I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 162 This is God's will ... destroy you! (Third!)

Big Snake Pill has not come back yet.

The original neck is simply resting in the corner of the laboratory, and the pharmacist is observed to carry out the pharmacist transplantation to the human body experiment on the white body.

If the big snake pill is coming back, Shangyuan Nair is definitely to slip away, but now it is not the opportunity of him and the big snake pill, because the main purpose is to plant the Zhiwei with soil and go to the dark.

This endurance is always so magical.

Shangqi Nai Luo, this creditor can't wait for debt in the home of the big snake, thinking that I feel uncomfortable in my heart, and I can only wait until I come to the big snake pill, more interest in his debt.

In addition to the past, it is time to collect, the anti-body reincarnation, and there is no corpse to resemble it, but also to receive a Tongling Luo Shengmen and the corpse

"Up to the original neighborhood! You are a bird! You can't die sooner or later! Wait until I leave here, I will bore dying in the desert ..."

The trend on the experiment is still embarrassed, and a series of endured countries are sprayed from its mouth, and it seems that this guy has taken a lot.

At the last naval, I looked at the drum of the experimental platform, I took my own ears: "Can you block its mouth ..."

"Sorry, I will think about it."

After the pharmacist nodded, hurriedly grabbed the plastic gloves on the laboratory to put into the mouth and blocked the mouth.

The time of the pharmacist is actually very urgent, because in accordance with the original Needle, he must kill this only before the arrival of the big snake pill, but the principle of waste use, the pharmacist has to make a round of experiments, simple collection Data.

One of the pharmacists took a bottle of column cells, while loudly chatting at home: "said that Netest Needers need me to help transplant surgery in the column cells?"

"Don't worry, some people can have their own surgery."

Shangji shook his head, I remembered the long door and six pars, whispered: "Should it? After all, he is doing very well in mechanical and people ..."

However, the original navigation is still unassured, but also added: "Go back, ask again! Before that, let's find a chance to make a transplant surgery, it should have a lot of strength."


The pharmacist nodded and picked up a surgery knife cut out the vitro arm, stitching the plumoconnect into the vivo body.

Time is urgent, he will not do too much.

In fact, I don't really go out of the original navigator. White is the most suitable for creature of the alternate cell transplantation, and only the wounds of the white fusion will be fused.

In the next second, this vine body suddenly grows countless root stick!

The eyes of the pharmacist have turned a madness when he suddenly turned: "Even the most tricky wooden rude can be awakened, maybe try to transplant the eyes for it?"

"Forget it."

Shangqi Needressed one hand and twisted the neck of the white, I saw this vane that was instantly turned into a big tree, and the pharmacist has been surprised!

Up to the original Nairou loudly: "In addition to the kaleidoscope writes the eyes, there is no value of the other written eyes, just like this, you are ready, after breaking the base, be careful of those whispering!"

After all, it is very troublesome.

Before I arrived, I made a needle for prevention: "Yes, the ability of Unexpello belt sole all the endurance?

In case you have encountered an anti-hit Urshi Bo, you can try to let the second-generation fire of the embarrassment tries to crack his ability.

Anyway, the entire endurance can not pick up more people who are more exciting than thousands of hands, say that the thousand-handed people who do not have to be inactive will take the initiative to cooperate? "

"Yes, Thank you."

The pharmacist nodded with respect.

Shangqi Nairou laughed and took the shoulder of the drug teacher: "Okay, I can't get in touch with the big snake pills, avoiding what flaws.

After the big snake pill came back from the grass, you just told him that he was able to catch a good news, so that the big snake pills were happy for a few days.

After all, when I arrived at the guy in the big snake, my mood could become very bad. "


The expression of the pharmacist is very helpless.

Why have you encountered the big snake pills, his mood will become very bad, this is not to settle it to bully him?

Do you have a good personal?

The pharmacist is really hoping to come to the original naval and the big snake pills sincerely. In this case, he does not have to be particularly entangled.

Both people are not like caught people.

And the black hand behind the entire endurance, can only be alone.


Zhin Village.

The big snake pill is actually not only to talk about the trading. He also wants to get an intelligence from the grass in Ziyin, because the identity of the thoughts is the rebellion of the grass.

