I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 198 is an enemy that is exploded by a punch!

The pharmacist is more cautious than the original navigation.

Before the pharmacist reincards the three generations of Lei Ying, the pharmacist is in the second-generation Spring, the second-generation Spring shadow is released into the coffin, and he controls him to sleep.

In this part, the work is fine.

After the second-generation Spring shadow, the pharmacist began to reincarnate to the three generations of Lei Ying's dirt: "Tolerance of the martyr"! "

Confetti dust quickly wrapped a sacrifice, a healthy man floated from the white body, appeared within their sight!

Three generation Lei Yai Ai!

The three generations of Lei Ying have the strongest spear, and the thunder Chakra model with the strongest shield title, whether it is attack and defense are invincible, even in that era, he should be the strongest. Ninja!

The second generation of rigorous shadows in the same year and the second generation of Lei Ying Ai have just achieved the approximately alliance, and they were hit by the golden corner of Yun Yin Village, and the second generation Lei Ying was killed on the spot, and thousands of hands were in order to cover their own. The disciples have retired and die ...

It is short to spectrum.

I really don't know how the two goods have killed thousands of hands ...

More freely, the three generations of Lei Ying in Yunyin Village is the most critical juncture, and the first thing he did to kill the golden corner, and sent the remains of thousands of hands back to the leaves. Let Yun Yin Village have spent the most dangerous moment.

Since then, Yun Yin Village flew away.


The three generations of Lei Ying is more fruitful than the second generation of Sihu Ying. After the resurrection, the first thing he did is to fly to the position of the pharmacist!

As long as you are not your own, you are enemies!

This is the way of thinking about the cloudy.

Just as the three generations of Lei Ying should rush to the pocket of the pocket, when he sees him, standing in the mouthpiece of the pharmacist, in front of the pocket!

At this moment, the teenage girl of the whirlpool has a courage, and the speed is very fast, even if the pharmacist is too late to react, I see that the fragrant phosphorus appears in front of himself!

But how can she block the three generations of thunders!

Fortunately, the original naval is in time, and the collar of fragrant phosphorus is taken, and the girl is thrown to the side, and I have a few words: "You don't want to live, the three generations Lei Ying this enemy is also you can block. living?"

During the speech, I will play a feet forward!

This feet is in the chest of the three generations of Lei Ying, and Juli almost lets the three generations of Lei Ying can't resist, let him fly back with faster speed!

Shangyuan Needle slowly recovered his legs, frowning: "I really don't know how you think about these women, do you want to talk about love?"

"But with big people ..."

"You both are far away!"

The original Nairo interrupted the words of fragrant phosphorus, and he looked at the three-generation Lei Ying, who was kicked by him, has already stood up, and the original pinching his fist: "What is the body fight, but I am best now ! "

Today, the original Nairou still misses yourself and Maitkai battle, that is the body's truly romance!

Of course, this is the original navigation.

If the above, he doesn't like this romance.

People, it is so real.

"Thunder Chevrora mode!"

The three generations of Lei Ying shook a large piece of electricity, and the whole person seems to bathe in the lightning, this is the endurance of Yun Yin Village.

The thunder check Kra model does not significantly activate the cells, enhance the human defense, and the speed brought to the ninja is huge!

Next, the figure of the three generations of Lei Ying fell!

"Speed ​​fast ..."

This scene is a surprised, and he slammed his arm and blocked the three generations of Thunder Ying, which suddenly appeared.

At the line of sight, the speed of this three-generation Lei Ying is almost unsigned with the movement of the four generations of fire.

Lei Ying, Yunyin Village ...

I really can't be small!

Shangyuan Na Rou waved his fist, instantly and the three generations of Lei Ying became a group, and the two fist speeds were almost faster than once!

Just look according to the battle, this three-generation strainer and open the seventh door of the seventh door, it is almost unhappy!

"But I have already surpassed the standard of routine shadow."

Shangyuan Na's mouth hook, spread his fist, grabbed the arm of Three generation Lei Ying, and throw him to the air!

