I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 191, 18 years old, I have already become boss!

Shangyuan Needs to do its best.

Even if it is black, you can't pick anything.

In order to capture the four tails, Chakra is exhausted, and face the cold morticrity of Unechebra, but still throws up a sharp card.

In the face of the tracking of Unexpello, there is no way.

After all, it is not a , can avoid the tracking of Yu Zhiwei, and others will become the tracking target of Unexpello.

"Shang, this is not your fault."

Black shook his head, screaming: "Let's go back to report this, you must try to solve the hidden dangers of our moon!"

So many s sides of the group woven, the brainstorming, can always find ways to solve the Hi Zhibo belt, after all, the ability to bring soil is placed in the face, and it is spread every few years ago. .

The Shenwei is within the space.

Yisi Bo belt is a bit uncomfortable.

Not because of nothing, but because of the statement of the original Na.

The original Nairu was a thick face. It was obviously the original naval, and the Joint Snake Pills sneak him. I even took the opportunity to kill him, and he controlled his evil with the rumor of the rogue and the wildlife!

However, in front of the black, Shangyuan Na is also a kind of innocent generous look, and there is even a pair of words even if you sneak attack, I will forgive your appearance ...

As a result, the black is not open to persuade the original navigation ...

Lying in the trough, the original Needs this active is from where to learn!

Directly reversed the black and white, it is, obviously a harmful born, but fucking a pair of victims ...

Yuxi Board finally understood.

Why didn't I forgive him in the long gates and Xiaonan?

Shang Nai Luo Sailing such a guy said that he said to him for him in a long time, the long door and Xiao Nan can accept him!

The four tails in the Shenwei space are also awake in the embarrassment, and the face is ugly: "What is your guy?"

"You don't need to know too much."

Yischi Board did not dare to provoke the original navigation, but for the four-tail column, he can still take it. His voice is very proud: "You just need to know, I am a person who can dominate this guy is enough. "

The future four-tail column is temporarily to stay in his neighborhood. It is estimated that this time will also take his eating and drink.

However, just like Yisi Wo can also get some free ...

It is much better than sleeping in the coffin at least.

Moreover, Yuxi Bo is also faintly revealing, just through the opportunity, he will be a little in the heart.

No, it is very cool!

Even if it is acting, let the soil have vented it in a heart.

Yisi Board has a little expectation to meet the next time.

The original neighborhood is too lazy to take care of him, and I am watching my reward.

Branch mission: defeat the four-tail column, the old purple (11), the task has been completed, and the gold coin is 100.

Oh, no accident.

After all, in the hot world, the color and strength are the most important. Old Zi, this guy did not show the powerful strength of the show, and even playful persimmon ghosts could not play ...

Branch mission: defeat the four-tailed Sun Wukong (11), the task has been completed, the reward skills are not bad.

King Kong is not bad: passive skills, increase life energy 1800 points, all life energy recovery effect is 50%.

Another passive skill.

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, and his current energy is more than 60,000, and it is not the loss of life energy, but he lacks the energy recovery effect of life.

At least 72 or second life recovery effect.

In just a few minutes, the original navigation just happened to be hurt by the four-tailed Sun Wukong attack.

Because the four-tailed Sun Wukong was taken away by Unecho, the black mood is not very good, it is in meditation, thinking about how to deal with Unexpello ...

To be honest, there is no shortprint.

If you want to deal with Unecy Bo, you must catch the trail of Urcho, but the land of the Shenwei's eyes want to hide, no one wants to find him.

No, there is still a person to find him.

"The elder generation, I remember the flag wood Cardi has a written eye."

"I remember the flag wood Cardi has a written eye ..."

Two people open the same voice.

Shangyuan Needs and black tailored can't help but look at it.

The black eyes flashed a bright, that only wrote the eyes is their opportunity, and maybe the eyes are the way to bring soil.

Darkly opened: "Unfortunately, the flag wood Cardi is not the Ninja of the Yishabo family, can't play real power ..."

What makes it even more, it is, the rest of the remaining Yizhibo is a group of two-five series, even if it is nothing to get to Carti's writing!

This religion can not be available!

The black secretly looked at Shangyuan Nae next to him. It did not say the next sentence he wanted to say, that is, resurrection Yuxi Bouc, and is a true resurrection!

Must be Yuxi Boss in the peak!

This is to find a way to use it.

Darkly plan to find a chance to see the research progress of the big snake pills, see if the big snake pill can resurrect the body of Unexpectedly.

Now you need to go back to Payne.

