I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 160 How many extensive extensive immortal model is used?

After leaving the last navigation.

A sheet of origami flew into the tower of Yuyin Village, which was in front of the house, and she wore it after pushing the door. She frowned: "The long door, how Only you are in, Needeling? "

"Cough cough ..."

After a few times, the long gates coughed a few times, whispered: "I didn't get the news of grassy village as an interesting message? I let go of the original."


Xiao Nan is a bit unfold.

Just when Xiao Nan wants to turn around, the long door opens: "Small South, don't force him too tight, this age is more important to do something."

"Yes, I understand."

Xiao Southern nodded and whispered: "I am just want to tell him, I will allow him to become a member of Xia, but you must cover your identity action, because the future leader of Yuyin Village cannot be contaminated."

After that, Xiaoshan added: "Forget it, since he left, then let him wait after he came back!"

The face of the long door is wonderful. His eyes faintly bored: "It seems that the luck of Shanghao is not very good, I hope that the last little guy will get rid of anything."

Destiny is always very magical.

Shangyuan Na is not known in Yuyin Village.

He is still looking for the secret base of Yuxi Bo, which has been hidden. As a result, he just left the rain and hidden village, he met for him.

Black and slutty stopped the original navigation, asked: "Shangyuan, after going to the wooden leaves, what is the intelligence of the nine tail of the wood?"

"Well, I have already mastered the intelligence of the column of the nine tailings and the tail."

Shangji nodded, his face slowly became serious: "But I also got another other intelligence here, I believe that the elder generation should also receive the news that the code called the orphans. Isn't really a wooden spy? "

"How can it be?"

Black shook his head and smiled and said: "With the territory, it is very concerned about the merits of the month. How can he be a wooden spy?"

"I can rest assured that."

Shang Nai nodded, he certainly did not say a nonsense, but it was a prevention in front of it in the dark.

Although Urcho is still not a wooden spy.

However, after the last arrival of Zi Nai, it is estimated that it will believe that Yischo will become the 'wooden leaf spy', and maybe Ukiwa will also be the spy of the big snake!

At that time, Yuxi Board, the black and the big snake pill will soon start a big chaos, there is no dare to say, but the black is definitely a lost home.

Darkness did not know that the Shangyuan Na, the Shangyuan Na, but it was a bit of appreciation: "Very good, as long as the complete intelligence is collected, we will get a step by step from the merits of the moon."


Shangqi Nair lost his face and nodded, softly continued: "The elderly, we have a matters of the eye plan behind the scene, don't reveal it to others."

"Reassure, I will pay attention."

A absolute body slowly retracted the underground.

Shangyuan Nai's mouth is slightly hook, we don't disclose the news, then you can only reveal the news!

But this thing needs to work hard.

It is best to arrange the time earlier.

Based on the original north of the first experiment, I can find a murderer to reveal the intelligence.

Just unfortunately Unexpello.

Shangyuan Lu has always thought that Unexpello belt soles have a pressure he should not have.

Now in the woods ninja, Yuxi Bo belt is a black-handed black-handed black hand that assassinated the four generations of fires and created the chaos of the nine tail.

In the long gates and Xiaonan, Yisi Bo belt is a murderer who is destroyed from home, and there is a certain wooden spy suspicion, so far is not washed.

Waiting until the future, Unexpellis will become a documentary, despicable Uneers, the name of the traitor.

"Let's go to work!"

Shangyuan Na's body slowly floating in the air, flying in the direction of the grassland, and then checking his reward before defeating the big sum.

Branch task: Beat Big and (11), the task has been completed, reward hidden inheritance tasks.

Hidden inheritance tasks: There are many surprises in the forest, saying a correct name.

Shangyuan Nairies has not too late, after all, has a little poor with a hero similar to wood attribute: "The thorns of the thorns ..."

The task has been completed.

Heroes inherit open.

Deadly bloom: After putting a group of thick vines in the target area, the vines will explode countless wooden thorn in the region, and the skills minimize Chakra 70 points, and the skill cooling time is 3 seconds.

