Yisizhiso has not been forced.

Instead, he is really unsatisfactory.

Since Yuxi Pubie solves the threat of Unecho, he thinks that he can safely wait for yourself to grow up, and who can think that his brother has not grown up. ?

Now that the mortal ghost is squatting with a sneak knife, it is necessary to rush to solve the Hissile Sasuke, Yu Zhihe is finally can't hold, and open his teammate.


Yisiza was blocked from ghosts, whispered: "After the end of their battle, then pack them!"


When the angle of the martial arts, the corner of the macmon is hooked, and the miable looks next to Shangyuan Na Rou: "Hey, intern, your opinion?"

"Then look at it!"

Shangqi Niko Sasuke and whirlpool sounded overlooking the ground, the face showed a mysterious smile: "I heard that the emotions of the Yishabo family are fierce, the writing of the eyes will evolve, including three hook jade Is the highest level, is this? "

Yuxi Hosi was silent for a while, before he responded: "Yes, the highest level in writing the eyes is three hooks and jade."

"Hahaha ..."

The macatoin ghosts stood around the sneaky knife, and the full mouth is praised: "That is just a routine saying, the written eye of the The eyes of Yuxi spots! "


The original Nairi is quite curious, but he still shook his head: "I don't dare to ask the kaleidoscope to write the eyes, but I am very interested in a pair of three hooks.

Since Unecheo Sasuke and Mushed have a life and death, after a while, after a while, the senior of the ghosts dug in his eyes!

How do you say that? This should be called waste use? "

When Shangyuan Nai said, the mouth smiled and smiled and looked at Ux Zhi. "" Mushed does not mind this kind of thing? After all, Yisi Board and the people, the people who did not dare to defend this internship. .

If I want to get a pair of written eyes as a gift for Xiaonan teacher, I can only dig the eyes of Unechebra. "


Yisi Boucoucounted his finger, and he slowly relaxed down, whispered: "I don't think a woman will like this bloody and evil gift, I want to please my teacher, you are not as good as you go Buy a bunch of flowers. "

"To tell the truth, I think so too."

The mortar ghosts took the words, and a face ended his position: "After all, the last time you give it to Xiaonan people's burst foam, it is really difficult ..."

"This is what you are wrong!"

Shangqi Lu lost and shook his head, whispering said: "The last time I gave a gift of Xiaonan teacher, she should actually like it privately, after all, Xiaonan teacher and the other women's character can be different."

"as long as you are happy."

The martial artifact is nodded.

Time is at a little bit.

The night is getting deeper and the moonlight is getting brighter.

Under the shine of the moonlight, Unecheo Sasuke and the war of the whirlpool, the battle of the three hooks and jade is finally awesome.

It is unfortunately lost the curse energy in history. Unexpectedly, this battle is very difficult, not only is longer than history, but even almost defeated.

Even after winning, the body of the Sasuke is also close.

As a failure of fighting, the whirlpool is simply coma.

At the end of the Guan Valley, the Shangyuan Nai, gave the Shangyuan Na, lazy waist, whispered: "Okay, ghosts, you can act!"


When the mortal ghost, his full shark, when you hold the sickness, you will be held down, but it was blocked by one hand!

The vigilance of the martial artifacts is big, but the boss in his secret is just around him, and the ghost is not panicked. It is just a laughing: "Is there a different opinion?"

"somebody is coming."

Yisiza looked at the black shadow that flew away from the distance, Shen Sheng said: "It should be a wooden-legged, perhaps our actions should be temporarily stopped."

The two teenagers under the Valley, one is his only loved ones, and one is the most important nine tail of the leaves. No matter how there is any error, no matter how you mistake!

Fortunately, when Yisi Hosi did not have a sneak attack. When I tried to kill the mortar ghosts and Shangyuan Nair, the wood rubber that chased the Tid Valley finally made Yuxi Bo, at least he didn't expose.

In the face of the original navigation and mortar ghosts, even if Yisi Hosi wants to choose a sneak attack, I don't dare to guarantee that I have 100% of the winning.

Especially the last navigation.

As an interns that has been hidden in Yuyin Village, no one can explore the true intelligence of Shangyuan Na, only know that this guy is in the middle of the exam.

Shangqi Naudu did not live up to the expectation of Yuxi, extremely self-confident: "Don't worry, leaders only are flag-like Kasi and Mete Kay, even the wooden leaves are chasing, we must continue to act, catch Take the nine tail column! "

"So I can't kill Uizhe Sasuke?"

The martialmon ghost asked in a timely manner.

Shangji is as if it is watching the idiot, looking at the ghosts: "Since Mr. I didn't agree with the members of our child, anyway, the devil chose to defend, it is not going to go in the wood, of course, it is killing him! "


Yisizhubo could finally couldn't help. He recovered his own sleeves a little bit. The original naval said that this guy said yes. Since Saso, after the rebellion, return to the wood, waiting for his only penalty and prison.

The resort of the darkness of the dices, Yisi Houh can have seen it. Especially the Senu Yibi, who once being detached, is said to be the most like tortured the wooden leaves that are caught back.

"Forget it, let Yuxi Bozuo join Xiao!"

Yisi Poso slightly closed his eyes, as if he did an incomparable tough decision, he continued to add: "The endurance only has the power of writing the eyes to fight illusion, just I can use his writing wheel to temper me The pupil, according to the Shangyuan said, take him as a waste that uses value! "


Shangyuan Needan and the martial artifacts are opposite to each other.

They two as those who know the truth of Unecheo and Unechebra helped the brothers, everything is inhere.


Shangyuan Nai raised his head to watch a few movements of the distant chase, whispered: "The ghost predecessors, the gentleman, go to the ninja chasing Sasuke! I went to clean up the residence!"

"Okay, it's really Mitke's head."

The macatoin ghosts smiled and held the muscles in the hands, and under the tall statue, he rushed in the direction of the flag woodkasi and Metche.

"I went to stop the flag wooden Cardi."

Yuxipu frowned, he had wanted to clear the situation of Unecheo Sasuke, helplessly went to the direction of the flag woodkasi.

Obviously Uzhi Hose seems to have not been fully handling, but he rushed up and the flagmithioli took a while, in order to let go of the mounted close-up ninja rushing to the direction of the end of the valley.

Every strong dark ninja in the wood leaves, there is a number in the heart of Yuxi, which seems to be big.

It is said that the task completion rate in the dark is very high.

As a wooden spy, Yuxi Porsche can do much.

If you put too much dark part, you may only let the original navigation of the slaughter, I hope that the darkness of the big and the darkness will live up to his expectations, at least also to grab the tail of the wooden leaves.

Shangyuan Luo has been paying attention to the battlefield. He looked at a dark part that rushed over, couldn't help but laughed: "The spies are spies, and they still will put water!"

After the Shangyuan is laughing, after a few times, he suddenly reached his palm, whispered: "Jiao Yi! Framed!"

As the original Nada's voice falls, his body suddenly divided a dark shadow, flew along the statue, and fell around Unechebra and the whirlpool.