I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 21, Fortunately, Half Tibetan is supporting me.

The situation is quite urgent.

Shangqi Needeling can only hurry first into Yuyin Village, and explain some of his plans to Xiaoshan.

This kind of wind shadow is still fighting, only Didala, Red Sand, the long door, a few people in the base, unless they use a few .

But that is too much trouble.

So this time is still being responsible by Didala, the body of the Ai Luo, and the chance to find the body of the shape will return to them. As for the people who intercept other aids, they can only be made by the long gates and Red sand. .

At the time of the first time, he was in front of him, and he was absolutely not allowed to act alone, lest this guy to send his life.

Because the flagmarks and handcuffs urgently want to save my love, rush to bring this aid for the original navigation, and rushed back to their group responsible for the tattoo collection point.

Shangyuan Na Ruo really advised that they don't worry.

Really, there is no need to be so anxious.

I have already smoked it early, and the body has been cool. This is the original navigation of the eyes; and the organization will definitely give them the body, this will also be the action of the original naval person. .

After these three people arrived at the collection point, the original Nairou looked at everyone, basically all his old friends, except for the Sakuo.

Oh, there is a Millennium mother-in-law.

This old woman is about a battle with his grandson Red Sand, thinking that he can also send it, so he will follow.

"Shangyuan, I haven't seen it for a long time!"

The whirlpool is full of face, and he has reached his fist toward the original navigation, and he greeted himself.

"Ha, Naruto grew up!"

I was so laughing at the last, and I touched him my fist.

The whirlpool screamed his fingers and smiled confidently: "Now my strength has become very strong! If there is a chance, we can play a good!"

"I am looking forward to."

Shangyuan Nai's eyes smiles slightly, showing an amiable smile, just like a predecessor who has grown up from generation.

The Sakano Sakura standing around the whirlpool has grown a lot more than a few years ago, and there is a gift of politely: "Shangyuan predecessors, I haven't seen you for a long time."

"Sakura is much beautiful than in the past."

Shangyuan Na Ruo is quite a bit freely, and it is really difficult for him to give birth to a good sense of Shanyan Sakura who destroys himself several times.

Seeing this woman is still angry!

Spring Sakura is just a plunge, just thinking about something modest, just seeing the eyes of the original Naji.

Spring Sakura: "..."

Just praise her beautiful is absolutely perfunctory!

"I am a Zuoi."

Zuoi stretched out his palm, squinted in the eyes, and smiled at the end: "Before he just joined the seventh class."

Shangyuan Nairi also picked his eyes, this moment he felt that he met the same kind, so he did not pay attention to Zuoi: "I can't see you is a member of the seventh class, because your smile is too fake. "

Szuo: "..."

"Hey, feed, people are your future generation!"

Flagkarcarchers can't hinder the shoulders of the original navigation, reach out and indicate: "Go to Kaikai to say hello!"

At the next moment, I arrived at the head, and I looked at the third class of Myrt Kai, revealing a cool smile: "Mr. Kai, Li, I haven't seen you for a long time!"

"Mr. Shangyuan!"

Li Luoke has a thumbs up, revealing his eight teeth, is glossy under the sun: "I haven't seen it for a long time!"

Myteki also raised his thumb and smiled. As always, she shouted the name of the Shang Shang: "I haven't seen you for a long time, Beiyuan Needle! I really want to come again, a passionate blood!"


The smile on the face is getting delicate.

If Marta Kay is in his side, when he fights, he can infinitely steal the eight-way body syndrome on Maite Kay. Now Kay, you should be able to open the eighth door, use the night card and the eve. Is it like it?

Unlimited night, think about it, I think the picture is not too beautiful.

Even if it is Yu Zhibo sphere, I can't stop one foot and pick up a night!

Every day, the mind is relatively simple. When I saw the original navigation, I waved my hand, and then my friendly handed him a cup of juice: "Seniors, I remember you like the juice of the ice! This is to prepare for you!"

"Thank you, I am still so cute every day!"

After the Shangyuan Na, after the juice, she was sincerely admired, and she looked at the cold: "I remember that when I was taking the exam two years ago, the Ziyang flower of our village was taken care of."

"It's okay, it should be!"

Everyday I am embarrassed to touch my back, smiling: "I also learned a lot from her ..."

Shangyuan Nairou looked at every day: "Well? Is there something worth learning? I haven't found it ... You don't have it to be cheated!"

day by day:"……"

You will say that I am very stupid!

On the day, Ning's mind is more complicated. After seeing the original navigation, just rushing to the next navigation, nodded, and he greeted.

After all, Shangji was injured in the day, the day of the generation of the family, and now the day, the day is still only relying on wheelchair action. The day will only make the age of young days to the young.

Because the strength of the young field has been not too good, the burden of the next few decades will fall in the day to Ning Xi, the buddy of this family.

To be honest, the day, Ning, may still be thankful for the original, after all, because of the top of the nutai, his hunger brother has a day.

"Okay, don't waste time."

Flagkarcasi took a map, put on the ground, Shen Sheng: "We will now discuss the right thing! How to search for the position of the five generations of wind shadow! Shang, what is there? Intelligence? "

"There are some."

Shangqi Nai's face is nodded, and the news introduced the message: "For the past few years, the members of the organization often sneak into the rainy village, but there is no exception, all will be repeated by half hidden people.

Occasionally, there are several times, I will chase them when the command of the adults, summed up the rules they escape, they will be high in two directions. "

Upper Naidou extended the finger on the map of the flag, Kakasi, drawing a direction: "One of them is the country that fled to the earth, which is also normal, after all, in the past few years ago, the three generations of rocky village Tang Shanto has colluded with the organization. "

Shangyuan Needan and extended his finger on the map. The other direction: "Another direction is to enter the country of the West of our rain, according to the speculation, maybe they have a base in the country of the bird."

