I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 156 Brothers meet each other

Under the moonlight.

Yiszo Sasuke barely supported himself standing, looking at the black shadow of his side, Sasuke couldn't see this group, this group is a ninja.

However, the guy of the big snake pills, the talents, and every hand, there is a bit of the five flowers, and Yisi Bozuo will directly open the way: "Are you a big snake pill?"

"Does anyone send you?"

This black shadow doesn't seem to have no mouth, just the mouth of the body, the sound of the mouth: "As long as you can make it strong enough, right?"


Yuxi Bozo helps the sin to the sin, after a moment, his face flashed a smile: "That's right, just make me stronger enough."

"Let's go with me!"

The black shadow slowly nodded, and he looked at the whirlpiece who was not far away. He walked in the past: "There seems to be unsuitable in the body of this devil, but it can be used for us."

"Don't touch him!"

However, Sasuke suddenly took out a handle, flying into the heart of this group of black shadows, but Sasuke felt that his bitterness did not seem to be air!

This is not allowed to let Sasu help the heart!

The body of this guy is really no body, how can there be such a person?

The black shadow slowly turned to, reached out his arm, pinching the neck of Unechebra, put this boy: "Do you want to kill me?"

"No ... is not ..."

Yiszo Sasuke desperately wants to pull down the arm of the black shadow, but only caught an empty, this came to meet his ninja actually seems to be the same as pure shadow!

What exactly is going on?

It is clear that this guy can reach out his arm to grab his neck, but his palm can't touch this guy's body anyway!

In the next second, this group of black shadows lost Zozuo to the ground!

Yizhi Bozo helps a sigh of relief and explains after a cough: "Cough and cough ... I just want to test your eligibility to join ..."

"is it?"

This group of black shadows have become a bit unpredictable, there are more high majestic: "The two now power is like the clouds and mud on the sky, don't use your life to try a strong temper, remember Yet?"

"I know."

Yiszozuo nodded hate.

Just even if his strength is weaker than the people in front of you, Unechebra is still trying to talk about conditions: "The people you need is me, not this yellow hair boy? Put him here, I will walk with you. ! "


After a while, the black shadow was silent, and suddenly, he was eating and smiling: "It seems that even for strength to betray the leaves, your feelings are still tendented ..."


Yischo Sasuke turned his head and looked at the coma's whirlpool: "I will kill him in the future, now I will leave his life, just use him to test the power I can get from your side, let I know that you are not a wrong choice. "

After a while, the black shadow was silent, and he looked at Unechebra nodded: "Hey ... I hope you can do this in the future."


Sasuke, snorted, whispered: "Let's go! How long does it take to use it, the wooden leaves will come over!"

The black shadow lifted his head and looked up with a move that flew towards their position, laughing: "They have chased it ..."

"Mu Wei Tree Border Wall!"

Just when they left here, a wooden vine was suddenly stopped to go to the road, a wooden leaf in the mask blocked in front of them!

It is big and.

Big and knew that the black shadow and Yuxi Bo saky, Shen Sheng opened: "Yuxi Bozuo, immediately return to the wooden leaves, don't go, the more far on the wrong road!"


Yuxi Bozuo looked at the wall of their trees and turned to the dark side of the road, and his face gradually turned cold. He reached out to the black shadow: "Ok, as long as you kill this Guy, I will return to the wooden leaves. "

"Little ghost is trouble ..."

After the big and frowned, I suddenly extended my palm toward the black shadow, and I watched: "Mu Wu, big forest!"

His arm is built into countless wooden boards towards the black shadow!

However, those wooden boards have passed through the black shadow in an instant, but did not cause any injury, this scene is very shocked, he has never encountered this enemy!

Next, the black shadow slowly reached the palm and grabbed those wooden boards, whispered: "We should not stop a man's choice, you are right? Fire · Fire storm!"

A group of burning flames quickly ignited the wooden board, and went toward the big man in the direction of the big direction, forced to be big and only flashed!

However, the flame is like a bone, and it is tightly chasing the big and behind, the burning rigor is almost within easy reach, forced a big and refundable!

"Wooden Wall!"

A thick wooden column that is curved from the ground, wraps the big and tightly, the flamestorm is directly impacted in the wall, the flame is splash!

"Is it too few in Chakra?"

The black shadows turned over the palm of his hand, and the big and slammed the defense and slammed his palm, whispered: "The column of the flame!"

A flame is sprayed from the ground!

The big and never thought of there have been this kind of fire, the flames of the ground were directly hit!

The big and head of the head is the traces of burns, and the face is ugly to lie on the roadside, looking at the black shadow to leave.

"This guy ... so strong!"

Bright and bite the teeth, but fortunately, the woods in his body have brought powerful recovery skills and the ability to fight hurt, otherwise he just killed directly.

Just want to bring Unecheo Sasher to the Huso Sasher.

Large and slowly turned, looked at the coma whirlpool, and I was relieved, at least he could save the whirlpool.

Compared with Unechebra Sasuke, the identity of the whirlpool is more important.

Yuxi Bo sakura has been with the black shadow for a long time, and finally I can't ask: "Who is this guy? Is it a big snake pill?"

"Really ..."

The black shadow suddenly made a young ninja. He slowly turned his head and looked at Yuxi Bo, his face with a smile: "Sex is still so anxious, Sasuke!"

"Shangyuan Na!"

Yiszhike Sasuke's looks, his face suddenly became incomparably ugly: "How can you be your guy?"

If you haven't remembered the wrong, Shangyuan Na will be a person in Yuyin Village.

Although the strength of the original naval is indeed strong, after the three generations of fire, you can also serve the banner of Kakasi and Maiteki, etc.

"Why can't it be me?"

At the last navis, he looked at Unechebao, his smile was incomparable: "Sasuke, only join us, there is hope to kill Uzhi Houh!"

After that, I arrived at the migital, and I laughed: "Hey, do you think I am right? Sir?"


When Yiszhike saga, the darkness suddenly came out of the darkness, just out of the uzing and mortgage ghosts who have just been out of the battle.

Yisizhiso slowly lifted his head and looked at his younger brother: "We met again, Sasuke."


Even if Uchozuo has been exhausted, he still brought the courage to support his body and launch an attack toward Uzhi Pub: "I killed you!"


Yisizhiso is tapped in the lower abdomen of Unechyo, and he turned him into the ground. The cold voice opened: "I still don't have a half point, I really don't understand why the leader is going to join you. We know. "


Yischo Sasuke can only cover his lower abdomen!

"It's worthy of my husky, it's so cold to your younger brother!"

Standing next to the martial arts ghost stall opened palms, laughing: "Since Mr. I think this little ghost is not used, it is better to kill him directly!"

After that, the chanmon ghosts still explained a little priest. "Just got a strong enemy, my muscles can taste fresh blood, and the original Nairu will get a gift to Xiaonan seniors. "

Shangyuan Na was touched his chin, he nodded in the ghosts: "I feel that the seniors of ghosts said, what do you think?"

"not very good."

Yisiza was just staring at Unecho Sasuo on the ground, wrinkled his own brow: "Well, let him bring him back to the base!"

To be honest, Uzhi Pub is really don't want to go to the original navigation, and the mortar ghosts will stay again!

These two people have a mouthful of mouth for your good look ... but do you understand what I think?

Too gas!

Yisi Subperi is afraid that he can't help but go!

... "

After Shangyuan Na, after the arrival of the top, kneeling, squatting, smiling: "How? I am right? As long as you join us, you have a chance to kill Uzhi Pub!"