I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 154 is about to welcome new members (third!)

When the day, he accepted a lot of family ninja, and Shangyuan Na will hide in a small cave and sneeze.

"There are many people who have been crime recently ..."

Shangyuan Nai wrapped in black ninja, whispering: "Cut a leafy leek, and it should be low-key in the future. It can't be relieved every day."

The original Nairou guess is correct, and someone is indeed yelling him.

The country of fire, short volume street.

The rumors and the whirlpiece finally found a master, and told her to the dead news of the leaves and the day of the day, and invited her to serve as the fifth-generation noodles.

The palpsenger's attention quickly placed on the murderer who killed the day, she slammed her wine glass: "Wait ... Joint the big snake pills to make the chaos of the wooden leaves, the guy who killed the old man is called Up to the original Na? "

This name is she still remember!

In the past few years, whenever you have a clean and clean, you will miss the rain that gives her money, and they have fun!

When I didn't expect this name to hear this name, the little little devil has already become the gang of the big snake pills!

A puncto was smashed on the table, and the silver teeth were bite: "I should kill him! No wonder I have been winning when he is on the gambling table, and the fate is reminding me, it should kill the one. Little ghost! "

Judging from the words, the little guys who call the original naval growth were amazing, and they can have also fighting with the three endurance levels.

If she killed the original navigation, the leaves may not suffer such a big loss now, and the daily day may not be killed.


I sighed, and I came out to explain to the original Nairu: "In fact, he is also helpless! After all, the little guy also got a half-hidden manager ..."

This occasion is less appropriate to say.

When they got all in their two privately, they also told the charter in the junction of Zhi Village, Tibetan Tibetan and Fei Jing.

The blonde female ninja is angry with a punch. "Now the wooden leaves are a rotten power, let me go to the fifth-generation rigid?"

"There is no more suitable person than you."

I sighed and sighed, and I took my own chest, and I explained it: "Even if I have a nig shadow, the leaves also have a danger of disintegration ... a hand, only you are the most suitable person."

Because the agency is the granddaughter of the first generation of noodles and the second-generation Naruto, but also the full-reserved medical ninja, very respected, except that people are not very positive, it is undoubtedly the most suitable for people.


The program suddenly threw two dice and laughed: "As long as you lose to me, I will promise you!"


Never take her cavity.

The brow wrinkled, and one of the two dices was smashed. "It is not as good as the original navigation. It is a gambling friend. It is a gambling friend. When you look good, you will be an enemy. ! "

"Don't think so much."

The words were also interrupted, and the son said: "If you don't accident, you will never meet again!"

Shangyuan Na is not known as his business and talking.

Shangyuan Nai is hiding in the small cave, when he lamented his life, his ring came to communicate, and the long door sent him alert: "Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white come back, Xiaoji and you talk, she is now It looks very angry, I can't stop her. "

"Gate of adults, I am in a cave."

Shangyuan Na is in touch with the ring, enter Chakra after entering the ring, the small channel: "The signal is not very good, is Chakra pass?"

However, there is no sound in the long door.

After a while, the rings came to the small south to suppress the sound of the airy: "Needel, where are you? Go back to the village!"

"Teacher, I have something to deal with there ..."

"Don't say that those useless perfunctory, you have grown bigger and bigger, even dare to join the big snake pills to assassinate the three-generation rigging of the leaves!"

Xiaoshen does not listen to his explanation, even if the distance is distant, Shangyuan Na will also imagine that the look of Xiaonan is definitely very cold, as if it is indifferent to everything.

This is precisely her most angry.


Shang Nai was dropped, and sighed and sighed. "If I don't assassinate the three-generation rig, I can't see the chaos of the chaos of the exam, I have seen the village group, I have seen the village group before. Kill him. "

The definition of Zhidun Treasures in the wooden leaves is missing.

This kind of thing can be made from the original navigation.

After listening to these words, I suddenly fell into silence. Obviously, whether it is a long door or a small south, it is a little shocking this message.

Xiaonan's voice sounded like to ease a lot, she lowered: "Need to go back! First come, now it is too dangerous to you, although the leaves are temporarily caught in trouble, but they will recover, It will not easily let go of the murderer killed. "

"Teacher, but I have a problem with me."

Shangyuan Nai Luked: "Yu Zhi Pubie and Cartill Tommat Tommaton Ghosts Go to the Woods to Resize the Nine Tail, Xiao's Information may be leaked in the leaves ..."

Xiaonan heard the heavy, whisper appease his disciples in the original navigation: "It is impossible to have an organization that hides behind the scenes, let me know what we have to handle, you have to go back to the country now. "

"Small South, Shangyuan has grown up."

After the other side persuaded Xiaonan, the opening said: "Don't worry, Shanghao, you can let go, six Pethen is your back shield, summon six Pairs immediately after encounter danger, I will be in the sky Prepare sufficient Chakra in vivo. "

"Long door, don't be too ignited."

Xiaonan cold voice blamed a long door, the sound suddenly became a bit cold: "I heard that the flag of the wooden leaves give you a few books?"

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

How is the guy?

Can this matter I can report to Xiaonan?

"Pay attention to comply with Ninja three ban."

After a small man warned, he continued: "I will remember to make friends who have to make a caution. Trying to bring your flag wood Carti, wait until the leaves caught the nine tail, I won't let him go. "

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

What can I say?

Of course, let the flag-like cardi, you have to ask for a lot of blessings!

"Okay, I will write down."

After the Shangyuan Na, he nodded and loudly: "I found a little devil suitable as an interns. After a few days I found him, I will take him back."

