I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 183 How do I feel that every rushing village is with me?

Shangyuan Needeling and Listerang left the street corner.

After walking on the street, the two people consciously sorted out their clothes, and they looked at each other with each other, and smoked at the same time.

Shangyuan Na will finally first open the first: "Hey and feed, take the beauty of the beauty, don't do this, we don't seem to have something you don't have to do."


When I hate, I bite his teeth, and suddenly showed a smile: "It's really big! Little ghost, if you feel good, you must contact me!"

After that, I went attention to the eyes of the people around him, and I went to the eyes of this negotiation.

Obviously, like beauty, I really want to let go of the original navigation.

It is not convenient here, she wants to talk to the original navigation.

Because the ghost light is very important, even the future is in the future of foggy villages, after all, the guy has brought four tips to make spies!

Even if he left a one at the time!

No, at least leave two!

In addition to the ghost lights of the ghost light in the village, there is a good seedllar, and you can serve as the seven people.

... "

Shangyuan Nai Luo took his ear, and he kept talking on the beauty of the beauty, and walked into the meeting of the negotiation.

After a while, the Millennium of Sandy Village also rushed to the big famous government, trembled into the venue, and the leader of Tomin Village has already arrived.

Now there are all people who participate in the negotiation members of the five rivots.

Shangqi Nairou looked at everyone, and the three big country in the village seems to have a bit grudge with him, and even the Village of Village is also a bit of hatred.

After all, in order to explore the seven-tailed intelligence, Mingan once has inserted a position of the first leader of the Thain Village, only because of the support of the wood, but it is estimated that this tremuk leader is not dare to revenge.

As for the three big country, it is not used, the leader of these big fortifications, and Shangyuan Na will kill it.

The four generations of sandy village, he killed.

Four generations of spun villages, he killed.

The three generations of rigid villages, he killed.

Shangyuan Needs to admire their courage.

So many enemies gathered here, he dared to come to the talks.

This is also like beauty, I don't know what he killed four generations of water.

The operator is estimated that it is not easy to mention that he has assured him to assassinate the three-generation rigs. After all, it involves the position of Zhun Town Tibetan.

Once you have said, the village will definitely fall in the face.

There are not so many scruples.

Since the death of the four-generation wind, Luo Sa, Sandy Village is getting more and more poor, killing the Shangyuan Na Rou of the four generations of wind, is the murderer who did not fall in Sandy Village.

I looked at the original naval, I closed my palms, and I closed my palms: "Expedition, this is a big national talk, I don't think Yuyin Village is eligible to participate, and can play a role in our next plan ..."

"No one can insult our rainy village!"

Shangyuan Nai arrived from his own eyes, whispering said: "Oh, the leader in a village is killed as a dog as a dog, and is eligible to sit on a table with us? Our Yuyin leader But the ninja half-god pepper half hidden people! "

After that, Shangyuan Na will look at the thousand generations of open mouth: "Hey, the old lady, the fifth generation of the village tells me when the fifth generation of the wind, I will kill him smoothly!"

"what did you say!"

The Millennium Hand is flipped, and a reel has fallen in her hand: "The baubles, I will kill you now!"

"That is coming!"

Shang Nai, I looked at a thousand generations, and I smiled and said: "Oh, your grandson Red Sand is made by my teacher to surrender, and the boy cried from my hand to the body of the four generations of wind, you This is something! "

The words of Shangyuan Nai said that there is no some vicious.

I don't know if the red sand is heard, it will not be desperate with him.

Anyway, even if it is desperate, it is definitely the upper top.

A punch is smashed on the table, and the cold voice is open: "We are here to arrive here. This is not a quarreled place. Now there is only the grievances of the past, we can work together."


Looking at the original naval, I looked at the original naval, I nodded gently: "We are willing to sit here, it is the will of cooperation, why bother to worry about the disadvantage of the past war?"

The country of fire, the country of water, the country of the wind, the country of rain, three endurance battles, the grievances are not checked, and the number will not come.

The leader of the country is still better.

This somewhat young young man smiled in the yard: "Ye ah ... The righteousness is right, according to the best of the beauty!"

The Qian Dynasty and the original Nair took a cold, each twisted the head, but they listened to the persuasion of the agency and the beauty, and the two no longer fight.

The card is in my heart. She is not like a grandfather with her grandfather. I will give the leader of the other rivotes!

To be honest, the agency is a little annoying.

Ming Ming Sah Yin Village is weak, but also take the initiative to provoke the original navigation, don't I am afraid that people Yu Yin Village invaded you?

