I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 220 Your guy is hidden! (Subscribe)

The mortal ghost is the first part of the original navigation.

Shangning Na Ruo never won't skew loyalty to the ghosts of the mortar, this guy will never have any mistakes, still strictly monitor Yisi Pos.

And the guy is hidden, before Yuxi Bo, now is black, everyone thinks that ghost is loyal to them.

Shangqi Nairou gave a lot of people in the scene, laughed and said: "Since this is allocated, everyone has no opinion, then let ghosts,, Dudu and fly to collect funds! "

Shangyuan Nair is a release order.

Tiandao Pesi seems to be in the style of his practice, even thumbs up to the navigation, nodded, and loudly added: "So captured the members of the three tails, it is Shangyuan, return to (long), peach, no, Di Dalla, ! "

"no problem!"

Didara is very satisfied with this arrangement.

The red sand is also dull.

The two-person group may feel that it is very comfortable to do with the original Nairo to perform the task. After all, the person who is in the original Needle is actually very good. Even if he is strong, he will not show a contempt for other companions.

The corner has put forward different opinions, very unhappy to open: "I said, just kill a few people to change the gold, I don't need so many people!"

"Be careful."

Tiandao Payne looked at the corner, the cold voice opened: "When is the top plan to go wrong, the corner is all, according to what he said!"

The corner frowned, sighed, quite helpless: "It's really, the little ghost grows up, is it going to start pressing the old employee?"

He is really qualified to say this.

The corner is a member of the early group.

Shangyuan Naoli and Yisi Pubie were joined in the same period, and the top of the juvenile, almost the horns all looked at a little greatest, for this little guy, the corner is really a little bit like.

Shangyuan Na was killed four generations of wind, let Red sand scorpion refines mold in four generations; then engaged in the country of the grass, directly let the organization get rich.

It is imagined that the attitude towards the upland is imagined.

Who can make the horns earn money, who is the friend of the adults; who can make the corner to earn big money, who is the benevolent people.

So the relationship between the two people is not bad.

And when I gave the account, I didn't have a hand when I dial it on the event, and I didn't have a softness of the event. It is basically a high-standard high-benefit high treatment.

The incident is such a city.

What's more, I'm also very easy to get along with people, and there is no genius shelf and arrogant attitude. I only started to pick up the burden this year, and the members of Xiaoyu have encountered an upward, he is almost a member. Very good.

To be honest, if you can, the corner is sometimes really wants to slaughter the idiot of the IQ, so that the original navigation is in his teammates, but unfortunately he kills the flying section ...

Xiaonan will not agree with the top and corners.

However, the relationship between the two people can really be.

So after hearing the corner, after the top of the original, the top of the original is lost, whispered: "Hey, the neighbor, I am worried about your safety, I have springs the message of the wooden, they are crazy. Hurry us! "

"Hey, I will not be afraid of them."

"It is better to be careful."

Shangyuan Nai was calm, whispered to persuade: "Mushed, ghosts, a few people will cooperate with you in secret, there are so many helpers, and we can organize more activities, we have a long time. The money is really lacking. "

"I know."

After the horns, the hornedes were ignored, and they broke their mouths. "" Obviously, there is not much money in the organization, but also to lay the waste, let so many action, the young man does not know the thrift ... "

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

This is really like the old man at home ... But this old guy is really enough! Don't you live for money?

Can you let you!

When the five-generation fire shadow of the returned wooden leaves, he must send someone to chase the corner. When they fate, they know that he is so arranged.

And this time the most important thing is ...

Let Sui Izo hit the machine and the whirlpool.

"That takes a few days."

Tiandao Payne knew the scene of everyone, whispered: "After everyone's rest, each do one will perform mission."


The seal tail beast can be a hard work, and everyone has no opinions against Tiandao Payne, each has returned to each other.

At the time, I watched the red sand of the red sand, suddenly called him: "The seniors, I have something to tell you."


The scorpion slowly turned to look at the original navigation.

After others left, only Didala was left, the expression of Shangyuan Nairo gradually complex, he said softly: "Millennium sacrificed."

This news is not as good as I have to tell.

The scorpion of Red Sand is still known. At that time, there will be mustard in your heart. After all, the members of the organization basically know that the mother-in-law is his grandmother.


Fell into silence.

After a long time, he opened: "I know."


Didala took the lead in proposing his confusion, he asked some puzzles: "We are just acting, don't you get too heavy?"

"It is a ban in life."

Shangji shook his head and whispered: "The Qian Dynasty used her life, in exchange for the fifth generation of Shaxi, the fifth generation of the fifth generation of Allow."

"It's really in line with her character!"

The red sand is lightly shaking, whispering: "For the decayed village, it is worth it? It's like this. It's like this. Her eyes are still so narrow, always value that. the future of.

Forget it, it doesn't matter. Anyway, it is just that I will go to eternal art. If we meet again, for each other's position, as a member of the child, I may kill her, as a sandy consultant, she maybe kill me. "


After being a man, the mood of the scorpion is very exposed.

I heard the news of the Millennium Mother-in-law today, Red Sands can stop stating a few words, it is already hard to do.

Family, after all, in the hearts of the scorpion account for a very large amount.

