I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 179 Xiaomi's new member, refer! (Third! Subscribe!)

Central Tower.

Long door laboratory.

Shang Shang Nai's endurance package is like a treasure chest, from the inside, a plurality of column cells are pulled, one by one filled with the reel of the experimental instrument.

"This is a column cell, and others are experimental equipment."

Shang Nai took a shot of his palm and whispered: "I shidder the guy of the big snake pill in Yinyun Village. These are brought back there, it is used to build a biological science laboratory in the village. "

"Don't say this first."

The long door shakes his head, bowing down for a while, hesitate to ask: "That ... Needel, do you have a girl with favorite?"


Shangyuan Na is looking at the long door, and the box is tempted to pick your eyebrows: "How can I suddenly ask? What did you know?"

"Cough cough ..."

The long gates have cough a few times, and the head is open: "I just saw you through Payne's eyes. You have given you a girl, but the girl seems still very small, this kind of thing is not right ... "

"Hey, what to do, what to do!"

Shangqi Nai Luo hugged his shoulders, leaned on the table, dissatisfaction: "I have worked hard to find you can cure your materials, do you ask me? Don't care about your body, care about some messy things?"

"I am not, I don't."

The long door shakes his head, and quickly slips this topic: "Okay, don't say these, congratulations on your official member!"

"Hehehe ..."

When I arrived at the last naval, I didn't look at the mouth. "I didn't expect Xiaonan teachers to suddenly promise. After half a month, I will leave here to do the task. I am here to spend this half a month. Do experiment. "

"it is good."

The door nodded and blinked.

The reason why Xiaonan will agree, isn't he persuaded behind him?

The little guy grew up, now I like anyone, don't tell him, is it forgot? Is it a camp?

The way to get along the long door and Shangyuan Na is very unique. The two people have been fifteen years old. It is like a elder and a good friend.

In the same year, the head was also manipulated with the Tiandao Pethen to the Shang Na, which was a big unsatisfactory. Since killing the mountain pepper half a few years ago, the heart is like unlike, it began silently care about this little guy.

Half a month.

Cylindrical cells have very fast.

Of course, this kind of thing is naturally not transplanted directly on the long gates, so fragrant phosphorus has become the first beneficiary.

According to the conclusions of the ambitions known, the vortex family and thousands of hands are distant relatives, there is a certain connection in the blood, and Chakra and physical strength of the two are very abundant.

Therefore, the vortex is also the most suitable for graft.

Xiang Phosphorus has long been a long-term victims of the grass, and it is also a benefit to transplanted the chamber cells. It can also increase her strength, so that it is really a unused mobile blood package.

Yu Yin Village's experimental station.

Transplantation surgery of the column cells is hosted by Payne, next to the side, ready to cut a piece on the body of the fragrant, then use the stars to keep her life.

Fortunately, the surgery is still successful.

Unfortunately, it is still not able to wake up wood.

And on her shoulders, I grew up a face.

"What's happening here?"

In the eyes of Payne, there is a little in the eyes. He stared at the face of the fragrant arms, his surgery should not have any mistakes!

Shangyuan Nai fell to his forehead, whispered: "It may be that the column cells are too pure, otherwise another surgery is waiting for a while?"

"No need to."

Pene shake his head, Shen Sheng: "Since the experiment is successful, then it proves that this is a role, fragrant phosphorus, how do you feel?"

"Nothing feel ..."

Xiang Phosphorus slowly sat up, clenched his fists, whispered: "No, Chakra in the body has increased a lot, the strength of the body also increased a lot."

After that, I looked at my own left arm under the fragrance: "It's this face feeling some weird ..."

"This is the face of the first generation of the thousand-handles."

Shangyuan Na was turned on the face, and it didn't matter stressed: "Nothing, this is the normal reaction of transplanted cell cells. After all, use people's cells, don't you leave a marker on your body?"

Xiang Phosphorus: "..."

Payne: "..."

This is a mess.

Since the surgery succeeds, the transplant surgery of the overall body can also be carried out, still by the heaven Petion.

It is essentially yourself to move your surgery.

I don't know what this is a feeling.

Shangqi Nair is planned to ask the pharmacist, anyway, the pharmacist pockets the god of the generous eyes and the column cells, and the surgery has to rely on himself.

The long-door surgery is more troublesome.

His surgery needs to grow the shape of the two legs in advance, and then transplant these column cells into his leg.

The long gates are lying on the operating table, feel the components brought by the column cells, and his body is gradually filled, and it is clear that his effect is much better than the incense phosphorus.

"I still want to transplant more."

The long gate frowned, manipulating the Tiandao Petion to prepare the plum cells, apparently he believes that he may need more column cells.

If too much, even he can fully exert the power of the round.


