I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 217 Sasuke This is a good time!

The plan is completed.

This ending can be described as a great joy.

At least for members of the tissue, the arduous task of this acting is finally completed, and the body of I Ai Luo can be more difficult than grabbing me.

The red sand is full of face, and I have a little less understanding, the strength of the original guy, I have to mix with the five major nashes, and even make friends with them, they are our prey. ,is this necessary?"

"Then look at the original idea."

The long gates hide their smile under the hood, shake the head calm: "I want to do anything, let him do it yourself!"

When I was in the long door, I was very touched in my heart. Since I have grown up, since I have grown up, I always have my own ideas.

If the original naval can get the trust of the column of nine tails, maybe it will help when they will catch the nine tails in the future. As the strongest tail beast of the endurance, the strength of the nine tail is absolutely more than not to see today.

Even if there is something wrong with the original navigation, it doesn't matter, the long door thinks with your own strength can be the original naval.

When there is a little in the long door, Didara is somewhat dissatisfied with the long door, whispering: "Hey, you guys! It is just a new person for a two-year, don't use the leader in front of us. Tell, who do you think you are? "


The long gates thought for a while, and suddenly I thought that Didala will die late, the deceased is big, so there is no need to be with this happiness.

After thinking about a second, I nodded at Didala politely: "Yes, my predecessors, I remember."

Red sand: "..."

Didala: "..."

Obviously this newcomer is very polite, but let them feel that I can't get rid of the characters!

"alright, alright."

As the oldest predecessor, I feel that I should be an older: "Since Shanghao let us help, then eat Kanto boiled egg!"

This is the favorite of Didara.

Sure enough, Didala immediately attracted the past, excitedly tied to the shoulders of Red Sand: "Ah, hahaha ... It's a lot of scorpion, I really understand me! Then let's go Let's! "


The red sand is nod, but it feels weird.

Obviously the Dida pull palm's long tongue is licking his clothes, and the look is ugly, the look is ugly, Didala: "Intercort, release my shoulder!"

"Don't mind, your predecessors!"

Didara hipped in the palm of the palm, soon, a new clay giant bird acting as a mount: "Now let's go!"

Didala is an active atmosphere.

There is a place in this guy, and the air is always full of cheerful breath.

When I went to eat a group of people to eat food, the sandy harness and the wooden ninja ushered in a sad part.

After all of the people are mixed, everyone will think that this rescue has failed. After all, the sandy village needs a living shape, not a body of my love.

The handcuffs are crying in the body of their brothers.

As a sister, I have seen the bodies of your brother, no matter how hard, you can't accept this reality, especially her biggest wish is to take care of two younger brothers.

The whirlpools don't know how to open, and a group can only look at the bodies of my love in my love.

"Handcuffs, let's let it be!"

The Chi Dongni sighed, moved the shoulders of the handcuffs, sitting in my love of my love, holding his palm, body slightly shaking: "Saha Yin Village, no longer lose one Qualified vertical shadow ... "


The handcuffs were pulled up, and she looked at thousands of mother-in-law, and some were not able to understand the meaning of thousands of generations.

Shang Nai was quietly sighed in his heart, looking at the thousand generations slowly, he had already recognized what the printed gestures were.

Boarding, you have a reincarnation.

Ability to transfer your life to others.

After all, the old man returned to his old road, sacrificed himself for the future of sandy village, perhaps this is also what she is willing to be willing.

Millennium mother-in-law slowly joined his hand, and whispered his own story: "After my son and his wife died after the endurance war, the scorpion could not bear the pain of losing his parents, so I learned. A ban.

This ban is known for his own reincarnation, and you can transfer your own life to others, and you can use all your own Chakra to exchange their soul recovery.

Originally, I want to reverse the life and death of the life and death, let him not fall into the obsession of his parents. Unfortunately, when I haven't come yet, I have killed the three generations to escape the village.

It seems that it is time to use ... "


When the hand is fierce, he wants to rush to thousands of generations. After all, the old man is in the battle of the four generations of wind, and has always taken care of them, the relationship between the brothers and the thousand generations is also like the grandparents. general!

"Don't stop me."

The army of the millennium is particularly powerful. She low-headed my love of my love, and even showed a smile: "Although I didn't bring the small guys of the Siro, I became a qualified teacher, but I put me love this. The little guy cultivated into a qualified shape ... "


The handcuffs looked at the tears of the millennium, and the open mouth was attached: "It is not smart enough!"

"It's ok."

I showed a smile on the mother-in-law, she used her eyes to calm down, soft: "When I am in my late years, I can support your sister from three people. This is the embarrassment between us, don't I have been sad. "

Chi Dong mother slowly finished his last handprint, slowly reached out to cover my love of the chest, whispered: "My love is a major, the current village is not more suitable than him ..."

There is no one in Sandy Village to replace my love.

Because the current sandy village is too weak, the entire village can pick up the film-level ninja, and only my love is this person. It is really in the ground.

Millennium mother-in-law uses his own life to replace my love life, it is inevitable, she must leave a future for Sandy Village.

Otherwise, the sandy village is afraid that it is very likely that the next generation of wind is very likely to be replaced by the five major countries!

Especially the genius of the rainy village next door is next to them!

"Before I left, I still have two sentences, you helped me transfer to my love."

