I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 205, the disease, of course, to resurrect the wind!

Late night.

Within the northern base.

A handle of the sword of the love has not fallen on the floor, a blonde man wearing white robe, instantly appears in a bitter, holding a bitter handle.

After still heard the end of the base in the laboratory, the pharmacist in the laboratory, quickly closed his palm, and we must pass the anti-Tuching force.

"Don't be nervous, it is me."

A familiar voice entered the ear of a pharmacist.

When the pharmacist took a lot of breath, he understood the style of the original navigation, immediately opened the door of the laboratory, looked at the four-generation eyes of the main entrance of the base, and knew that the original navigation was in controlling this.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and organized his hood, respectfully opened the mouth: "Yes, Needers, late night, four generations of fire shadows, what is the command?"

"There is one thing that needs you to help me."

Shangyuan Nai touched his own chin, manipulating the wave of the waves in the distance: "Maybe because I have controlled Yisi Bo Tong to do things too much, it may be because of your previous camouflage Too much fire, black, now scared the merits of the eye, I don't dare to do it, I want to let you resurrect Yuxi Bao spots to solve the Huszhi Bozi ... "

"my fault."

The pharmacist paid the responsibility directly on himself.

Shangqi Needed and laughed, very satisfied with the pharmacist's approach: "" You are acting in my order, isn't it my fault? " "

After that, I will continue to talk about the right thing: "I will rush to your location in the past few days, pull you to join you, and the merits, your attitude?"

"That is to see what Needers need."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and put forward two comments: "If I join the talent, I can better serve the Nairo; if I am outside, I can attract fire to Nairo."

"It's hard to choose ..."

I sighed in a quiet place.

The pharmacist took a lot of mouth and continued: "It is actually not particularly troublesome, and the black is not allowed to join Xiao, and it must be to let me help him resurrect Yuxi."

The pharmacist slowly raised his head and looked at the waves of the eyes. It seems that he saw the Shangyuan Na Rou in front of him: "This is to see if the Neurone adult is willing to let Sui Zhi spots are resurrected. In the hands of Needar.

If you are willing to let Yuxi Bo sphere now, then I will join Xiaoli with the name of the admiring organization; if you don't want Yu Zhibo spheres now, then I will reject the identity of Unexpell.

In this case, Nairies will not cause other people's doubts. "

It is a pharmacist.

No matter how complicated puzzles, there is a solution here.

Shangyuan Nair's eyes did not help but smoke, speech: "Talent! It is indeed still when Yu Zhibo spots are resurrected ..."


After the pharmacist, the pharmacist nodded, and the white dress was like a liquid, which was generally covered with his body. The next moment his voice has become the sound of Unexpello.

"Needers, I will deal with it."

"That's good."

After the natch is nodded, it will continue to say: "You will prepare a ninja service in the extent of the four generations, and let him follow you. In addition to protecting you, you can keep our links between us."


The pharmacist nodded.

Shangyuan Needs to think about it for a while, continue to say: "There is another thing, tomorrow, you will reincarnate the rich moonlight blown!"


Pharmacist is a little bit of understanding.

Even if he already thinks that he is enough to understand this boss, this moment is even a bit unable to understand the meaning of the original Na.

Isn't the moonlight center not tolerate?

Still, he also hides some power that you can't find?

"There is nothing special meaning."

Shangyuan Nai fell together to his palm, whispered: "Tomorrow will be a new day, and the endurance will begin to change from tomorrow."

Tomorrow, it is the blood of the last Nairi!

Morning time.

The sky is getting brightened.

Xiaoxiwi base door, a time space vortex appeared, throwing a four-tail column, and throwing a note.

Soon the members of the organization found this thing, and some people recognized that this is the four-tail column of the disappearance, and they also picked up the note.

This is not a small thing, Xiao Ziwi will open a morning.

As the leader of the heavens, Peden frowned, took the lead in speaking: "The four-tail column has long fallen in the hands of Unexpello, and now why he will return the four tails, and left this sentence ... Will I always look at you? What does this mean? "

"Maybe he has been secretly staring at us!"

Dida scratched his backheel, whispered: "How do this sentence feel like a girl says to boys!"

"Do you understand this?"

Red sand is contracted in the crimpeda, and the sound opens.

Didala hugged his shoulders, got uncauses: "Who doesn't understand! I am a child, but I received love book every day!"


Tiandao Pethen's cold voice interrupted what they didn't adjust, turned to the end: "Absolutely, these two years have been tracing the intelligence of Uzhi Board, and you have also been with Unexpello, you think you think How is this going?"

"Yuxi Bo belt ... I am eyeing our plan!"

The dark voice is very slow, it is also very gloomy: "Because we need to collect the tail in order, if there is less than four tails, the other tail beasts have no value, so he will still be in the four tails, and if you want to use us to continue Resurrection of the final weapon. "

The black continuation: "Yuxi Bo belt soes will take us as a piece of chess, wait until our resurrection of the outer road of the magic of this ultimate weapon, come to the outer road!"

The black is taking into a venue of everyone's face, and the son sounds are summed up: "No matter what the Hi Zhiwei wants to do, we must first collect the tail beast. After we resurrect the outer road, Yisi Bo belt is no longer Our threat! "

Although the black talk is still organized and very accurate.

But in the dark heart, it is still in the opposite to the earth.

Is this Yuxi Bo belt soil provoke it?

Sanxuan should soon just resurrected, and Yishibo took the tail column to send the four-tail column, and let the organization can collect the tail beast more smoothly ...

Even the next sentence [I will always look at you].

Mom, want to swear!

The qualities of the millennium will also have the desire of swearing!

According to the decadency, it clearly knows that this sentence is telling it, after all, only it knows the past!

However, it doesn't matter.

The plan to collect the tail must not stop.

Four tails for black, for the tailoring, it is always a good news; the black decision is temporarily putting Yischo belt soil, trying to collect a tail beast.

Darkness immediately reported that the three-tail column resurrection is given to Payne, and it also sent a large number of ninja in the village of Ninja in the three tail.

"Go to capture a column and two tails!"

Payne made a decision to announce the plan of catching the column: "Because Uzhi Bo belt may have a disturbance of our actions, this time captured people must be cautious, and there is no loss.

The person who is responsible for capturing a column of column: Red sand, Didala, Shangyuan Na, return (long).

The person who is responsible for capturing the column of the second tail: the ghosts, Yishe Pub, Yishe Sasuke, the ghost light is full of moon, the peach is no longer, the corner is all, the angle is full.

Staff: Xiaonan, Hui Night Jun Ma Lu, white, Lin Yuyu is profitable.

Intelligence delivery personnel: absolutely.

Remember, this time absolutely can't appear! "

This list of capture of the beast looks less than the person who captures the tail.

And the column of the tail is the fifth generation of sandy village. I love Luo. This identity is more important than the two-tail column, so the column of tail is definitely more than the second tail. Big.

However, it is responsible for capturing my love, it is personally responsible for the door. He and Shangnao can transfer Payne six to help.

This battle is almost dominated.

The members of the second team are not very clear, such as angle and flying sections have a little opinion, but they will be hard to stop by heaven Petion.

Tiandao Pesin stood on the top of the outer road, looking down on a Xiangyun black robes, cold tone: "Go, let this world feel pain!"