I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 173 Big Snake Pill: Isn't you fucking me?

Mom, simply leaving!

Shang Nai Na Yaqi took the snake woman with a dog blood. He swearing will never use the spiritual contract of the snake girl. Now it can only rely on himself.

The golden mask surrounded by the original neighborhood, with a rootary attack, barely let him survive in the dragon.

Void walk!

Shangyuan Nair's body suddenly appeared around the white snake cactus, holding the blade of the void, heading towards the body of the white snake cactus!

In essence, there is no expectation of the vital attack to work, and the white snake cactus can manipulate all the terrain of the dragon hole, there are too many means.

However, the White Snake Cactus may be to show his strength, but they will be cut down by the original navigation, and only the part of the empty blade attack, actually in order to smoke.

What ghosts!

Does physical attacks are invalid to the White Snake Cactus?

Shangyuan Nai was retracted for a while, and the mood gradually gradually, and endless endurance begins to release the white snake cactus: "Fire, flame storm! The column of flames! Feng Rui · Hurricane whistling! Thunder · Wan Leizhen ! "

Between the blink, almost all of the attack skills were released towards the white snake cactus, endless flames, lightning, explosion, and hurricane wrapped in a white snake cactus!

However, at this moment, the Bai Snake cactus is still turned into a smoke, and avoids all the tattoo attacks, let the original brow walk.

Even the giant shark strikes all the best.

A void giant shark disappeared after the body of a white snake cactus, but there was no effect on the White Snake Cactus.

It seems that there is no injury, and it has reached its own figure.

"The soul attack is not valid?"

The face of Shangyuan Na will suddenly become ugly.

Is this White Snake Cactus not very much?

The original Nairou quietly used his own purification skills. He thought he had a illusion, but everything in front of him did not change.

Mom, the White Snake Cactus is too strong!

Why is Miao Mountain's ,

I feel that I really kicked it on the iron board!

"If you only use the Janan cut, Chakra can still stand for a while, if you haven't seen the transfer after five minutes, Chakra can restore, natural energy recovery speed, you must relieve the fairy The mode is used in a normal state ... "

Shang Nai is in the heart of his body, and the eyes are more and more documented with the white snake cactus. The brain began to run rapidly.

However, no matter how it is the original navigation, it does not want this issue.

Why is the Bai Snake Cactus not suffering any injury?

Who is from the Snake Pills that have been trapped by the White Snake Cactus, but suddenly laughed: " ... Nairu, I seem to understand!"


Shang Nai was frowned, looking at the big snake pills: "Hey, big snake pill, your guy understands?"


The smile of the big snake pill is somewhat stiff. He does understand some, but he really doesn't want to tell the original navigation, it is estimated that the entire endure is only one of him to understand the combat method of the white snake cactus?

No, or you can understand the true body of the white snake fairy!

The big snake pill is turned to the original naval, and the mouth smiled and said: "Need to know? But I just don't tell you ..."

The big snake will even have some oceanic: "I just want to see you, I want to ask me, but I know that I will not tell me ..."

Big snake pill feels so cool!

Mom, this feeling is really cool!

I have been so humiliated him before the old king. He should be unhappy because the currency returns will be unhappy. Now it is turned to him to humiliate.

Shangyuan Nai can't finverate frowned, and the big snake pills reported the expression of a small person. It really made him a bit uncomfortable ...

After a moment, the original Nairou suddenly opened: "White Snake cactus, I think the big snake pill may really know your secret. After a while, I may force him to tell me, do you tell me?"


The White Snake Cactus did not answer.

Obviously it has long been considering this problem.

Next, I saw a rootary spurs and penetrated the body of the big snake!

No matter what the big snake pill is really wearing its secrets, it is absolutely unable to leave anything. This is the character of the snake, and the loss is self-contained, the poison is fraudulent!

And the reactions of the big snake pill were also very fast. After he heard the original Nairou, he felt nothing. I went a little hate my own mouth. I spit out another human body snake in my mouth, and I fled the slit along the thorn. !

However, the White Snake Cactus did not plan to let him, a stalk quickly stopped the way to go to the big snake!

Shangyuan Nair squid, looked at the big snake pills and smiled: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, remember not to have no mouth, don't say anything ..."


The big snake will hate the original navigation!

Now he is also chasing it by the White Snake, although there is a part of the reason is that you are too proud, but it is not because of the original navigation.

Nowadays, the two stood on the same display.

At least at least the last naval, the big snake pills and he stood at the same camp. Therefore, there was no vague, and I didn't have a vague. I just said: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, tell me the information of the white snake cactus, maybe you still have the opportunity to escape ... "

"Little Ghost!"

The fierce eyes of the big snake pill stared tightly at the original navigation, biting his teeth: "Shangyuan Na, is you now seeking the attitude?"

"I gave you a face!"

The expression of Shangyuan Nair is cold. I am free to leave here, but Mr. Big Snake Pill is not necessarily? Waiting for this here, I will go to the wooden report, say that you will be cleaned with red beans on the neck! "


The big snake pills suppressed their impulse, and looked at the golden mask on the body. The eyes couldn't help but reveal.

After thinking about a while, the Big Snake Pill bit bite his teeth: "OK, I can tell you, but you must promise me a condition!"

Mom, what God is developing!

Obviously, he should have a initiative to hold the initiative, but it has become a gas bag in the original Needar and the white snake cactus. The two guys are bullying him!

