I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 176 Operators' Action (Gongzi Qian Ji Daxie! Fifth!)

"Everything is not unexpected."

Shangyuan Nair's figure in a street alley in the wooden leaf, observed a team of wooden and ninja to the direction of the ban, and the mouth revealed a mysterious smile.

Just now, the appearance of the pharmacist has turned into the face of the Pharmacist, hidden immediately using the void walking and replaced a location.

Today, the entire wooden leaves are definitely in the mission of catching the snake pills. It should be empty?

Obviously, it is much more likely to be.

Every moment every time, the fire building is every moment.

Shangqi Nai Lu quietly opened the skills skills, the whole person appeared on the fire and shadow of the fire, looking down on the fire building.

Shangyuan Nairo slowly closed his palm printing, Shen Sheng said: "Take the law, Tongling!"

A squid is slowly floating from the ground.

The figure of Unechyo belt is from the middle.

Shangyuan Na Luo smiled and looked at Unecho soil, erected his finger opening: "Go, bring me back!"


After Yuxi Bo took the soil, the whole person was uncontrolled into a spatial vortex, and he appeared in the top of the ground.

With the power of Udi Wave, you want to solve several dark portions.

Even if these secrets know his ability, there is still no way to change your endings.

In the heart of the belonging, I also know that the secrets of the Guardian Tower will definitely die. He still discloses the intelligence of Shangyuan Nai, which is obviously hoped to use secrets that hopes to use the secret surgery of the hometown of the wooden leaf.

At this moment, his IQ has increased a lot.

Shangji Looking at the movements of Unexpello, and hooked the corner of his mouth: "I would like to have a lot of tall, Mr. Tong, it seems that death is still good for you ..."

Next second.

Under the manipulation of the original Nair, the gentle written eye of Yuxi Board was crazy to absorb a few dark body of the ground. His eyes suddenly revealed a desperate.

The body is lost, how can I disclaim!

After a while, Yuxi Bo has the scroll with the book of the seal, and the reel is handed over to the original navigation.

Yuxi Bo belt his teeth and looked at the original navigation: "Shangyuan Na, you have a deep feeling, everyone doesn't inspect your ambition! Before I kill them, these secrets still don't believe what I said!"

"Ha ha…"

Shangyuan Na Lu smiled and shook his head, whispered: "The ninjas of the wooden leaves is love to me and hate, this is the charm of the personality ... If it is not the three-generation fire, the sky is getting fell, maybe they hate me Will more. "

Shangqi Na will swept the whole wooden leaf, the smile on the face is gradually rich: "Unfortunately, the three generations of fire are defeated, and some kinds of wood ninja may also celebrate what he kills him? After all, this is also a black and a clear!"


Yisi Bo belt his teeth and clenched his fist.

However, under the control of reincarnation, his movements were forced to stop.

Shangyuan Na fell to the head and looked at Yisi Bo with soil laughed, whispered: "Okay, with the predecessors, do you want to see this chance? If you miss her, I can help you ! "


Yuxi Bo shook his head and shook his head and sonned: "Don't bother Lin's peace, this is what you promised me!"

"Hey? Don't you want to be with her?"

Shangyuan Nai touched his own chin and smiled: "I can also put you into the same coffin!"

"Do not!"

Yuxi wave shook his head quickly.

Because his soul hurriedly left the treated, he still didn't know that Lin did not forgive him to those who did it. It will never forgive him.

If wild original Lin did not forgive him ...

Isn't that I have to see her averse expression every day?

What's more, let Yanyuan Lin suffer from the original navar, maybe it will be taken by the original navith ...

The same girl is the same as the angel, will her heart broken?

"Okay, I get it now."

At the last naval, I looked at Yischo, and the voice suddenly became indifferent: "Now you go to save the big snake pill! Remember to remember not to reveal my intelligence, otherwise I don't guarantee what impulsive. thing…"

The sound of Shangyuan Na Run suddenly became a little false: "Maybe I will resurrect wild wild land, then dissolve your embrace to reincarn, let her help me do things?"


Yuxi Bo looked up his head and looked at the original navigation. It was lightly shouted: "Shangyuan Na, you are really despicable!"

"Take each other."

Shang Nairou looked at the appearance of Unechyo with him, and he didn't share the sky. He smiled and said: "These years have also been a lot of bad things in the year? It is better than the actions of the seniors. Far! "

Shangyuan Na is close to Yishibo, cold channel: "For example, the previous generation of our previous generations, causing the long gates and Xiaonan teachers to create a darkness!"


