I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 152 is a bit tight, ghost!

In the country, the dark flow is surging.

After the high-rise of the wooden leaves solved all foreign enemies, it immediately took out to clean up the civil disorder, and it was a spy to trace the big snake pill.

I also personally go to the horse in the dark, began to supervise the heart of the three generations of fire, and find that the darkness of the Siruating rumors, avoiding the dark privacy of the three-generation nigs.

These messages must not be leaked!

If it is a wind shadow, Spring and Lei Yai's face-thick guy is also, people don't care what can't see people, as long as they are beneficial to the village.

However, the people who have flying Japan can be different.

Just how to traverse those secrets that have been responsible for protecting the whirlpool, they have never found this person, and they can only temporarily define them as missing.

Not too clever, after the darkness of the day, after the darkness of the day, such as the secret support of the Mufei Moves and Zhidun Tibetan Tibetans.

These dark secrets directly let the old people have completely disintegrate the image of the old man, and there is also a dark data specially responsible for the Darkness of the Day.

These information written very detailed.

The weird is that the code of this dark part is alone.

The dark part of this code is orphans, and it is always a single action, and has been acting alone, there is no partner of any partner.

After all, the code is orphan!

Wild river side.

The grilled fish in the pharmacist handed the grilled fish in the hand: "Needar of Nairo, this time the wooden leaves in the dark side of the whirlpool window, it seems that the small gift left for them will be very fast. It will be discovered. "

"what gift?"

"Some Dark History of the Three Generations of Narutors."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, whispered: "I have always thought that as a qualified spy, we will definitely not let people feel more than two people who should not appear.

Otherwise, it is easy to suspect that you are on our head, even if you are doubting, in front of the darkness that doesn't need evidence, it will bring hatred.

Whether it is a big snake pill or a neighborhood, it has attracted too many hatred in the wooden crash plan. I just can let the leaves fall into a bigger chaos. "

The pharmacist, this guy is to use a series of facts, sitting in the night of the whirlpool, must be the sun and a dark ninja.

The pharmacist does not hide his plan.

Since the leaves began to investigate this matter, he quickly arranged a code to arrange a code for orphans, and directed the death of the sacred day, and secretly designed the four generations. Message of the couple tells more people.

After the pharmacist said his own plan, it added a very philosophical say: "Since it is to do a play, it must be all."

"You are a talent!"

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of angry, the pharmacist, the guy would be a real behind the past, and what will be carefully arranged.

Shangqi Nairou suddenly picked his eyebrows, and asked curiously: "The three generations of shadow really have such a dark history?"

"Advocate more than people in the Nada."

After the pharmacist nodded, whispered: "A rigorous shadow of the power of the right wood, how can it be a kind old man? Some people are older, they will be peaceful with compassion."

As a spy, the pharmacist knows a lot.

It's just such a high-level idea, the faint lining is not too qualified, there are so many intelligence, not as good as the pharmacist, do things!

At the last minute, the grilled fish in the hands were boring. He couldn't help but frown: "Don't want to eat, in the village, Xiaonan, do a grilled fish every day, here you also give me a grilled fish!"


When the pain of the pharmacist is suddenly a bit: "This time is too late, tomorrow I went to the nearby town to buy some meatballs?"

"No, I know some place to sell."

Shangji shook his head and whispered: "I go directly to find someone with someone, you do your own business, don't let me down."


Pharmacist pockets and lowered, watching a stack of cards slowly appeared at the foot of the original Na, and immediately took the disappearance in front of him.

After a long time, the pharmacist slowly looked up, holding the grilled fish in his hand, some sorry: "Needers seem to be a bit unfair ... The fire of the fire will only fish, only in the garbage dump I am eating! "

However, the pharmacist touched the reel of his own tolerance, and the original Nairou didn't take away the funds used to build an orphanage.

The pharmacist couldn't help but sighed: "It is just that Nerat in the big snake pill is more pure!"

