I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 144 Yesterday, killing the Tibetan, killing the day today! (Fourth! To reward!)

Li Luoke's IQ is obviously unaccompracted.

Just as the original navigation, I only had a hearty battle. I saw Li Luoke to bite to the ground: "Shangyuan, I don't want to hurt you, please stop!"

This guy meets first?

Shangyuan Nai Lu is silent for a while, suddenly open: "We are all villages, Li, you should know, I have not retired."

Shangji, I looked at the low-headed Li, soft persuaded: "Li, stand up! I know that you have been able to re-open the ban, in order to fight for each other, you can be able to be a ninja."

Shang Nai, I looked at my own branch mission, whisper: "Li, if you pay, I will think you are looking down me! Stand up! Stand up now, if you dare to leave, I will Can't look down on you! "

Li Luoke slowly lifted his head and biting his teeth. Chakra, in the body, is like a substantially broke out, and the momentum will blow up the seat on the audience: "Sorry, Shangyuan, I will be as you wish ... fifth door, Du Gate open! "

After this time Li Luok opened eight armor, it was clearly prepared and trained, which was much stronger than a month ago.

At least now, the body is already able to withstand Du Gong's power.

Unfortunately, Li Luke can only open the fifth Du Gong. If he can open the sixth door, maybe and be able to make a better than the original navigation, and now it is still not enough!

"Wooden rigid whirlwind!"

I suddenly hit the top!

Shangji closed his arm, opened the state of spiked defense, and an orange mesh was covered in his whisper, let Li Luoke kicked!

Huge anti-shock strength makes Li Lock can't help but go out!

Shangyuan Nai was tangled, flying to the body, the cross-out arm hit the arm of Li Luoke, took the effort to hit the people farther, and Li Luke flew over half a viewer and fell. Under the foundation.

LiLoke in Du Gate, just only has the strength of the ability, facing the place where the original navigation is nothing to resist ...

"Sorry, Li."

After the arrival of the two tricks, the flying rushed to the direction of the four purple array. If he didn't rush, the three generations of fire will be with the big snake pill!

Branch mission: Defeat Du Guolk (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skills tough wrist.

Tough wrist: You can increase your right hand and attack speed by Chakra storage, the skill cooling time is 1 second, minimum consumption of Chakra 100 points.

Shangyuan Nai is really do not know how to vomit.

This skill really called hard wrist instead of singing for 20 years? What's more, he is now able to use Chakra to enhance your strength!

Just no skill is so precise.

The original Nairies fell in the sky, and waved his right arm. With a white and white, he went down to the four purple arms!


A crack clearly appeared on the four purple array!

Next moment, the whole quadruple array crashed!

The speech is defeated by four purple array to break blood!

The big snake pill is clearly lifted, looking at a punch and crushing the youth rain of the four purisy arrays, hate and biting his teeth: "Up to the back of this born!"

The initial generation of the big snake pills and the second generation of fires, thousands of hands, and the mutual translocking body is still surrounding the sky, and the three generations of fire shadows will not support, and when they can't help, the original navigation To disrupted his plan!

"Big snake pill, I am here to help you!"

Shangyuan Needle slowly low, looked at the big snake pills: "Some people have a very high price, let me help you kill the three generations of fire."

"I do not need."

The big snake pill shook his head, pointed to the arrogance of the day, the cold voice: "Don't you see it, haven't I have to kill him?"

"This is not the problem you want to do."

Shang Nai is looking at the big snake pill, calmly open: "The big snake pill, you should understand what I mean, no one dares to reject my help."


If it is not a matter of critical juncture, the big snake pill is really trying to use the beginning of the sun and the second-generation fire.

Unfortunately, he is afraid that it is the same as four years ago ... in case the original nair and pass the giant shark that can swallow the soul, then he is not a loss?

The big snake will hate his own lips, cold channel: "Shangyuan Na, straight, what do you want to do?"

"You don't understand what I said?"

After the arrival of the first navigation, I watched the flying day when I wanted to desperately desperately, and the figure disappeared in the air.

In the next moment, the figure of Shangyuan Nairi appeared behind the day, and a chakra wide sword appeared in his hand, and he was a sword to wear the chest!

However, the old man who has been to the next year is very sensitive!

No, after he is only short, the King Kong of the magic avatar is just a way to block the attack on Shangyuan Na.

"You do this, it seems to have no meaning ..."

"Sorry, Huang Shou."

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of relief, whispered: "Looking at the dead sorrow, I will tell you, because the Village of Zhun Tony has given some of our rainy village unable to refuse the conditions! "


When the face of the day, the face was suddenly black, I remembered my old friend's style.

Many years ago, Zhun Group is beginning to open the shadow, now the do not face things in order to make sandy village, the big snake pill, Yuyin Village, start the wooden crash plan, assassinate him, sell the wood How many benefits of leaf!

But now I don't think about it.

must first stabilize the enemy, he is ambiguous, and the first generation of fire and the second-generation rigging package will persuade the original navigation: "Don't I know, did you not know last night?"

When I said, I said that I extended the King Kong as soon as it was scanned, I temporarily pushed the killer and thousands of hands.

However, in this opportunity, the original Nairou will once again appear behind the day, the Chakra wide sword in the hand pierced his chest!