Shangyuan Nairi is rushing up, and it is also a feet to fell into the ground with the three generations of the air!

Just as the original naval is going to fall from the sky, when I use the giant to break the three-generation Lei Ying body, I have appeared around the three generations of Lei Ying!

Countless black thunders, flourishing towards the direction of the original Nair!

"Oh ... it is you first use tolerance!"

The figure of Shangyuan Nairi is shining with the void, and the next moment is in front of the three generations of Lei Ying, and the foot is on!

The three generations of Lei Ying Ai hurriedly turned over!

The area he just came was originally placed in just a moment!

This scene saw a convulsions in the eyes of the three generations. He reached his fingers and put the whole body Chakra on his fingers, cold voice: "Hell Trouble, a hand!"

"I heard that this is the strongest situation under Lei Ying Hope?"

Shangji picks up the eyebrows and laughs: "In addition to this surgery, there is no epighel that can leave any wounds on your body, even if it is an eight-tailed cattle, he does not dare to fight with you ..."

"Little ghost, you know a lot of ..."

The three generations came to look at the original navigation.

In fact, it is possible to harden the tail of the tail of eight tails. For ordinary ninja, this is already proud of it.

Not any ninja can hang two genius in the initial generation of Yuxi blossoms, use the bullion of the nine tail to settle their power.

"Then I want to try ... See if I can leave a wound on your body!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, slowly closing his palm, flashing a madness on his face: "Cactus mode · Dengdeng Changha!"

Two pairs of wings suddenly appeared behind the original Naid!

The next moment of the whole person has skyrocketed, and a invisible shock wave instantly swept everything around, almost let people around you can't support it!

Even the three generation Lei Xi Ai, which is being condensed, Chakra completed, at this moment, watching the body of the original neighborhood also flashed a shock!

Shangyuan Nai was twisted to twisting his shoulders, and the two wings were moving, and at the same time, he also saw his status bar.

Since I destroyed the grassy village, I added the rebellion and reward, Shangyuan Na's life energy strengthened almost a thousand miles almost one day, with 400% of the immortal model, and life energy is almost 20,000!

This is the powerful power that Shang Nai has never experienced!

The three generations Lei Yai Ai first launched an attack. His body was like a lightning, and the whole person rushed to the position of the original Nairo: "Hell Trouble, a hand!"


Shangyuan Needs faster!

Between the short moment, the two battles!


A loud noise is in the ear of everyone!

The figure of Shangyuan Nae suddenly stopped, slowly turned to look at his fist, hook the mouth of his mouth: "Is this a homage? Hehe ..."


However, the entire battlefield did not see the traces of the three generations of Lei Ying.

Xiang Phosphorus pushes his own glasses, and it is shocking to the entire battlefield: "

"Because ah ..."

The eyes of the pharmacist looked at the battlefield, looked at the dust debris that came from a corner of the battlefield, and his eyes showed a bitter smile: "The three generations of the strongest shield and the strongest spear , Was exploded by Nerat of Neigant! "

Yes, a punch is exploding!

Simply let the pharmacist doubt life!

How could happen this!

The characters I have known as the strongest thunding in history, even in the near-body confrontation, I was shattered in the body!

"Okay, let him seal it!"

Shangyuan Na will slowly fall on their side, the two pairs of wings behind him have gathered in the moment, and he hit a yawn.

Twenty-five million points of life energy!

When only one or two thousand points in the district, the Shangyuan Na will be able to compete with the surprise Metai, now almost ten times the period, who can block a boxing in the whole endurance ...

The first is the most important reward ...

Advanced task 5: Kill five shadows (55), the task has been completed, rewarding life energy is 1000 points, Chakra energy is 1000 points, the natural energy is 1000 points, the reward gold coin is 10,000, the reward full attribute recovery effect is 50%, reward cactus The advanced mode is a third aspect.

Advanced task 6: Killing a six-way ninja (01), the task is not completed, and the reward is unknown.

At the beginning of the original navigation, this broke the system too much. The whole religion couldn't take a six-level ninja now!

Garbage system, nor!