and flower fire.

"Do you want me to be all you?"

Shang Nai is looking at the day, the day is not afraid, and the head is sighing, and the head is sigh, and the feet will be blown up in the day, and the other is kicking at the sun. Nongji!

The birth of the sun and the sunshine are kicked out by the original navigation, from the high audience seat on the ground!


Just leaving the day of the audience to Ning and the day to the young sisters, the day and daily sunshine have been scared.

On the day, I bite my teeth, one pushed them to another position, Shen Sheng: "You will go, I take the family!"



On the day, Ning did interrupted the day to the young Tiantian, and shook it softly: "The age of fire fire is still small, the young people, you are a sister, you must let her calm, the ethnic group, he ..."

"I know."

On the day, I grabbed the eyes of the fire in the daily fire, and she left here.

On the day, Ningjun leaned over the sun and the sun and the sun, and he ran to the wooden hospital!

On the day, the sun and the supe are grabbed the shoulders of Ning Ji, whisper: "... Ning, the day to the family, the future is all rely on you!"

"Great people."

The day is slowly low in Ning.

The day is low, and the sun is low: "Ning, I know my injury, even if I am alive, it is impossible to fight as a ninja."

On the day, Ning Ji just returns to the direction of the hospital: "Please don't say this kind of death, the age of the young and the fire is still very small!"


The day, the sun is silent for a while, whispered: "If I can live, I will engrave the cage of birds in the cage."

During this day, the family of family is very clear about his injury. It is not known to have a bone. Even if he doesn't have any combat ability.

In this way, the guests of the vision of the people have the possibility of being taken away.

As a father, he can live in the sake of young and flower; as a family of family, it is also necessary to protect the day to the blood of the family to protect the protected cage.

Is this because of fruit reincarnation?


Many people have seen this beginning at their own eyes.

Li Luok, who had just left the battle area, stood in front of the original Naqi, and Chakra on his body started to break out: "Shang Yuan, why do you want to do this, are you not our friend?"

"Sorry, Li."

Shangyuan Nai married a breath, slowly clenched his fist: "For the greater interest, I have to kill the three-generation fire, wait until this, you will understand me."