Since I have not captured four tail column, and even the members of the organization also have the risk of being monitored by Urcho, it can only give up the column of collectors first, so as not to have more tail beasts to fall into Utiso Hands.

Losing a four tail, and there is no difference between the lost beast.

Xi Xiao has entered the stage of the whole staff.

Other people basically take a rest or cultivation in the base, and Unecheo Sasuke's progress is fast.

The boys will gradually develop faster, and the progress of Sasuke is very normal, and he also has the stimulation of Yuxi.

Only the intelligence person is still active.

It is only not to pay attention to the intelligence of the column, put more about monitoring the big snake pills, trying to see what extent, the big snake pill is improved.

It is a pity that I don't know why, Dashi Pill has recently been studying to break the dead, and there is no interest in continuing to continue the translocking experiment.

Because the big snake pill wants to get the midst of the four generations of fire.

Only a wave of wind do be good at flying thunder and fast, and there are thousands of flying and wave windmen two flying thunder, Big Snake Pills believe that they have the possibility of resistance.

Because the big snake pills are emerging in the crackdown of the corpse, they will be handed over to the pharmacist.

And the big snake pill also realized that his control is not strong enough, so simply let the pharmacist learn to reincarnate, help him control some powerful ninja.

Anyway, he has got enough!

In the first generation of rigid shadow, the second generation of rigid shadow thousands of hands, and after cracking from the abortion, it also got the four generations of fire shadow.

These are the truly powerful ninjas!

The shadows of other villages are a group of waste.

The pharmacist is not too disappointing the troubles of the big snake pills. On the other side of the transcitation, while digging the graves everywhere, the powerful ninja body is collected.

The endurance time will slowly spend the calm.

More than a year is like flowing water.

The tissue is still in the crouch, because they only get big business, generally not in the endurance, all people are waiting for the resurrection of the three tails and the decline to solve Unexhoe with soil, and re-take the four tails.

During this time, a few things happened in the endurance.

The first thing, the fifth-generation wind shadow in Sandy Village was selected, and the column of the tail and the sand waterfall were the most appropriate.

In fact, the thousand generations of mother-in-law originally want to choose from the Jiu Lang, but unfortunately, the strength of this guy is not a bit, will only repair the pupils left before, never want to make what it is to make?

Mom, a teacher, can you rely on others every day? Will this world be empty?

Real must have to learn to do it!

Even the Millennium mother-in-law urged the Jiu Lang to make a few embarrassment, it is really terrible, but also can't take a hand ...

If the Sakiro is slightly given, the Qian Dynasty really puts the prosperity of Ji Lang as the fifth generation of shape, but this guy is still small, the strength is too weak, in case, it is just that the fifth generation of wind is by her. What should I do if the reasons of the grandson Red Sand?

Under the helplessness, the Qian Dynasty can only pinch the nose to put my love to the fifth generation, which is the youngest shadow in the history of the endurance.

A 14-year-old style.

Since the wind movement is inseparable, it is natural to express someone to the endurance.

The fifth generation of sandy village, I love Luo to the whole tolerance, the GF invitation, invite them to participate in the mediation exam hosted by Sand Yin Village, and the village of Yin Yin Village has also received the Chinese tolerance. Invitation.

This is really not afraid of death.

The invitation has naturally fallen in the hands of the original Needle, and he is looking at the words of the sandy invitation letter, and a pair of reassevenation is re-coming.

Sandy village did not count the four-generation style.

Or, the new five-generation style, I love to kill the four generations of the four generations, after all, although the father and son between Iron and Luo Sand is deep, but that is almost almost in the art of life and death. deep.

"Unfortunately, I will go to the middle and tentative exam."

Shangyuan Nai touched his chin, he has been 18 years old this year, has become a new generation of pillars in Yuyin Village, according to the customs of relief, this age can be married.

Unfortunately, he is still single.

Love is not very smooth, and the cause will grow more vigorously.

Every rain fingers believe that the original Nairou must be the first generation of Yu Yin Village after Payne, because there is no more suitable person than him.

And now I will start slowly replacing the rainy village in the small south, and even began to replace Petion's frequently appeared in the base assignment task, the long-door and Xiaonan's identity gradually be a bit like the two old consultants of the wooden leaves. .

Shang Nai was light and smashed, turned to the old gods in Xiaoshan who was drinking tea, and the brows couldn't help but jumped. How did his teacher live more and more leisurely!

"Teacher, are you not wanting?"


Xiao Nan small mouth drinks tea, and there is a smile between the eyebrows: "No matter what you choose, I will support you unconditionally."