I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 204 I will always watch you

Black is actually a very cautious guy.

After the multi-faceted investigation, finally determined that the big snake pill was completely sold, and it also noticed that the pharmacist still continued to dig the grave tomb.

The black is still not actually until it is in the close of the pharmacist to use the mystery to reincarnate a dead ninja to the Tsinsheng period. It depends on the decision to let the pharmacist find the body of Yizhibo spots.

It's just that the black is slightly silent. The pharmacist actually resists the temptation to control the smart spots. The pharmacist does not resurrectize Zhido spots, but in turn takes the bodies of Yuxi Boss.

Black is only able to continue to continue to observe the pharmacist in secret, because there is no time to go to the most suitable opportunity, and it is not very urgent.

However, this arrogant.

Two years have passed.

The gear of fate is also turning slowly.

There have been many things happened in two years.

For example, the original naval is still twenty years old, still single.

For example, the ghost lights in the misty village are cultivated, and there is a broken knife to find the news of the ghost light, but it always can't find it.

For example, Unecheo saga once again secretly tried to assassinate Uzhi Hostel, and the ghosts were hit by the mortar.

For example, the whirlpool moon and the coming have finally ended their practice, returning to the village of Woody Village, led by the flagmithioli, supplemented a Ninja named Zuoi, re-created a new seventh class.

For example, the big snake pill died in his own laboratory, causing a lot of good people with many wooden, but still did not dispel the high-level suspicion, they could not determine the true and false of the news, but the big snake pill did have been hidden.

The most important thing is undoubtedly the rebirth of the three somatling in the country.

This also means that the nine tail beasts of the endurance are all in the world.

The well-being will soon start collecting the action of the beast, the only trouble is that the four tail column is still in the hands of Unexpello.

This is the most black headache. After all, no one knows the location of Unexpello.

Moreover, when the members of the Mission will capture the tail beast, Yisi Bo has continued to take the end of the beast.

The only thing that can solve the land of Unecy, only Yisi Bouc.

But Yisi Bouvet is resurrected, and it has to be solved by the pharmacist.

The black is unhaustible, and finally decided to temporarily hide the three-tailed born information, and rushed to the 20-year-old or a single dog.

After all, this is the only one who can determine trust.

Of course, the black is not to introduce the object of the original navigation, but let him recruit the pharmacist: "Shang, we need a person to help the month of the moon, the past helper, pharmacist."


At the time of the last navigation, I showed a curious and surprised: "Is there any special ability? I remember that his strength doesn't seem to ..."

The darkness of the darkness is open: "Pharmacist has already learned to reincarnation, can provide us with some powerful combat power, such as some of the people who have been strong."

"Is it reincarnated?"

Shangji frowned, holding his own sun acupuncture: "If the pharmacist has learned to reincarnate with the big snake pill, then he has had enough powerful ambitions like the big snake, may not help we."

The original Nair came on the mouth and the black talent, but he was open.

Black and detailed this old female refused to tell him something, but also want to secretly hit him to resurrect Yuxi Bouvelle!

The guy of the pharmacist was inexplicably discovered by the remains of Yuxi Boss, and immediately notified the news of the original navigation, and this is the same NAC.

Mom, trust?

What is the trust between them?

Black this guy is not trusting to him!

Also, after all, two years have passed, and the feelings are light.

Also, after all, Yu Zhibo spheres and black relationships are not general, and the black is not very normally.

But if the black told the Shangyuan, would you still stop?

It will definitely not stop it, but even strongly support the disguise action, but it is definitely not to handle the pharmacist.

At the last naval, I looked at the black and sighed. Once I contained the things of Yuxibo, did you want to conceal the consciousness?

Oh, it's also concealed!

Who is your homewhere?

If you say an objective, the entire endure of the opponent, except for the black, it is basically Shangyuan Nairu!

Darkly looked at the original navigation, there were some regrets, it didn't know the mood of the original navigation, just laughed and calmed the original road: "Don't have to try it in the ambition, you just try it, try to force the pharmacist to force the pharmacist Yes, I believe he will choose to join us. "

As long as the original na will be able to force the pharmacist into a desperate, the pharmacist will definitely choose the Yu Zhibo spots during the resurrection peak!

