I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 146 shows me to the original shadow

The wooden leaves really fall into the dark.

When the rumor bamboo tube is finished, after all, the face is also more and more agglomerated, and even a lot of darkness itself has been known.

However, the chaos of the nine tail is the daily .

This news will not be too amazing. If you don't pay attention to it, you will cause chaos of the wooden leaves, and you also waved a wooden dark department, and I asked: "Where is the old man now?"

"The Nang Shadow people have been killed!"

A dark team leader quickly rushed over, the first sentence made the face and changed, what is the situation today?

After the Captain Captain, he handled a scroll: "The murderer who is too big, killing the murderer has been surrounded by us, this is to grab it from the murderer, please visit!"

Fortunately, the prestige is high enough, otherwise the captain of the dark department does not know what to do, after all, the news on the scroll is too amazing.

It is also stable that the situation is already stable. He slowly opened the reel of the allied book words, and looked down at a little bit.

Today's amount of information is a bit big.

Zhi Village, Tibetan, secretly reached this mobilized alliance, and even admitted that there were semi-hidden hidden in the mountain pepper, supported the country's war for the country of the country, supported the land of the country to invade the land of the country. Support Yu Yin Village Wearing Organization ...

As for why he wants to do this ...

This reason is available, and it has already happened.

If the group is not signed this alliance, why will a rain have to fight the war risk assassination three generations of fire?

"But this is really in line with the nature of the group? Is that guy is not a wooden leaf? How can I sign this alliance ..."

I also wrinkled my brow. When I was skeptical, the flagmarks finally defeated the Millennium mother-in-law, and came to the front.

After coming, the flag-like Kaki has a sentence to death. The sin of the group is: "Sand Herle High-rise Staff Marters has recruited," Zheng Zhun Group Tibetan and Big Snake invites them to participate in the wooden crash plan, the price is The task of the country is returned to Sandy Village ... "

After that, the flag-like Kaki opened another sentence: "Yes, there is also a news, there is a news, the roots of the roots occurred in the roots, Zhi Village is suspected of disappearance or death, the murderer may be Yisi Bo Or Yizhi Board ... "

"I also have a message here."

There is a little ugly to raise the head: "Twelve years ago, Yuxi Boel is likely to be a nine-tailed chaos, which is a nine-tailed chaos, and it is said that you are also one of the people? "

Flagkarta: "..."

Why do you know this?

This news is also the whirlpool told that it is also.

Last night, the vortex sneaked information was a bit more, and a brain told that it was also.

In the face of a person who can commit trust by his father, the whirlpool is not suspicious.

The news that I just heard this Naruto was inserted, but I didn't believe it. However, I saw the expression of the flag-likekkasi, obviously had an answer.

"The location of the shadow is really a big problem ..."

I also lick my forehead, Shen Sheng: "The past is not said in advance, now two old men are dead, but I have left so much problem."

After nodding, the flagmark is nodded, "But now the sand of the village has been controlled, the head of the news has also been arrested, and the stretch of the tail is also stopped ..."

"It seems that only the hurt of the old man is left?"

I will slowly stop, and I am still in the distance, I am still in the Shangyuan Na, Shen Sheng: "I remember the relationship between the ghost and the woods. I sent people to tell him, Zhidun Group Already died, his battle has lost meaning. "

"Let me go with Kay!"

Flagkarcasi waved a handle and did not have a bitter, soft: "I have a good relationship with Shangyuan's guys, as much as possible, but he kills the three-generation rigs, how do we do it?"

"Let people control people, contact Yu Yin Village!"

I have already commanded a word, and he didn't put it on the heart.

On the high platform of the exam.

Shangyuan Na Rou has built a wave of row of wooden, his darkness is fast, and the three-way attribute of the blink of an eye has increased by 4500 points.

The flag-like Kaki and Metekay flying to the high platform and waved back to the secrets of the mirroad who were siege, led they were innocent.

After all people returned, the flagmarks opened to persuade: "Let go of the weapon, Shang Shang, you have lost!"

And we have seen the private alliance books in Yuyin Village and Zhidun Group, but Yuncun Town has been dead last night, your alliance book is invalid ... "

"Dead? Zhidun group is dead?"

Shangyuan Nair's face became a bit gray, he slammed the purple Chakra wide sword in his hand, gotting the flag wood Catsu!

The lips of Shangyuan Nai have been trembling, and his voice gradually excited: "I have already reported this good news to the half-Tibetan adult in advance, and you tell me that the same level is invalid, which makes me and half hidden people!"

