I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 171 Whitake Cactus (three more!)

Shangyuan Na is not thinking about how to think about the mortgage ghost, a black hand behind it, why don't you care about his spit?

Shangyuan Needs are more concerned about the action of Woody Village and Yellow Village.

Not surprisingly.

Zhu Yin Village was destroyed after two days, it broke out, and the wooden ninja and rocky ninja were like a wolf who smelled the smell, and crazy on the grassland activities, trying to seize more sites.

After losing this intermediate zone of Ziyin Village and Grass, the two super largest countries of the country and the fire are directly bordered, and it is possible to explode a war at any time.

Even if the three-generation Spring two-day scale is desperately to curb the atmosphere of the war, but it is still inevitably to arrange the ninja troops in the grass.

Under this situation, the opportunity of the most suitable sneaked wooden leaves arrive.

The country of the country of Tianzhi.

Shangqi Nai Lu sat in the most prosperous restaurant in this town, some table dishes, slowly eat here, a look at the last meal.

After a while, I finished the juice, I was full of my stomach, and the restaurant owner came to collect money.

The original Nairou raised three fingers, laughing and laughing: "Don't worry, there will be someone to pay for three seconds ... three, two, one!"

Shangji Na Rou has long used the destiny skill to observe everything around. The recent big snake pill is coming to this restaurant, just can help him pay.

After the number of numbers, Shangyuan Na will turn to a man wearing a fight outside the restaurant, whisper: "Hello, help me pay this meal?"


The big snake pills that were disguised into ordinary people had a few words, probably knowing that the original navigation recognized his identity, only a few banknotes were helpless.

After two people grouped, the first destination was the dragon cave.

The idea of ​​the big snake pill is to let Shang Nai to see the white snake cactus, and will definitely be killed by the white snake cactus with this little ghost.

Any, the ban on the ban on the mage of the big snake pills learn, can learn to learn, and he has no demand for the drop of the wooden blister.

Shangyuan Nair is not opposed.

"Mr. Big Snake, it seems that you are very confident to the White Snake Cactus!"

Of course, Nairou, of course, also saw the thoughts of the big snake pill, just laughed: "Is this confident white snake fairy kill me?"

Big snake pills did not answer this, and I hung a mysterious smile in my look: "Nairu wants to find a grave, I naturally want to do it."

These two partners have a look at the face in any time.

Only the position of the dragon ceiling is indeed a bit strange.

Shang Nai was walking with the big snake pill for a long time. After two or three days, they finally saw a weird small temple.

This is a temple arranged by illusion.

When the top of the original narate and the big snake pills, the system panel reminded the dragon hole in the three holy land.

Branch mission: Discover the position (11) of the dragon cooker (11), the task has been completed, rewarding life energy 1000 points, Chakra energy 1000 points, natural energy 1000 points.

As the holy land that is unknown in the endurance, the Dragon Cave has always been mysterious, and it is estimated that many people are also very curious.

This generous reward is also normal.

After arriving at the last navigation, I suddenly received a new reward.

Branch mission: Enter the Cactus Dragon Dragon Cave (11), the task has been completed, reward the natural energy extraction recovery effect + 100%.

At the last navigation, I looked at my natural energy extraction speed. It has become 12 o'clock per second, which has exceeded the life of life energy recovery.

A bit mean.

It is a place to be treasure.

Single just came to sign a card, the reward has made him very satisfied. Wait until he defeated the white snake cactus, will he reward him?

Shangnai Looking at the ground on the ground, a small snake was on the ground, and then one was drilled in the cave. These should be an animal that is warning periphery.

Shangyuan Needar is not surprised: "Hey, the big snake pill, there will be a snake will suddenly become a beautiful beauty of singing."

"Hey, you think too much."

The big snake pill scorn the original navigation, laughing, laughing: "If you regret it, you will come, after a while, you can come back!"

... "

Shangji shook his head.

He will not retreat now.

Thirteen really like the big snake pills, it is so horrible, and he is not going to open an invincible away!

However, this Dragon Cave is like a specific length, until they have been gone for a long time, I saw a temple!

Shangyuan Needle slowly turned his head to see the big snake pill: "What is this? Or use illusion camouflage?"

"I am not sure as well."

The big snake pill was shaken and shook his head.

It shouldn't be like this in the past!

After he came, he went to the temple to see the white snake cactus, and occasionally wanted through a long dragon cooker.

However, in accordance with the current situation, they seem to come to the next floor of the Dragon Cave, and the white snake cacto is not willing to see them?

Big snake pills thought here, whispered explains: "White Snake cactus may think that Nai Luojun has no qualification, so will refuse to meet you ..."

After that, the big snake pill gently shake his head: "The spiritual contract qualification of the cactus is not so easy to get it, Need to go, let's go!"

"Do you serious?"

Shangji stared at the big snake pill, picking up his eyebrows: "This is, you promised me, if I didn't get the Dragon Cave, the guy has been arrears, but you can for this It's a high interest! "


The big snake pill is also awkward.

The White Snake Cactus of the Dragon Cave does not want to see you, people don't want to sign Tongli blood embarrassment with you, what do you want to do?

Just because he is bullied?

Mom, caught a person to bully, is there some brains?

The rabbit is anxious to bite!

What's more, he is a sinister, a snake!

The body of the big snake pill is stiff for a while, and I want to blame the white snake cactus. I will bring people here. How do you don't come out!

If the Shangyuan Needan is unqualified, it will be swallowed by a strong big snake. Maybe the strength of the big snakes will be a bit bad, will be killed by the original navigation, but it depends on the attitude of the dragon hole!

"Let's go, we go to the bottom of the ground!"

Shangyuan Needan is not idle, but quietly opened the skills, view the trail of the White Snake, but a huge white snake avatar is close, but there is no snake to the existence!

"Fire · Flamestorm!"

Shangyuan Na Rou waved his palm, summoned a rush to destroy it directly, and wanted to destroy the old temple in front of him. However, the fighter storm passed through the temple, but it was just a smoke dissipated.

"I didn't expect Nairu Jun as good at fire!"

The eyes of the big snake pill were solidified for a second, this is still his first time to see the strong fire, and even there will be no longer have anything to come with the day!

The fire in the endurance is only B-class tolerance.

No one has never seen the anti-level ban.

Even if it is, it is only dependent on fire, oil and wind combination, and the power of fire is far better.

"Let's go!"

Shangyuan Nair is not explained too much.

Dragon Cave.

A temple in the depths of a temple.

A thick giant snake is in the seating of the temple, and a tactical blender is hung on its head, a group of twisted snakes are hovering on the floor, and when they spit a snake core from time to time.

A group of smoke floats above the temple, which is shown in the traces of the two people from the original naval and the big snake pill.

Obviously the white snake cacto has been monitoring everything here.

"Why didn't they leave?"

The white snake cacto has slowly plays his own body, and some hesitate to look at Shangyuan Na Rou in the smoke, and the sound of open mouth: "Ming Ming has a strong natural energy of other traits, why would you want the dragon hole Tongling contract? "

That young ninja is a little quirky.

White snake cactors are somewhat not willing to see him.

And like it is active for a millennium, you can easily disconnect some unknown possibilities through the current things.

That young ninja is also very dangerous.

Well, it will be dangerous.

This is the keen intuition since the White Snake Cactus!

The white snake cactus spokes the snake core, the cold channel: "The big snake pills, what do this person want to do? He doesn't know the rules of the three holy places!"