"And according to the information I get ..."

Shangyuan Nai Lu slowly turned to the thousand generations of mother-in-law, and asked: "Will the sand hidden village have encountered a long-term appearance, under the body, with a limb, the horror giant behemoth with wings?"


Millennium mother-in-law's face nodded, whisper response: "The members of the organization are driving the giant beast to attack Saha Yin Village, let us lose heavy."

"Then they may be very likely to be in the country of the bird."

Shangyuan Na is touched his finger, whispered: "At least they are also passing from the country of the bird, we have a half-hidden intelligence forces, and discover such a huge beast in the mountains of the bird's country. There are a few members in the above ...

Later, after the news of Sandy Village, I thought that there should be that members of Xiaoxiao hit Sa Yin Village. They are likely to take the giant behen who can fly back to the bird. It is Head beasts they can have so fast. "

"The mountain of the bird?"

In the eyes of the hand, she flashed a light. She seems to find hope. "Then we go to the country of the bird to find the base, go to find my love drop!"

Millennium's wife looked at the original navigation: "Where is your intelligence forces discovered, why will they go to the country?"


Laughing in the original Nairi smiled: "There is nothing embarrassed, anyway, we have given up this idea. After all, the country is a small country, and half hidden people hope that we can become a big country, so in this area ..."

"So you want to invade the country of the bird?"

The voice of the Childi's mother-in-law suddenly turned high.

Shangyuan Nai's face has also become very ugly. He looked at thousands of generations of mother-in-law. !

From the first endurance battle to the third endurance battle, Shang Yin Village is almost every time you have to invade the wooden leaves or invade the rain, if you are not your village's four-generation style, you want to invade our rain. The land of the country, I will not kill him!

What's more, we want to occupy the birds in order to let the civilians have no battle in Sandy Village and Rock Village! Not long ago, the adults have gone this idea, concentrate on defending the rain, what qualifications do you have?

Oh, right, because you are big, can you invade other small countries at will? Even your own villages can't protect it, even the leaders of their villages are taken away, is it necessary to seize the land of neighboring countries? "

John Quan Lu is asked to ask the Millennium.

Obviously after hearing the accusation of the Millennium Mother-in-law, the emotions of Shangyuan Nae became very excited, and people heard his emotional angelicity.

Everyone in the field has become a little dignified, and the flag-like cards and handcuffs are sissy.

After all, they came to the original navigation, and the results have not started formal action, and Shangyuan Na will argue with a thousand generations.

"All right."

Shangqi Nairi looked coldly and looked at thousands of generations of mother-in-law, Shen Sheng: "Well, then the ninja of your great country is to save people! Our ninja does not dare to talk to you ..."


"Shangyuan predecessors!"


A group of people hurriedly stopped the Shangyuan naver who wanted to leave.

The looks of the flagmarks are even more embarrassed, and the sound explains: "Shangyuan, the Millennium Excelle, now not everyone's trouble, the most important thing is to fight the organization, save the five generations of wind shadow, isn't it?"

What ghosts!

How to talk, turn it into a big country discrimination?

When did they say discrimination? Why is the topic that will be in this way, isn't it still in a friendly and harmonious business in a few minutes?

Flagkarcasi feels some a little headache.

Non-but flag, Kakasi, even some other people have some headaches, they don't quite understand why the topic will be completely biased, and such a big contradiction directly.

"Sorry, there is no need."

Shangji fell to see the flag wood Cardi, a pair of turning the face: "You go to the place, I have to go back to our own small village!"

After that, he actually turned to leave.


The Chi Dayi suddenly shouted the Shangyuan Na, slowly, he would give him a gift: "I am too sensitive, I shouldn't skeerate."

"Shangyuan predecessors!"


A group of people also hurriedly stopped Shangyuan Na.

The whirlpiece is directly open to persuade: "Shang Shang, we have never thought about it, we have always taken you as a friend!"

"Yeah, Shangyuan Senior."

Shanghao Shang. "

Hands and respectfully, his face was pleading: "No matter what contradictions we have had, haven't they been to understand each other?"


Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while, point and nod: "I am willing to understand and willing to pay my efforts to peace, I also hope that you can forgive my emotions, maybe because my mood is not good enough!"

It is said that a sentence is a confidential thing, and Mr. Kasi and Kasi, I left Yuyin Village before I left Yuyin Village. Because I chose to continue to investigate the chasing and killing the organization, I oppose Yu Yin Village to take the opportunity to attack the country, thus suffering It is an insult to the radical funerary. "

Shangyuan Nai sighed a long way to say: "If it is not a semi-hidden adult, it will bring a lot of harm to this dangerous organization, maybe I may have been forced to resign by those radical sentiments."


Millennium mother-in-law and handcuffs did not dare to look at the original navigation.

A young woman in Sandy Village slowly dropped sweat slowly, apparent that they did not think that Yu Yin Village actually really wants to attack the country!

But this is also normal ...

Such a good expansion opportunity, will not let go of ordinary rain to help?

Chi Dong mother slowly hanging down, seriously opening: "I am very sorry, Shangyuan Na, I don't know your situation in Yuyin Village."

"Sorry, I didn't control my emotions."

Shangji shook his head, sighed a little: "Fortunately, my teacher is still a bit position in Yuyin Village, plus the credit of the country before, hey, all the family have difficulties, fortunately, half Tibetan people standing our side…"