Sheen was stopped by Shang Na, and he looked at the long door on the operating table. "Cannot be transplanted too much, only according to the perception of fragrant phosphorus."

The long door is not clear, and Shangyuan Na will be clear.

The main entrance can accommodate enough column cells because he has the existence of round an eye, and the round look can inhibit every effort.

However, this double-round look does not have a long door, but is an Yuxi Bouc.

What's more, Yuxi Bouvelle is almost necessary under the manipulation of the two behind-the-scenes, and it will be almost resurrected.

Black is not for its mother.

The top is for the main line task progress.

At this time, if it is ridiculous to make the long door to transplant too much cell cells, it is very unfavorable to the future.

The long door is a little benefit, that is, I can listen to people.

This is also his shortcomings, and some people encounter him, he will listen.

Shangyuan Nairou took the head and looked at the long door. Sit back and returned to the wheelchair. He gently shakes his head: "You are always used to people who persuade the problem. I will change it, I can't always persuade you. You have changed your own plan. "

The long gates frowned, I would have to re-climb back to the operating table: "Then I now re-transplanted the inter-column cells ..."

"Wait, I don't mean this!"

Shangqi Lu Run hurriedly shook his head, and put him in a wheelchair: "You only listen to me and the Master of Xiaonan, it will not be listening, especially like Didala, small yellow hair "


I couldn't stand at him. After a moment, he suddenly pushed the original navigation, and he tried to stand on a step.

Although the long gates have been able to walk, it is still walking step by step.

There is a somewhat awkwardly walking step by step, looked up and looked at the original Na Rou: "Shangyuan, I can stand up again ..."

With the energy of the column cells, the long gates will finally stand up, but the face of his calf is long.

The first generation of fire is too beautiful!

This is where you want to take your face?

Shangyuan Na Luo helps to sit down, see him in a glance: "Okay, see it, see it, hurry to put the pants!"

Chang gate: "..."

What is this strange?

If you let Xiaonan hear, don't know how to think about them!

But the long door can stand up and walk is really good news. As long as he has simply exercised, he will quickly return to normal actions.

Just when the long door is planned to tell Xiaonan, the original Nairou suddenly pulled the long door, and he said something, two people concealed this news.

Ten days later.

Shangyuan Na will finally wear a formal uniform, and it also received a set of hoods and fights, used to cover up their identity, and Xiaoshan also restricted him in battle, can't use their own tolerance.

Because the future leader of Yuyin Village, there is absolutely unable to be involved in the text before the programs of the programs.

This is also thinking about this.

Shangyuan Nai touched the Xiangyun black robes that touched his body, and he was a little happy.

Branch task: wearing red clouds, become a formal member of Xiao Temple (11), the task has been completed, rewards S.

S Geotechnical Certification: Increase the energy energy of 10000 points, increase Chakra energy 1000 points, increase natural energy, increase the life recovery effect of 50%, increase the Chakra energy recovery effect of 50%, increase natural energy extraction Effect 50%.

After seeing the reward of the system panel, the eyes of Shangyuan Na will have a little obvious complaint. When he joined the tissue, he was determined by the small south as a formal member. He estimated that he had already become a movie!

Before the last navigation did not get dark harvest, the attribute point of Shangyuan Nae is just a prize in the red clouds!

Now that the attribute points of the original Naida have exceeded 50,000 points, it is obvious that it is impossible to have too excited.

"All right."

Xiaoshan reached out and helped his navigation, and looked at him, looked at him: "Needel, this time I will be your teammates, go out to perform the task with you, we haven't been to implement the task for a long time, isn't it happy? "


Shangyuan Nai's eye angle smoked, looked at the back of them, Shen Sheng: "But teacher, I have found a new teammate for yourself ..."


Xiao Nan couldn't help but looked up, he looked at him in a look: "Do you want Urcho to help the little ghost or fragrant phosphorus be your teammate?"

Xiaonan quickly shakes his head: "I can't agree this, this task is very dangerous, you must protect you."

"No, his new teammates are an old seniors organized."

The long door wearing a same Xiangyun black robe, opened the fight on his head, standing around: "I should be his teammate?"

"Changmen ..."

Xiaonan is shocked by the long door around her, can't help but kick his lips, and there is a bit of tears in the eyes: "You ... Can you stand up?"

There are a lot of things in Xiaonan.

In addition to numerous members of death, it is the long-legged legs.

Now, I suddenly see the long-door walk to her. After the small south, I will refund a few steps, and some are not very believed in everything in front of you.

"Cough cough ..."

Shangqi Nae returned to the small south to wipe the tears of the eye, holding her cheeks and comforting: "Okay, teacher, in fact, the long-door adults have been able to stand up, but I think it should be Give you a surprise! "


"Okay, teacher ..."

