I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 196 I, Shangyuan Na, a fire collection collector! (Sixth! Alliance plus more complete!)

It has been rushing for a few days.

Shangyuan Na, they finally arrived at the northern base of Dasine Pill, which is also a largest base of Dashan Pills, and the facility is fully equipped.

After the pharmacist, the pharmacist has a big snake pill, find a bunch of collectors of the big snake pill, placed in front of the original Na.

The pharmacist pointed to a meat, whispering: "This is the cultivated cell cultivated by the initials of the initial generation, and can be used directly as a born with the sacrifice."


Shangyuan Needs and Xiang Phosphorus also frowned.

How do you spit on the original navigation?

In the initial generation of tamatoes, this guy's cells are simply like cancer cells. As long as Chakra and Nutrition will be unlimited, his cells are still a lot, as long as people will start brain-binding, they can study the column cells. Multi-use.

"This is the material of the second-generation rigs."

The pharmacist also pointed to a bone, whisper: "Even this is just this, it is also enough to rebuild the second generation of rigid adults."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

I thought that he didn't have a person.

Now I think about him and the big snake pills are still a long distance!

The Big Snake Pills actually dug up the second-generation noodles, a piece of material who stayed in a blister, is this still personal!

"I tried to control the second generation!"

Shang Nai fell to the bones, but also referred to that a pile of meat, whispered: "Help me collect the cells of the initials, etc., when I feel that my strength is enough, let him reincarnate him. "


Five minutes.

The pharmacist quickly arranged everything for the original navigation, except for the second generation of the bones, the live white, even prepared a beautiful coffin.

Shangyuan Nai fell together to his palm, quickly launched the sound: "Tolerance, !"

In the next moment, the bone of the second-generation noodles for ashes, tightly surrounded the live white, turned it into a resurrection!

Shangyuan Na Rou quickly closed his own fingers, and I was afraid that the second-generation rigid shadow of the peak period was smashed.

Have to say, the Qian Chakra is indeed huge.

Shangyuan Nai fell and even some troubles, and only can be barely manipulated.

"Little Ghost ..."

After the completion of the thousand hands, the face was ugly to look at the original navigation: "Is this a little ghost to resurrect?"

There is also a word of the thousand hands.

After all, when they met, Shangyuan Needo could explode his head under his flying thunder!

The speed and strength, it is not a general ninja!

"Do you still know me?"

Shangqi Nai Lu smiled and took a shot of the luxurious coffin: "Well, I am different from the purpose of my resurrection and the big snake pills. I am in order to deal with Yu Zhibo spots who will die. Resurrection! "

"Hey, is Yuxi wave powder?"

After the thousands of hands snorted, he looked at the original navigation: "Little ghost, then tell me the information of Yuxi spots! I will solve the guy!"

"So confident?"

Shang Nai, headacked, , sigh, said: "Under the second generation of fire, do you have a little bit of strength?"

"Reassured, this time I resurrected power is close to my life."

The thousands of hands may be because of the reasons for embarrassment, more self-confidence: "Although the strength of Utiwang is far more than my strength, I have a special tactics that specializes in matters. ...

After the thousands of hand, continue to add to the opening: "Let that the tactics originally studied for the need for Yuxi Bouvelle!"

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Although the thousand-handed mouth is incomparable, it is still a little in the heart, but I don't believe him.

This guy is so loud, and it is actually playing with Yuxi Bo pointers that are not equipped with any eyes!

The original neighborhood was too lazy to continue with him, just slowly manipulating the thousands of hands into the coffin.

When I was in the future, I would like to make a tail of the nine-tail of the Northern Tailor, and the Shangli can arrange the Qian Room and the Wavelet Water Gate.

In addition to the second-generation rigid, there are three generations of fire shadows.

The pharmacist took out a body and whispered: "The big snake pills collected the remains of the three generations of fire, I have been thinking that I don't think about it, maybe he hasn't thought about how should I face the old day teacher? "

"Oh, I don't have so much burden."

Shangqi Nai Lu smiled, slowly swallowed: "I have the reason that I have to control the three-generation rigid, after all, he knows my true face!"

