I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 167 Big Snake Pills, you are not moving!

The big snake will live for more than 50 years.

For so many years, he has suffered a lot of humiliation.

When the big snake pills thought the most humiliating, they were awarded the title of Mu Ye, which was semi-hidden by the mountain pepper. However, it was too gentle than the original naval, and the mountain is too gentle.

However, since the heart has made it, now all the shame doesn't matter, the power of the big snake is the child does not understand the dealer ...


Be sure to endure.

The big snake pills slowly extended the palm toward the pharmacist, so that the pharmacist pocket the clothes served as the material that makes the reel.

"You owe me three tolerance, two contracts."

Shangyuan Na will slowly look at the big snake pills to make a blank reel, whisper: "This five banquets are clear, no corpse, Luo Shengmen Tongling contract, eight-seiphery and dragon cave Tongling contract. "

"Wait, Nairo Jun."

The Act of the big snake pills stopped, and his face on his face was not very beautiful: "I remember to give you, only criminals and no corpse?"

"Hey, you remember very clear!"

Shangji Nai is in front of the big snake pill, and laughs: "Why don't you know to me? Big snake pills, you are a friend, don't you hear it from her, it is not necessary? Is paying interest? "

The big snake pill is slowly swallowed: "Our nature should belong to a gift? What should I do? Do you want the spiritual contract scroll, I can't make it ..."

These styles and spiritual contracts are basically all of his home.

If these procedures are all given to the original Needle, it is not equivalent to all of his fighting weaknesses.

Will he still turn over?

Is it a few decades, study new powerful ban?

Even if you can choose tolerance, if you go to Naji, this little king eight eggs are separated from the top, five on the door, and it is also a person who can't stand it!

After returning, the big snake pill decided to put a way to put the curse of the sky to more people, absolutely unable to accept it again!

Moreover, it is necessary to continue to study the ban on soul, and try to avoid the regeneration of the past.

Big snake pills slowly open the mouth: "I can give you a refrigeration, no corpse, the age of eight-seipher ... As for the Tongling contract, I really can't tell you the acquisition method of the spiritual contract."

The big snake pills promised to be uncomfortable, and even a little surprised.

These sickness can be his homework, it is so easy to give it?

Surprised to surprise, of course, things are still.


Shangji nodded, a very good voice look, gentle open mouth: "Of course, I hope to get the difficulty of getting the spiritual contract should not be too high, otherwise, I may always flip your face at any time ..."

"The spiritual contract of the Dragon Cave is impossible, and the Tongling contract scroll is on the white snake cactus."

The big snake pill shook his head and sonned: "And the dragon pole is one of the three holy land of the endurance. If you want to get the Dragon Dynasty, the Dragon Tongli is, you must accept the test of the White Snake Cactus."

Shangyuan Nai touched his own chin, put forward a question: "After you think I will win the white snake cactus, will it give me a spiritual contract?"


When the big snake pill suddenly, he didn't speak well after a moment: "At that time, you have to do it, it will not be opposed!"

Mom, it's really infatuated!

Slightly a bit of strength, what is awkward?

The big snake pills are strong, and they don't dare to train the authority of the White Snake Cactus. It is meant to be enemies with a holy place!

Up to the original Need to know what the immortal does it mean? Do you know what the cactus mean? Have you heard of Xianke Chakra? Have you seen the immortal mode?

Shangyuan Na is unfamant, a simple look: "Yes, you tell me the position of the dragon hole hole, welcome you to go to the dragon cave, maybe it is my place after it."


The big snake pill laughed from the good.

Big snake pills are unattended in these arrogant small ghosts, then challenge those who can't predict, wait for a while, add some things in the reel, and send them directly to the original navigation.

Big Snake Pill didn't know, I really intend to challenge the authority of the dragon cave.

The three major cactors of the 10th, except for the Miao Mountain, other mysters that have been a tolerant, even have a few exploration of the cactus.

