I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 169, Shangyuan Na, Yue Eye Plan designated partners!

"Well, a very successful anti-transaction experiment."

Shangyuan Na Rou waved the coffin, revealing a smile of playing, extending his palm towards the big snake pill: "It seems that Mr. Big Snake Pill didn't lie to me, I wish us a happy cooperation."

"Hey, this can be called more happiness."

The expression of the big snake pill is not good. Although he also harvested this time, he lost significantly, how to see that there is only the original naval to earn the most.

Shangji Na Run Looking at the big snake pill smiled: "Don't say this, is your life not to keep it? Come, happy, laugh?"


Laugh your head!

The big snake pill is too lazy and gets away here.

Anyway, his main purpose has reached. After getting a white, the big snake pill needs to start a lot of experiments, accelerate his no corpse and reincarnation.

Nowadays, the big snake pill has been abandoned.

That is to cultivate a powerful body with a variety of features, thereby use the body as a blueprint, and want to be cloned or copied.

Just as the big snake pill is taken with a pharmacist, the original Nairi suddenly opened him again: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, don't take a hurry, have you been forgotten before? Don't you help me? Psychic contract? "

"It's not a good time now."

The big snake pill shook his head, Shen Sheng: "The chaos of the leaves have not been over, and the waves of the wooden leaves will be high!"

"Reassured, they will soon have to relax."

Shangnai Na Ruo looked at the great expression of the big snake pill, I couldn't help but looked at him. "During this time, wood and rock village may conflict in the grassland, so defense may have a free, we can take this During the past ... "

"If they are prior to succession, they may have a possible conflict, but after going on the board, the two-day scale Wild Wood should not be so unwise ..."

The big snake pill whispered, slightly after thinking about a few seconds, looked at the vocilestic smile of the original Na Na, he didn't seem to think about it, the whole person is not very good.

The big snake pill is calm down on his own face: "Shangyuan Na, you will not destroy the grass in the village?"

"Guess it!"

Shangyuan Needan squatted his eyes, laughing and good: "The village is full of sins, why bother Mr. Grandjack Mr. Why do you work with them? It is the most appropriate thing!"

High quality!

You fuck is purely the blood of the partner!

The big snake pill can't help but want to swear. After the end of the wooden leaves, all countries are worried that they will be retaliated by the wood, and I don't dare to talk to him.

In this case, there is only a border war status, the grassy village has no choice but to choose to cooperate with him, and the big snake pill is rare to find a new source of resources and the source of funds, so that this is the original navigation.

Mom, I want to kill people!

Big snake pills have not hidden their own killings and disgusting eyes, today he has got a few trees, harvest is bad news!

"Big snake pills, see your eyes ..."

Shangnan retorted, slowly walked to the big snake pill, and laughed and continued to provoke: "I really like you to hate it, but I can't do it."

"Pocket, go."

The big snake pill really doesn't want to take care of him.

Shangyuan Na Rong also shouted: "The Psychic Contract of the Dragon Cave and the Psychic Contract of Luo Shengmen? If I can't do anything, I will pay interest!"

The footsteps of the big snake pill suddenly, did not look back: "Three days later, we gathered in the border of Tianzhi National and fire country border, I will take you to the dragon hole, if you can live , Let's go to the wooden leaves together. "

"very good."

The original Nairi is nod, wait until the pharmacist walks to his side, suddenly reached out his arm and stopped the footsteps of the pharmacist.

After seeing the pharmacist, the eyes of Shangyuan Nae lost slightly, whispering: "This task has completed very beautiful. After going back, you can guide the big snake pill to study the body, the dead belly But there is a powerful soul! "


The pharmacist took a quiet place, and the expression on his face did not change.

After the two were exchanged in a short manner, the pharmacist walked forward and chased the footsteps of the big snake pill.

Wait until the big snake pills and pharmacists took a distance.

The big snake pill suddenly looked at the pharmacist and asked: "I just see you to stop, what did you tell you?"

"Ha ha…"

The pharmacist pushed his glasses, and he piled up a false smile in his face: "Nairuity hopes that I will monitor the big snake pills, once you have a threat to his strength, let me report to him."

The big snake pill also revealed a smile: "Will you?"

"Of course, I will report to Nerat of Needers."

After the pharmacist nodded, smiled and continued: "But I will take the big snake pill to find him, then kill him with you."

This answer makes the big snake pill are extremely satisfied.

On the body of the pharmacist, always a layer of spy coat, everyone thinks that the pharmacist will become their spies.

Big snake pills believe that the pharmacist is the most loyal to him.

At least more than others.

After the big snake pill, you will continue to step forward: "Let's go, we still have a lot of work to be handled."


The pharmacist nodded respectfully.

After they left, only the original navigation was left in the original, and he is doing a new experiment, that is, killing the white, see if it can trigger dark cut.

Unfortunately, the system does not seem to have this bug.

Only those talents known as the ninja can trigger a dark cut. It is clear that this kind of organism is not within the category of Ninja. After all, the ordinary people will become treated with the cultivation of the gods, which should be a monster!

The original neck overlooking the 100,000 sleepy white, slowly spread his palm: "Mu Wei · Through the vine!"

Countless vines with spikes spread from the ground!

Every vine is quickly penetrated with a vitious body, and kill them completely!

