I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 170 Yuxi Bo Brothers

Shangnai is a lot.

Only didn't think of it, after judging Unexpectedly, the first thing to do is to find his trace and remind him of the news of Unexpello.

Shangyuan spy, it is also a success.

It turned out to make a black hand, which hidden in the end of the millennium, took him as the only one of the only one, and didn't know that the Unexpello of the coffin was in the criticism of the criterion. Tears ...

The border line of Tianzhioguo and the fire country.

The black is here to find the original naval, and inform him that Unexpello has betrayed them and reminding the original navigation to be careful to be attacked.

The original Nah's low head looked at the yin and yang face inside the grass on the grass, suppressed his own smile, and he heard him.

"I know."

On the face of Shangyuan Na, he revealed a little and confused: "The elder generation, I never thought that the predecessors will discard us, he has always been a enthusiastic person!"

"This is not abandon!"

The black and sinking, and the sound reminded it again: "This is betrayal! Shangyuan, you must be careful to bring the soil, Yuxi Bo is generally a human disturbance, you have made him a big loss, he affirmed Will n't let you! "

Shangyuan Na's face is more doubtful: "Senior people want to kill me, but did not kill me, will he hate me? What is the reason!"

"This is normal."

In the dark voice, it is full of contempt, and the laughs are said: "Shangyuan, Yuxi Bo is originally a group of narrow self-privately arrogant guys, we will find out the location of Yuxi Bo, solve him Hidden dangers. "


Shangji nodded, I was very distressed to thank you: "Thank you for your predecessors, I will be careful."

"That's good."

The black is satisfied with the original navigation, whispering: "Shangyuan, our companion is not much, when you implement the merits of the month, you have to bear a lot of responsibility."

After that, after the end, the black is only to open: "I will find the mortar ghosts and Yishe, and the exploration is clear that they are loyal. If they choose Yuxi Bo, it will take them out of the organization! "


After the Nairi, she said that he hesitatedly reminded: "I can't find Yisi's Boosa, and there is no particular hatred his brother. His situation seems to be a bit similar to the ghost light."

" ... that you can be wrong."

The black laughed, looked at the original Na Run said: "Do you think that you find Yisi Poso in secret to protect Unecheo Sasuke? In fact, Yuxi Pubie just wants to let Sasuke after opening the kaleidoscope, capture Sasuke's writer, enhance your own , this is the truth of Su Zhi's brother. "

One time, the trust of the black absolutely the original Nair is a lot.

This is also possible to be black, really don't look at the Zhibo family, just say this bloody truth.


Shangyuan Needs and I don't know what to say.

This is a brother brother who has not found the brothers and brothers. How is Yisizhiso to make the black absolute he is convinced?

Mom, it is a Pacific Shadow!

It is estimated that Urshi is protecting his brother with this reason! It is really good to use this means of geography.

Only, if you want to see the martial arts, this is going to fight in advance, and Shangyuan Na will faintly envy the wheel back, at least the round look, you can realize the ultra-distance call, don't run it, you have to run it yourself. go with.

Fortunately, someone is not far from the distance.

By the way, I also went quietly to see Yizhi Board and Yuxi Pub, which must be very interesting together.

Now the mortar ghosts and Yisi Pub, Unechebas is helping a small town's aristocratic to solve the invasion of the rusher, this is almost equivalent to a war mission, generally a benefit.

Now the mortal ghosts are drinking tea.

Since Yiszo Sasuke temporarily joined their team, Yuxi Hosi has changed hard, often take the initiative to fight with Sasuke, and want to temper his brother in the battlefield.

If the ninja wants to become stronger, the battle is the most exercise.

After the mortar ghost slowly took a bite of tea, he suddenly came from a familiar card, and when he turned his head, he saw his boss.

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, some are unfortunately looking at the martillamon. "Your little day is good!"

"This is not what I am willing."

The mortal ghost shook his head and smiled: "Just just gave him a chance to create a cultivation of his brother, how do I think about it?"

"Hey? What about Sasuke?"

It is really a little curious.

Yisizhi Buched and Unechebra helped this to have a brother who had a deep hatred in the name now, and think about it, thinking that their lives are certainly interesting.

"Very hard."