"As for the spiritual contract of Luo Shengmen ..."

The brow of the big snake pill wrinkled, he slowly explained: "This contract scroll should be in the ban on the wooden leaves, the first generation of the first generation is left behind, if you want to get, you can only go to the leaves. "

Shangqi Nai Lu stared at the big snake pill, slowly revealing a smile: "I don't care, I only manage you, since you know the place, then help me get back."


The big snake pills have a little puzzled look at the original navigation: "With your strength, take out the psychic contract scroll from the leaves."

"I don't recognize the way!"

Shangji is equipped with a stall.

Although there are many bankers in the wooden banqueous, there is no doubt that those banned priests should have a defect, even if it is strong, it is strong, and the big snake pill is very perfect.

Shangyuan is not curious.

He also didn't like those who were messy.

Is it more powerful than his skill?

"Ok, I want to help you take it!"

The Big Snake bite his teeth and remembered the fifth generation of the fifth-generation fire shadow of the wooden leaves. This is his old friend.

After coming over the stage, the old friend has begun to focus on him, send people to explore the village, and a look at the way;

Plus the program is not weak, want to take the leaf of the hand from the hand-protected wood leaf, not an easy task!

After the arrival of the big snake pill, I immediately put forward a more expensive requirements: "Yes, big snake pills, I heard that the wooden leaves have this seal, and all of the fires will be written inside, you want to In the way ... "

"Don't be too much."

The big snake pills tighted his fingers, Shen Sheng: "The difficulty of stealing the book of the seal is probably difficult to destroy the wooden leaves, in fact, the book is the strong roots of the wooden leaves, not a ridiculous fire will."

Among them, the second-generation rigs and shadows have been studied, and the three generations of fire shadows, the three generations, the Sika, who is taught, the two fires, complement and improve the book of the seal, let the wood Ye has a massive reserve.

Every Ninja will find the book of the seal, you can find the tissue of yourself, and powerful sickness is just the fastest way to make a normal ninja.

It is because there is a book of the seal, and the leaves will stand still.


Shangyuan Na was filled with blinking, nodded slowly: "When you go to pick up the spiritual contract scroll, I will go with you to protect your security."

"Hey, if you want to find it, let you!"

The big snake pill snorted coldly, apparently he had seen the minds of Shangyuan Na.

This little ghost is really unclear, the wooden leaves are very different from the power of the stencil, but it doesn't matter if it is the right of the flight. But this is not a long time!

Shangyuan Needs are not careless.

The book of this seal should not steal a stead.

When I arrived in the wooden leaves before, I didn't find the book of the seal, let alone the protection of the fire building is very strict, and it is not easy to move.

Since the big snake pill should go to the ban, you just can sell him a wave, take a closer look at the book of the seal book ... Anyway, no matter what you can get, the black pot must be on the big snake head. !

The big snake pills did not know that the original naval is so don't think. He put down his own blood, handed a reel to the original navigation: "Okay, this is the three ban you want, I hope you will come Don't appear in front of me in the future ... "


The original neighborhood is full of perfunctory, and three reels are put away, waiting for the response to him.

The system really didn't let him down.

After the rear of the reel, I gave him a prompt.

Branch Task: Get a double snake and disabled (11), the task has been completed, and the reward is 100.

Branch Task: Get four pictures (11), the task has been completed, rewards 300 gold coins.

Branch Task: Get a corpse tolerance (11), the task has been completed, reward the spiritual contract soul lock or long hammer.

Tongling Contract: Summon the Soul Short Har Harmis, consume Chakra 3000 points.

very good.

It is a big snake pill.

Sure enough, there is no fake on the reel.

These all are the price-free banned prices, but there is no doubt that they are not going to go.

Single is like this ...

More pitted is that every one is a suicide skill!

That is to say, no matter where the original navigation is going to experiment, which ban on the scroll is used, it may die!

Double snakes are disabled, and they are directly with opponents.