Silent jungle.

Cartry ghosts and Yisi Hosi travel toward the direction of the wooden leaves.

They heard the news of the Chinese tolerance of the exam, and they also learned the death news of the day, but Yuxi Posh did not know the death of the group.

So Uzhi Pubie is planning to return to the wooden leaves warning group, and by the way, I want to see if my younger brother Yuxi is safe.

When I passed a roadside shop, the mortar ghost saw the small shop step, sitting on a young man who was swallowed, and his mouth did not eat a meatball.


The mortal ghosts grinned, looked at the youth: "Do you look at the martial arts, is very similar to the interns us organized ..."

"It's really like."

Yuxi Hosi looked at it carefully, and his face suddenly didn't look good: "Well? That is the original navigation? How can he be here?"

This doesn't seem to be too.

It is said that this guy just got the three-generation rigs of the leaves of the leaves, even with the reputation of the Ninja Half-Shenni Pioni, forced the wood to sign the alliance agreement that admitted half-hidden Yingsi.

Wood leaves are really not good.

The real agreement only knows that Yuyin Village and Woody Village.

After the news came out, if the mountain pepper semi-Tibet is really alive, it is estimated that it will screw down the people who will sign the protocol.


A bamboo signed under the foot of the citilla ghost.

Shangyuan Needressed, he looked at the martillamon ghost, reached his palm: "The ghosts predecessors, my husky, have a little tight, take a little money recently."

"To tell the truth, don't borrow."

The martial artifacts shook their heads quickly, and they didn't care if they were actually the spy identity of the last Na, whispered: "What is wrong with you, the Southern predecessors ask, I can't afford this responsibility here."

The martial artifacts have grinned and continue to say: "I heard that the last one of the three tolerance of the three-toe the three is very active in the fire, I don't dare to make my money drift ..."


Shangyuan Nair muttered a ghost, turned to the Yuxi Pos, or Yu Zhi Houh was here, he must do a grilled fish wings to taste the ghost.

However, once in private, the mortar ghost will be very respectful and perfectly in the perfect life.

But when you meet on the surface, the bastard of the ghosts always likes to engage in his attitude and put a look at you.

Yisizhiso directly avoided this kind of little thing, but asked: "Shang Shang, why are you still here, have not returned to Yuyin Village?"

"I have no toll!"

The upper corner of Shangyuan has laughed.

What is a ghost?

After a while, Yu Zhi Houh saw his collar, pulled out his wallet, bluntly transferring the topic: "You just borrow money, how much?"

"One million two?"

After the original Nairou said a large number, he continued: "I can give you a hundred or five thousand two event funds next time."

"not that much."

Yuxi Pubie took out a stack of money to handed it to the original navigation: "I have only 100,000, don't tell Xiaonan's predecessors."

"I understand."

Shangji has collected money from the good flow: "What about you, do Wesin have any mission? Can I help two places?"

"It is worth organizing the financial officers, I really spend money!"

The mortal ghosts looked at Yuxi foot, whisper smiled: " ... we want to take the chance of chaos, to investigate the cylindrical force of the wood leaves, see if Do you catch him. "

"This task is simple ..."

Shangyuan Na was rushing to these two people, lowered his voice: "The whole wooden leaves are now a mess, if you expose the existence of you, can you still take back to the nine tails, or it doesn't mean there? What is the value? "


The eyes of Yuxi Pubie moved slightly, and sighed: "This is the command of the leader, we can only do our own life."

"Xiaoye will not accommodate incompetent generations."

Shangyuan Nai is slightly blinking, whispering: "If you fail, the organization should submit a new alternative interns to work, but don't worry, this person's strength is much smaller than you."

Shangqi Nai Lu Loud and smiled and continued: "If you want to be willing to kill the new member at any time, I believe that people in the organization will not blame you."

"Thank you."

Yiszhiso nodded.