Yuxi Board's face suddenly flashed a shocked: "The guy is that this kind of thing tells ä?"

"Don't say these."

Shang Nai, I looked at the expression on the face of Yischo, and the corner of his mouth came from a wonderful curvature: "Go, the seniors! Let the whole persevere know that the S-class rebellion of the wooden leaves is four years. Now! "


Yuxi Bo took the potato his fist. His figure was again turned into a time-space vortex disappeared, and there was near the big snake pill.

The battle of the wooden leaf-proof room has been hot.

In the face of the on-board and a group of wooden ninja, the big snake pills can only have to make the initials and the second generation of the first generation.

When the two sides were unknown, the figure of Yishibo belt quietly appeared behind the big snake pills, the voice is cold and cold: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, we have not necessary, retreat."

In the next moment, the body of the big snake pill was taken within the midnual space.

In the first generation of fire, the second-generation fire, the translocking body, also entered the Shenwei space with his actions.

Yisi Waishe gladdighted a group of hateful, looking at his wood, and slowly incorporated himself within the Shenwei space.

Because Uzhi Bo Tong is the ninja of the first embarrassment of the end of the endurance, others have not realized that he is the body of the dust.

After Yuxi Board and the big snake pill were left, the planner faced the face of the fierce battlefield, and slammed his fists in the ground, Shen Sheng: "Is these two guys join hands?"

Two wooden leaves sarcked to join hands, it is not so easy to deal with.

In particular, the magical pupil of Unexpello and a bunch of bunch of bunch of the big snake pills, and their joints may be a disaster for the endurance.

"Immediately send people to the battlefield."

After told the fire, the board was told, and he turned around the fire building. He told the mute: "sent people to inform other endurance, I want to convene the conference, discuss the Huiye and Water country foggy villages, let The fog hidden village to help us press the pressure of rocky village, I want to take the human handfast, the big snake pill! "


Silent, you should down.

Recently, the country in which the country in this time is very quiet.

However, this doesn't mean that their strength is weak. After all, there is a big country tolerance, and I heard that a woman who is in the country of Water is a woman named Mendo, which is said to have two blood sessions.

What's more, the fog hidden village is closed for too long, and I have always wanted to work with wood, I want to get in touch with the mainland, when I choose the ally, I will think of the new five-generation fire. .

Always think that the woman speaks better?

This is that the woman thinks more.

There are some willingness to reach the wishes of the Woody Village and the wooden leaves. It is just a hand to take a bigger interest, and now she doesn't want to drag down.

After coming back to the fire building, I saw the tounted navigation office, as well as the empty space, and her heart already understood the book of the seal and printed!

This is the sound of the sound!

No, this is also tiger from the mountain!

In the spirit of the big snake pill, it is not a wooden blistering room. The bastard wants to stolen, the book of the seal!

The agency gims a grabbed work desk, losing the windows, and there are more villains in the sound: "Play people to contact the old woman in Sandy Village! Let her let her do the duties of allies, forced rock to the north Village withdraws out of the grassland! "

The agency murderously turned into the body, whispered: "Tell the old man! As long as the leaves occupy the entire grass, I will give them the famous tasks of the country!"


The mute was scared to shive, and even her feet of the boldest parsley were also scared to mute calves, did not dare to move.

Even in the violent, the apeer still has enough reason.

The first female fire in history, showing her superior political literacy, as well as temper that is irritating.

Although the apeer is a big fat sheep, but even how much she owes himself, now the wooden leaves are really not very lacking.

Because the relationship between the Outlet and the Fire of the Fire is good, there are still some relatives who are playing, and the famous Buddhist name is natural to support her.

Wood leaves do not lack.

Even because there are too many entrusted tasks, people don't use it.

Now use the famous mission to delegate, in exchange for the land of the whole grass, how to earn it for the leaves.

A punch was smashed in the window, and she was smashed by her, and she said: "Silent, can you contact it?"

"I ... think about it."

Silent Sitha shake and dare not refuse.

There are some borsomes in a single hundred boredons: "Forget it, don't go find him, then the guy is also able to rely."

After a while, the aperator opened: "I listened to the flag-Mikasi said that Yu Yin Village and Big Snake Pill seem to have some old resentment, see if there is some intelligence about the big snake pills."

After that, the aperator added: "Send someone to contact Yu Yin Village! Look at whether they are willing to help us with rocky villages, this is also beneficial."


Silent weakly nodded.

The hand cleared his fist, whispered: "I hope that Yu Yin Village will send the original navigation of the little ghost! I can't see it for a few years, and let me see how big the courage after the ghost!"