The root of the entanglement: Release the vines in front to quickly bind enemies, the skill minimum consumption is 70 charts, the skill cooling time is 5 seconds.

Three vine: summoned natural wrath, released intensive vines in a vast area, vines automatically attack the target, the lowest consumption of 100 points Chek, skill cooling time 45 seconds.

These are all categories of wood.

Shangnai Nai is actually a genuine wooden.

After this time I go to the country of the grass, I have the opportunity to find the trouble of the big snake pill, and I can get more powerful wooden skills after defeating the killer of the big snake pill.

In addition to the thousand-handles, there is also the second-generation rigid, the second-generation rigor, the second-generation rigid, and the big snake pills need to be transferred to the two powerful ban, these are all Valuable leeks!

After a long time, the amazui of the big snake can cut it!

Of course, I can't only know how to harvest, but I have to learn to cultivate, and by the way, I can see the immortal model that can let the pharmacist to learn the dragon hole.

According to the contest, his fairy model has a long-term way to defeat three holy sites.

"Cactus mode · Open!"

Shangyuan Na's finger fell on the spell of the wings on his arm, and the natural energy contained almost quickly entered his body, and he felt the power of the body quickly expanded between the body. Come!

Behind it seems to be suppressed, something is generally itching!

After the need, the Shangyuan Na will grow two pairs of white wings!

At the moment, Shangyuan Na will feel the quality of the body, and Chakra in his body is all converted into Xianke Chakra!

Cactus mode · Dengde long-term second form rising!

Under the state of the immortal mode, Shangyuan Na is slightly amazed. After the immortal mode is open, his state improves, and it does not dare to believe.

The second form is liter (opened): Chakra automatically converts the Xianke Chakra, all skill cooling time reduction + 100%, life energy increases by 400%, life energy recovery effect is increased by 400%, and the energy recovery effect of Xian surgery increased by 400%

Life energy: 57124 points (immortal mode)

Xianke Chakra energy: 14765 points (immortal mode)

Life energy recovery: 36 seconds (immortal mode)

Xianli Chakra recovered 24 minutes (immortal mode)

Cactus mode minimum Chakra consumption: 10 or second

Shang Nai was frowning, looking at his skill panel, except for all of the cooling time disappeared, the skill consumption did not change, which means that he uses some powerful skills to bomb, it is estimated that the immortal model will support I haven't been too long.

"It seems that can be used to fly? Can you still be used for body fight?"

Shangyuan Nairo flew away from the two pairs of white wings behind him, and the speed was almost four times, which made him feel that he has been strengthened.

If the two pairs of wings behind the back can be collected ...

So can he not always keep the state of the cactus?

However, these two pairs of white wings are the symbol of the original naval to open the fairy model. It is like the

In addition to handsome, these two pairs of wings are not used ...

Wings, this kind of thing is actually a dream of human beings!

Since the foot is standing in the earth, humans are always eager to fly.

Shangyuan Na defeated a sigh of angry, flew in the direction of the grassy village with ultra-high speed, almost riding a residue in the air!

After the next time I fell for a while, I suddenly realized a problem, he seems to think of things too narrow.

In the case of the cactus mode, his skills do not have any time, not only can be used to bombard the enemy, but it can also be used to speed up the road, such as the fate of the cooling time, now there is no cooling. Time ...


The Shangqi Na's face suddenly hanged a smile of unpredictable smiles, followed by his body, suddenly disappeared in the air, a period of continuous long-distance travel and investigation finally started.

After a few minutes.

Shangyuan Nairies investigated the border near the country of the whole grass and grassland, and finally locked to a person and a group of vites.

The original Nairou is standing on a big tree, overlooking a closed cave.

The John's eyes faintly out of a moving color, which is the perceived skill of the Hunting Law. He carefully looked at the ground under the cave. The smile of his mouth couldn't hide: "It's been a long time. "