I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 157 Sasuke is really vegetables and more

"Shangyuan Needs, what is going on!"

Yuxi Bozou helped the audience, finally decided to put the eyes on the original Nairi, because he believed that the original navigation should be the weakest one of these three people.

"Let me introduce you."

Shangqi Nairo, I extended his palm, and explained his hand. "Yischo Sasuke, my representative is committed to maintaining the peaceful organization to maintain the peace of mind to invite you, attracted you to be among them. A intern. "

"You don't seem to have something good!"

Yuxi Bozuo helped the heart and stared at the original navigation: "I thought you were a good person. It turned out that you and Yuxi Pub are the same!"

"I have always been a good person."

The smile on the face was not reduced, even some spring breeze: "Waiting for you to get along with me for a long time, you will know ... Now tell me, are you willing to join? Do you want to ban the internal battle, but you can not ban brothers ! "


Yizhi Bozuo helped for a while, turning his head to Yishe: "Yu Zhibo this guy is what identical in your organization!"

"Mushed, but the official member of Xiaoyu!"

Shangqi Lu Lu smiled and referred to himself, but also refers to Hui Zhibo: "We are just in the organization. When our strength is enough, the leader will allow us to be a formal member."

This interpretation is very easy to understand.

Yuxi Bozuo has understood the identity and low, he can't help but rush to the last navigation. "When the test is the exam, I thought you had a guy, I didn't expect you to be a intern. "


The laughter of Shangyuan Needs was stiff to his face.

Obviously Unecheo Sasukes stamped his sadness.

For so many years, Shangyuan Nairu has been a number of official members. Every time they are refused by Xiaonan, and even the long door is unknown.

Whenever the original navigation, he will not stand the rewards of the royal line.

However, the branch task that became a well-known member is like a gamble win, which makes the Naruto Black these tasks are as high as the difficulty, which is simply a heart disease of Shanghao.

This is too bad!

Where is the problem?

It is clear that he has been very hard, in order to make Xiaoshan see your strength becomes more and more strong, the original Nairies will make a look at it almost every day.

No matter what Xiaonan makes him, he will try our best.

The result Every time I mentioned the official member of Xiao, Xiao South will only be cultivated in the village, follow her to govern Yu Yin Village.

Like a child.

Shang Nai's smile was retreated, but he turned his head to the Yuxi Pub, whispered: "Mongo, can I replace your brother in order? So he is in the organization. Sinted other seniors. "


Yisi Hosi turned his head.


A crispy bones sound!

Shangji is returned to the arm!

"Hey ..."

Unechebra saga will not help but call out.

Yiszhike Sason is too painful, and it is never struggling to go through the sophisticated wounds, and frowned slightly.

Shang Nai is the palm of the palm of the palm of the palm, and the treatment of his wound is the treatment of Yuxi Bozuo, and he laughed and said: "Although I am also intern, but you are joining after I will remember to call my predecessor, understand?"


Unecheo Sasuke is just biting his teeth.

When I got the original navigation, I wanted to continue to do it, and the big knife that was bundled with a bandage fell around him and stopped his action.

The corner of the martillary ghosts, whispered: "After all, I have to give a little face, although they are life and death, but they are still brothers ..."


Yiszhishen looked at the eyes of the martial arts and gratitude.

Shang Nai, looking at the eyes of the ghosts, the eyes of the ghosts, there is a dangerous danger, how is this spier? Is it far away, my heart is a bit floating?

Yuxi Bozuo is completely unsatisfactory, even cold voice: "Who is a brother, since he killed his father and mother and all the people, I hated him to cut him into a meat, the enemy!"

"Mushed, you see ..."

When the chanmon ghosts suddenly set up a helpless look.

Yisi Pubo shook his head and whispered: "Don't pay attention to him, Yuxi Bozuo helps from small strength, only use his mouth to Zhang Zhang, I said ..."

The words of Yuxi Hou came up suddenly, because he felt that Su Zhi Bo saga was not suitable as a member of the child, it is estimated that the martial artimoti ghost and the original Needs will say anything that Sasuo is not suitable, kills him.

This is really awkward.

Yisizhiso didn't know what to say.

Su Zhishu gathered a little bit of his collar, whispered: "Forget it, let's go, hurry back to the base of the organization, so as long as you encounter the pursuit of wood!"

Today, Uzhi Hose can only be boring.

After Uchiko Sasukes joined the Treatment, he can often see Sasuke, protect the safety of Sasuke, and things seem to be particularly bad.

The only pain is to help the hateful eyes.

