I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 153, successively, the long day of the family

Yisizhiso is on.

If he knows who is about to join the new interns, he will definitely regret it today to lend a money.

In the future, Shangyuan Na is equipped with the identity of his own green tea movie emperor, and constantly organizes Uzi Subperki to kill this new interns.

Now Yisi Hoski doesn't know, after he and the mortar ghost, after the mood, only feel a little strict, Yuxi Pubie did not find the information of Zhun, and even the flag-like Carti, etc. People find it.

After a fierce battle, the two had to choose the retreat.

In this battle, the flagmarks were also suffered, facing the moon reading illusion from the una seen, and the flag-like Kaki, which was just out of hospital, retreated again.

But the leaves have also learned about what they want to win the tail of the wood leaves.

After this incident, this matter was known to help, his first thought was to find a whirlpool, so as not to encounter.

As a result, Sasuke is too late, I know that the whirlpool is already taken away.

Because I wanted to find a hand to come back to serve as the fifth-generation Naruto, it was for those with a whirlpool, and in order to facilitate the protection of the Son, it taught him to cultivate.

This is better.

Yuxio sauo has hurriedly went to catch up, and he hopes that the whirlpool can escape the tracking of Uzhi Hostea and the mortar ghosts, and the result is arrested by Unesham.

Yisi Pubei sent her brother to read her understanding, so that Sasuke was also hospitalized.

It is only a person who has once again forced to retreat for Uki and Carton, and the two have to give up the task of winning the nine tail.

Shangyuan Nairou looked at this happening, no hook of his mouth: "True you, Yisizu! What is not done, and the intelligence that is leaked to the wooden leaf, it will be punished of…"


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and came out from the back of the original Na. "So this is the reason why Nairou wanted to get Unechebra? Is it hoped to defeat Unecheo? ? "

After saying, the pharmacist has not waited until the answer to the original Nairou, the active opening continues: "IMHO, I don't think Unecheo Sasuke can defeat his brother ... According to my understanding, Yuxi Pub is the most talented Ninja, his talent is only under the moment of the moment. "

"Reassured, I have enough grasp."

Shangji shook his head, whispered: "Are you ready? What is the big snakeball guy?"

Pharmacist lived respectfully low: "The big snake pills are studying the white body, but his body must be supported, and the four people have accepted orders, and they will arrive at the fire. , Take away Unechebra. "

"It seems that our plan is all smooth."

At the last navi, I looked at Yuxi hub, I escaped under the help of the mortar ghost, whispered: "I don't have, I will never, the flag wood Cassi is seriously injured. I will re-enter the wooden leaves tomorrow. Walking the equipment of the Biological Science Laboratory, is so troublesome. "

"thank you very much."

The pharmacist nodded and laughed: "After I ended the task of the big snake pill, I will rush to Yu Yin Village, give back to the original adults rich experimental results."

"That's good."

Shang Nai took the shoulder of the drug teacher, a virginity of his appearance: "You can now get to the side of the big snake pill, to help me stare at him, I will regularly visit you."


The pharmacist nodded helplessly.

This visit is a prospective visit?

At the time of the original navigation, the biological science laboratory instrument requested to go to the wooden leaf and the prosecution, the current wooden leaves were more weak than the previous time, the only one of the shadow of the village can also fight only. The remaining Mtika is left.

When I saw the original navigation, I saw the original navigation to exchange the alliance book, I was surprised why I was still alive, and even the identity of the rain hidden.

It is too old to the mountain pepper, is it too old?

"The consultant seems to be surprised, I am still alive?"

On the face of Shangyuan Na, a smile is revealed: "The mountain pepper half-hidden adults know that I am sure after giving up the conditions of rain shadings, but unfortunately, the civil war in the rain has not been resolved, so half hidden people allow me to wear sin "

"is it?"

The water household squatted his forehead: "We are very happy to see such a genius ninja ..."


These two wooden consultants are afraid that they want to be responsible for the excitation of the allies, and they will bring his head to come back!

"I am here to exchange alliance."

Shangqi Needo was lazy to pay attention to them, put down the same level of the hand, whispered: "and take away the biological science experimental instruments of Yuyin Village."

"There are some problems with wood."