"Cactus mode · Open!"

Behind Shangyuan Na will open a pair of white wings directly, and there is a vine in the ground!

Under the support of Chakra, Shang Nai, after the moment, after the moment, hundreds of thousands of white under the bottom of the ground were completely covered by the vines, let them die completely in your sleep!

These monsters made by the mowel night before the millennium, and they were exhausted in the first day!

However, this does not mean the extinction of the vitness.

Because of the black and white, it is a white body that is the most powerful thing. It is also the strongest white.

It can plant spores in a powerful ninja, and spores absorb Chakra so that the resensil is white.

After the end of the end of the end, after the end of the white, he looked at the full thorns on the ground. When she took the palm of her hand: "I seem to be like Yuxi Board and the big snake pills ... I hope that the guy is Don't go crazy! "

There is not much wooden rusher throughout the endurance.

The known wooden ninja is only four, and the tissue of the tissue, the rumor of the tissue, and the Ninja of Unexpello, the ninja of the wooden leaves.

If you want to see this scene, you should lock the murderer in Uki Board and the big snake pill.

This endurance is unreliable.

Reed alone is not lie.

Who can believe that the wood that killed hundreds of thousands of white, in fact, there is no bloody ninja in this body?

Under this iron general evidence, no matter what is not good.

Shangyuan Nairi has created some traces of the battle in this earth, and thinks that the battlefield is more realistic.

This is also something wrong.

After all, he still needs to be deceived to the trace of the monologist's column, and in order to let the black spots to find the body of Yuxi Bao, otherwise, who will do the bonus wooden glow night resurrection of the body?

After I finished this, I went quietly, and she was deeply disappeared.

early morning.

The sun breaks the fog.

A pig cage drilled the ground, revealing the face, it glanced at the bottom of the ground, and the heart suddenly rose a angry.

These whispered are all the big tube Hui, a little bit!

Whether it is to make these white as an intelligence investigator, or let them become combat power, they are good materials!

After drilling the ground, I looked at the vines of the thorn vine under the bottom, and it took a few steps and looked at the wounds on the white.

no doubt.

These vanes are caused by wood, except for wood, there are no other wounds.

after awhile.

Black slowly lifted his head.

This base has a secret level that is definitely not found by others.

Even if someone is perceived, the album near the base will also report early, avoid the arrival of outsiders as much as possible.

Yuxi Bo belred and betrayed them!

This problem is difficult to touch, it is very likely that he thinks he controls the initiative of the eye plan of the moon. After all, the Yisi Bo family is a group of two five.

It is also possible that Yisi Bo belt is lost, and it is necessary to go to the wooden ninja?

In short, hundreds of thousands of died, absolutely and Yisi Bo will not take the dry system!

The black and sinking sound is open: "Yuxi wave has betrayed us. In these years, we only saw his wooden restriction and progress, and did not expect it to use the wood to deal with us ..."

"Don't you still?"

White absolutely Yisi Bo belt soil still has some good feelings, whispering said: "Maybe it is a thousand hand of the big hand of the big snake pills? Can kill our 100,000 companions in just a short time, there is also this ability."

"Do you think the big snake pill is likely to find this base!"

Black is not a somewhat hatred of the vaddy, how many of your similarities are around the base, who can pass all the whiteness, in addition to their trusted land Who can do anything! "

This is self-confidence that is derived from vitness.

After all, unless someone else has been placed in advance, otherwise it is impossible to kill all the pendant hidden in this hidden base.

In addition to Unexpello, who can do this?

"What should we do now?"

White is a little confused, it seems to have a little confidence in the merits of the month.

"Reassure, all this is not much more expected."

The black mood gradually calm down, and some of the sounds in the sound in the self-confidence: "We are not going to give up Unexpello with soil?

In addition to spot, Unechebra is mostly people who are reliable.

This is also like this, the same as Yuxi, because they are the desperation of Sui Zhiwei, who is still betrayed.

At the beginning, we chose Yizhi Bo to become a companion. We think he wants to change this tolerance like us. Now Yisi Bo belt will not be used for us.

His betrayal will not disrupt any of our plans, the only trouble is that the monthly plan may be blocked, and the action to catch the tail must be prepared in advance! "

Dedicated to put forward your own questions: "But now the intelligence has not collected, and the lack of collecting the tail beast, it is likely to cause other riddles. If the column intentionally hides, we will hardly find their traces. what!"

"Then step up the collection of information!"

The darkness of the darkness said: "But the whiteness here is murdered, can only rely on your spore, ..."

After saying this sentence, the black suddenly realized a thing: "This, it seems that our ally is only the original navigation!"

After Yuxi Bo beliened, the original Nairu, this guy has become the only person who has also believed in them ... also uses the highest value!

Before you find out the truth, this little guy must protect!

In case, he will have an error, and the merits of the moon plan no other people have pushed the implementation, and the possibility of ending is greatly increased.

This chess is very important.

The voices of the voices have been tensioned when they are: "Shangyuan is an important figure that we affect Xiaonan and the long gates, must remind him that Unexpello belreshes our things, and Shang Shang will not fight the land of Unexpello! "


There are also more complicated sounds in the dark, it is a deep voice: "I have always thought that Yishibo belt is a companion in the past few years. In case, it is almost 100% will have to attack him!"