The original Nair is purely for advanced task rewards.

Shangnai Na Ruo is actually do not like fighting, he is not interested in fighting, his life is the most tired of yourself.

The favorite life of Nairo, in fact, it is sitting in Yuyin Village, waiting for a member of the organization to make money every day; although it is organized, it will give birth to a good fever.

"Needers, I am ready."

The pharmacist took the palm of his hand and flew over the handprint of the embarrassment, and a smoke is gradually packaged as a sacrifice.

Next moment, a person who covered bandage came out.

It is the second generation of noodles.

Since the second generation of the second generation, the second generation of Silhouette seems to be a bit unclear, still observing the surrounding environment, this is the Ninja instinct of warhood.

"Hey, the native people don't look, followed behind!"

Shangji fell to shoot the shoulders of the second generation of noodles, as if it was a second generation of old-age old people, and he said hello.

However, when this Soil, the top of the STH has turned to the head, the Shangyuan slammed a punch and put his head into a piece of confetti!

The confetti gradually floats.

The second-generation soil has no head.

Under the nature of the murder of the murder, no matter how fatal injury will be completely recovered, unless the grade of the jade level.

After the second-generation Shuo did not recover the original appearance, he looked at the eyes of the original Needle and the enemy. His palm suddenly closed, and a white light appeared in him: "Dust, the original stripped! "

It is just the second-generation soil, and the body of Shangyuan has disappeared in the original place, let the second-generation Spring attack fall in the air!

The dust in the hands run through the ground, instantly penetrating a big hole, and the soil in the hole will directly be broken down into atom!

"This is too terrible ..."

After the original Nairou fell, after a sentence, the body quietly appeared behind, and the hand smashed the chest!

His speed is too fast, far exceeds no anti-å speed!


The second generation of Si Shadow did not dare to confidently looked at the fists who came out of their chests, whispered: "Is the second-generation rigid shadow of the wooden leaves?"

"Hey, see how far!"

Shangyuan Na will recover his fist, when the second generation of Spring body is restored, he will get him on the ground!

Next, no body has just recovered complete, followed by the original navigation, he didn't even even react the opportunity!

As a strong ninja developed a bloody phase-out, there is no power in the hands of a young ninja, even if you want to simply defense!

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, looking at the original naval and unilateral battle, couldn't help but praise: "It is a neighborhood!"

"Indeed, the gap is too big."

Xiang Phosphophiology pushed the pain of the pharmacist pushed his own glasses, whispered: "In my perception, the Chakra moment of the two people is completely incompatible, whether it is any aspect, Nair Fair people account for absolute advantages. .

The second-generation Tang Shadow seems to be too much, which is almost completely not the opponent of Needar, and even the Nairi's clothes can't be touched! "

"This is also something that there is no way ..."

The lip of the pharmacist revealed a smile, continued: "I have seen the neighborhood of the necklace in my own eyes, and the second-generation rigs of the wooden leaves is only in the same time. Yuxioba's people. "

After that, after the words, the pole of the pharmacist passed, and the opening said: "But the second generation of the shadow is not a place, and the dust in his body is eliminated yet!"

In fact, it is not the second-generation Soil, I don't want to use my own dust.

Instead, it is too fast, and the dust can't keep up with his speed. Now the second-generation Spring shadow can only make yourself to find an opportunity to counterattack!

Born in the second-generation noodle of the war, how to save the situation in this disadvantage battle, he didn't want to find a chance to show, but immediately split his body after the recovery of his own rubbish. !


No body instantly divided into two!

This is his unique figure, no need for a print, it can release it. The most important thing is that every part is entity, you can play his strength!

The only weak point is that you can't use dust attack.

But this is no harmful, anyway, he can't use the dust, it is better to give up the dust, exchange a chance to fight.

One of the unsuccessful entities were taken by the original navigation, and then disappeared without a trace, obviously this entity is just to resist the original blow!

This second is enough to avoid the other entity.

Another unique entity became transparent color, quietly disappearing in the vision of the original Nairi: "Dust-free"! "

Dust-free sustament is one of the strongest invisible capabilities, even if Chatcra can't be perceived!