This time is not too long. When Yiszo Sasuke and the whirlpool sanitary struggle, it has evolved from the two hook jade to write the eyes.

In the heart of Yuxi, it began to count. He has to pick up any opportunity to let Sasaka will open the kaleidoscope to write the eyes, then he can live again.

Even Yu Zhi Posh does not mind with his death, so that Sasukes will be lifted.

Before you die, you must arrange the life of Sasuke, if you wait until you are taught at that time, it is afraid that you have to be bullied.

Unfortunately, this is just an idea of ​​Unexpello.

When I passed a dessert shop, the mortar ghost proposed in this store, and Yishe Saso will immediately expand: "I hate Natto and sweet."

"But Miki likes sweets very much."

The chanmon ghost angle hooks, looking at Unechebra helping to laugh very bad, he seems to help Uzhi Houki, so especially like bully.

Yisizhubo is very helpless next to it, can only turn around to look at an outsider: "What do you want to eat on the original lunch?"

Shang Nai was reluctantly looked at the ghosts: "The recent taste is a bit clear, I want to eat shark fish wings."


When I heard the original Nair, the face of the mortar ghosts did not look very nice, and it became a lot of honest.

After a group, a group is full.

Unechebra helped looked at Yisi Hosyed water, and suddenly flashed a electric light in the palm of the palm, and rushed to the direction of Utizhi: "Thousands of birds!"


Unechebo sakuo was defeated by Uneclass!

Yiszhubo was tightly stepped on the wrist, and then slowly swallowed: "Shang, this injury should be no problem? I don't want to use the value of the squeezed to use the value. Let him become a thoroughly waste. "

"rest assured."

Shangqi Nai Lu smiled and waved the wounds of Sasuke: "As long as you don't screw the head of Sasuke, I can cure him."

On the way of a group of people turned into the country of the rain, they did not leave the border of the fire country. Unexpectedly sneak hit Uscho, the frequency of three times a day, and each time was easily defeated by Yuxi.

On the way, Unecheo Sasukes did not succeed once, but it was in exchange for the alienation of the mortar ghosts and the uneasiness of Uzhi.

Yisizhiso feels that Sasuke does not know how to help.

Ghost felt that Sasuke is really a lot of things.

When I talked about it, I was about to abandon Unechebra, and another ninja violently jumped like a neighborhood.

Sound in the village.

The sacrifice of the four people, but there was no news, the temper of the big snake pill was very irritated: "What is going on? I am going to be on the verge of the body now, the ghost girl is still not Sasuke brought back! "

"Maybe our plan has some deviations."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and helplessly persuaded: "The big snake pills, it is better to carry out the body once! And Yuszhi Sasuke's writer is not necessarily the best choice of the big snake pill."

"But now he is the most suitable!"

Big Snake Pill was smashed on the experiment. Due to excessive strength, he could only tremble on the chair next to: "Let me go to me to prepare this time without corpse! A new body can also Support for three years, just in the three years, let me catch the research and study ... "

After that, the big snake pill slowly deviating, a pair of snakes mixed a danger and gratitude: "Pocket, but also thank you for bringing back a white body, let me find a new one. may."

When the pharmacist is turned to leave, he suddenly stopped, and his face was more respectful: "No, I want to thank the big snake pill, because of your existence, I have seen the most suitable for Ninja."

" ..."

The big snake pill slowly smiled and helped his forehead, whispered: "Yes, I found a new road, as long as we can catch the quantity of more than white, reflow ... no corpse reincarnation ... Can be further improved! "

The big snake pill slowly turned his head and looked at the coffin of the first word. It flashed in the eyes: "As long as you get it, you can have the strength of the initial generation!"

Since the big snake pill began to study the white body, quickly discovered the wonderful structure of this creature, this creature is completely unlike ninja, their body seems to be compatible with any Chakra's existence.

This is very magical.

As long as it is compatible with Chekra, it means that it is possible to accommodate any blood seminal boundary. For the big snake pill, he hopes that the blood can be integrated into the white inside.

As long as you get a living white, as long as there is a white blood to accommodate the blood, the big snake pill thinks that he can completely rely on the power of the wood!

The most important thing is that the body structure is very unique.

Big Snake I found that this creature may be able to use the sacrifice container that can be used as a born, may be able to give the dismutors to play a powerful force. The only problem is that the powerful anti-translocation is not easy to control.

Also, what should I go?

The big snake pill gently slammed his fingers, and the cold pupil was slightly retracted. He slowly whispered: "I remember that the guy has always been a , these white should be its branch, just The huge guy is inaccessible, it seems that it seems to have a way to set its intelligence from a child's mouth ... "