I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 163 with soil, do you want to help upland? (Subscribe!)

Fire is rushing.

Shangqi Nae returned to the flame, and pulled out a ring in his hand. After the ring entered Chakra, the whisper said: "I have done it here, and there is no grass again. Hidden village. "

"Let's come back!"

The sound of the long door sounded a little relaxed, he whispered there: "After coming back, I have arranged a surprise with Xiaonan."

"Oh ... surprise ..."

Shangqi Na is cool, laughing in the ring: "I found them with the big snake pills in the rings. I want to see the trail of the big snake pill again. I am here. That is exhausted, go back and talk! "

What is a surprise?

What do you know if you know how to be a surprise?

According to his cognition of the long-door and Xiaonan, he said that he said that he would continue to succeed as the leader of Yuyin Village.

Now he is rare, and the old man is practical to plan the big snake pill, the black and Unexpected Wavet, is not very fun?

What's more, now the grassy village is dying.

After that, after the news of Yinyin Village and the wooden leaves, there should be a lot of ninja to enter the grassland. The original Needle will still have a little thing here, do something more than returning to Yu Yin Village. It is intentionally thinking about the activities of people.

Shangyuan Na returned his wings behind him, re-opened his property column, and the dark harvest made him more than 10,000 basic properties, which was more than too much than in the crash plan.

Life energy: 27101 (ordinary state, not within regular standards)

Chakra energy: 27585 (ordinary state is not within regular standards)

Natural energy: 27585 (ordinary state, not within regular standards)

Life energy recovery: 9 seconds (normal state)

Chakra recovery: 6 seconds (normal state)

Natural energy recovery: 6 seconds (normal state)

Skill cooling: 60%

Remaining gold coins: 4830

Although the strength and Chakra become stronger, the basic recovery is a little less than enough. According to the current speed, the original navigation wants to slowly recover, the words you have, you have to be at least more than an hour.

"I am like! Xiaoyuan!"

A fogging instantly covered the surroundings of the top, and also let the original Nakra fly quickly.

Shangqi Nai Lu quietly opened the destiny skills, watching the whereabouts of the big snake pills, the corner of the mouth hook: "The speed of this guy's act is really fast, then prepare to receive me!"

Sound in the village.

After the big snake pill rushed back, immediately announced a good news to the drug teacher: "Pocket, I am talking about the grass in Ziyin, recently we can create some weapons, exchange the resources and money we need."


The face of the pharmacist is not very good.

If the pharmacist has no mistakes, it is estimated that the original navigation has already arrived at Zhu Yin Village, and the rushing village should be no longer.

The big snake pill is really miserable!

I just talked into a big business, I haven't been there yet, and his Party A was completely destroyed thoroughly.

The pharmacist sighed in the heart, and did not answer the big snake pill. Instead, he cited him to the experimental platform, and transferred the topic of the grassy village: "The big snake pills, come see what this is ..."

"this is?


The pharmacist slowly raised his head, and his eyes saw the son of the big snake pill: "A person named Darkness suddenly sent a white, and let me use this live white to carry out a cylindrical cell. Transplant experiment.

I am fighting it once, and I can't help it.

That black seems to know what experimentation we are doing, it invites us to kill Unexpello, and hand it over to a map, tell me that many white is hidden here. "

The pharmacist pointed to the white body on the experimental station, whispered: "So I can only carry out a plum cell transplantation experiment in it under its invitation ..."

"The results of it?"

The expression of the big snake pill is a bit anxious, but when he saw the horses on the experimental station, the snake suddenly exposed a smile of cold blood: "It seems that the experiment should be successful?"


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and unlocked his sleeves. He has a sharp wooden thorn. He low-channel: "The recovery ability of the wood is very strong, and the tissue is also very strange."

"Ha ha ha ha ha…"

The smile on the face of the big snake pill is very strong: "After you just wake up, you have a fight against you? It seems that our studies have no mistakes ... Unfortunately, it is lost a living."

"That is just gave us a letter."

The pharmacist slowly took out a scribbled map and a precision map. The former was left to him. The latter is a pharmacist to resemble it again. About this is a rigor of a scientist.

