I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 210 goes to find the original joining the wind and challenge! (Fourth! Thank you the son Qian Ji big!)

Say in the village of Sandy Village.

After the ancient dragon in the sky, after a circle of Sandy Village, he slowly suspended the sky in Sandy Village, and this scene saw all people in the sandy village.

Does the people who organize the organization to completely die of sandy village?

It's just that the members of the organization don't seem to do this.

Shangqi Nairi standing on the top of the ancient dragon, pulling his hood, overlooking the horizontal shape of the sandy ninja on the ground, screaming: "Hello, the people in Sandy, can also breathe ... "

"What do you want to do?"

Millennium mother-in-law, looked at the murderer destroyed sand hidden village. If you can, she is now really rushing to kill the guy!

However, in this case, an irritating enemy is obviously inefficient, in case the enemy comes again, Sandy Village can almost foresee it directly.

"Attitude is gentle!"

Shangyuan Na will slowly open the opening: "I just want to confirm, will you come to send people to chase us? It can't be!"

At the end of the arrival of the ancient giant dragon, after the arrogance of the Sha Yin Village, after the sound of the whistle, he went to hear himself!

This time, the column of the tail is captured, and the upper gains are very large.

In addition to the dark harvest, it also got another very powerful reward.

Branch Task: Successfully attacking Sandy Village (11), the task has been completed, reward passive talent skills.

The power of the wind: It can be freely driven by Chakra, and use one of the components of the jade.

When I arrived from the sand hidden village, my mood was not bad.

But people in sandy village are definitely very bad.


Chi Dongnu looked at the dragon from the past, knead his fist.

The village is everywhere or war, the Ninja, has completely lost resistance, and it is impossible to chase ancient dragon.

After seeing the monster, the Millennium mother-in-law and the sea, the old and other people hurriedly commanded the dark department that can act, organized Ninja rescue.

Even her personally acts in the medical ninja.

Even thousands of generations have always advocated Sandy Village self-improvement, but in this case, they certainly have no way to recapture my love, and they can't do it.

This stubborn old man can only be able to succumb to reality, and the Children's wounded in the village, while opening: "Sea old Tibet, go to the wooden leaves!"


The old sea is slowly nodded.

Fortunately, his sister has already recognized the cruelty of reality.

In accordance with the current situation in Sandy Village, don't say that you have rescued the wind in your hand, even if you respond to neighboring countries.

If there is no support, the three generations of Siboyha Dafang in Rock Village came, basically announced that Sandy Village is destroyed.

Even the attack of the wall rain, they may not be able to cope.

Fortunately, since the Wood and Sandy Village Alliance, the two ribbs have never happened, and they also launched a number of cooperation and even military alliances.

For example, I have just been taken away from the five-generation style, my love, his sister's handcuffs are still talking about the next middle tolerance.

And the leaves have been chasing the information.

Therefore, when Saha Yin Village was hit, the fifth-generation style, I Erro, the news that I arrested by the organization was passed to the wooden leaves, and the five generations of fire shadow did not hesitate, and immediately sent the third class and seventh. The class rushed to Sandy Village support.

To be honest, the agency is a bit of a big.

But the two teams should be the strongest squad of leaves.

The strength of the seventh class is improved, and the strength after the returning of the rumors of the rumors is also greatly improved, and it is barely controlled to control the strength of the four tails; the spring wild cherry has also cultivated the artificial surgery of the hundredth, and they added another A Sakuo, which is a full-capacity ninja.

The third class of Maite Kai's strength naturally doesn't have to say much. His body contains extremely amazing power; Ning Xijie has successfully promoted into the support of the Tiantian Saita in the short period of time. Next, many secret vital surgery of many people were obtained.

As for Lilock, perhaps because he didn't hurt, the cultivation was extremely diligent, and faintly incarnation became the second liver emperor of the wooden leaves.

Now Li Luke has been able to make it easy to open the sixth door of eight doors, and can even open the seventh door, this strength is completely unbearable.

If it is the battle between the twelve heavy rings of the wood, if the Naruto releases the nine tail, Li Luke is still the most powerful in the twelve heavy wood twelve.

Reality is always so magical.

The strongest two in the same period of the year, one is to drive, one is the liver emperor.

As for the third class, she is lucky, it seems to have no more special places.

In addition to the third class and the seventh class, the agency also dispatched a team of secrets that composed of two people in the Dikiki.

At the opinion, this lineup is strong enough.

However, after the aid soldiers of these leaves arrived in Sandy Village, they still were shocked for the scene of the eyes, and even if they couldn't imagine this is the sandy village after being invaded.

Sandy village is full of sore.

The original and Xiang's village has long been no longer existed, the external line of defense has become ruins, and the village is full of broken walls, and even a few complete houses can be found.

After the emergency repaired warehouse, it was temporarily listed as a hospital in a thousand generations, because the injured people were too much, and the medical ninja was not enough.

The streets of sandy village are the wounded by the bandage.

No, strictly, everyone is a bandage.

Millennium mother-in-law did not look at the eyes for a few days, with Chakra used medical tolerance, without Chakra strongly supported the splint on the surgery.

