I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 216 Shangshan Na, we know that you are very concerned about you.

"Naruto, Xiao Sakuo, Millennium Excelle, SAojing, if they want to kill us, if we want to catch the nun, we will keep it or close to Mr. Kai ..."

At the last time, I watched the standing position of the organization, and the eyes were more serious, and even the sound was slightly big: "If they want to retreat, I will be responsible for entanglement of the strongest ninja, you want to put the five generations You are rescued from Didala's hands, or also wrapped them! "


The whirlpool and others have nodded.

The original Nairu is really a very strategy.

Whether it is a member of the organization or a wooden ninja, it is very believed in this, so they will act in accordance with the plan of the original navigation.

About this is the peak of life?

A person's wisdom, manipulating the battle of both sides.

Shangyuan Needs to have a thumbs up to himself.

If you can't understand the message of the original Nairi, the long gates immediately realized that I watched the Didara and Red Sands around him, Shen Sheng: "Since the original naval is coming, there are other aids behind him, we First! "



The red sand and Didara are everywhere.

Their movement immediately caused other people's attention, and the original Naqi fidel is rushed toward the long door, and the mouth is sinking: "Immediately!"


The whirlpool, Zuoki and Chunyino are almost simultaneously rushed to Dida, but Didala seems to have alert, driving the clay giant bird under his body to the air.

"Super beast and pseudo painting, cloud bird!"

Sago can only draw a flying bird quickly.

Unfortunately, the swirls and Spring Sakura can only look at the direction of Didara flying, and two of them have almost no remote attack capabilities.

Fortunately, when I arrived in the long gate, I noticed the movement of this side, raising his hand in the position of Didara!

"Don't be too arrogant, Shangyuan Na!"

The long door looked at the flame to put Didara birds from the air, couldn't help but drink a word, and the original Nairou became a group!

Two people seem to have never officially handed.

In the heart of the door, the more surprised it, his mouth and even couldn't help but quietly told a smile: "Oh ... It seems that I laughed over your body, you used it for a long time to practice the body. ! "

"Of course."

Shang Nai fell on his face, he couldn't stretch it, but he still went up a silend: "I don't want the teacher to disappoint me, so I have worked more than anyone!"

After the end of the original Nairou blocked the fingers, a punch grew to his chest: "Everyone is boasting me a genius climbing out of a civilian, but I am doing it to get the teacher's recognition, don't Use the genius this word to smoke my efforts! "


The whole door is stunned.

At this moment, he couldn't divide the original navigation.

After all, in the past years, Shangyuan Needs to work in Yuyin Village, many people look in their eyes, he almost practiced in diligence from morning till, and will be able to practice printed.

As long as the membership or rainy ninja occasionally encountered the original Needle, he is almost a person practicing a print, or that is an Shangyuan study his own tissue.


The printer of Shangyuan Needs is really sorry for his efforts.

Fortunately, I will choose another road, even if his printed speed is unhappy, but his pushing power is very large.

Shangji is from the 12th year old.

At that time, they didn't occupy the rain in the country. Xiaonan is very petting him, almost reluctant to let him stay in a strange base. Every time Xiaonan goes out to execute the task, they must play the name of the original nair on the exercise. task.

Shangyuan Nairu has not live up to the expectations of Xiaonan. Every task is implemented very beautiful, and even regardless of his life is dangerous, desperately wants to get the recognition of Xiaonan and want to become a member of Xiao.

In fact, Xiao Nan will recognize his strength.

It's just that this road is too dangerous. The front road is also very embarrassing. At that time, the long door is also in the evening. Every time I use my own time, I will reduce his vitality ...

The appearance of Shangyuan Needle, adding a light to their life.

Later, they killed all the enemies of the year, accounting for the country of rain and Yuyin Village, and let the country of the rain never have a wandering orphan.

The programs of Xiao have also stepped on the right track, and Yu Yin Village has gradually become powerful, and the life of the long door has also been eased.

Most of them are at the original navigation.

His hard work hard is just not to let the teacher disappointed?

The long door couldn't help but kneel the original Nairo's face. I couldn't help but sigh a sigh. The 12-year-old child is now 20 years old!

Eight years of time, who knows how much effort in the secret?

There is no such mood in the long door.

Even next to it is still in the priest rings and spring wild Sakura, after hearing the original Naternity, it is not riddled with the original navigation.

Because the last words, they also have impressions.

When Yishibo Sasuo was once called a genius, he also said that he didn't take care of others. He took the life to do, how can it use the genius this kind of vocabulary to kill a person's efforts? ?

this moment.

