I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 18, this is, I don't know how to lose!

When the members of the entire tailor are determined by the battlefield, Shangyuan Na Ruo really doesn't know how this task will fail.

This lineup takes out and eliminates wood leaves.

Yisizhiso, mortar ghosts, red sand, Didala, horns, flying segments, peach and no longer, ghost lights, white, glow night Jun Ma Lu, absolute.

And the original Needle and the long door.

Oh, there is a place named Yuxi Bozuo.

After all, Unexpected Board didn't rest assured that his brother was taught.

It is also countless troubles with them.

Members of the organization basically don't accept anyone, these few words from the fog hidden village know the strength of the original navigation, basically follow the original mixed, especially the strongest changer ghosts and ghosts full moon The belly.

Didala, Red Sands and corners, flying segments, these two teams will be arguing together, they will have a lot of color to see the color.

Just as Didara and Flying Section To do it, the original Nairou suddenly sounded high: "Hello, seniors, come and see, the volcano broke out!"


Everyone was surprised to look at the original navigation, and I saw it in his direction. Where did you have any volcanic eruption?

Didala is dissatisfied with the original navigation: "Where is it! Hello, Shanghao, you don't swindle it!"

"I don't have oh, see clearly! Change!"

The original Nairou suddenly made a referring to the stylus, released his own flames.

Just when everyone is somewhat confused, a large area of ​​a large number of people in the distance suddenly erupts a strong flame!

The flame is almost a thousand-meter-high sky, and even the blue sky is dyed, and the hot roller and waves come almost the face!

Even everyone is still a distance from the Flame Center, still feeling the burning of the air.


Everyone's chin is almost scared!

There is no one in the field to underestimate the strength of the original naval, but then release a fire to destroy the earth, but also feel a fear.

Whether it is to release the distance or a scope, and the very fast release speed, everyone's heart has made a cold.

Can this level of tissue, can you escape?

Of course, I can't hide.

It is no wonder that the original naval is easy to destroy the grassy village.

Even if it is the most thrown Didara and flying segment, after seeing the original Nairu, two people have honestly have a lot.

Shangyuan Needle slowly, looked at all the fierce herbs, and smiled at the corner: "I believe that everyone will cooperate since this task, right?"

Everyone looked at the original navigation, and looked at the backs behind the original Nairi, she wrinkled her brow down.

Yuxi parsing is lower, suppressing his horror, and this level of fire, the fire broke out, has exceeded his cognition.

There is no such powerful fire in the past!

The eyes of Yuxi Bozuo gave a little light, he looked at his brother, couldn't help but laugh, is this brother is afraid?

Oh, they had Zhiso, but there is a write-eyed eye.

Just find the opportunity, Yuxio sauo helps the confidence with the write-wheel eye to copy the original Naja, which is enough to destroy the earth, and even the power of Yuxi is also afraid!

"It's stronger!"

The chanmon godged grin.

For the power of the original Needle, he didn't blame.

Shangnai Na Ruo, the most mysterious time and space skills are good at, what is the simplest fire skill?

The long door pressed the fight on his forehead, and hooked his mouth: "Shanghara, it is really strong than the past!"

"Hey, Xiao Nan is really teaching a good disciple!"

The red sand screams, he actually hates this large-scale sickness, because this powerful sickness is the case.

"As a teacher's disciple, certainly can't let her lose face!"

The original Nairies fell in the long door, and asked Xiao: "How do I start? Are they scared?"


The long door nodded in vilancing.

Obviously, the effect of the original navigation was very significant. The people in the scene also faced him, and the road to the country of the grass was also a lot.

Intelligence personnel have also sent an intelligence.

The country of rain, the country of the grass, active a dark part of the ninja squad, and the approximately five ordinary wooden ninja teams, obviously to improve the rainy village.

"Enclose them, leave a living port, other all kill."

The strategy of the original Needle is very simple.

Xiaomi is almost all in all members, this is not how to win?

Members of Xiaoxia are also very satisfied with the strategy of the original Na.

After all, many members of the organization prefer to go straight to their strength, and they are not worried about the enemy encountered, anyway, it is impossible to play them.

Canyon of the grassland border.

Members of the mutual dark squad, each exchanged each other's intelligence, confirming that the Ninja in Yuyin Village did not concentrate on the country of the grass.

"Hello, friends of wood, how are you?"

A voice suddenly fell into the ear of this dark member, four ninja quickly reacted, and each grabbed the surrounding weapons.

I saw a rock appeared on a rock to the Ninja in Xiangyun.

Since Uzhi Houki and Cartill Tommatmati have invaded the wooden leaves, these darkways have also received the command of the fire building, and they will immediately retreat immediately after collecting information.

