Wooden ninja headquarters.

For the exercise banner, Makasi, specially arranged him to the position of the commander, he sent a first-generation pig deie butterfly as his assistant, day to a family, oil female family, canine group and flying one family, etc. Everything is added.

Although the number of this ninja troops is not much, it can be said that it is a pocket version of the wood rubber army, aware of the troops, raid forces, combat troops, medical troops, can be all complete.

late at night.

The tops of this troops are meeting.

There is a lot of worries in the eyes of the flagmark Carti: "There are three dark squad tonight, and the squad of the fifteen teams stopped the contact, but according to our spies in rocky village, the rocky troops still have no action. "

"This loss is not small."

Nara Luli took the pen in his hand, whispered: "Almost directly lost one-fifth person, and even the enemy's intelligence is not available."

"I urgently report it to the master!"

In the mountain, there was a shite and sighed, erected his finger: "It is the most important thing to talk about the alliance talks. We have encountered a raid in the grassland. It is important, it is obviously a destination for this time. League country talks. "

"Will it be the country of rain?"

"No, Yu Yin Village has sent a news, they will send people to participate in this alliance talk, so we will send people to meet them."

"That is bad!"

Nara Luli slowly played the position of the hit on the map, whispering: "According to these activities, it is like the rocky village raid troops, because they can be advanced as a whole, however, Both sides have no sympathy ... "

When Nara Luo is analyzed, the camp has suddenly remembered a string of loud signal, it is an enemy attack signal nearby patrol ninja!

"All alert!"

The flagmarks immediately stopped the meeting, and the loud commander said: "Every class is returned to his position, all the dark portions are dispatched with me!"

Not far from the wooden camp.

The members of the organization scattered, and the mortar ghosts stood next to the muscles, and Yishe was wrinkled with his own brows. Unexpello was unfair.

Just now, their team took the initiative to take the task of killing the wooden patrol ninja, but unfortunately, it is unfortunately, it is a problem that the living port you want to reserve.

The living port has not been coming and the proud information, and suddenly she released a hostile signal, even if Uzhi Pubie kill him in time, he will not come.

Yisi Pubei frowned and looked at the corpse of the ground: "Does anyone can break the illusion of the eyes?"

"It's ok."

At the end of the Nairi, I watched an eye-catching, a smile in the mouth: "Anyway, we have already taken into the eyelids of the wooden camp, and if you want to find the possibility of directly initiating the raid, it is also very low ..."

Shangyuan Na Ruo, I looked at the scene, and I looked at the long-awaited wooden shadow, whispered: "Since this kind, then directly attack! Tonight, all the wooden ninja drove out of the grass ! "

As long as the camps of the leaves are expelled, those wooden ninja teams that are stationed stationary are not worth mentioning. After losing the back, it will be able to take the initiative.


A clay flying bird appeared at the foot of Didara.

Red sand scorpion slowly pulled out the three-generation wind shadow and the four-generation wind shadow, the two generations of magnet ninja in Sandy Village were falling in his hand, it is really a sand, it is like it. Use your hometown's leader.

The body of the body quickly expanded, slowly split three grievances, apparently he is also a good hand of fighting, as for flying segments, can only be rushed to death.

The three talents in the misty village have each unplugged their own tie knives, and the night Jun Ma Lu has slowly grows several bones, white and Yuxi Pubie are responsible for the side support.

As for Unechebra, it is mainly responsible for leaking ...

"Then come to say hello to them!"

The original Nairou has extended his palm, a star nucleus appeared in his palm, the surrounding natural energy and his Chakra continued to enter it, the star ring around this star nucleus quickly expanded!

Yuxi Bozo helped to look at the original nailed to the original nailed: "Is that the spiral pill of Naruto?"

At first glance, the Star River emerged as a spiral pill.

Shangyuan Na will slowly throw out this star core, only to see the Jane River urgently absorb natural energy, the scope of the surgery is getting bigger and bigger!

After the star nucleus quickly entered the field of view of the wood, the coverage of the periphery has reached hundreds of meters!

Several wooden leaves are fast, and they will work with the printing, and they are sinking: "The soil, the soil!"

A tall city wall is fast from the ground!

Just when the stars repamped into the wall of the city wall, the defense of the soil city was blown out, countless gravel mortar!

A whistle sound is coming.

The air flew over a white clay giant bird, sprinkled with a string clay bomb, Didara excitement stood up his finger on the clay giant bird: "Drink!"


The unexpected explosion, the wooden, ninja is very panic!

Just as the flag-like Kaki wants to think about Didala in the air, a figure that is connected to Xiangyun's black robe is coming out of the gap of the soil city.


The eyes of the flag-wood Cassi suddenly tightened!

More than ten members of the organization, this also means that more than ten S-Jing's attack!

This moment, the flag-like Carti thought why there would be so many teams will miss, because they have met the organization.

They also have more than 50 ninja trousers and nine secrets of nine secrets. It does not necessarily have a force.

Flagkarti is even a bit for luck.

If these guys who are well-taught are constantly overcrowded, they may only break the tail, but now they will dare to attack this camp, isn't it white to give the wooden opportunity?

