I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 200, Waiting, Why is the ghost lights will be here!

The experiment of the pharmacist pocket was very successful.

Single only the Shenwei kaleidoscope wrote the wheel eye and the mood, let his strength achieve the growth of leapfrogging, and even control the anti-translosphere of the shadow.

Since then, the pharmacist will be more than a profession, adhering to the will of the original Nairi, the identity of the Juishihe Belt and the Snake the heir to do things.

"Then start!"

Shang Nai was seized from the Big Snake Base, ,, The female ninja tombstone put a few bouquet of flowers, brushing a sense of existence of Yuxi Board. "

Pharmacist: "..."

What is this ghost task!

Where is this boss?

Want to brush a sense of touch, should he not attack the wooden leaves directly? Why is only a few bouquets in the tombstone of wild?

However, as a qualified subordinates, the pharmacist moved the brain in an instant, I remembered the relationship between Yuxi Bo-soil, flagmark, and wild.

Two men and a woman's wooden squad.

This small team is the basic configuration of the leaves, which generally has a problem, and the triflor is a more common kind.

The pharmacist nodded, pushed the glasses on his nose, laughed and opened: "Yes, Needers, I remember, and I will choose the right time, such as flag wood Cardi is likely to comfort When the monument is visiting.

... "

Shangyuan Nai can't hurt the pocket of the drug, it is really the most satisfied part of him now, anything can think about it very well.

As long as the pharmacist will take a few bouquet of flowers in front of the tombstone of Yainelin, just in the flag-like Kaki, Kasi will pay attention to the land of Yisi Bo, and there is a bad thing in the future. Remember your own hobbies.

"The second thing."

Shangyuan Na was turned on this map to knock on the Bund, just picked a base, continued to tell: "Let the whole force know that the big snake pill is dead, let them know that the pharmacist is the successor of the big snake pill, even you He is stronger. "


The pain of the pharmacist revealed a smile, whisper: "Needer, this is to attract me to relieve some people in the sake of the strength of the big snake pills? Can be put in the eyes of the Nairi, seem Only know! "


Shang Nai nodded and looked at the pharmacist with appreciation: "But not a child, but a sinister person in Ka, it stares on the power of embarrassment, the entire endurance must only have this power. "

This is mainly to be targeted.

If the opportunity is right, maybe you can also pull the pharmacist pocket into the tissue, and then further pull into the moon's eye plan small circle.

by that time…


At the end, the people who thought of the blackness of the necklace were undercover. When they were discovered in the future, he couldn't help but be a little happy.

"Sinister people?"

The pharmacist looked at the original navigation in his consciousness.

Oh, is there anything that is more sinister in the entire endurance?

To be honest, the pharmacist is hard to imagine why a super strong person has always been going to live with the soil pills and Yuxi Bo.

Is it strong that the strength is stronger, and the heart is in the dark?

Looking at the pharmacist, knocking on the table, knocked on the table, asked: "Do you think about what you are thinking about? God is a bit!"

The pharmacist hurriedly went down, covering the original navigation, seeing his greece, and quickly transferring another topic: "Needers, there are other tasks?"

"do not have much left."

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his forehead, whispered: "When you are free, you will do some bad things with Yuxi Bo."

"…it is good."

The pharmacist blinked and nodded.

After the thing of this, the fragrant phosphorus pulled the original neck, whispered: "Nairies, I am worried that the big people will be deceived by the big snake!"


At the time of the original nerves, it was pensive.

He can't be more satisfied with the pharmacist, the only worried thing is that the pharmacist is too soft to the big snake pill.

After all, the idioms about the snake are not a good word. Those idioms can be all of them!

What happens to the Pharmacist with a snake?

The worry of fragrant phosphorus is not reasonable.

This person is good about this person, it is the character of his and fragrant phosphorus. Others give him a little sun-like warmth, he will not hate the sun.

The problem is the guy of the big snake!

If someone else gives him a sun, he will want to win the ability of others, make a solar system or even the Galaxy.

This person can't stay.

But it is advisable to feel the feelings of the pharmacist.

"I got it!"

Shangyuan Nairi thought after a while, suddenly hammer his palm, looked at some doubtful pharmacists, whispered: "I can understand your feelings of big snake pills, but in this critical juncture, I will give him to others. Let's! "

"I can…"

"No, this person is more appropriate than you."

Shangyuan Na's right hand finger against his left hand, with a slight force to draw a small wound, and a drop of blood is oozed into the wound.

The original nerves fly quickly to sync printing, whispered: "Just let you see your next teacher in advance ... Tonghua, Psychic, White Snake!"

A huge psychic label appeared at the foot of the original Needle!

The smoke of the Psychic, a huge white phosphorus, a large, a large white phosphorus, is the white snake cactus of the dragon.

It is only that it is in a small in the dragon hole, it seems that you can replace your body according to the environment.

The White Snake Moon looked around the environment around him, slightly moving towards the first navigation, spit the snake core: "Need to go, what is it here?"

"Help me temporarily close the Dragon Pill in the Longfen Cave."

Shang Nai fell to a position, where there is a place where the pharmacist pockets the body small white snake.

After a huge head of the White Snake, its tail slowly turned to the position, rolled up the bulk of the big snake.