The four pictures of the seal, Zhidun Tibetan Tibetan, and directly seal everything directly, almost equivalent to it.

The corpse is more exciting, this is not to say, as long as you dare to use, the dead will dare to take out to harvest your soul.

In addition to the Ninja of the big snake pill, others dare to use this tolerance, basically, can be announced, and they will not be returned ...

If you want to save it, you still have to rely on the big snake pill.

Mom, big snake pills this bastard is really can't die!

Every ban is caused by himself!

"Come here, Mr. Big Snake Pill."

Shangji took three reels, and the friendly land rushed to the big snake pill, whispered: "I don't know these, can you introduce it ..."

The big snake pill pointed to the first double snake's disabled reel, and explained his face: "Nairo, this is the eight-seiphest surgery, you can directly avatally, the eight-sided big snake is not dead, and I have been proud of it. Ban. "

Shangji took a serious big snake pill, and couldn't help but praise a sentence, mother, talent, this can also be edited!

"What about this?"

"This is a result of no corpse."

The big snake pill pointed at the second roll of four pictures, and he continued to explain: "Nairo, no corpse is also the foundation of I can eternal, need to write a spending in advance, then prepare A suitable container, after the Chatu launched a curse, your body will disintegrate after success, the soul will enter the container. "

Shangyuan Needeling and couldn't help but read a big snake pill, saying that he is really underestimated, this is clearly a genius!

Such a pothole, the big snake pill can introduce very attractive, like the model sample, and the tuyue of four pictures.

The smile on the face of the original navigation is getting rich, the eyes are slowly smashed: "It seems that the last one is born with the earth?"

"Not bad."

The face of the big snake pill is standing seriously, pointing at the dead god of the corpse, and the sound of the sound: "This is the anti-rogue surgery, the surgeon uses his own Chakra to communicate the death of the death, let the death god If the desperation returns to the world, you can resurrect the dead. "

Shang Nai is looking at the expression of the big snake pill, I can't help but applaud, I didn't expect the big snake pills to say it!

The body of the corpse is really like a reflux!

If you come to have no culture, you may really believe it. After all, everyone doesn't know how these ban is used.


After the original Nairi was nod, the three reels were handed over to the pharmacist, and the mouth smiled and said: "You come to see if there is any omission in this ..."

After hearing the original Nairi, the smile on the big snake pill has a moment of break, but he looked at the drug teacher with trusting eyes.

The pharmacist slowly talked three reels, and the expression on the face was more surprised because he contacted some of them.

At least the double snake and the four image seals are undoubted!

After a while, the pharmacist looked at the laughter of the original Needle, and slowly pushed my own glasses, Shen Sheng: "Sorry, I didn't get into these ban, but I believe that the big snake pill is absolutely not lie. of!"

The big snake pill nodded with satisfaction.

Shangji nodded, understand the lattice of the pharmacist, because everyone can believe in this world, but it is absolutely not to believe in the big snake pill!


So small place, there are three shadowers in the drama.

The big snake pill looked at the original navigation, loudly said: "Nairu, did you just kill Unexpello? It is better to have the most suitable for the blow of sacrifices, not as you experiment here? "

Today, the big snake pill is still playing!

If the original Na Ruo is really greedy, directly put the corpse as a reflux, that is really a piece ...

The original Nairou looked at him: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, can you tell you?"


The smile on the face of the big snake pill is constant, continue to say: "Neuri is really wanting to get a powerful anti-eaten, you must know that the resurrection of the embarrassment is controlled by the monogram."

"You, I like to give me some new tricks ..."

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of relief, turned to look at the smile, and looked at the presido of the expressions, and slammed them out!

When Shangyuan Nairi, I immediately appeared in the big snake pill, and slammed his throat, holding the reel of the corpse to sway in front of him!

"Come come, you give me a demonstration, let me see how your fucking gives you the death of the soul to extract the soul!"