I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 199 Pharmacist Doing White Dress (Top 3 is sent!)

Shangyuan Nairo has reached a short peak.

In accordance with the understanding of the advanced task of the original navigation, the enemy below the sixth level of the entire endurance should not be his opponent, except for the uncertainty of Metaka.

Who knows that Metekai will not work hard in this year, directly open eight armor, one foot, kicking it, I can only open an invincible life ...

After a short time, the three generations of Thunder recovered the body.

The pharmacist has erected his fingers, and exhaustive power controls the body of the three generations of Lei Ying. I asked in sweating: "Needer, Needer, does this Lei Ying adult continue to do your sparring?"

"no need."

Shangyuan Nai rushed to the pharmacist.

The pharmacist took a sword with a spent, inserted into the back of the three generations of Lei Ying, temporarily lying on his consciousness.

The pharmacist has launched a coffin and puts this three-generation Lei Xiang plug in. He believes that his boss has defeated the strongest three-generation Lei Ying, it is certainly no longer necessary to continue him.

This is a qualified subordinate.

At the end, I watched a pharmacist with satisfaction, and he looked at the system panel, defeating the three-generation straightening, the state of the reward and the advanced third form of the immortal model.

Branch mission: defeat the three generations of Lei Ying Ai (11), the task has been completed, and the reward skills will be in front.

Take the front: I am born forward, there is no life to death! In the extremely fast speed, I launched a sudden in the nearby enemies and the cooling time is not!


Shangnai is still stupid.

This fuck is the one who sent it forward!

This system is neuropathy!

Why reward him this skill!

Is it because the three generations of Lei Ying launched a charge to tens of thousands of ninja in the power of tens of thousands of ninja, so will they reward this skills?

Shangyuan Na Rouked up the mind of his own spit, and see the effect of immortal model that has advanced as third form.

Cactus mode: Deng Shenyi, the third form is hot.

Chakra automatically converts to Xianke Chakra, all skill cooling reduction + 100%, life energy increased to 600%, life recovery effect is increased to 600%, Xianke Chakra energy recovery effect is increased to 600%, using Xianke Chakra The consumption will be reduced by 50% when the release skill is used, and it will have a flame attack when using the vital attack.


Shangyuan Na Rou slowly re-opened his own cactus mode, I saw that the original four wings behind him have become six wings, and the slight fan will float with him.

In accordance with the third-form hot blessing, he can even use the immortal mode forever, a large number of Xianke Chakra consumes decrease, and a large Xianke Chakra resumption increase.

If he releases a few hundred points of Tracing Chakra skills, basically will not consume any Chakra at all!

The third form of immortal model is good!

If you enter the fourth form, then you will become more!

Shang Nai was slamming a punch. I saw his fist to set off a year of heat waves, and the recreation of heat waves and destroyed a big tree in the distance!

The original Nairi is satisfied with his fist, and he also turned his head to look at the pharmacist next to it. There was a touch on his face: "Pocket, learn the dragon caucasian model, then we two to fight!"

I can't wait to see the final form of immortal model!

Maybe the immortal mode is the bottom card that he can use the enemy of the six-channel level. If you want to make the immortal model, you must defeat a fairy mode!

Although the original navigation can also be able to resurrect the first generation of the first generation, but the head is still not sure ... This is too strong.


The smile that the pharmacist is maintained.

Does his boss must be a joke? This punch has exploded the strongest Lei Ying, must be joking with him ...

Or is his own ear show a magic?

Just like it seems that I am looking for him to learn, I am definitely wrong!

The fragrant phosphorus next to the pharmacist is also confused. Although the girl believes that the pharmacist is definitely very powerful, but the strength is still a little bit compared to the original Needs, the strength is still a little ...

After all, in the perception of fragrant phosphorus, the momentum of the original Nair is far more than anyone who has seen in the fragrant phosphorus, and even more than the leader of Xiaoyu!

If the endure is really god, it must be the Shangyuan Nairou in front of him.

"Reassure, we are just practicing."

Shang Nai, I saw the dish of the disaster, slowly falling around him, took a shot of his shoulders, laughed: "Okay, these wings are the effect of I open the cactus mode, maybe your immortal mode More stronger! "

Pharmacist: "..."

Although the pharmacist has not practiced what kind of cactus is still cultivated, but the last boss will don't want to lie to him!

Even if the dragon caucasian model is stronger, can you still explode three generations of Lei Ying?

Although the pharmacist has not seen pork, I have never seen a pig run, can you still have to hear a pig? The curse research from the big snake pill is the weakening version of the immortal model!

And there is no mistake.

More than a year ago, Dashan Pill once hated a thing to pocket the pharmacist, and the original neighboring king eight eggs and white snake cactors didn't help ...

The strongest white snake cactus of the dragon cave is all played.

"Okay, don't think too much, I will accompany you to do the experiment!"

Shangyuan Needressed up his own wings, smiled and opened: "I have something here, even if your experiment fails, I can save you back."

"Yes, Thank you, Nai Lu!"

The pharmacist took the nodded, Shen Sheng: "So allow me to prepare the material for yourself, after all, I have thought about how I should transplant the Word of the Word and the initials of the generous adults."


When I arrived, I was curious.

As an orthodox scientist disciple, the pharmacist plugged the planting cell cells is more secure than the long-door and fragrant experiment.

