I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 201 tells the ghost light full of moon, his brother hates is not deep enough!

The ghost lights appeared here. It is indeed strange.

When the ghost light of the ghost light, the brother of the ghost light was put on the original navigation. Before he rebellled foggy village, he intended himself to be aware of the spy, so the brother's ghost light is entrusted to the beauty.

In the past few years, the Ghost Lamp has also passed some important news. Although it is the original navigation, but after all, let the misty village taste a little affordable.

In the hearts of the United States, the identity and importance of the full moon in the ghost light should be very high. She will definitely take care of the brother of the full moon.

However, there is a bit of political IQ's fog, and it will not let go of the ghost light to show the danger, let alone women who are likely to succeed in the fifth-generation water.

Ghost lights is the hostage and embarrassment of the full moon.

If there is an accident in the moon, then it means that the fog hidden village will completely lose a powerful endure and four tangle knives. The most important thing is to completely lose the intelligence source of the ghost light full moon.

When I arrived at the same time, the answer of the pharmacist made him full of face: "Ghost lamp water months are no longer afraid to invest in the big snake pills, he wants to get strength from the big snake pill, then kill his brother "


Shangnai is a little bit of people.

The ghost light has got a script of my brother Yuxi, so the guy did this guy also got a script of your brother Unecheo.

Does this persistence be destined to have a brother and big snake pill?

Simply leaving.

The pharmacist looked at the ghost lights that slept in the petri dish, whispered explained: "In addition, the ghost light is still in the madness, and he wants the big snake pill to save a name called Lin Yuyu. Terrorist. "

"So the boy is in love with this kid."

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, his smile suddenly stopped, frowned: "Wait, how do I listen to this Lin Yuyu?"

The pharmacist nodded and whispered: "She is a genius ninja recently appeared in the fog hidden village, because she raised the lost thunder and teeth lost in the misty village last year, and got the recognition of the thunderous knife, so Lin Yuyu is also Become a new generation of troirers and seven people. "

After the pharmacist explained the origin of Lin Yuyu, I looked at the ghost lights and the lantern, and the light continued: "According to the ghost lights, Lin Yuyu is now a rare disease, and there is no one can save the whole fog. she was."

"There are a lot of people who have been dead in the country!"

Shangyuan Na was touched his own chin, turned to look at the pharmacist and asked: "Where is Lin Yuyu now? Will not be in this base!"

"Do not."

The pharmacist shakes his head, quite looked at the ghost lights: "Lin Yuyu should be in the hospital in the foggy village! Ghost lights seem to speak very righteousness, his relationship with Lin Yuyu is good, and never never I want to win the talents of the forest rain. "

The pharmacist looked at the ghost lights and sighed: "I have talked a few times a few days old. He once mentioned that if Lin Yuyu is killing, the ghost light is not a month, but she will not take her tolerance. The knife, he will take the only one handle of the fog hidden village, and the teeth are her campaign, perhaps to inspire Lin Yuyu's survival desire! "

The ghosts of the ghost lights is not big, and the intelligence is not high.

Even this little ghost is a little greed, but he can give up the thunderous knife and teeth of the thunder.

If Lin Yuyu is killed, it is the only thing in the hidden village that can use this talents, so that the thunder and teeth may be might.

This intelligence looks not high, and it should be to use his own way to motivate your friends to live.

"It's a silly boy ..."

Shangyuan Nai is in touch with the petri dish, observes the ghost lights in the inside, whispered: "How can the big snakeball guys can cure your friends?"


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and some were sorry to open the mouth: "The big snake pills did not promise his request, but imprisoned him in this case, as a material for studying hydration mystery."

"It's really improving!"

Shangyuan Na's face became a little indignant, and the sound was obviously incanticant: "Hey, the guy of the big snake pills, even the boy, the child, the child, the child, the child, the child is going to deceive!"


The pharmacist is silent.

The pharmacist didn't want to take the topic of the original Na.

If it is not the new boss in front of the new boss, there are too many times, and the big snake pill is also learned. It is too lazy to maintain your reputation. How can the ghost light month can be the next deceived victim?

Who is the root of the big snake pill?

Is there a little bit in the heart of the neighborhood? It is estimated that it is unclear, and how many times will be cheated in the bottom of the pit!

The pharmacist sighed, finally still unknown: "How did Neutral?"

"Let him let him go!"

Shangqi Nairi, a punch, the petri dish, Shen Sheng: "The ghost lights is, after all, the reserve member under my hand can not let him be shut down in the secret base of the darkness, you must let him go back to practice!"


When the petri dish was blocked, the sleepled lights were awakened, and his eyes slammed, showing a smile of your own shark!

Next moment, the water in the culture dish suddenly splashed!

The ghost light is now using the watercupys, and his figure is instantly turned into a water waves, and there is a splash of water, you must take the opportunity to flee it!

"Too polite?"

The fragrant phosphorus has been drunk, and the two golden chains have been reached behind, which is the prostitute of the vortex.

Two golden chains were infiltrated into the water, rolled out the ghost lights in the waves, and slammed him in front of the original Nairi!

The fragrant phosphorus is behind the original Nairou and the pharmacist, pushing his high-altitude glasses, with a different handsome: "Before leaving, at least you must meet you to save your neighborhood!"


The eyes of the ghost lights turned and turned to the three people in front of it, and the final eyes stayed in the middle of the Shangyuan Na. "" Who is you? "

"I am just a person who has driven away the big snake."

Shang Nai, head, smile, short-term, and raised the ghost lights, and patted his shoulders gently: "Little guy, it is too rude to my department, if I know you were imprisoned in the big snake pill The base will definitely save you early. "


The ghost lamp is a bit not suitable for the enthusiasm of the original navigation, and his look is a bit surprised: "Who are you? Do you know me?"

"I am the old friend under the beauty."

Shangyuan, laughing at the ghost light, laughing, a family is an attitude of his own, obviously can't raise the ghost light at this time, it can only mention the beauty.

Shangji is still a little vigilant, and laughs: "Forget it, you can't use my identity, if you suspect, if you suspect it, you can try it to you."

"Are you really a woman's friend?"

It is still doubts in the eyes of the ghost lights.

But since this is called Nairu guy in front of you willing him, then this opportunity must not be missed!

The ghost lights didn't want to stay in this dark place. Seeing that the original navigation did not open the opening, immediately turned to a few vertical jumps, left the base.

The original Nai fell as the ghost light, the smile of his mouth is getting more and more weird: "This is gone? It's really rude ..."

The pharmacist took advantage of him with his head and asked softly: "Needge Needers, do you need me to chase him?"

The fragrant phosphorus face is flourishing, the big bag is open: "Don't need a big person, I can go!"

"No need to."

Shangji shook his head and stopped their thoughts, but continued: "Tell the ghost light full moon, his younger brother ghost lights hate is not deep enough, strength is not strong enough ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth: "Let the ghost light back to the misty village again, teach his brother, then bring Lin Yuyu and the thunder to bring back!"

Pharmacist: "..."

Xiang Phosphorus: "..."

Don't say that the bullion of the ghost lights.

If they have not remembered the wrong, the master of the second generation thunder, is the last tie, the last tie, the last tie, the last tie is seven?

You are going to puminate the blood of the fog!