I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 186 I took the script that took the territory? (Fourth! Search month!)

Shangyuan Nair's plan is successful.

Half a month, the grassland came back and forth for seven or eight times.

In the face of rocky village, it may hire organizations to attack the country of the grass, and the apeer believes that in this land and a group of S-Sky refined, it is very inexpected.

After more test, the aperator has urged the safety of the hidden village and the sandy village to threaten the safety of Yook Yin Village, while contacting Yinyin Village, discussing what they jointly hit the organization.

The agency finally realized the tricky.

After all, the fog hidden village and sandy village will not be incorporated with this.

With the common way to hit the wishes, it can combat with the woods, only Yu Yin Village can become their allies.

After all, in the cognitive cognition, Xiaomi's group of guys has reached the mountain pepper half-hustle, and later they betrayed halftures in the provocation of Unexpello.

Therefore, Xiaonan received the invitation of the agency in Yuyin Village!

How did her disciples do?

Why should Yinyin Village and Woody Village will jointly hit the organization?

Therefore, Xiaonan fire contacts the long door, and ask her good disciple to do it! This has just become a formal member of Xiao, how can I do some flowers in the whistle!

"It's just a play."

Shangqi Na Lu sat in the middle of a group of members, laughing and opening: "Just we can harvest the commissions of the three generations of Danomai, and you can take this opportunity to let the leaves of the grass let the land of the country."

The wooden leaves want to curb rock village.

Even if Rock Village is in the face of the threat of fog hidden villages and sandy villages, Dashewa is not in trouble, they don't have to worry about the War of the grass.

Danyu is willing to pay for money, and you can occupy the country of the grass.

"Little ghost, you are really evil!"

The corner snorted, wrinkled my own brow: "I didn't expect this to make this way of making money, can we pick the wars and sandy villages next time?"

Who can think of, in just half a month, only the money got from the wilderness, it has exceeded the funds that have been collected in the past year.

It is this money to make a little hot.

The corner doesn't care about the money, is it in line with the rules of Ninja, this old master is just wanting money, as long as you count money, you can make him happy.

Therefore, the corner is immediately divergently thinking, thinking of the middle of the mid-mid-leaves and sandy villages, only that there is no tolerance in that country, and there is not much people want.

The red sand is shaking his head, screaming: "The terrain of Sichuan is not good, and the four generations of winds have been killed, the sandy village is very poor!"

"Wood leaves are not willing to hire us?"

The horn is a bit less beautiful. For the people who are so money, the wooden leaves are really an ideal big customers!

After all, the leaves are the most prosperous rivy.

"Wooden leaves are very proud."

Shangji shook his head, laughed: "And I heard that the predecessors of the land ... No, Yuxi Bo belt soil seems to attack the wood, ninja, the five-generation fire shadow is estimated to take us as a tissue for their tissue Let's! "

This is what he is operated behind the scenes.

In the eyes of the program, the tissue is the evil organization of the Class S-class rebel, Zhiso, and has always been aim to clarify the War of the country.

If this is a good organization, the agency may really consider employing them.

But this tailor is to provoke the war, and the agency will definitely not believe in them.

"This easy and refreshing task is estimated that it will be no."

Dida laded a sigh of relief, looking at the direction of the country of the earth: "This continues, the guy of the old man also can't pay!"

Didara is a disciple of wild wild.

For your own teacher, Didara is still very well.

The three generations of Si Shado Wood is a distressing man and heartache. The land of the country of the grass, the big wild wood is expensive to spend the employer.

Maybe quickly rock village will negotiate with wooden leaves.

"That is to see who can't help it."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly smiled and laughed: "I will turn the country tomorrow to go to the fifth generation of watching, if you still lose, then please the seniors!"


Members of Xiao Xiao nodded.

Yisizhi's face and the face of Unecy Sasuke are still complicated.

Obviously this time, the original navigation and the planner negotiations are more smooth.

After seeing the original navigation, the five-generation rigs of this wood, I put forward my own conditions directly.

"The first thing, I agree to let the land of some grass countries, but Yu Yin Village must form a military alliance with wood leaves, and at any time, the second invasion of rocky village, of course, this alliance is limited to grassland affairs. "

The program is still very ingredient.

The country is not lacking in the rich land, and the leaves only need those who can resist rocky village invasion and at any time.

Shang Nai nodded, he didn't think that the planner would only propose a condition: "I agree to this condition, please continue to say other conditions!"

The head is nodded, continuing to say: "The second thing, Yu Yin Village must combat the organization's action, and the two sides sharing the information about each other."

"no problem."