In addition to Xiaonan, long gates and Unecho belt soil, other members believe that the rebellion in Ziyin Village, all members of the children are sorted by s, and naturally, it is also built. This is a rebellion. Identity.

It is a pity that it is nothing.

According to the intelligence here from the leader of the Grand Snake Village, it is only just the way to get into the village in the middle, and the fire with the fire with the village and become a rebellion.

It is a bit like an identity that is stakeholder in a layer of grass.

Then it's true origin, it is very worth it.

After the big snake pill left the grassy village, the Big Snake is not frowning: "It seems that it can only find a way to get the university's member, this body is the most supported for three years, must catch a Dedicated to experiment ... "

The question is, which team member is he easy to get?

The members of the organization are not weak, and every member has its own unique skills, and even their own intelligence is hidden very well.

"Forget it."

The big snake pill quietly sighed and shook his headself sincerely: "Although there is no intelligence here, it also has a order from Ziyin Village, which can add funds and scarce resources."

Big Snake Pill didn't know that someone underground was peek at him. After he left the grass in the village, a person was slow, and it was the original navigation.

After arriving at the bottom of the ground, I looked at the direction of the big snake pill and sighed: "The creditor actually hid a owed money, does not add some interest or people?"

After that, the back of the Shangyuan never launched two wings, slowly driving him to fly to the air of the grass.

Shangqi Nae lost his head to watch the grassy village of the candlelight, slowly spread his palm, and a fireball appeared in his palm!

Just as the ninja in Zhixin Village is amazing, he looked up at the air. When he shook his enemy, a dull voice sounded out their ear!

"For your own life, I will take a little girl's blood, which will let your life go to the end, this is God's will ... destroy you!"

Shangqi Nairou threw the huge fireball, looked at the fireball to detonate a tall building, touched his own chin: "It feels too shameful, Xiaonan teacher is enduring ..."


That a fireball detonated high-rise building, the fire is clear!

This group of fire opened a prelude to rushing the village!

The grassy harvestors and the villagers screamed everywhere, and some straw squad leaders poised their own departments and launched an attack toward the Shangyuan Na.

"Attack the long wings above!"

"It's just right! I will take the weapon who sold the big snake pill to our weapon. Just used to test his weapon!"

A strange cragon cart was pushed out of the grass, and the cart was a strange blame warmer weapon. It couldn't help but shake it.


Is this guys or a rocket tube?

This kind of thing can be unbearable!

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, I remembered that the long-door Tiantian Wo in the room was aunt, Peden, which was also a bunch of missiles in Luo Dao, almost installed the modern single soldier weapon, and it seems to be added one. laser weapon.

These things are in line with the common sense of relief.

After all, the scientific trees of the endured are all awkward.

Advanced modern weapons on the ground with the most primitive small carts in the endurance.

Shangyuan Needle slowly extended his arm, looking at the grass in the ground, the sound gradually lowered: "The column of the flame!"

The foundation flame suddenly erotic!

The Shangyuan Na Ring skills in the immortal mode do not have any cooling, and a piece of the foundation flame is sprayed. In just a few seconds, the whole grassy village is in order to a fire sea!

Whether it is the so-called weapon or the sickness of the grass pointed, all in the advantages of blanking and fire, the endurance coverage!

Shang Nai, I looked at the grassy harmonic who fled in the fire, a bigger flame appeared in front of him, and suddenly fell down, completely detonated the entire grassy village, Chakra in his body Ded out.

Branch mission: destroy a rivoting (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the skills of Arcane comet.

Arcane Comet: You can summon a comet in the target area when attacking, and the skill is lowered at 100 points in Chakra, and the skill cooling time is 15 seconds.

Shangji, I looked at this skill. It is approximately equivalent to Yuxi Baozhi 's , just want to achieve the degree of the earthquake, it seems to have a lot of Chakra.

But compared to this task, Shangyuan Na will be more close to the huge income of the dark harvest after the dark harvest.

Dark harvest: passive skills, after each defeating, will get part of the enemy, increase 10 points of life, 10 points of Chakra energy, 10 points of natural energy, total life energy 13420 points, Chakra energy 13420 Point, natural energy 13420 points.