The long door is watching them and smirk, and after the arrival of the Nairo, after a long time, Xiaonan's emotions were stable.

After a while, Xiao Nan suddenly opened: "So, you have already discussed it in two years, let me stay in the village, do you go out to perform a task?"


At the end of the last door, two people have some points to nod: "Ten days ago, we decided to do it, this time I go out to implement the task."

"I'm gone."

Shangyuan Nai fell to take the shoulder of the long door, rushing to the small south: "Teacher, I am gone first! I have to organize the base collection!"

After that, the two people didn't dare to see the small expressions, and they walked out of Yu Yin Village, and there is no doubt that the newbie's membership is undoubtedly.

After all, the members of which group will not be like the original naval and the long gates, and they also maintain friendly relations on the surface.

The long door looked at the original navigation, suddenly curiously opened: "Right, we two in the organization's code, do you think?"

"Not ready yet."

Shangji shook his head, touched his own chin: "How do you think the red hair and the black hair are?"

"not very good…"

The long-door fee was looked at the original navigation.

Shangji fused his chin, and put forward a new suggestion: " and the night devil?"

"Not so good ..."

"Red Mao and Black Night Angel?"

"What is messy, do you have the threshold with red hair?"

"Is there a small red hat and the Black Emperor?"

"Can you get normal?"

"Hey, you can't do it, isn't my code to call black dog?"


Two people rushed to the base, apparent that these two guys wearing a fighting have caught all the members' attention, and a curious look is looking for.

The long door is naturally a hidden identity.

Shangji Na Ruo did not have this necessary, simply set off his own fight, showing a face of a face: "From today, please advise the seniors, please call me."

"Oh, right."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly looked at everyone, the voice gradually became cold: "When you go out, call me Bai Lian, I don't want to shout the wrong name, otherwise, kill you!"

" ..."

Others haven't said anything, and the ghosts of the moblock suddenly laughed a few times, whispered: "Our first generation, the name of the shadow seems to be called Bai Lian?"

The expression of Shangyuan Nai is instantly, then he doesn't matter to stall: "Then you will call me green tea in the future, standing next to me, just calling him black tea!"

Chang gate: "..."

Don't give him a casual code!

Sure enough, the move of Shangyuan Na Rong immediately caused Didala's dissatisfaction: "Hey, little guy, so casual, do you think that the implementation task is to drink afternoon tea?"

"Take our strength ..."

Shangyuan Na was in the shoulders of the long door, and the crowded people in the scene: "In fact, the implementation of the mission and drinking tea, you don't have any difference, you are right, black tea?"


The consciousness under the long door nodded.

The expression of the next moment is hidden under the fight. The expression is changing, and it is right for a ghost! Why do he have to get the code from the original narate!

He is not not good at name!

After all, the entire member code of the whole is he personally taken!

The corner has frowned, cold voice open: "Little ghost, become a formal member does not mean you are also eligible to be so arrogant!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his forehead, whispered: "Fast, black tea, show them!"


I watched the original navigation in the long door, and the door certainly won't choose to show everyone because he has a better solution.

"Okay, don't argue."

Under the long-handed manipulation, Tiandao Payne opens: "They are new members, one is the original navigation, the code is Dongjun, another new member, code is returned ..."

Shangqi Needan immediately raised his hand, whisper: "Payne, I think my teammates don't like this code!"

Many members have gave a surprised look at the original navigation, apparent that they still saw some people dared to oppose Payne.

What lesson is received?

Payne, but there is no lesson, but the opening is said: "No, he likes it very much. I have told him before."


Shangyuan Nai was closed on his mouth.

The heads of the long gates and Penne were gripped in the manner, and he really had a little regretted to support the original a formal member. Now he wants to expel it.

This is too naughty!

But some words still have to say the front.

Payne looked at the people present, Shen Sheng continued: "In addition, if anyone dares to disclose the identity information organized by the organization, he will suffer from the endless chasing!"

Obviously, this focuses on the original navigation.

Payne gave birth to the expression of everyone, carefully nodded: "The specific action of this task is responsible for the original Nairu!

After all, the original people who have destroyed the grass in the village of Ziyin, and he provoked the confrontation of rocky villages and wooden leaves. "

After you hear Wes, everyone's face is different.

There is indeed a few people who have attacked a country and destroy a town, but the medium-sized rural incense in Ziyin Village, in addition to the five major countries, the war can also be rushed to the forefront.

If you want to destroy the grass in the city, it is not that simple.

The interns have always been very strong, but no one knows how strong him, this time, maybe I can see it ...

Shangyuan Nai was twisted his wrist, looked at the expression of everyone, and evoked his mouth: "On this way, please take care of your seniors!"