Moreover, the pharmacist does not need to awaken the wood, in fact, he also believes that he doesn't have that qualification, he only requires Chakra in the columnar cell to reduce the consumption of the write-wheel eye.

The pharmacist pockets the plumoconcell into a face of a face, and puts the Shenwei's eyes into the eyes of the face. It is carefully waiting for their integration, followed by supplementing it in the face. Visual nerves and other messy things.

Perhaps because the original navigation can give him a lot, the pharmacist is not intended to replace his own eyes, he likes to add things on his own, and do not like to pick it up.

"Can this?"

The original brow has provoked his own brow: "If the strongest blorestation avoids the attack, it will greatly reduce its practicality. ! "

The pharmacist smiled and shook his head and looked at the original Na Run. "Nairies, please don't worry, I will arrange, I will find a way to prevent him ..."


Shangyuan Needs to believe in the IQ of the Pharmacist.

The problem is that this experiment seems to have been taken for a long time, and the pharmacist pockets to ensure the strength of the geotextile, and constantly adjust it.

This assistant in the incense phosphorus does not understand.

Not to mention the scientific scientific scientific science.

Half a month.

Shangji Nai, looking at the face of the compartment cells, it is still cultivating, he finally can't wait: "Give me a letter, do you need more time to complete?"

"For about ten years."

After the pharmacist said, I saw the original navigation and a little ugly expression, and the mouth is clearly changed: "At least five years will be cultivated ..."

Shangyuan Na was turned knocking on the experimental station: "Can you tell me the experimental principle? You can't fuse the column cells directly, then transplant your eyes? Anyway, I can help you solve it!"


The pharmacist looked at the original.

The problem is that he is now following the original navigation of the experimental principle, is this boss understand?

However, as a qualified subordinates, no matter whether the boss does not understand, the pharmacist must explain: "Chakra, which needs to write the eyes, exceeds my own, and my physical fittings However, it is not necessary to be able to get the consumption of the write-eyed eye, so it is easy to copy the case of Kasiki, Kakasi ... "

Questioners' Questions in Kakasi know.

Because he does not have the body of Yisha, it cannot be closed.

Therefore, Kakasi's Chakra has not been very sufficient, so Kasi often fights to escape to the most suitable timing consumption Chakra uses a C-class tolerance ...

Pharmacist does not want to do it!

Shangqi Nairou took force to knock on the experiment, and asked: "There is no other way? When you complete the experiment, I am estimated that I have destroyed Yu Zhiwei ..."


How can I wait for the four or five years?

The three ends of the hidden village will be reborn in two years, even if the original navigation can control the actions and speed of the tail, his patience can't wait!

Instead of waiting for the pharmacist to become a Zhiso, it is better to directly manipulate the trend of the Tu Zhibo with the land to continue to work!

"Can you do this?"

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, launching only scientific knowledge: "You find a way to make a white armor to wear the armor, then transplant the write-eyed eye to the white body, by you want to control this white Awareness ... "


The pharmacist is silent for a while, after pushing his own glasses, slowly lifting the head and looks at the original navigation: "Needge never did not touch the biological experiment?"

"Are you laughing at me?"

The original Nairou is standing, it is like laughing and laughing at the pharmacist: "Is it not feasible?"

"No, very talented ideas."

After the pharmacist took a look, it took a little bit, and the sound explained: "Although the principle heard it is very naive ... No, it is very simple, but I really have a similar way."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Is the pharmacist just ridicule him?

The pharmacist didn't know the mind of the original Nairi, just slowly clenning his fists: "That is the way I intend to transplant the cells of the big snake pills ... Now you can first use it on the white, this method touchs the bypass "

The pharmacist has been trying to seal the cells of the big snake pill, ghost children, and the cells and Chakra even enough to have a new big snake pill in his body. All tissue.

In the fourth endurance battle in history.

There were a half-body of many people in the body of the pharmacist.

Perhaps because there have been this idea, the experiment of the pharmacist brings is very smooth, and he will erase a vibrant consciousness and seal it in his body.

When the pharmacist needs to use the white, it will be released, and it is wrapped in his body as a armor.

That white body, there is a wooden woven and Shenwei written on the alone cell.

The pharmacist is covered with a vocal body, the body is hidden in the white, slowly clenning his fist: "Wooden, kaleidoscope write round eyes ... experiment seems to be more smooth than I imagined "

"Does your body use Shenwei?"

Shang Nai was frowning: "In case someone attacks, the body penetrated, but stabbed your body?"

"This is a part of my body."

After the pharmacist shakes his head, I saw that the white is like a liquid, just like a liquid, which is in his body, these are the cells in the vitro!

As these cells move fly, it has gradually exposed the true face of the pharmacist, and those whispered cells have poured into the chest and abdomen of the pharmacist.

Just on the chest and abdomen on the pocket is a white, with a written eye on it.

People feel a little frightened.

After Shangyuan Na, I touched my own chin, I nodded: "If it is not a chest, this eye is too scared, and the experiment is too much, you have a little bit of outer clothes, I want to do it."

"I can prepare a stronger ..."

"do not."

Shangyuan Nai Luo quickly shake his head, sighed a gap: "If you have the opportunity, you can help me do a machine!"