The pharmacist pockets two maps on the table, whisper: "This is a place where the big snake pill is attacked, as long as we solve the territory of Yisi Bo, you should get it vane. intelligence."

After that, the pharmacist opened and added: "I can't judge what I have any conspiracy. After all, what do we don't know if it is, what is it? Is it necessary to cooperate or want to borrow? Machine ambushing you ... After all, there is a hidden in this place. "

The big snake will laugh at: "Do you have many people to defeat me now?"


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses. Attached: "After the end of the wooden leaf crash plan, every powerful ninja should all know that the big snake pill has improved the surgery, single is the first generation of fire and second generation The existence, you can make the strength of the big snake pills in the vertex of the endurance. "

"Now I can even go to attack the country, kill Pethen, capture his turn back! Let's go to this position to see if you don't know!"

The big snake pill licked his lips and laughed: "Even if someone wants to choose to cooperate with me to kill Unexhoe with soil, just I want to fight him, capture his kaleidoscope to write the eyes! Add there. White details of this kind of thing ... "


The pharmacist has a serious place: "But Yisi Bo belt soil is too strange, we may be revealed, on the one hand, try to get a black-detailed information from Yuxi Board, on the other hand, find the opportunity to attack him ! "

"Oh, maybe I guessed who is it."

The big snake pill touched his arm and thought of the tissue, he smiled and smiled: "But this proposal is good, you want to confront the time spatial tolerance, and only time space is to work."

The eye is an attraction that is not too big for the big snake pill, whether it is still in the absence of the buddy or not the corpse.

After the big snake pill learned, he couldn't help but immediately, intended to go to the map location on the map.

Although Unexpello belt this guy is strange, but the big snake pill can have some ban, plus the first generation of fire and the second-generation rigid, and the heart is not a little.

Due to this biological relationship to eternal life and science, the big snake pill is to get them to fight a life!

Anyway, he has a lot of life.

The big snake pills and pharmacists don't need to do too much. They only bring two pairs of coffins that have enamelted the initial generation and the second-generation noodles, and directly travel to the map location on the map.

Elliptical base.

Yuxi Board is still hidden here.

In addition to occasional Day, I went to see Yushan Lin, Yisi Board is too lazy to take care of those troubles, what he wants is to wait.

Simple waiting.

Waiting for the month of the Month Plan to start capturing the tail, Yisi Bo will leave the soil will leave here. If you want to cooperate with the people who let the child to capture the tail beast.

The hand of Yisi Bo belt looked at a spline in his hand. He is a flower pot, which planted a thorns, and the thorns were a full of white flowers.

How can I have white flowers deeply buried in the ground?

This is when Yuxi Bo has downtake and refining Mu Zhu, it is easy to raise it. It has to be said that the hidden life in these years is not good, so that the strength of Unexpello belt is stronger.

"With the soil, a little problem."

One white is diamonds within the room of Unecho, whispered: "We just got two Chakra in the near here, one of them is a big snake pill!"


Yuxi Bo has slowly lifted his head, curiously opening: "How can he find here? Do you sure he is not here?"

"No, because of his direction is our base."

White is always shaken, because there are still many oleas that have not been awakened under the bottom, this base is only a person who is only a person in Unexpello.

Yuxi Bo has picked his eyebrows, slowly swallowed the reel: "Nothing, I will solve him, but you will find a way to find out why the big snake pill will find our base."

Just as Yuxi Bo Tong wants to get up and leave the base to go out to fight, there is another white diamond. " Little ghost! "

"Shangyuan Needan?"

Yischo's face is more complicated.

In this year, because he wanted to kill the original navigation, he led himself to the long door and Xiaonan out of the organization, and even the black is unable to endure his brain.

Later, I heard that the original naval, this little guy often praised him, and repeatedly stated that the murder of the murder of the year was forgiven.

From the perspective of the act of Shang Nai, this kid seems to be very easy to be persuaded, and from his performance, it seems that there is nothing to see.

Therefore, for Unexhoe with soil, he has no hate to the original navigation.

Of course, Yuxi Bo belt also does not like to be the original navigation, because he believes that the original navigation is an idiots who have no brain, very good luck.