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, smiling and said: "Half hiding adults are also very happy to help eliminate."

After the prime manner, he hesitated his third condition: "Third things, you need to assist the leaves of the leaves in the big snake pill."

"This is no problem."

The smile on the face is even more brilliant. For the interests of selling big snake pills, there is really no burden in the heart of Yuyin Village.

Only, the last navigation still puts forward its own request: "If the leaves of the leaves, the treasures of our rain are also steal by the big snake pills, I hope that the Lord is returned to the original."

This is purely pulled.

It is mainly to trust the trust in this matter.

Because the original naval is clear, the leaves of the wooden leaves, and the top of the end of the sound of the village.

And that base is still he moved.

The big snake pill is early to escape.


The agency is naturally do not know these, she gently prescribed to agglomerate, and a debt on the future wooden leaves.

After saying these things, the smile on the program was piled up. She slowly took out two dice from her own chest: "The last request, that is, play a few more, this requirement is not Let's! "

"... but it is."

Shangyuan Nairi is nodded slowly.

This woman is more love gambling!

ten minutes later.

The hand slowly grabbed the dice on the table, and smiled in a little bit, smiled and smiled in the mouth: "Win it again!"

Then she slowly looked at the original navigation, the smile on the face became cold: "The last time I won you, the three generations of fire were assassinated! This time I won again, is it? What means the fifth generation of the leaves will die in your hand? "

"Sorry, I don't want it."

The original Nairi shook his head sighed.

If your woman is in the future, don't say your five-generation rigs, even the six-generation rigs of wood leaves, seven-generation rigs are likely to die in his hand!

The agency converges the smile on the face, no longer mentioning the bad things, reached out and patted the shoulders of the original navigation: "Let's go, the little ghost! I will never believe in fate!"

Since she encountered a whirlpiece, I won't believe in these.

What is the fate of the Ibara? It's just an excuse!

"Then I wish us a happy cooperation."

"hope so!"

Although there are still a lot of Shangyuan's owners, there is still a little unpleasant, maybe because her man is typed up, or the first time I pull someone else to share the victory fruit.

The land of the grassland is ultimately divided into three.

The country of rain has achieved a part of the relatively rich land, and the leaves have achieved some strategic fortune. For example, the gods of the year have no biting, and Yan Yin Village has achieved a little angle, and it is barely left some of the faces.

For leaves, they have already wanted.

And as the leaves of the wooden leaves, after the Village of the Big snake, although they did not find the trail of the big snake, it was successfully destroyed.

Tian Zhizhi returned to the embrace of the wooden leaves.

Although it is not considering the territory of the country, it also belongs to the jurisdiction of wood leaves.

For Yuyin Village, their harvest is also very large than the wooden leaves, in addition to the land, there is also a big commission that is hired.

Only a wild wooden poor is dead.

All countries have divided the grassland. After the border is redeed, although the three are occasionally friction, the endurance believes that the grassland event has been completely ended.

When the endurance gradually became calm.

Darkness has quietly found it.

The black is not a bit can't stand, I want to open the monthly eye plan in advance: "Some tail beasts can already be caught in advance."

"and many more…"

Shang Nai was frowned, and I asked: "Their rush will cause a rebound? It is not the news that the water is not allowed to explore.

Black and sneaked, Shen Sheng: "But some guys will not be treated in the same place, we can first seize those guys who are not very well-behaved, such as the four tail column and six-tail column, their whereabouts There is no many people know. "

"Don't you start from one end?"

"If you say it, it is true."

There is some worries in the dark eyes: "But Yisi Bo belt soil is very active in the grassland. I suspect that he may be eyeing the nine tail of the wooden leaf, I am worried that he may capture a bad beast in advance. Monthly eye plan ... "

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

How do you talk?

OK, this is his pot.

Yisi Bo belt soil ran to the country of the grass, the result was not dry, it seems to be really like an attempt to get a wooden leaf nine tail, a cylindrical force that is just cultivated in the grassland ...

"rest assured."

Darkness seems to feel that there is a bit worried, whispered: "In addition to the three tails, all people are in my monitoring."


Shangqi Nai's face is standing in a heavy place: "I remember that the yin and yang black stick can be imprisoned, and some people who are not attached to the column can be captured. But I don't seem to be very good."

"of course."

The darkness and smiles, I nodded: "I will propose at the meeting, by you and team to explore the four-tailed intelligence, if the time is right, you will pass the Pene, we directly grasp he!"

"it is good."

Shangji nodded.

Wait, why do he want to team up?

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his forehead, if he was in the wrong team, did he take the behind-the-scenes script of Yuxi Bo?