As long as Yuxi spots are resurrected, with his strength must be able to get rid of the control, then, the endure will only be owned by it and Yisi Boufar!

The appearance of the anti-therapeutic surgery is simply the savior of the messengers of the moon, which allows the Sui Zhibo to resurrect in the peak state, and there is no one who can stop him in the entire endurance!

Obviously, I also know it.

If the pharmacist is really his enemy, it is really possible to be forced to resurrect Yuxi Bang in the case of the situation ...


Pharmacist is a pure person.

Shangqi nately looked at the darkness, nodded in calmly: "Yes, I will go to Xianan teacher now."

The black is satisfied, I nodded: "The speed must be fast, because San Tail is already born in the country of the water, the merits of the month are now going to start!"

Before the schedule begins, it is necessary to solve the hidden dangers of Yu Zhiwei.

No, if Yuxi Bottar is really resurrected, any hidden dangers about the eye plan of the moon can be solved by Unexpell.

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, and asked the mouth: "Sanxuanji has resurrected in the country of water?"


The black is nod, the sound is getting a bit gloomy: "One tail, two tails, three tails can easily capture the tail beast, but the four-tail column is still in the hands of Unecy, we need the power of the pharmacist to solve the power Yuxi wave belt! "


Shangyuan Nai couldn't help it blinked.

He probably know why it is trimmed to resurrect Unexpectedly.

If there is no four-tailed Sun Wukong, you will not use the eight tail beasts. It can only make the outer road to absorb a tail, two tails and three tails Chakra, the plan will have to stop, over time It may also face an enemy that is discouraged.

Black leaves.

At the last navigation, he hookped his fingers, sighed a little: "Hey, let me go to the pharmacist ... Is this going to pull? Will it be too flaw?"

To be honest, I have a little worried.

After Shangyuan Na, after thinking about a long time, I decided to contact the drug teacher in advance, and asked his idea.

After all, in several parts of the organization, the mortar ghosts, Lin Yuyu is full of ghosts and ghosts, but almost no brain outside the battle.

"Tolerance, Tongling!"

Shangyuan Nairou went out two coffin, one of the coffins, is Yuxi wave belt, and the other coffin is a wave wind gate.

After the coffin cover opened, the two people came out.

When the waves of the wave, the face is still the look of the look, and the face of Unexpello is still the expression of the face.

Shangji fell to the bang, and he did not pay attention to the complex relationship between them: "Senior, trouble, you will quietly lose the quarter of the quarter in the morning, in the way, write a sentence on the ground ..."


Yisi Bo's focus is a bit different.

Normal ninja generally pays attention to more important, such as why he will lose four tails to the door of the tail tail, instead of ask what he wrote ...

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth and looked at Yuxi Bo Tong Road: "Write a sentence ... I will always look at you!"

"Bastard! This is Lin before ..."

Yisi Bo has flashed his face immediately.

[I will always look at you] This sentence is that the wilderness is a big sentence from the young, Shangyuan Na, let him write this sentence, definitely threaten him in Thalin.

Shang Nai was smiling on his face: "I just think this sentence is very regard, I believe that the predecessors will have a good completion of this task well, right?"

"I know."

Yisi Bo belt soil bite his teeth, it is necessary to turn into a time spatial vortex disappeared in front of the original Na.

"With soil ..."

The wave of the wind is consciously pulling his arm, and it seems that I want to stop my disciple, I don't want him to continue the wrong thing.

Yisi Bo took the land tightly his fist, broke away from the teacher's palm, whispered: "Sorry, teacher, I have the reason for this."

"Don't worry about the four generations of watching the shadow."

Shangyuan Na Runned and looked at Yischi to disappear, he turned his head to the wave of water: "I heard that the instant surgery is very fast, then the hard four-generation rigs, the adult, go to see him, to him Pass my command. "


Under the control of reincarnation, the waves don't have a way to refuse.

In the next second, his figure disappeared in front of the original Needle, and the infinite Chakra, which means he could have been using the flying thunder, how long can she rushed to the base of the pharmacist.

Shangyuan Na Rouked up two coffins, touched his own chin, self-high: "It seems that you can leave the wave gates in the side ... In addition to giving him help, you can also transfer your information at any time."

As a martial artist, Shangyuan Na, the Shangyuan is completely coming to the body of the waves, and speaks his body.