The Shangyuan, who is responsible for the command, knows this mistake, but the raid will be obvious enough to let the wood leaves, and use the strong attack to quickly defeat the mind.

What's more, they have received wild money!

Since I received money, of course, the performance is going to sell!

Tonight, they drive the wooden ninja to the country of the grass, and the headlines of the Tomorrow, they were the hirening of rocky village hiren!

Shangji, I was looking for a stone, and I went up my own Erlang: "I can't show any flaws, so this battle can only rely on my seniors."

Upset This appearance looks like a grass bag command.

"whispering sound!"

The flying segment squatted with his own sickle, dissatisfied with a straw: "Hey, Shangyuan, can you kill them?"

"If they are looking for death, I can."

Shangji took a look at the flying segment, and laughed and continued: "If the leaves are too large, in the future, they don't dare to fight in the grassland and rock villages."

"Your little ghost is really evil!"

Flying the straw away from the straw, waving the sickle in his hand in the direction of the wooden camp: "It's a big fight!"

Anyway, he was originally sent.

The movements of others are not slow, and they will follow it!

The corner stands outside the camp, standing in his side, spraying the sterilization toward the camp!

"Fire · Heart!"

"Wind, the pressure!"

"Thunder and false dark!"

The wind swept the flame and instantly opened a breakthrough, flying, cotmatmon ghost, peach, the ghost light, the moon and the night, the ghost, the gapped, the gapped flying away, started to kill the special kill !

Uzhi Board and Unechebra helped the brothers to release the heroic balls next to it, it looks not small, but always thinks two of them in the water.

White ice blood is in this fire, it is really only water, help me.

Shangji took a look at the long gates around him, whispered: "Don't you play? It's hard to fight!"

"You can also, Shura Road!"

The long gates were standing around Shangyuan, and slowly reached out his arm, and saw his arm quickly turned into a subtle robot!

A group of dazzling lasers shot into the wooden camp, pulling a huge explosion, and one person was exploded and flying out!

Under the collective attack of the organization, even if the flag-like cards and Nara Luozi's combat experience and commanding capacity are unable to hold the battle, today they thoroughly realize why some people will be defined as s scientific!

The mountain is standing around Nara Luojing, conveying the life of Luojing: "The collections of the squad, at the same time, the water array, the water defense!"

"Water in the water!"

More than a dozen rushes quickly combined with the print, released a tall water wall, stopped the constant flame.

However, someone is stronger than their water!

"Let's hand it over next!"

The martial artifact, the peach is no longer in the full moon, and the huge waves are sprayed out: "Water, water dragon bomb!"

Three water dragons quickly rushed to the defense of the water array, hit a group of wooden ruffles!

Nara Lifeng wrinkled and quickly adjusted tactics quickly: "The ninja released the soil flow wall surrounded them, and other ninja continued to release the water and thunder."

"Earth, soil flow wall!"

"Thunder, thunder!"

"Water, water rushing!"

"Thunder, land!"

"Waterwood · Water Take the original!"

In the case of free delivery of all person information in the mountains, the leaves of the leaves quickly began to change tactics according to the command.

On the battlefield, there will be a face soil wall, and the members who will rush to quickly enclose, and the waves are rushing into the earth wall, and the electric light flashes in the water!

The ninja army has this benefit, ready to rely on the advantage of the number of people to make some small tolerance to excessively unusually powerful.

Flag Kakasi is also next to the battlefield, see if you can find a flaw, kill a child, he is very clear that these people can only break!

"Opportunity ... Thunder, Ray!"

Flagkarcasi really found opportunities, rushing to the forefront of the flying segment, the people who have been in the back, the people behind, a string of light is active in the hands of Kakasi, whirls pass the heart!

When the flagmark, the flag, Kakascons, suddenly looked at this enemy that was pierced by him, showing a strange smile!

"Ah, hahahahahaha ..."

Flying segments and waving the sickle in the hand, regardless of the big hole in his chest, just cut Kasi's head!


The face sudden change in the flag wood Carti, the writing wheel is instantaneous into a kaleidoscope, and you will take a step to inhale the flying head to inhale!

However, a string of clay bombs in the air interrupted Kakasi's pupil, as if to let Kakasi and flying sections accomplish.

The flagmarks are not vague, and immediately decided to retreat, leaving only the clay bombing that was lost by Didala.

"Hey, do you want to kill Laozi!"

Even after the blasting of the clay bomb, the flying segment slowly stood up, rushing to Dida, whispered, and did not know Dida saved him.

After the flag, Mikaki fly, the sword flew over him, and Yu Zhibya took the short knife to rush to her teacher!

This is finally handed with the ever.

The flagmarks found the progress of this disciple, but they still made him feel very heavy: "Yushusa Sasuke, do you have a knowledge with Yuxi?"

"Shut up, I just want to kill the man to join them!"

Yizhi Bozuo waved the knife near the flag-like Kaki, cold voice opening: "Xiwei has accepted the employment commission of rocky village, and all the wooden ninja in the country of the grass, this is the last time, you are so good. ! "