Si Zichao is broken, and Shangyuan Na will have no time to waste!

"Of course, I know that Zhun Group is harmful."

The original Nairou leaned over the head of the arrival day, the small channel: "Hey, don't tell others, because he is me killed last night!"

It is incredible to the sky, and it is incredible. It is looking at the original navigation. The blood in the mouth is flowing down.

I have some doubts in the eyes of the sky, and I asked in a word: "What is the meaning of this now?"

"I just want to kill you."

After the arrival of the arrival of the arrival of the day, the opening said: "For the greater goal, Yu Yin Village can't temporarily compete with the leaves, so I want a way to kill you, no It is so good that the leaves will investigate my responsibility. "


"Well, Zhun Group is still unhappy, come with him!"

Shangji took out his own purple broad sword, looked at the big blood of the chest, whispered: "Yes, don't say anything about the will of the fire, I also deliberately prepare for your follow-up A gift! "


I slammed my eyes before the day, and I looked at the original navigation.

However, in the case of such a serious injury, I can't do any counterattack again, and even if I can't say it, I can only stare with this hate.

After a while, his palm gradually became loose, and there was no voice.

The front and rear behind, the right to leave the leaves for more than forty years, and one hand took the peak, and looked at the three-generation rigs that fell from the peak, they were killed here.

The gardens on the ground shake, revealing a fierce look at the murderer, and it is necessary to turn into a smog disabled ...

Others don't know what to say, it is a clear!

However, a fist with a white light smashed in the King Kong!

This name is never destroyed, and the moment is broken, and it is dead to death.

Shangyuan Na is rushing to a broken King Kong as soon as it is, and it's cold: "Sometimes I won't let alone, let alone a monkey ..."

Advanced Task 5: Kill the Five Shadow (25), the task is not completed, reward unknown.

Branch mission: Defeat the three-generation fire, the sky (11), the task has been completed, and the reward opens the synthetic furnace function.

This is a bit!

Skill synthesis skills are simply draw!

Shangqi Na Ruwfully looked at the system panel, the synthetic furnace is three skills or psychic contracts, and then randomly come out?

Branch mission: Defeat the Magic Wang Tong Ling (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the spiritual contract Qi Tian Da Sheng Sun Wukong (Sancha ".

Tongling Contract: Tongling summoned Qi Tian Da Sheng Sun Wukong (Sancha ", consumed Chakra 3000 points.

Shangji frowned, some can't understand, this is a spiritual contract with a skin? So is it strong? Maybe wait until the Four-Tail Sun Wukong, who will capture the fingers, can you try this?

"Shangyuan Na, what is your purpose?"

The big snake pills were held in the thousands of hands and thousands of hands and standing in two positions. In the case of the first navigation, the shark swallowed their soul, in case the problem, there is at least to keep him a fight.

"Do you really can't understand people? I am not going to you."

Shangji shook his head, how can he now for big snake pills?

He has inserted the nail of the pharmacist to the side of the big snake, only the big snake pills in order to get a white, started with the black battle, how can he weaken the strength of the big snake?

One of the reasons why the original kills the three generations is also worried that the big snake pills are killed before the three generations of fire.

After all, the big snake pill is so long, now he has to be a good person!

Shangyuan Nai turned his head and looked at the big snake pill: "Leave it here! Or say, your guy wants to take the three-generation nigramid body to the bodies?"

"Hey ... how can it?"

The big snake pill is smile and licks his own lips, whispered: "This is my teacher, how can I not respect him? I just kill him, let the group have relaxed ..."

The purpose of the original wooden crash plan is to let the other three generations of fire, you can let the village group go smoothly into the successful entry.

This village group can explore all the resources of the wooden leaves to support the research of the big snake pills.

Now this purpose has been reached, the big snake pill does not have a reason to stay here, he intends to directly betray the sand hidden village this allies left the wooden leaves.

At the end of Nairu, I looked at the big snake pill and whispered: "I didn't hear me and the three generations of shadow?"


"It's nothing!"

Shangyuan Na Yao gods looked at the big snake pills. This guy's psychological quality is very strong, and it should not collapse after the news that the group is missing.

The long-distance wooden ninja surrounded by four sides, obviously don't plan to let these two murderers who kill the noodles.

The eyes of the big snake pill showed a cold, commanded the sound of the four people and the thousands of hands, and the thousand hands were spared, fled the scene.

Shangyuan Nairou seems to think about what, high voice: "Wait, big snake pills, you owe me yet!"

When I arrived at the arrival, I went to the big snake pill, but the guy did not give him a reel of the reincarnation!

Nairu ... "

The big snake pill smiled and shook his head in the air, responded: "Next time I can show you a thousand thousands of thousands ... As for now, you still ask for a lot of blessings!"


Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of relief, the guy of the big snake pill did not know, and the three-generation rigid, and this thing will eventually blame the head and Zhizhun Town.

As for the original Nair, it is just an innocent scam.

What else is afraid that the wooden village wants to blame the crime, but also to see if they have this strength!

So even if you want to give your Emperor's acting, you must first say it.

If you can't say anything, after you win everyone, you can also put it on the root of the roots of the roots of Mushan Village to deceive them in the river in the river.

Who is big, who makes sense!

Who is good, whoever is a reason!