Even if the little white snake crazy resistance, trying to become an eight-legged big snake, but it is still gently hanging from the White Snake, and quickly falls into the wind.

As a snake, the white snake cactus deals with snakes.

After that, the little white snake slowly lost its resistance.

"there's one more thing."

After the original Na, he saw that the White Snake cactus was resolved, refers to the pharmacist, "" This person has time to go to the dragon hole to learn the immortal mode, there is no problem? "

"The fairy model is not easy ..."

The white snake cactus sways huge heads, explains the opening: "The immortal model and routine surgery are different, and the requirements for scholars will not be too low, and this is very dangerous ..."

"Nothing, you will teach him, don't let him have any questions."

Shangji opened his palm, looking at the white snake cactus in front of him: "Now I have more than ten times more than the past, in case, I will get out of the problem, I will have a dragon hole. ! This is the most effective part! "


The pharmacist seems to feel like this is not very good.

Obviously he didn't know, in the face of the strong and extremely extremely extremely strong and extremely extremely extremely extremely extreme, it is the best choice.


After a while, the White Snake Cactus was silent, and I took a noddous: "I will teach him to cultivate immortal models with a safe method, but the progress may not be too fast ..."

"Then, if I have to be safe and safe?"

Shangyuan Nai fell together, smiled and laughed: "Of course, I am also a reasonable person, let him learn the immortal mode within two years, this thing is not too difficult?"

When Shangyuan is said to last, slowly released Chakra in his body, and his eyes faintly revealed!

White snake cactors slowly leaned down, this little ghost is really strong!

This role is even more like a monster than them!

How is this guy in this guy?

"will not."

After the white snake fairy slowly nodded, the whisper continued: "But if his qualifications are stupid, I can't do it. Nerage is also a cactus, how strroices should be understood by the cultivation threshold of the immortal model ..."

"Oh, I know."

Shang Nai was launching, smiling and continued: "It is because I know the difficulties, so I gave you a two-year period ..."

"Try to do our best."

The White Snake Cactus spit out of the Dragon Cave of the Dragon Cave in the position of the drug teacher, and there are more majesty in the mouth: "Sign your name on the Psychic Striry! Look at the face of Nairu, I will teach well. your."

"Yes, white snakes!"

The pharmacist took his fist and opened the dragon's psychic contract scroll, bit his fingertips and wrote his name.

Since then, the pharmacist can pass other spirits outside the white snake cactus, and even the snakes can be delivered.

Three major holy sites, the use of it is beyond imagination.

The pharmacist has never thought about it. After signing the spiritual contract, he used the main spiritual beast of the battle to fight, it will be an eight-legged big snake.

Now that since the drug is solved, Shangyuan Needs and fragrant phosphorus do not have to stay here, and there is a task for looking for the prior scene of whirlpool.

When I was asked by this question, the pharmacist fell bluntly, "" In addition to the fragrant phosphorus, the descendants of the whirlpool is very small, I know only the swirls of the leaves ... "


Shangyuan never looked at him in a glance.

The name of the neighboring protagonist also tells me?

The fragrant phosphorus has joined his own brows, whispered: "Papil, I have seen the whirlpool, he did not have the red-haired character of our family ..."

"It is estimated that he is too strong in his father's waves, is there anyone else?"

Shangji was slightly speaking this topic. He wanted to bring the whirlpool to people back, but this is obviously not realistic, especially his broken mouth ...

Shangyuan Na is not dare to take risks.

"It has once there is a one."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and explained: "When the country has a psychic island, the big snake pills have established the base in the country of the Sea, there is indeed a teacher of a whirlpool, but she has already died. Only the soul left ... "

"There is no need to disturb the peace of the disappointment."

After the last navigation frowned, after the low voice: "Is this kind, do you want us to return it?"

"This is also something wrong."

The pharmacist shake his head and sighed.

"Pethen's mission is not completed."

Shangyuan Nai fell to help his forehead, there is a little headache: "What is the premium of the gift of Xiaonan!"

The fragrant phosphorus is also very understanding that the relationship between the original navar and the Xiaonan is intimate, immediately opening suggests: "We can buy a beautiful jewelry ..."

"Xiaonan teacher has never wear the jewelry ã"

Shangqi Nai immediately interrupted the fragrant phosphorus: "So far, her only decoration is the paper flower on her hair. She doesn't like the jewelry, and I am prone to it."


Pharmacist pockets and fragrant phosphorus look at it, each falls into silence.

To say that the honesty is very unin understood that when the original naval is going out, you must carefully pick some chaos.

Telling true, if the original naval will pick a few flowers from the side of the road, it is estimated that the gift that is carefully prepared is more likely.

Shangyuan Na defeated the table and stroked the ring on his fingers, whispered: "Forget it, go home! Pocket, take me here, let me pick two gifts!"

"Yes, Needar."

The pharmacist nodded respectfully.

Just, I didn't expect it. This time I got a little bit of trouble at the Northern Base.

In the petro dish in the northern base.

Shangyuan Needle is surprised to point to people in the culture dish, slowly turning to look at the pharmacist, can't help but open: "Why is this guy here?"

Who can tell him!

Why is the ghost lamp water will appear in the North Base!

Obviously he and the ghost lights are already arranged in the year, let the beauty will take care of the ghost lights, why this guy will be caught in the base of the big snake!