I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 177 starts from the first bullying of the big snake pill, I haven't retired.

The courage of Shangyuan Needs is really big.

Who dares to play a big snake pill like a monkey?

Shangyuan Needs, he dared to do this, he still had three times five times, the big snake pill has been more embarrassing, and it is really because of its own quality.

It is also possible because the strength is not as good as the top.

It is not necessary to set up the big snake pills will be jumped out.

Shangqi Nairi is still a bit worried that the big snake pill was forced to be mad, manipulated Unexpello to enter the coffin, sighed a picture: "Still first look at the book of the seal, so on the big snake pills, let's calm down! "

Shangji Nai is looking at the book of the seal and a little bit happy, can't stop your own smile: "Hey, seal book! This gift, Xiaonan teacher will definitely like it, go back, say from the big snake pills ! "

Branch Task: Get the book of the seal (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the turn-on / limited time redemption.

Limited time exchange function: After arbitrary, skills, and psychological contracts, the system will rating and recycle, and feedback to the corresponding gold coins, life energy, Chakra energy, natural energy, and various recovery effects.

Shangyuan Nai's eyelids.

What is going on this system, last time a skill furnace, the result is not used by the original navigation, now the system comes to this exchanged moth?

Is it ... Is there any system memory?

"That is to redeem the tissue of the book in the book!"

Shangyuan Nair is not vague, directly opened the thick seal book, and started to browse the scrubber on the book of the entire seal.

On the seal, there seems to be covered with all kinds of wooden ninja, except for some absolute banches such as some crucial reincarnation, almost all.

Even the second-generation rigid and four-generation flakes of flying thunder.

Shangyuan Nairies don't care so much, the flying thunder is also redeemed by him, lest the system directly.

Here he got two skills.

Branch Task: Get flying thunder (11), the task has been completed, and the reward skill flashed.

This skill does not look directly after being redeemed by the original navigation. After all, he has a void walk, why need a cooling time to flash?

Branch task: Get spiral pills (11), the task has been completed, the reward skills star river emergency.

The Star River emergency: Manufacturing a Chakra star nucleus, the star nucleus will quickly absorb the natural energy around and move forward. As the absorbed natural energy will continue to expand the volume and skill power, you can detonate, skill minimum, Chakra 60 Point, skill cooling time 5 seconds.

This is similar to the spiral pill.

It is only a little less than the spiral pill. In short, it is equivalent to a skill that wants to make natural energy to absorb natural energy.

Shangyuan Na Rou has been considered for a long time, starting to slowly pick your skills, and the first is of course the life of life.

Sales and life skills: Trice, no angry, golden body stagnation, cell division, I am like! Smoke and group invincible skills ! Soul.

Passive skills: dark harvesting, excessive growth, enlightenment, super, calm-friendly, these passive skills must be left, these are the foundation of Shangyuan Na.

Winds skill: Hurricane whistling, the wall of the wind.

Fire skills: column of flame, flame storm.

Water Skills: Rule of Rule, and the water in the seal, the water dragon bomb, the water is large.

Thunder skills: This only left Wan Lei Tianjian, after all, it has been used for a long time, and the feelings are very deep.

Earth Skills: The soil, the soil flow wall, when he wants to engrave a cat on the wall.

Wooden skills: winding roots, straws.

Functional skills: Psychic (summon), (), Dance sky (Flying), natural illusion (transformation), his people (stealing skills), life form energy rays, The blade of the void (stealing the sword of Chakra), the virtual ball (silence), multiply the explosion (bombing), crude translocking, shadow, furnish, purify.

Time and space skills: round back descending, void walking, time and space break, fate, secret alms, compassion soul.

Illusion skills: Silent fear, hypnotic bubbles.

Sports skill: spike defense, turtle funeral skills, crane funeral skills.

Perceived skills: Hunting right.

Treatment skills: treatment, palm of fairy and stars.

Throwing skills: card scam (card hand sword, card detonation)

Xianke Skills: The Star River is eager.

Cactus mode: Deng Shenyi · Slim.

Tongling contract: deep sea Titan (sea), Gario (land), Yuan ancient dragon (empty), magical cat (hang up), soul lock, long (soul), Dragon Cave (local account).

I didn't think of it at the last time, even if I had a lot of skills that I rarely used, still a mellow ninja, sterilism, vital skills, illusion, Xianli and swordsmanship, can be said to be all talents. ?

As for the rest of the skills, tattoory and spiritual contracts, naturally, they will be collected in the redemption list, even if they are a few days ago, the soul of the soul of the Lianhua attitude of the monster's monster is also lost. .

As a hung, progress is of course fast.

And some skills and sickness don't have to stay.

The system panel clearly lists all things exchanged, and all things will be given the corresponding value after a while.

Among them, only the gold coins gave the foot and six or seven thousand, which is enough to replace itself.

As for the three-dimensional properties such as life energy, Chakra energy and natural energy, there is a significant increase, almost every item has increased tens of thousands, as for the recovery effect, it is almost a multiplication growth.

Mom, the book of the seal is really a treasure!

After all, how much the skills are the skills!

The first thing to do in Shangyuan Na is that I have chosen the heart of the purchase of a frost, and I chose to buy a black sea cutter.