After all, a group of S-class rebels consisting of mercenary organizations, and each group of members is not a dark part of Ninja to cope.

According to the agency's force assessment.

The wooden leaves also have three dark squaders to compete.

"What is the organization?"

The head of the head changed, and immediately assigned the task: "We fastest the speed of Fengchuan put the information back, others cover him with me, everyone concentrates for temporarily retreat!"

However, the next moment, the dark team has become incomparably ugly, because the Ninja in Xiangyun's black robe appeared around them.

At least ten members of the organization.

Among them, there is a utensilic pedicure and mortar ghosts who have invaded the wooden leaves.

Don't say this, this wooden team wants to escape, you can leave a whole body is not bad, even the head is not enough.

"I don't know?"

Shangyuan Nai turned his head and smiled at the long gates around him. He relied on the fate skills to calculate the direction of movement of this wooden blade, and successfully enclose this team.

The long door nodded helplessly.

The wooden hooded small teams are somewhat tragic to the weakest direction, and they should be that they should be the two small children who should be Hui Ma Lu and white.

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu slowly welcomed the tips of the charge, and a roots drilled his body: "The body of the body, the dance of Tang Song!"

Other members seem to look at Jun Ma Lu in the same way.

five minutes later.

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu took a semi-dead dark department, threw it in front of the original Nair, whispered: "Shangyuan, this guy is the strongest, it should be their captain."

"Then I can only please check your mind's intelligence."

Shangji stared in the stall, looking at the long door next to it.

The long door nodded, reached out his palm shot on the head of the cue of the wood leaf, whispered: "Human Human Road · Heart Solid!"

After changing the information, the long-door talented the soul of the dark captain, whispered: "The wooden leaves sent the thirteen secrets of the grassland to the country of the grass, which were scattered in all parts of the grassland. There are about 300 people around the regular ninja army. "

"Our mission is just to clear the secret?"


The long door has nodded: "Perhaps it is two-day scale wild wood, and we can cope with the large number of ninja troops. Therefore, we only entrust us to clear the darkness of the wood, which may be because of these darkrooms have been attacking the investigation of rocky villages. Let's! "

Shangyuan Nai can't help but lament: "Hey, I want to find out the remaining twelve dark squaders from the country of the grass. It is not easy!"

The flying segment came over with his own sickle, licked his lips: "Do not complete the mission without all the wooden ninja?"

"I still feel how much do you have to do much?"

I looked at the flying segment scorn, Shen Sheng: "If we are also free to help them kill all the wooden, ninja that is stationed in the grassland, how do you do business in the future?"

The corner snorted to continue to continue: "Hey, if we have to kill the wooden and ninja in the country of the grass, you must let the wilder to add money!"

Money this word is used very well.

It is indeed a businessman who can be seen.

Others don't say, a code is returned or calculated.

"I also agree with the opinions of my predecessors."

After the Shangyuan Na, it took a nodded, whispered: "Originally thought that the five generations of fire shadow of the wooden leaves were only sent a bunch of secret investigations. I didn't expect her to send so many Ninja Forces ..."

Red sand screamed the ring of his ring, and the sound: "Do you want to ask Xiaonan, look at the wilderness of the wild, or just find some wooden blade, this road can be very bored. of!"


Dida launched a head, glanced at the body on the ground: "This task is not worth the dispatch of all our members, I will solve the seniors and solve it!"

I originally thought that the epic is difficult, I didn't expect it just a normal level of tasks, if you can't act, you can do it.

"It is not so easy."

After the long gate coughs a few times, I will add a few times: "According to the information I get, the person responsible for the country's action is the copy of the wooden blade, and there is still a big figure. he."

Unechebra helped the consciously frown, he heard the name of his own teacher: "Flagkasi?"

"Big character?"

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head: "It is estimated that it is one of the three tolerance of the leaves! I will first ask Xiaonan teachers to see if Yingshen Village will not add money."

Soon, the news came from Xiaonan.

Two-day scale Daniwu is willing to add a money, marching or killing the woods in the country of all grass.

If the rocky village and the positive conflict of the wooden leaves, the loss of the rock is definitely low, and it is even possible to trigger a role war. If you use a child, it is cheaper.


The corners have frowned, and they sigh. "If we have the cooperation channels of Lei Zhi, clean up this group of wood, ninja, can also receive a lot of money."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Nathelm: "..."

The corner of this guy really falls in the eyes!

A task receives two great powers of the country, look at you!

"Let's go! Let us go to the copy of the wooden leaves!"

Shangyuan Na will turn to Yiszo Sasuke and Yisiza, and laugh: "Mr. Kakasi is a few old friends in the scene!"