Shangyuan Nai's arm is gripped, the arm has gradually become trembled: "Flagkarta, I came to the wooden, I took the medicine, I want to tell everyone, Yu Yin Village is not being bullied. !

In order to make Yu Yin Village more powerful, in order to survive the country in the middle of you, I don't have to sell my own conscience, and I have set a covenant with Zhi Village, now you tell me that the same level is invalid!

I am never accepting!

I will never accept it!

Flagkarti! That is the union book signed by Zhidun Group! Zhi Village Town His His commitment, he will support us, the wooden leaves will support us!

He promised me! "

In the case of this few minutes, the action expression made, let Shang Na will think that this life may not have such a realistic performance.

He, a rain genius ninja.

Within these minutes, the image of a hometown of hometown that has become powerful, and the image of the collapse of the collapse is exhausted.

Shangqi Na Rou felt that he might have some laughter in the throat, and simply borrowed a madness: "Hahahahahaha ... Kakasi, your wooden high-rise, how can you be invalid? You are Is it a joke with me? "

The smile on the face is gradually a little horrible: "Kakasi, we are friends, Kay, we are also friends, are you joking right? I got the allied book I got today, I violated the conscience and assassinated a elder As a result, you tell me that the same level is invalid! "


Flagkarcasi and Meteki have been caught in silence.

They understand the mood of this collapse of the original navigation, even the psychology is still a little sorry, this is a genius ninja, not strong, but also good at medical.

Shangyuan Nairou in the month of the wooden leaves, the original navigation they saw is always polite look, treating everyone is very and good.

Now the Shang Shang's face is full of crazy smiles!

"Shangyuan, calm."

The flag-like Kaki is even a little ashamed for a time, and he slowly reached his palm, and he was temporarily calm down.

Flag Kakasi continued to persuade: "You can't calm down, this is impossible to reverse, and you are likely to be deceived by the group!"

"Yeah, Beiyuan Needle!"

My face is somewhat seriously learning Kakashe: "Calm first, everything is discussing, although the alliance book is invalid, but the leaves and Yuyin Village are still friendly allies!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha…"

Shangyuan Na Run turned his palm and smiled coldly: "Is the Zhun Group ? So I do? Do you know what is a crime of raining and deception? That is not my death Offset half-hidden adults! "

When Shangyuan Na said these words, even if he all felt that the mountain pepper was still alive, he bite his teeth and continued: "My teacher, my elders will be implicated because of this, you know them to me. Is the meaning! "

"I can understand your feelings."

Flagkari sighed a sigh of breath.

Zhun Village Treasures are really a big pit, who hits who is dead.

When Kakasi was still young, the Zhun Group hit him to assassinate the day, and the day should be dead.

Otherwise, there will be such a big tragedy today.

Even the days of the day, I was also killed by the enemy who was induced by the group.

Shangji was returned to the purple Chakra wide sword in his hand. He gradually exposed a madness in his eyes: "Mr. Kakasi, Mr. Kai, the League book absolutely can't be invalid, I will never accept it!"

Shangji, I was able to wave the Chekra Express in my hand: "If the leaves do not admit, then I use my own strength, I get something on the same level!"


The flagmark cachi has no choice but to pull out his own bitterness, softly sigh: "Forget it, first grab him! Kai, pay attention to careful, Shangyuan this guy can be dealt with!"

"Kakasi, have we not eased?"

Mitkai is a little tightening the bandage in his hand, Shen Sheng: "Let me fight with Li's life-saving, it is a very shameful thing!"

"After grabbing him, we will find a way for him!"

The flag-like Kakasi flying in the past: "The spiritual state of Shang Shang is not right, can only take him first. For the wood, the petty chaos is the most important!"

"Cardi, you think you can defeat me?"

Shangyuan Na Rou won the purple wandering and Kakasi battle into a group, his voice gradually became a bit hoarse: "Now I will take your life, go to the wooden leaf to admit our allies!"


Flagkarcasy face is helpless.

The guy who collapses this spirit does not look at the situation?

The entire wooden leaves have been restored to calm, all enemies are not escaped, they are surrendering or being smashed, only one rain is tolerated, can you set off what kind of wind waves?

However, some people have expected to be in the original navigation.

A corner.

After the pharmacist, the pharmacist took the brilliant night Jun Ma Lu and white, quietly returned to here, he hopped on the top of the roof of the high platform, there were some mad, Shangyuan Na, and couldn't help but sigh.

"It's really selling." Needer. "