Now I have to be pulled up by the original na, the big snake pill is not willing to be willing, I want to see if I can't change the land of the original Na.

"You talk about the conditions first."

Shangyuan Needo waved a punch and broke a stab, saved the big snake pill from an danger, even friendly to help him patted the dust: "Everyone is old friend, the most important thing is fair transaction."


Big snake pills were puzzled with him.

This is said that I will not believe in the original navigation.

This guy always takes his life to trade with him, a pair, I am raging you, you owe me very good.

Isn't it blackmail?

However, I didn't make a clear opposition. The big snake pill is also intended to forget the past, and the light is open: "Then I have ..."

"Immortal · White Zone!"

The White Snake Cactus suddenly opened a giant snake, I saw the white snake rotated in the air, blooming a dazzling glare!

Between the moment, Shangyuan Needa and the big snake pills can't see anything, and even he can't hear anything to say!

Shang Nai, I thought of the effects of white boiler, and saw the painful big snake pills around him, helplessly extended his palm: "Ren to the desperation!"

Only round-back desperators can temporarily get out of the predicament!

By manufacturing an absolute space area, you can let the original naval and the big snake pills have a talked space, and they also have to escape the attack of whitening.

Just also saved Chakra slightly.

Next, an absolute space field pulled up the original naval and the big snake pill into it. This scene could not help but a little shocking in the big snake pill.

In this space, it is a ridiculous!

At the point of the eyes, it is almost not seen that the area of ​​the entrance is a dead color!

"Is this a pure land?"

"Yeah, we are all in the world."

Shangqi Nairou hugged his arm and looked at the big snake pill. "The big snake pill, we have been killed, can you tell me the secret of the White Snake?"


The big snake pill suddenly turned to look at the original naval, smiled and smiled and smiled. ! "

Shangyuan Na's face is a black, cold voice opening: "Hey, big snake pill, I saved you in the attack of white boiler, at least worthy of gratitude?"


The big snake pill is slowly looked at the original naval, whispered: "My condition is that if there is a day, I will cultivate the reincarnation of the neckstream, please allow us to interchange the body with three years, so that two may Can realize the loop long life! "

This condition is simply no longer wider.

It is only a little warmth when the big snake pulse is exported.

This is also normal, the big snake pill is indeed a bodies of the original Na, although there is no blood, but it can practice the immortal model!

However, there is a little bit in your heart.

No matter what the means he uses, it is impossible to get the body of Shangyuan Nai, but it is better to induce the original navigation.

Wait until the three years have arrived, they can try to use the belred in the body, so, is it a long life?

At the end, the body trembled, and it was a bit of disgusting, and the man was blocked, and he shake his head in a hurry.

"Change the condition! I will not cultivate the reincarnation of the body, and I will not put the number of times of resending, the soul will become fragile, and the weakness of illusion tells other people who are not coherent, now I can say that the white snake cactus can now be said Secret? "


The eyes of the big snake pill smoked. This little king is really a talented genius, and even if he judges his physical condition through any experiment.

After a few times, the big snake pill, loud, whispered: "Forget, at least we are in the same camp, the biggest secret of the white snake cactus is that its body is also composed of inorganic, and we see is not a true face of the White Snake. "

"What do you mean?"

Shangyuan Nai fell, I couldn't help my own ears: "Sorry, my people learn the results are not very good, can you say something I can understand ..."

"Is the inorganic to understand?"

The forehead of the big snake pill jumped and suppressed his anger.

The original Nairou was very honest and honestly shakes: "Do not understand, I only have heard the organic matter, organic vegetables, etc. ..."

"Then I will change it."

The big snake pill smashed his forehead, Shen Sheng: "White Snake cactus is covered by a layer of Xianke Chakra at any time, it can be a scales, or an air can also be a soil. , Understand what I mean? "

Shangqi Nai fell to understand the meaning of the big snake pill: "This is not to add a piece of armor outside? The real white snake cact wrapped in its body? Just say that the White Snake Cactus will always use Xianke inorganic to maintain the appearance body?"


The big snake pills shook their heads: "Who knows that it will hide yourself?"

Shangyuan Needan to nod: "Yes, snakes should be as fear like Mr. Big Snake Pill, and you can escape the danger or even resurrection opportunities."


The face of the big snake will not look good.

Although he is really a parent, he always feels a bit shameful from the last navigation, this little king is not going to talk?

"All right."

Shangji arrived out of the handle of the blade of the void, Shen Sheng: "Since you know its intelligence, if you want to deal with it, it is not so difficult ..."

After that, Shangyuan Nairou also looked at the big snake pills, and the wisdom of this guy is indeed a bit amazing.

Shangyuan Nae turned his head carefully: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, I hope we can cooperate sincerely, you see how good we have two cooperation, why do you have to work with me?"

"... is what I am doing with you!"

The big snake pill bit bite his teeth, and looked at the original navigation: "Isn't it your little ghost to find me?"

"Okay, I forgive you!"

"But I will never forgive you!"

The big snake pill is rushing to turn his head. Every time I follow the original navigation, the big snake will feel that he will be half-dead.

Shangyuan Needle and waved the reincarnation, and the big snake pill was again re-emerged in the Longfen Cave, slowly put his eyes on the white snake cactus, hook his mouth: "Very good, then go to the closing The time of the beast! "