The martial artifacts praised a soft saying, and sighed: "Unfortunately, for the Ninja, efforts are just the least lack of things, Sasuke, the little ghost wants to chase, the difficulty is too difficult ..."


For strong ninjas, the least work is hard.

Unecheo Sasuke's efforts don't make up for the gap between him and Yishe, especially the Yuxi Posh is a person who is more effort than him.

The battlefield outside the town.

Under the monitoring supervision and protection of Yuxi Pub, Yuxio Sasuke finally killed all the wandering ninja, panting, holding the talents in the hand on the ground.


Sasuke, who just took a break, was flying out by Unexpea!

Yisi Hou looked at the feast of hate, cold voice opening: "Sasuke, solving a group of garbage still needs for so long, as always, it is a waste of behind her legs ..."

"Break, kill you sooner!"

Unechebato sang his fist.

In this battle, it is not harvest, he just rely on his own written eye replication capabilities, secretly copied the swordsmanship and a fire tolerance of Uzhi.

Even so far, Unecheo Sasuke has to admit that Yisi Hosi is a full talent.

Regardless of any sickness, any body and illusion, he can believe in pinch. Since this time, Sasuke has been secretly learning the body of Yuxi, the sutter, and the swordsmanship, the three hook jade is enough to let He makes this easily.


Unechebra is a slightly bending, except that the other's so-called kaleidoscope writes the eyes, Su Zhi Houli this guy is just this!

As long as he learns all the swordsmanship, body integrity, and then find a way to find the flaws of the horoscope, kill Uzhi Houki, replacing his position!

Tallhouse in the town.

Here, it is possible to take the Xi Zhiwei brothers and resentment, Shangyuan Nai can't help but laugh: "Do you always treat his younger brother?"

"Marking today is very gentle."

The cannon ghost godged, revealing the full-scale teeth: "Marking today is rare to use the swords, it is really open-minded! Of course, if he really wants to kill the garbage, do not use any sterile It should only take only three seconds to 17 seconds. "

When the chanmon ghost said, he put a deep smile: "Today, he just killed several people, but spent fifteen minutes."


Laughing in the nodding, I laughed.

Fifteen minutes, even if it is a head, you can copy the swordsmanship of Yuxi Houki!

Yisiza, this brother is really hard, under the monitoring of the mortal ghosts and the hate of Unechebra, can only use this little tactics to teach his brother.

The issue is…

Yisiza is not afraid that there is a day, Sasuke will not think that Yishuoho is nothing, will not think that he will surpass Udo Hosi?

"Don't say that their brothers break away."

Shangyuan Needo, whispering said softly: "Well, let's talk about it! If you can't take it, you will come to you, because Yisi Bo is betrayed, it will hope that you will not be loyal to Yishe Band So I want to know how to answer it? "


When the martillamon ghost, he was surprised. After a while, he suddenly blinked his little eyes: "Take the liberty, why is Yisi Bo to be betrayed?"

"Oh, he didn't betray, just killed by me."

In the face of the mortar, the ghosts are smart, and the Shangyuan Na will not doubt his loyalty.

The martillamon god nodded, Shen Sheng: "Understand, I will continue to lurking around the black, explore his intelligence."

Isn't it let him make a spy?

This more simple things!

However, after the arrival of the original navigation, when the black is really arrogant, the mortar ghost felt that he thought was too simple.

Black is demonstrating that Yisi Bo is betrayed.

Cartry ghost said he was only loyal to the eye plan.

Black is not satisfied with the attitude of helmemmon ghosts and tells him that it is not lonely: "Do yourself, the intern of Xi Xiao is also our companion, after you have to support anything unconditionally."


The whole person is stupid.

What God is going on?

The two people who have supported the black-moon plan, one named the original navigation, a name is a sniper, this still needs him to continue?

The headquarters of the whole month is overhead?

"Don't think that the Shangyu is young and sighted."

Dark looked at some horrified mortar ghosts, soft persuaded: "In the organization, don't always bully the original, he is a pure little guy. In the past few years, I only know that I have to study the study. The power he has far away. Super your imagination. "

"Oh, I understand."

The cannon ghosts grinned his full shark tooth. His boss has more, can he don't have a little bit?

The chanmon ghosts sighed and sighed for a few seconds for a few seconds, and nodded quietly: "So I will work hard with him."

Shangyuan adult, really outrageous!