Next moment, Shangyuan Nairi suddenly closed his palm, whispered: "Tolerance, !"

If you have the second-generation rigid shadow, you want to control the three generations of fire, you will be simple, even more simple than controlling the waves!


After the three generations of fire, after the Japanese woke up, slowly opened his eyes, and there was a dead gas: "The big snake pill is the soul of the bladder."

"Yeah, in addition to the big snake pill, will anyone do this!"

Shangqi Nairou raped his fingers, after laughing, he stepped into the coffin.

Who can think that Shangyuan Na's voice stimulates the arrival of the day, the will of the old man began to struggle: "It is your little ghost! Your little ghost deceives the wooden leaves ..."

"Don't be so violent, lying in the coffin!"

Shangyuan Na Run, after the arrival, laughing, laughing and laughing on this three-generation fire cover: "Three generations of fire! In fact, you don't know all, you have a smell of yourself in my own Let's! Have a fake and treacherous father! "

This is real.

Because the pharmacist fake through the darkness of the orphan code, the three-generation rigid manipulated the people in the village is everywhere.

As for it is true, no one has been found out.

After all, the three generations of fire and the four-generation rigs have been dead. Later, even Yichiso has died, and the dark part of the orphan also disappeared.

How is this?

Of course, there is no way to check!

The friendly image of the sky is completely collapsed, and the farther has become a famous man who is a man who is a man who is a black hand of the wooden man.

After all, everyone is most annoying is this kind of false gentle.


The pharmacist looked at the original navigation and the singer, the heart is secretly spit, why is the name of the three generations of fire?

Now the main task of the original naval came to the big snake pill base is over.

In addition to being less likely to be controlled by him, the other three rigs have been successfully reincarnated, becoming the collection of Nairi!

The original navigation is still a hidden regret.

To say that the words of the honesty, the most important thing to collect is the fifth generation of fire shadows. If possible, the fifth generation of fire shadows must be grateful ...

Shangqi Nairi received two coffins, looked at a parenchyma: "Right, now you can control the second generation of towns and three generations of Three generations? I want to play with them!"

After all, his advanced task is only a line of thunding and noodles!

If you can do it here, the three-dimensional properties such as Chakra are still second, and the most important thing is that the recovery effect will definitely improve.

And beat the five shadows, maybe it is possible to finally advance the task, the system gives him a certain reward must be very rich, just don't know the movie characters who defeated the earth, will not be inside ...

"I don't have enough grasp."

The pharmacist is silent for a while, whispered: "But I can use the spell to exploit their knowledge, let them temporarily drive me."

"That is enough."

Shangyuan Nai was twisted his wrist, and smiled: "Don't worry, anyway, I have enough grasp to overcome them! After the end, I will help you seal them, let them enter the coffin, I can't sleep!" "

"Yes, Needers!"

The pharmacist agreed.

Since the boss is not to capture the control of other movie-level characters, only if you want to play a single, the pharmacist must promise!

Any requirements of Shangyuan Na, the pharmacist will try our best!

The pharmacist has gradually discovered the way to get along with the original Nair, as long as you can agree with any of the requirements of the Upogen, do any task of the original account, Shangyuan Nairu is still very generous for his own subordinates.

Most importantly, Shangyuan Nair seems to have some bottom line.

Because the pharmacist finds that all the requirements and tasks proposed in the original Needle, I only need to have some effort in his capacity.

In contrast to the big snake pill, I will be too human.

"Then start!"

The original Nairi is a root of his fingers: "The legend can be able to take the union of the rice, and the legend of the legend, and the second generation of the Yisi spots is forced to surrender. Soil ... I can really come! "

"Yes, then I will resurrect them now!"

The pharmacist immediately packed up the venue and slowly closed his fingers: "Do you need to rehaute two times, or only one to resurrect a war?"

Shangyuan Needle hesitated for a while, wrinkled his own brow: "Let's first come to the simplest! I have to experiment first ..."


The pain of the pharmacist and the fragrant, and the face of the fragrant phosphorus is relaxed.

Originally, two of them thought that this boss was too arrogant. Now this boss is still very rational ...