After the sleep, Xiao Spring took the alliance, whispered: "We may also need new five-generation fire shadow sign to ensure long-term effectiveness, but now she is there, there is no return to the village, I may need you Many time. "

Shangqi Nairou immediately frowned: "Is the two Nangju advisers and the signature of the adults?"

No need to go to Xiachun to say, Shangyuan Nairou has already guessed the fifth generation of the fifth generation of the wood, the woman!

He doesn't want to see the woman!

What should I do if I don't let him leave the wooden leaves?

What's more, the leaves will have two three endure members. If they do they dare to turn their faces, so the sooner of wood leaves, the better the better.

"No, we just think that after the five generations of fire shadow signed the same level, we can have a more long time."

The sleeper said slowly, putting a pair of villages and wood peacefully considered: "After waiting until the future, the five generations of eyes think that our alliance between us is unreasonable. "

"I believe there will be no such situation."

Shangqi Nairou interrupted the words of Xiachun, Shen Sheng: "Consultant, night long dreams, who knows what will happen in the future? In the future, the five-generation eyepiece of the Wooden refused to sign contracts, how should I explain half-theizes? ! "

Shangji, I was holding my fists, continued to open: "And recently I have heard that there is a book named orphans. I am in a big procure the deeds of the three generations of Guasi, I think there is not much ninja dare to believe in the fire. Reputation? Compare, I am more willing to believe in the people. "


The face of Xiachun Xiachun suddenly changed.

The cousin named the dark part of the orphans, is a person who fly, it is also a person they have been under secret. How to know this thing?

Did the guy defert?

I flying the day, this guy is really a big trouble!

The sleeper Xiaochun is calm down, whispered: "Why do you know these news ... those are the filing of the three-generation eyes!"

"Is it a smear, I don't know ..."

Shangji shook his head and continued: "But this will greatly reduce our trust in Guizu, and I must also go back to the country of the country as soon as possible. I can't delay here for a day!"

"I know."

The sleeper Xiaochun sighed, whispered: "If Yu Yin Village encounters the rebellion, please assist us to arrest or pass the corresponding information, we will give rain hidden villages rich enough feedback and support."

Now the wooden leaves cannot be regenerated.

First of all, I can't let the darkness of the orphans, the dirty traitor, or put on the enemy, if the wood leaves are exposed, the hit of the leaves is still bigger than the three generations of fire!

I am afraid that there will be a big problem inside the wood leaf.

It is not completely transferred in the news, and you must immediately send the dark to search for the rebellion. The guy is more threatened than a S-class.

Due to the more important thing to sleep in Xiachun and Water Innitis, it is no longer to be entangled with the original naval, and directly gave a set of biological science laboratories.

The pharmacist is too understanding of the leaves, just a rebellion that has no hybrid, let the two wooden leaves flustered hands and feet ...

Who knows if there is this person?

When I arrived from the leaves, I couldn't help but pick your eyebrows, this is a weird hidden task ...

Hidden Tasks: The day to the young field has become a family of family (11), the task has been completed, and the reward skills are golden.

Jin Zhongcang: The fast-moving to the friendship of the friend, and jointly hold a layer of shields for the body and the friendly army, the skill consumption of Chakra 50, the skill cooling time is 7 seconds.

Compare this reward, Shangyuan Needle is more amazed to the day to the young family, this world is getting more and more exciting ...


As the protagonist today, the day, the day, this white-eyed girl is very calm in this successful ceremony.

Her face has some weakness, and some tough is more tough.

If you don't have a look in the past day, you can estimate that everyone can't see it. She is still a weak toleration in half a month.

Sitting next to her is the day of the chair. It is only a cage in the forehead of the past.

What have you had to say, because the daily day is weak to protect your own white eye, take the initiative to go to the cage on his head as the last protection barrier, gather many of the loyalty to his daughter.

On the day, I licked my robe and sat in my body, waiting for the last step of succession ceremony.

A column of albuto ninja respectfully squatted on the ground, chasing the 12-year-old girl, and the whole house is echoating their voice.

"See the young people!"

"Please ... please come up."

The voices of white-eyed girls are obviously uncontrollable with her identity, not particularly majestic, and people feel a bit of contrast.