The heart of the frost: increased 800 points of life, increase 400 chacula energy, increase 400 points of natural energy, increase 20% cooling and reduced.

Frost of the Frost: Increase 600 points of life, increase 750 chaclac energy, increase 750 points of natural energy, increase 20% cooling and reduced.

In this way, his skill cooling and reduction finally reached 100%. It is estimated that no one will have a disease.

A ninja becomes stronger, always step by step!

The original attributes of Shangyuan Nairies have been over 10,000. In addition, the dark closing of the dark clutter after the elimination of the grass, and the skills, tenth and spiritual contracts that are redeemed today.

Name: Shangyuan Needle.

Life energy: 52311 (regular state)

Chakra energy: 51980 (regular state)

Natural energy: 51980 (regular state)

Life energy recovery: 32 minutes

Chakra energy recovery: 48 minutes

Natural energy recovery: 96 minutes

Skill cooling reduction: 100%

Remaining gold coins: 6430

Shang Nai is satisfied with his own three-dimensional properties, do not know how to be more energy and Chakra energy than the long door ...

After all, Chakra, the descendants of these blood, is not too far away!

According to the context of Shangyuan Na, the total amount of Chakra, the flag, Kakasi, should be more than 3,000 points, but it is unfortunately, but he can't always refine Chakra, but because the writing is constantly Loss.

And that most Chakra is used to suppress the nine-tailed vortex moons, and the small part of his body has four times that of the flag wood Cardi, which directly exceeds the regular shadow level ...

It's just that there is so many Chakra in the body, you can use these Chakra to use another thing.

After all, they need to learn to control Chakra.

Shangyuan Needs are purely, he doesn't have to learn to control Chakra.

"Give a gift of the long door, the plum cells; give the gift of Xiaonan teacher, the book of sealing; give the pharmacist gift, Shenwei write the eyes ..."

Shang Nai was settled with his recently obtained things, and simply took the opportunity to get into the Qiwei space, directly to find a pharmacist.

Yinyin Village base.

The pain of the pharmacist's pocket is very pressure.

When the drug teacher took the base of the sound of Yunyun City, the drug teacher did something, in the middle of the night, the pharmacist will think about the instructions of the original Needle, and I think that he should work during the day the day before. Reasonable.

Recently, the big snake pills are not in the base. The pharmacist is slowly studying, and after the way, after the arrival of the big snake pill, he should induce the big snake pill to break the dead.

The pharmacist's hand looked at a reel about the corpthrics, and sighed a good air: "I hope that Nerat of Needers can be normal! The corpse seals this kind of ban in the dead, how to Maybe it is easy to crack! "

"The big snake pill must be cracked."

Shangyuan Na Rou suddenly appeared in the pharmacist, sitting on his desk, laughed: "Just try to guide him to find out the death mask of the vortex, you can solve the corpse, only But the death will harvest a soul of a person. "


"Okay, listen to me to continue."

When I arrived at the shoulder of the drug teacher, I showed that he sat down and smiled and continued: "When the dead god is summoned, it can use the Snake Snake and the no corpse. The soul escapes. "

After that, I was laughing with my finger with my fingers: "Of course, when the big snake pill is unclear, his person is the most weak, do you understand what I mean?"


The expression of the pharmacist is not very good.

Isn't this danger?

It is so strong that the strength of the original navigation is so strong. Why is it always pit big snake pill?

"All right."

Shangqi Nairi, I am very optimistic about you, laugh and shoot the shoulder of the drug teacher: "After waiting until the big snake pill is broken, he will upgrade your strength! I will arrange you to learn the dragon cave. Pattern, give you the nematic kaleidoscope of Yisi Bo, with a kaleidoscope, maybe you can also try to transplanted the plot cells ... "


The pharmacist nodded and somewhat curiously opened: "The big snake pill is not going to leave the wooden leaves with you to win the psychic scroll of Luo Shengmen?"


Shang Nai was rare to reveal a bad point: "I cheated him again, now I am afraid that he is desperate with me, let him calm down in the Shenwei space!"

After that, Shangyuan Na will tell his actions to the pharmacist, and the pharmacist will leave the dismissal.

After all, the pharmacist is the highest of the IQ.


The pharmacist did not say anything, that is, the whole person is not very good.

It turned out that the original navigation also knows such a pit, others will fight with you, this new, the new company is really trying to die every day, it is really not afraid of death!

"Ok, don't say so much."

Shangji fell to the wind, whispered: "I will go to raid his base and see if there is anything I have never seen."


The pharmacist is consciously helped to help his own glasses: "But what will you have a chance and good in the future?"

The front feet just lied to the big snake pills, and then wash the base of the big snake pill.

Don't say it is a person who wants to report like a big snake pill, even if it is a six cacto, the unselfish saints will live alive by him into the thrill!

"He can't live for so long, let alone I haven't returned."

Shangyuan Na defeated a sigh of relief, took the shoulders of the pharmacist, and looked at him without helpless: "And you think that when I am doing with the big snake pill?

When I just added it in the training, he said that I am a human experimental material. Is this bullying his reason full enough?

People, some must have to be clear. "