The arrival of Spring Sakura has helped a lot, as a disciple, her medical nippery is much better than the medical ninja in most sandy villages.

"Is this what is it caused?"

The whirlpool is stroking with the broken earth wall outside, and it is the village that is full of ruins. Looking at this village of the injured everywhere, holding his palm.

Sprirng is tied to his arm, went to the whirlpool, nodded in his face: "Yes, the members of Xiaoyu grabbed my love, and used their monsters to destroy sandy village. "

The flag-like Kakasi pulled his own care, whispered: "What is the purpose of attacked sandy village Is it to take the wind shadow of the tail?"

"It seems like this."

Jiu Lang looked nodded at Kaka West.

My Boxing was on the earth wall, cold voice: "That group of bastards! Do you want to destroy a village directly!"

"Do not…"

Sprumining shook his head, the face became more and more ubizes: "In accordance with our guess, in addition to catching away my Allow, they simply attacked Sandy Village just hand, maybe they just put the attack Sandy Village as a game ... "

Sprint slowly looked up, looked at the destroyed home, wiped the tears that his eyes could not be brought out from the self-stream, continued: "Because the members of the day have four people to drive a monster, there is no two people from beginning to end. "

This is the most terrible place.

The enemy is just a hand, even hidden at least half of the strength, and the sandy village is completely unable to resist.

"four people…"

Flagkarcasi knead his forehead, asked softly: "In addition to your intelligence, Didara and Red Sand, the remaining two do not have any information?"

"Non-but no intelligence, even their true faces are not known."

Sprotel Jiu Lang shook his head and continued to reply: "Perhaps because they don't need to shoot, because only the monster is only the monster, it is not that we can resist."

After that, the Sagiro learned in detail the battle of that night.

The more I listened to the ninja, and I heard the member of the tissue, I commanded the monster to drop a huge fireball to destroy the sandy village. Everyone's cheeks are not autonomous. Sweat falls.

Sakui feels that he is a bit breathing: "A big country is unable to defend the attack of four members ... Is this the strength?"


The flagmarks nodded and touched his own care. The low voice: "I still remember the feeling of being in the grassland and the koona guy, almost completely without any resistance, and they seemed to enjoy one Field game ... "


Every day, I can't make a cold tremble, and I'm opening the mouth: "If the enemy is so strong, do we really have something to win?"

"Not necessarily."

Head of the flag, Kaka, whisper: "At least we know, the members of Xiaoyan have left north, maybe we can track north, and we can request support to Yuyin Village, invite them to hit the organization. "

Sakui also nodded next to: "Kakasi team leader is correct, the leaves and Yuyin Village have always hit the organization's agreement ..."


Flag Kakasi and continued: "A batch of rebels of the tissue once voted from Ninja Half-Shenni pepper half-collected, and then they re-betrayed half-hidden, and Yu Yin Village has always been in the bones of these rebels, they are certain Also mastering a lot of information. "

"Yu Yin Village ..."

The whirlpool touched the destroyed earth wall, I remembered a very good person, so that he couldn't help but show a smile: "Don't be terminated, then we will go to find the original nailed guy! He Now the strength should be very strong! "

Perhaps it is because the whirlpool is only remembering the original navigation.

After all, I was very good when I was in the wood, but I was in the end, I was finally committed to the pressure of Yinyin Village, and there were some separation between the woods.

Of course, the vortex moist is not concerned.

He has long been forgiven by the original navigation of the three generations of penetration.

In the truth, if it is not the original navigation, the three generations of rigging, the whirlpiece don't know how to go in the wood.

After all, I am now a common awareness of the Incentive, that is, the three generations of rigidity is striving to win the power behind the scenes, but the four-generation rigs, but also try to control the war weapons of the cylindrical force of the nine tail.

The whirlpool does not want to face the day.

Maybe I will rebellion with the wood?

It is even possible to join?

Thanks to the original navigation, the three generations of rigging, the apeer can continue to have a fifth-generation rigging, the whirlpool can continue to have a mood to go to the leaves, and can also re-picked up the past, and the teacher, friends continue to get along.

I don't know if I will regret it.

In fact, if he was still alive, he really had a chance to induce the whirlpool.

Of course, it may also expose a flaw.

The whirlpool is proposed to immediately send people to Yu Yin Village to find the original navigation, ask him to help join the wind together, this proposal will soon be agreed by most people.

After all, the wooden, ninja in the scene is very understandable that the original naval is the helplessness of the interests of Yuyin Village, and they have also enjoyed the life that is in the same way.

Only, I have sighted a sigh of relocation, I have sighted a sigh of relief, I remembered that I was in the same reeds in the League of the League, and I would not be willing to Suyin Village.

At that time, Shangyuan Na, almost could not recognize him.

As the Ninja of the Middle and Xiao Renni, maybe really pressure is too great, let an upper top of the Shangyuan Na, who have been able to keep the heart of the red, step by step by step, and the most annoying mask.

Flag Kakasi still remembers the original navigation true appearance, he grows a good air: "I hope that the original guy ... won't get too fast!"