Ok, even if you have a little smart and talent.

After all, even the blacks have been praised many times, they must know a little guy without any blood sunset and secret, actually has strength to kill a village!

Moreover, when killing the four generations of windings, the original Nairi was twelve years old; now he is sixteen years old, dare to hurt the three-generation rigging, and it is successful!

These do not matter for Unexpello.

As long as he is willing to do, he can do it.

After all, the four generations of winds have been a iron waste. The age of three generations is also old, and it is said that after the big snake pills and the three-generation fire, Shangji fell to a leak.

Yisi Bo has a sudden turning to the head: "The original Negative is our people right? Why is he tracked the guy of the big snake?"

"He is indeed our person."

One white is a little time, and I will respond seriously: "Will it be a task? After all, the big snake pill is a traitor!"

"It is really likely to be."

The other is also nodded, and the opening has taken the words: "After the taking the test in the wood leaf, Shangyuan Na will discover the trace of the big snake pill, so track him in the dark."

"Now the big snake pill is not good."

The front white is shot and shook his head, Shen Sheng: "I heard that the big snake pills completed the philosophy of reincarnation, resurrected the first generation of fire and the second-generation rigid, and the estimated is this reason, Shangyuan did not dare to shoot?"


Two trees turned together to look at Ux Zhibo belt: "Do you help him?"

"Just they are near this."

Yishibo sighed a sigh of relief, slowly put a brownish coat.

Yuxi Bo belt gerive her own clothes, sighed a little: "Then I will help him! After all, I have been helping me in front of the long door and Xiaonan, and I haven't seen this luck for a long time. The little ghost ... "

Ground above the ground.

Shangyuan Nair did not conceal his own whereabouts.

Shangyuan Needs, but deliberately greeted him, and even smoked with a shot of the white, as if they were old friends.

"where is this place?"

Shangyuan Na Ruo is like a fascination, whispered: "Why do you have to come here?"

This is only thinking for a while, or decided to be stupid to explain: "Here is our secret base! Yuxi Bo is also here, you have to see him? He has almost killed you, you Have you hated him? "

"I will be afraid when I started, I will hate him."

Shangyuan Na Lu smiled and shook his head and continued: "But the Seniors mentioned that we are now working together for the moon, and it is possible to succeed, even if he kills me, it doesn't matter."


This is only a little bit, and it sighs a good air: "You are true ... I am really good, don't like the guy that is too much, his eyes are too small."

In fact, this is only a whistle that he is so silly.

The guy of Unechebra is just to kill his own private desire to kill the original navigation. What is the relationship between his identity exposure, as long as the round look is still there, the merits plan will not have any problems.

Just at this time, the other white talented, took the shoulder of the original navigation: "The guy who told the land to see you, he seems to say that it is to help you ..."

"is it?"

The eyes of Shangyuan Nairi are a little surprised. He looked at the front of it. "In fact, the predecessors did not tell you, when he and before, when I was a code, I was, I was still very enthusiastic. what!"


Two trees don't know what to say.

This is a fool in front of this, is it a fool?

Forget it, they are happy.

Human creatures are really too stupid.

Underground base.

When I arrived in Shangji, Yuxi Bo took soil in the wall to pick her own weapon. He didn't fight for a long time, so I plan to take this opportunity to check my strength.

The original Nairou hit a smile and greeted: "With the predecessors, I haven't seen you for a long time, I didn't expect you to live here."

"Is it?"

After the Sucho Board frowned, she took the pile on the wall, whisper: "Are you chasing the big snake pills? Just this guy came to my site, now I am going to help you kill you. He! "

"Thank you for your predecessors."

Shangqi Nairi is in a hurry, barely loosen: "The big snake pills reincarnate out of the first generation of fire and second-generation rigid, I really have some powerful."

"rest assured."

Yuxi Board's mouth hook, revealing a confident smile: "In this world, there is no person to defeat the power of writing."


Shangji Nai is looking at the confident Yuxi Bo belt, and I don't know what to say. The first generation of the big snake pills is a thousand-handed rows. Isn't it the hammer of your Yisi Bo?