Millennium mother-in-law slowly turned to the handcuffs, whispering his last words: "Sandy Village and wooden leaves, Yu Yin Village Covenant can't abandon; those with abnormalities, let me love to be soft; you, Let Sandy Village are reunited, and the peace of the future, the peace of the future rely on yours ... "

Millennium mother-in-law looked up with a face sad wooden, her vitality gradually began to recession quickly, and Chakra in the body was faded.

I have been born, start!

The original Nairou stretched a palm of her body, the stars' perfusion entered a huge Chakra and life energy into the body of the Millennium.

However, this does not change her death.

Once you have a reincarnation, once you start running, you will be unbroken, and you will be unbelieved even if you instill it, you will be used to give her more Chakra and life energy.

The only thing to do is just delaying her death.

Millennium mother-in-law felt the original navigation into the energy, and the eyes were incomplete. She trembled and looked at the original navigation: "I didn't expect medical nipplers in Shangyuan to be strong to this extent, compared to the program You will not be inferior, almost almost let a person return to life, but don't waste the valuable power, I am going to die, the old man who is about to die ... "

"I just want to give you some words."

Shangji shook his head, self-deprecating, booth stall: "No matter how I am also a friend of Sandy Village, although I have not played in the battle, I finally saved the wind and the Millennium "

"No, if you are not you, perhaps we will take back the body of this little guy, this time is really much loss and the wooden leaves."

Dynasty's mother-in-law didn't stand the sadness and sorrowful Shangyuan Na, turned to the many wooden ninja, and suddenly laughed: "I will see you before, I will feel the endurance. The future has a new hope ... "


Shangyuan Nai quietly listened to the praise of thousands of generations.

I don't know if this old woman knows that he is not a hope, but will become a desperation of the endurance, will not be stable in the sky!

No, or it is not stable.

According to the sex of the pharmacist, it is almost seen to see the grave, and the millennial mother-in-law can use the poisonous ninja, it is estimated that the pharmacist will not let go.

Shangyuan Na Run looked at the Millennium Mother-in-law, I am sighed in the heart, I really look forward to the next meeting, I don't know that the Millennium mother-in-law will hate himself unclear ...

Millennium mother-in-law did not know the idea of ​​the original Nairi, she was still at eagerness: "... How to see you in the future of sandy village ... The future of the endurance also depends on these young people ..."

After that, the body of the Millennium mother-in-law gradually got a sound.

The hand is a little bit of a thousand generations of mother-in-law, and it has not responded for a while. After a while, he only cried out: "Mother-in-law!"


Many wooden ninja's hearts are not good.

I didn't expect that they saved a trend, but it made a sacrifice for the Ninja who paid a lifetime for Sandy Village.

When everyone is sad, I loved a lot of vitality on the ground. He slowly opened his eyes and stroked his belly: "What is going on? I am not already ..."

"It's a thousand generations."

Shangqi Needan overlooking my love, after seeing this wind shadow resurrection, frowning responded: "It is a Qian Dynasty to save you from the mortar."

"Shangyuan Na!"

My love has suddenly changed: "What do you want to do this here?"

Just as the original naval, I guess my identity, is it? Is it to disclose it? Still look at them, the shock when I identity?

No, you should ...

When I was pulled out of the seal, I loved the whole process.

When I got the original navigation, my hand was rushing to teach your brother's arm and whispered: "I love Luo, this time is the original naval to save you in the hands of the child, don't be blinded by the past hatred and fear. eye!"

I love: "..."

I am a bit of the body of my love.

At this time, he didn't know what the expression he would treat himself. After all, this guy went to the exam from a small time, and he began to bully him.

The whirlpool is very understandable to understand my love. I took a picture of his shoulder: "Although the character of the Shang Zang is very bad, we always bully our weakness, but his nature is not bad. what!"

The whirlpool moisturizes my love shoulders, continue to open: "I guess this guy may be too strong after we grow up, so I can only bully bully, I will bully it ... I love Luo, don't mind when I am a child, we are. But everyone is! "

I love: "..."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Wooden ninters: "..."

Although the Shangyuan also thinks that the whirlpool is a certain reason, but it is still not very right.

However, the handcuffs quickly told me the end of the dragon, and the young style put down the past mustard, and took the initiative to extend his palm.

Shangyuan Na will not be vague, squinted his eyes, smiling and holding my love palm, this time, Sandy Village and Yuyin Village have repeated peace hope!

Simply leaving.

Just when everyone thinks this task is perfect.

The whirlpool screamed his fists, Shen Sheng: "Unfortunately, we are in a disadvantage, no members of a child, get Sasuke information!"

Sure enough, the wooden ninja came to support and not just to save my love, they still want to take the opportunity to get Sasuke information.

Sasuke this guy, is also a member of Xiao!

It is not polite, and now Yiszo is very strong, perhaps because of the guidance and teachings of Uzhi Hosi, Shangyuan Na, and even think that the current Sasuke is more stronger than the history of this period!

"I really have some intelligence about Uzechbo Sasuke ..."

At the last navigation, I still think of the Sasuke that is still trying to assassinate Uki, whisper: "Maybe you don't know, but Unechebra is not the proud boy I have learned, it is said that he is half a year ago. "


Everyone's face is not full of confidence.

It is reasonable to attack a country, which is not all of the Skye. When can their small partners do this?

Sasuke this is something wrong ...

No, it is too evil!

On the face of Shangyuan Na, he stunned and had a stieity. He lightly said: "If you have encountered Sasuke, be careful, because I have encountered him last time, I feel that I am far from his opponent, write the eyes Is the first blood of the endurance ... "