"Pay attention to your safety."

After the long gates, after a word, suddenly the voice was lowered to open the mouth: "Shang, thank you for helping me find a come back."

After the words were finished, the long door cut off Chakra.

On the tower in Yuyin Village, Xiaonan frowned, face cold, somewhat dissatisfied with the long door: "I still have a lot of words to be ignored him ..."

The long door shakes his head, whispered to persuade: "The Shangyuan is in an adolescence age, you said too much, he will have an anti-counterpart."

The long door saw Xiaonan some skeptical eyes, and continued to explain: "In fact, I am actually willing to do something, this is also a kind of exercise for him, at least we can't worry about Yu Yin Village."

Xiaonan bowed and thought after a while, fiercely looked up: "After waiting for Nair Returning, he served as the leader of Yuyin Village, governing the entire rainy village and rain, lest he always left us."


The long door doesn't want to communicate with Xiaonan.

Xiaonan always wanted to take the original navigation as a child as a child, for fear that he will have a little problem, but how can a man who will experience some hardships, how can you know that home is the warmer Harbor?

Of course, the long door does not really let the navigation are in danger.

After the Xia Nan left, the long door immediately let the Tiandao Penn use the slide of the slide, let the mortar ghosts and Yisi Pubie go to assist in the original navigation, complete a task to attract new members, and to protect the safety of the original navigation.

This is simply leaving.

Unfortunately, this command is not refused.

Didn't have a few days.

Shangyuan Na will see the mortar ghost and Yisi Piphed to him, three people in this small cave.

Yuxi Pub is open, I want to set up information: "Is the new member of our recruitment be a wooden roller? Is that code to be orphan?"

These days, the wooden leaf of the orphan is very fierce, and even the wisdom and the machi ghosts heard his news, and many people who have been paying attention to this.


Shangji shook his head and whispered: "But it is almost the same, this time we recruited the ninja is also a child who is in the parents."

And your eyebrows are the murderer of him is orphan!

Yuxi hub nodded, and the heart began to invest in the end, after all, the organization has always been a matter of strength, and the wooden leaves can meet the conditions and few less.

"Is it Mr. Kai? Or Mr. Kakasi?"

The orphans of the wooden leaves are a bit more, and when Yishi Buched is coming out. After all, there is only the two people's strength to be a standard.

This is not very wonderful.

If it is Mitk, it is OK, but if the flagmark, if the person is betrayed, the hit of the leaves is fatal.

Unfortunately, the original navigation has been confidential, insisting that it is not willing to disclose this news, and they are somewhat uneasy.

"Do not worry."

Shangqi Needs to laugh: "Mongo, if you have any contradictions with new members, I will help you."

"Thank you."

Yisizhubo started again.

If this rebellion is very big enough to harm the wooden leaves, then there is a contradictory title, killing him directly!

Shangqi Nai Lu quietly opened the destiny skills, hook the mouth of his mouth: "Well, let's go to the valley! It is waiting for our new members!"


Everything is staged in accordance with expected.

When Shangyuan Naoli and Yisi Pub, when the mortar ghost arrived in the end of the Valley, the canyon still is still very calm, the huge statue between Yuxioba and the thousand-handed column is standing in the end of the valley, it looks like it.

Just arrived here, Shangyuan Na will have five hundred gold coins, and the country of fire or wood opening is the correct way to open!

"What does it mean to end the valley of the end?"

"Because this is the place where the hide is broken!"

Shang Nai fell into a movie that flew away from the far away, still chasing him behind him, laughing: "Seeing it? That is our new member."

The people who fled the front were Yuxi Bozuo.

The person who chased his people was a whirlpool.

History was entered into the established orbit in which the woman returned to the fifth generation of the wood, and the four people were in a late night, and a group of wood leaves. Out.

In order to cover Sasuke, the speech is hurt, and the rumors are also chasing them in the cover of friends.

In the end of the valley, a drama of the past drama was staged.

Yuxi Pub looked at the two teenagers in the battle of the valley, and the face suddenly became difficult to look, whether his younger brother Unechebra helped or the nine tail of the wooden leaves, no matter which person was taught away. What is good!

"how about it?"

Shangqi Nairo overlooking the whirlwoman in the fierce battle, the rumor and Yishe Sasuke, loudly: "Mushed, let's pick one! We are take away your brother, or take away the nine tail of the wooden leaves Human column power? "

The martic ghost gnowped, put forward different opinions: "Oh? Small intern, is it a special order for the lead? Is the two farewear can't take away?"

"of course can."

Shangyuan Na is very happy: "So your team arrested the task of the tail of the nine tail!"

Shangyuan Needle and the martial artifacts sang here, disturbing Unexpeus , he feels that he has encountered the greatest test since the joining the tissue.

Yuxi hub bite his teeth and became a scarlet. He loudly said: "The strength of Unechebra is too weak. He also has a thorough hatred with me ..."

"That kills him."

Shangyuan Na is like smiling and smiles, I look at the Yuxi Hosi, and the light will continue to say: "The ghosts predecessors, kill the Sasuke, seize the cylinders of the leaves of the leaves ... This kind of thing is nothing to do?"

"I am glad to."

The mortar ghosts raised their own muscles and smiled very happy. It was very realistic. "" "For the ghost, the sorrow is not satisfied enough, just let me use his head to go out!"

Yuxi Hose: "..."

Mom, need your shark face?

Is the two people who have to live in the Shangyuan Nae and the ghosts?