The red sand scorpion finished his attitude towards the Children's mother-in-law, and the atmosphere of their several people were some heavy.

"Hey, Shi Dan, eternal is not an art!"

Didara suddenly took a shot of the red sand, whispered: "Explosion is true art, even if life is short, as long as life does not live up to it, then prove it exists. Significant! This is the art of the so-called explosion! "

"To shut up."

Red sand scorpion glanced at Didala.

Just this time he did not push his teammates.

The membership system of the organization seems to be successful, although everyone has been disappointing their teammates, but they will always appear in the most appropriate.

Occasionally there will be some pit goods ...

Most members are actually very positive.

At the last navis, he looked at the mood, and the slogan said: "If the senior wants to go to the tombstone of the Millennium, this time the person capturing the three tails can not participate;

I will explain to Payne adults, although we are opponents with the Millennium, I have to say, I still admire her will, this is a respectable opponent. "

This sentence is persuaded, in fact, it is also experimental.

In case, this guy will make the heart, and the original navigation will give him a psychology.

After a while, I suddenly took out a reel and handed it to the original navigation, soft: "I heard that she has been teaching a new generation in the past few years, but unfortunately, she is not as good as before, she produced. is definitely not sure enough, otherwise, I will not take me to fight for a child.

Shangyuan, you are the spy to sneak into the big country. If you have the opportunity to help me give this reel to the new generation of little guys, so that the inheritance of Saha Yin Village disappeared, this is the last one I made for her. Win! "


Shang Nai was nodded, just handed a reel to the exploration of Jiulang, I can't say something big.

Shangyuan Na is a little curious to open: "What is it in this, will it be a four-generation style person?"

"Not ..."

Red sand scorpion shook his head: "That is you gave me, I can't give someone to others to others ... here is actually a mother-in-law, I have used it. It's just that it is only a reality of the original. "

After the saying, the red sand scorpion is loud: "Have the opportunity, you can help me with the two left by my mother-in-law, although it is what I was made when I was ten years old, but that is, it belongs to it. My things. "

The red sand is said to have the father and mother.

Obviously, this person will never let him make the two .

"Yes, let me see it!"

Shangyuan Nai married a breath, whispered: "Maybe you will have the opportunity to take the two ."

"it is good."

I nodded and looked at the Didara that drums his mouth next to it. I wrinkled my brow: "Okay, let's go!"

"Well, um ..."

Dida rushed nodded.

Shang Nai lost his red sand, in Didala, take a sigh, and looked at his system panel.

Branch mission: Let Red Sands come down (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the magical spirit.

Available in the magical spirit: Universal girl who has been manipulating the wing of the witch, she has her own battle wisdom and skills, can be focked by the user to instill Chakra to drive the girl, the lowest needs to instill Chakra 1000 points.

This task is complete and harsh.

After the Millennium mother-in-law, the system reminded the completion of the original task, maybe the system defaults to the thousand generations of mother-in-law will become the murderer who killed.

As for the rewards gained from the original navigation, it is also rich.

This can replace him to perform some things that are not suitable, and a unmanned always wants a lot, and its combat power is not low.

Single only the driver requires at least 10,000 points Chakra, which means that this is a kind of that can play the grades, which is enough.

Most importantly, this is not need to use Chakra line ...

Instead of saying that the Magic Spirit is a embarrassment, it is better to say that it is a robot.

After the last returned to his residence, he did not waste time. His fingers screamed his own table, simply summoned Unexpello belt soil.

After the last returned four-tailed column, Yisi Bo has been re-depressed in the coffin. This time I see the soil and even some dissatisfaction: "Do you have any dirty home to let me go?"

"No, let you see an old friend."

After the arrival of the Nairi, I told him: "Go to the mortar ghost, let me convey command to him with your body."


After Urcho wrinkled, the face became incapacitated in an instant: "Wait, the ghost guy is your person? When is this?"

"It's very early."

Shangqi Needo was looked at Yishio belt: "Don't you know this? Why do you think that ghosts can join? And after I kill you, why can he live, and live well? ? "

This is a matter of course.

It's just that people can't help but kill him.

Yuxi Bo belt soes listened to it, I can't help but hit itself!

With the land, you can't help but hold your own fists. He is always intertwined. This fucking is called!

Mom, no wonder he will be killed by Shangji!

The martial artifacts have been cultivated by Unexpea, since the four generations of water shadows, since he controlled the four-generation spots, he has been carefully useing the ghosts, and even the class of the eye plan of the month.

Cartry ghosts are also not expected, since Yisi Board is still in the world, I have been secretly touched the information about Yisiza.

I haven't expected this spy that I have been inserted by the tissue. I have always been loyal to him. I didn't expect it to be the original naval!

Yishibo took the soil and hated and biting his teeth. He was stared at the original navigation: "How many things are hidden in this year ..."

"Hey, what do I think about describing?"

Shangji set off his palm, laughed: "If one day, when the endurance under the water is unveiled in the cover of the well, I saw the sun and the moon in the sky, thinking that I saw the whole world ... "

Shangyuan Na was re-held in confidently: "In fact, they don't know, the world is mine, the sun and the moon are also mine."