I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 150 How is this alliance with a list of ambassador!

The wooden leaves are now unprecedented inneven.

With the death of the three generations of fire, the disappearance of Zhi Village, flag, Kakashi, and Mahata, have never been hospitalized, and there will be a few people who can fight against S-class, and there is no way to deal with the S-class. The sneak of the rebellion.

The last S-Shenhe Raidthon Pill just got a mess, the two new S scratches appeared around the wooden leaves, which was simply oppressed the straw against camels.


The high-rise of the wooden leaves can only be temporarily signed.

As for this alliance, is it complied with, there will be talked in the future!

Moreover, according to the sleeper Xiachun and the water household speculation on the mountain pepper half-hidden, the mountain pepper semi-hidden selling the original navigation, in exchange for the Covenant of Wood and Yuyin Village, the Ninja Half God will definitely promise.

"Wooden leaves must sign the allied book?"

Shangyuan Na's face is shocked and happy, but in fact, he has never been able to see the content, who knows what the pharmacist wrote above!

As a result, the leaves are all over the other?

Even if it is a big fortune, you can't agree!

The dark army nodded, cold voice opening: "Wooden consultants wait for the departure building."


Shangyuan Na will have a little sorry, and it is also a bit.

If this is the popularity of this person, it is almost different from the seventh class, and the minimum reward will have a hero inheritance task.

However, the leaves have already claimed to promise him, this time, if you continue to flush, it is equivalent to standing to the current exposure you are a big disappearance!

He is obviously just a raining of rain in the village.

Fortunately, the reward that breaks the Maki Mountain Cactus model has been in his hand.

Branch task: Defeat the Wumei Mountain Mode (1/1), the task has been completed, and the immortal mode is going to go to the long level.

The immortal mode is long-term: when natural energy and Chakra energy are consistent, it can enter new combat mode by synthetic Xianke Chakra, and is currently a second form.

Looking at the Shangyuan Na Rou in a group of dark parties, faintly felt that they were not very relieved: "Well, I will see them with this little guy!"

"... Don't worry, come and get people."

Shangqi Na Lu has no sadness: "Everything I do is for the country of Yu Yin Village and the rain, I won't have anything."

Even if the leaves are arranged, he will not fear.

If the wood is really thinking, let's take the pain in advance directly?

After the ruins of this, the chaos of the wooden leaves were completely calm, and a man with a hood was hooked: "I hope that Nerat of Needers will blame me! After all, I am also decently. Ah! But I didn't expect that the leaves will completely promise the conditions in all the allies. "

It is a pharmacist.

According to the guess of the pharmacist, this continues to fight, and the original Nai will be tearful, and it will eventually lead to a catastrophic battle.

Therefore, the pharmacist falsified the traces of two s scents, attracting the attention of the wooden leaves, and the way to pursue a decent peaceful collection, he lived in the wood, there is still some soft.

Narrow building.

When I saw the same level of the same level, the whole man was big: "Hey, support the semi-hidden adults become rain shadows, support the country of the country and the country of the country of the grass ..."

There is no problem in front of both.

Anyway, the first two estimates that they will not be realized by themselves, and the bones of the mountain peppers are already cold, or the hands of Shang Shangyi!

Just see the back, I was bombed directly at the last time!

"Support Yu Yin Village to wipe it with a woven? Support Yu Yin Village to establish a large orphanage? Support Yu Yin Village to establish a biological science laboratory?"

What is this ghost!

Mom, sometimes I really check my work in advance, or you will always know what he will bring you what hassle ...

Especially in each of the top of the top has its own ideas!

The martial martial arts is a bit messy idea, and what is the brain like this?

This is the alliance?

This is clearly a wish list!

Now look at this alliance, I feel that I have been used.

Shangqi Lu suddenly remembered the last time, after the ghosts of him, ghosts advised him to kill the four generations, now thinking that he should be used ...

"These are all protocols signed by you and the group."

The sleeper Xiaocheng poured a cup of tea and whispered: "The subsequent subordinate festivals, Shang Shang You don't have to look at it, and the leaves will support ... as for the previous three ..."

Water households have passed the words: "Our leaves have also promised, just when you run, you should always be alert to the country's possible invasion, and the wooden leaves have not wondered the Northern border."

After the sleep, Xiachun, after the end of his partner, continue to say: "After waiting until the wooden leaves, we will help the soldiers and help the ."


Shang Nai is faintly speaking.

What conditions do this fucking!

Some of the birds promised, he is not willing to promise, what kind of wood is from the troops to help the tissue, the country is now a well-known site! Moreover, the wood rubber has entered the country of rain, it is hard to keep them can't find what kind of cat is ...

The pharmacist fell by this guy, he wanted to use this kind of thing to live, led them to find the trouble of the big snake!

Can he change one?

No, this is replacement!

Shangji, I took the tea cup in my hands, and I went to flip. "No, this is not the contract under my Hidden House, he deceived me!"

The twinkling of the twists of the allied books is placed on the table, whispered: "This is the original place of the same level, is your best? Do you still want the wooden leaf to bow down? "

After that, the sleep Xiaochun is also introduced: "The left side is the alliance of the alliance of our bodies, the right side of the same level in the root organization base, two models, no half of the error "


Shangji was immediately squeezed with his own cup.

The king of the mother is really dripping!

In order to let Zhun Village Tibetan back black pots, he even prepared two copies, sitting directly!

The sleeper Xiaochun sighed, whispered: "Although Zhigun Treasury has been listed as a criminal of wood, this is the document he signing during the high-rise of the wooden leaf, and we will still recognize it. "

Location also silently said: "However, several of the previous leaves can not be easily realized, it is easy to affect the reputation of the leaves ..."


Shangyuan Na Run watched a pen, looked up the crowd in the court, Shen Sheng: "Today I am in order to violate my own conscience, kill a long, hurt a few friends, even Also and our adults are enemy ... "


It's a little surprised to come.

Even if you don't even have a little confused, you want to see what this stubborn rain is to do.

"Sorry, I am willing to pay attention to this."

Shangnai Na Ruo took a strokes a few, Shen Sheng: "Please delete a number of troubles that brought to leaves, because I have the power to decide on the same level, as for this, I will Take the initiative. "

The fingers are gently slammed with the desktop, and the sound is dignified: "This alliance is exchanged after you have a life battle ..."


Tumored Xiachun, slap in the shoulders!

Shangyuan Na Lu ignored this, whisper: "I respect half hidden adults, but I respect the peace of the rain, I know that some provisions will bring up endless battles for Yuyin Village, these hurts We have already affected too much "