"Okay, then we start talking about it!"

The board slowly stood up and went to a wall that hangs a tolerant map, whispered: "Today's main topic is the benefit allocation issue after Cracked Village.

About a month ago, Ziyin Village was destroyed by strong fire, we believe that there may be a wooden S-class rebel, Zhiso belt or Yishe's doing, the purpose is to pose a new tolerance .

In order to avoid the land leading to war and disputes because of the land of the grassland, we decided to take the country of the grass to the territory of the fire, and the official name of the fire and the protection of the woods.

The name of the country of the country has agreed to be accomplished as the fire of the fire. "


Everyone in the field couldn't help but look up and looked up.

This woman can have a thick face, in order to say the above words!

In order to avoid a war and dispute in a land, we will put the land as your own, how can you not face!

Unfortunately, the country of the country and the country of the water are long, and the only land of the country in the field has objection to the country of the country and the country of the rain.

The leader of the Takin Village is naturally not dare.

Shangyuan Na will raise his palm and whisper: "So what is the land of the country and the country of the grass?"

The program wrinkled and wrinkled, Shen Sheng: "This wooden leaf will decide whether to divide if it is divided, as far as it is returned, it needs to wait for our arbitration."

"Please feel free."

Shang Nai nodded, nor is it struggling: "If the result can't satisfy us, we will neither support will not be opposed."

"Please listen to me."

The agency does not look at him, continue to open: "Wood leaves have always advocated the balanced development of all countries, and the initial generation is therefore allocated to all major rivies, which will let the mutual war between the village The restrained war scale.

So this time the wooden leaves are only the land of the grassland, they will cut their own interests to countries, reach a balance between a big country. "

The dottope stationed at the table, holding his hand holding the table, showing a large whitlic white whitening chest, seeing the dizzy.

"Of course, this is not given to countries."

The apeer looked at everyone, slowly swallowed: "All countries must cooperate with the rocky direction, forced the hidden to abandon the entry of the grassland.

Once Yan Yin Village retreats, after successful merger of the country of fire, the Wood leaves and fog hidden cities have reached the economic and political alliance cooperation treaties, open the market, port; at the same time, the mission of the woods will Return to Sand Village. "

These have already said it.

Whether it is a thousand generations or photographs nodded, the purpose of their two arrival is this, which is what they are urgently needed.

The hand turned around to look at the Shangyuan Naja, slowly opened: "If the Village and Yuyin Village are willing to force this, the leaves will not rush to all the allies."

"Hey, we only hope to get a long time."

On the wood, I watched the hand gently shake the head: "Although we have always been a long-lasting allies, we are not able to participate in this cooperation."

The country is a small country.

Takin Village neither dares to get criminal leaves, and does not dare to get rid of rocky village.

This consideration involved in the wood is also reasonable, and the program is gently nodded, and then he looks at the original navigation: "What about Yu Yin Village?"

Shangyuan Nairou slowly stood up, went to the map side, whispered: "We need to use the original site of Ziyin Village as the boundary line, and all land in the south of the country."

"wishful thinking."

I can't help but shook my head.

"Ha ha…"

The apeer is very breathable: "That is more than half of the land, even Western mountains, and even Yellow Village invasion is not easy, is the most rich place in the grassland!"

"Wooden and fire are not lacking in the rich land."

Shangji shook his head and continued: "The lack of wood is able to form a strategic festival to form absolute advantage in rocky village, obviously the land of the north of Ziyin Village is more bridge, fortress, canyon, is the most suitable Wooden soil of wood. "

Shangji, I still saw a hand, whispered: "If the wood agrees to divide this, Yin Yin Village can start a rock of the rock to the rock, and the rocky hidden in the grass in the grass."

"Sorry, the wooden leaves can do itself."

The program shook his head and turned his head to the scene: "If the Qian Dynasty is the same as the beauty of the beauty, please return home to start to transfer people's hand, launch the suppression of rocky village, forcing them to evacuate the country!"

After seeing a thousand generations and photographed, the aperator looked at the original naval, whispered to laugh: "If you like, it is better to accompany me, if you win, I may be able to give the rain. A village? "

"Don't humiliate me."

Shangji fell to the wind and turned to leave the venue, just left, he suddenly turned to look at the master, squinted slightly.

"Our rainy village has been chasing Xiao That group to betray the traitor of the rain, and half-hidden adults, the traitor will not easily let go of the chance of changing the war of Wood and Yinyin Village, please cherish the peace of this peace under the house. Let's! "