The whirlpool is a good feeling on the original Needle.

Spring Sakura is soaring that the good feelings of the original Needle.


At the end of Nairi, a punger in the long door, leaning the long door from the lance, he waved the consciousness released a repulsive force!

Shen Luo Tianzheng.

Shangji was returned to the chest, at the same time, at the same time, he also unloaded all his strength and did not resist.

Because God has a weakness.

If the power of the opponent is stronger than the monographer, the monocetale will be fly out!

The original Needle is really not to grasp. If the long door is flying out by the anti-action of Shen Luo Tianzheng, it is really happy ...

Sure enough, Shangyuan is flying out!

It's just that he also didn't give up on his resistance, and the printing released a super large-scale water: "Rhinemaking!"

The huge tsunami came out from the top of Shangyuan Na, and went towards the position of the long-door and other people. First, the first is the Millennium mother-in-law and red sand, two people have to give up the battle with the wave.

Until the long door slowly swallowed his palm, stroking the tsunami low voice: "Hungry ghost!"

The huge tsunami suddenly absorbed by him!

The whirlpool tuned towards the original navigation: "Shangyuan, I have no effect on him, I doubt that he also has the ability to absorb Chakra!"

"I know that he has this ability! But don't have to have powerful tolerance, how can it attract him!"

The original Nairu responded to a sentence, and looked at the long door and unconventional absorbed Chakra, flying towards his position again!

Even if the long gates and the original navigation, two people have their own hands, and the wonderful battle is far more than other people's imagination.

Single only is the body's depends, let everyone amazed!

Flagkasi is not in the hands of the door, but Shangyuan Needs and the long gates have been almost playing a strong enemy!

It is unfortunate that Shang Nai is still in the long door, but even when he warns to the end, it is exhausted. It can't stop the long door from supporting the red sand and Didara ...

However, the wood-shaped ninja and a thousand generations may not have no results!

At least the synerg of the vortex, Zuoi and Chunye Sakura, broke through Didara's bomb block, from the clay giant bird that was fell back from the original navigation!


The five generations of style, I Ai Luo has become a corpse. This wind is still war, I don't know what it should be called success, or it should be called failure.


The long door sweeps out all people, cold tang: "Since you want a corpse, then take it back!"


The whirlpool is looking at the long door.

The face of Spring Sakura and Millennium Mother-in-law is also a little ugly.

Red sand screaming, unfortunately looked at the corpse that was taken away: "The fifth generation of wind shadow, that but I want to be used as a material, is the third collection I want. ... Mother-in-law, you shouldn't come. "


Thousands of generations slowly pinched their fists, looked at Red sand, one sentence: "Sandy Village is my home, anyone who hurts sandy village, I will not let go, for the village, I will be willing to sacrifice. Everything you have, even kill my loved ones! "

"This is the darkness of the rivot."

Red Sands looked at the thousand generations of mother-in-law snorted, and the face did not open the mouth: "If you can sacrifice your loved ones for the village, do you forget your original intention to set up a village, is it to protect them?"


The big face is struck on the face.

However, the next moment, the next day, he reacted, she shook his head, personally put my love of my love in his arms, cold tang: "Shanghao, Naruto, Xiao Sakuo, Sakura, let's go!"

"Don't go ..."

Didara rudely took out a clay bomb!

Shangyuan Na Ruo is in front of them, blocking the intended Didara pursuit, he knews the long door, Red sand, and Didala, step by step to protect the millennium and Naruto and others slowly retreat.

The opening of the door blocked Didala, Shen Sheng: "Didala, after retreat! Only Nairu, this devil appears here, he will not be easily committed, and there is definitely his aid!"

This sentence is not only reminded Didara, but also reminding the original navigation.

Shangyuan Nai's mouth smoked, it seems that the long door is still worried that he is dangerous, as a spy, he is a matter of course to conduct an intelligence response.

Shangji is a way to snort: "You really understand me!"

"of course."

The long door pinching the ring in his hand, the meaning of the finishes, the open mouth: "Shangyuan Na, we know very much attention to you, so I will never miss any information about you."


At the end of the original Na, I jumped to a big tree. I took my fist and looked at the long door: "I am relieved, Xiao's guys, wait for me to return to Yu Yin Village, we will have a chance. Goodbye! "

This sentence is goodbye, saying that there is a bit of hateful feelings.

When you look at the original navigation, they are getting farther and farther, recruiting a trick: "Okay, go back to Xiaoshan! The Shangwei will come back!"