Therefore, it is called 'universal'.

It is because his invisible ability is too horrible!


Shangyuan Nae glanced around and slowly opened his hunting right, his eyes flashed a golden man, and laughed and said: "Catch you!"

But this time is enough to start an attack!

"Dust, the original stripped draft!"

The dust of a square is shot from the unsuspendent hand, completely covers the body of Shangyuan Na, which is obviously to disintegrate the original!

"Life Form Wattra"! "

Shangji returned to the head, a purple energy shot from his eyes, and he welsed the dust!

At this moment, the two types that can also disintegrate the enemy together!

Purple rays and dusty white are actually refused to show each other, and they are stalemating in half of the air. They don't get back!

"How can it be…"

The second-generation soil wrinkled her own brow, staring at Shangyuan Nae, who died in the lower part: "Do you still have a surgery that can resist the dust?"

No, it's not counter-balance!

But completely taw!

Dust white light is constantly being disintegrated by purple rays. After the purple rays are completely clear, they will run through dusty white light.

Unscissed, shouted, avoiding the purple rays!


Shangyuan Nai's body used the void walking instant appeared in front of the incompetence, waving his neck, laughed: "Second generations of soil, it seems that you can make a value!"

"Who is the bottom?"

The second generation of the native look is ugly, and it is clearly grasped the original Needle wrist, and I will take advantage of his constraints.

However, the power of Shangyuan Na will make no way nothing!

"I am the leader of the country's neighbors of the country."

Shangqi Lu is so soft, suddenly slammed the second-generation soil from the sky from the sky, and the blade of the void was gave birth to the hands of Shangyuan Na, and slammed the second-generation nail. Don't move on the ground!

The blade of the void can draw the enemy Chakra.

What is wrong with infinite Chakra, but the total amount of Chakra that can be used in the same time is just a limited value, which is their talent.

The original Nairo leaned over the void blade of the second-generation noodle, which is more suitable for the whole enemy tool than yin and yang!

"Well, the experiment is almost successful."

Shang Nai fell to shoot his palm, looked at the direction of the pharmacist and the incector: "I didn't want to have a dusty, and I can't even be better, this second-generation Tuli is not so strong. , Help me prepare the next one! "

"Dust rude is eliminated, but the top of the endurance is the highest number of blood, which is actually defeated by the neighborhood of Nairi."

The pharmacist touched his own glasses, showing a smile on his face: "It seems that the neighborhood is really no enemy!"

The pharmacist looked at the Shangyuan Nairou in the air, erected his finger: "But the next enemy is known as the strongest defense and the strongest attack, the three generations of Lei Ying, which can fight with the power of one person and tens of thousands of rock. People! "



The pain of the pharmacist revealed a wie, Shen Sheng: "This is the strongest Lei Ying called! It is said that it can be excited to be excited!"

"Let's hurry!"

Shangqi Nae lost his head and looked at the rewards that he had just defeated, and saw the pharmacist and the fragrant phosphorus, couldn't help but urge.

Branch mission: Beat the second-generation noodles (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the skills of gas.

Gashengng: By consumption of Chakra energy and life energy directly on the target area, a strong attack, instantly destroying everything in the region, minimizing life energy and Chakra energy 1000 points, skill cooling time is not.


Shangyuan Needo is a little deprived.

This is also the first time I encountered this magical skill, while consuming life energy and the skill of Chakra energy, it seems that the power is not small.

But why reward this skill!

Because the two-generation earth shadow is the same gesture gesture gesture and the gathered ghost. Unfortunately, now the time-limited skill exchange is no longer, then you can only leave this skill!

Compare those, the most important thing is the advanced task.

Advanced tasks: Kill five shadows (45), the task is not completed, and unknown.

This advanced task is completed after the original navigation of the fierce, and it is obvious that the dust is also listed in the advanced task.

After all, it is not easy to close to the second generation of Spring, then a punch will kill him, this requires a lot of conditions to do ...

The first condition is ...

I am a missed.