I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 221 Cartill Tommat: Mark, everything I know!

Too excited.

Even if Yuxi Board is also the behind-the-scenes of the day, and there is no arrival of the original navigation. Why does this guy not flying on the sky?

Shangji Look at the look of Unechyo belt, and laughed: "Hey, look at your expression, but it is a frog in the end of the endowing!"


Yuxi Bo belt the heart of the earth, and the space is disappeared. After a while, his figure appeared in the ghosts of the mortar.

The ghosts saw that Sui Zhike with masks was surprised.

This guy is not killed by the top of the original, how come it again?

"Ghost, it is me."

The sound of Shangyuan Nairi appeared in the mouth of Unecy Band, whispering: "In order to avoid waste, I killed the soil belt, and pulled his soul from the meditation back to the rush, now this guy is me.. "


After a while, the rooted ghost was shocked, and I got a smile: "It is an adult, even the dead people flee your control!"

"These nonsense don't have to say more."

Shangyuan Nairo stepped on the opening of Unecheo to continue: "This time you go to the fire country, I will let Yuxi Bo will quietly track you, if you want to go to the face, you, rain, all the moon Individuals may not be able to take the Yushuo! "

"What should I don't dare?"

The mortal ghost wrinkled, softly responded: "In the past few years, the husband did not conceal himself in front of me, let alone the wood will believe him?"

"In case, he secretly leaked my information?"

Shangyuan Na Run, said: "After all, what I have recently made is too harmful to peace, and Yu Zhi Pubo is afraid that I don't dare to reap against it, but secretly touch the information is not to be seen!"

Cartry: "..."

Finally, one day, Shangyuan adults also know that he is not doing people, is it easy to force people?

The Shangyuan adult is really big!

Since you know that you don't have a person, then you will converge a little!

When I saw it today, I clearly know that Yu Zhi Hou was a brother, but also forced people her brother in front of Yuxi Bohedians, this is clearly thinking about liveing ​​their brothers!

"Before departure, you can challenge the impension of Uku!"

Shang Nai retail, no matter what, he just continued: "If my intelligence is disclosed by anyone, I will give Saso to San Santa care!"


After the martillamon god, I asked in a face of the face: "Shang Shang, this kind, will only be more force to confirm our sir?"

"No, he will not."

After the arrival of Nairi, she said that she said: "Because Uzhi Bozuo helps in us, the guy will not be able to take risks, he must make your brother more strong to protect himself, because He knows that the password that will be able to become strong! "

The kaleidoscope writes the eyes is not enough.

Then the Eternal Kaleidoscope is never blindly, and even if you can do it, you can do it. This is used to conquer the strength of the ribbon, and the power of the gods of the ninja!

Yisiza did not dare to take Yuxi Bozuo to take risks.

After all, as long as Yuxio Sasuke opened the kaleidoscope to write the eyes, then transplanted an eternal skull, you can get the legendary eternal kaleidoscope to write the eyes, then Sasuke is definitely the person above the root of this endurance!

Yuxi Pubro has already arranged a road for his brother, how can I improve the adventure?

The mortar ghost is quietly sighed: "Just to worry about the disclosure of the information, it is better to kill the song directly? Or don't let him go to the fire to perform the task?"

"He must go!"

Shangyuan Nairi broke the intermittable way, if Yishuo was not in the country, how could it be blotted to drop the fall of the eyes?

This is the main purpose of the original naval to let Sui Zhihe go to the fire.

Just solve the eye-catching eyes, Yu Zhi Pubie has not threatened, and only need to walk quietly into the end of life.

"Why don't you kill him ..."

Shang Nai is used to use Unexpell Body, Shen Sheng: "We have not squeezed his last value, I also need to let him become a final nutrient for Suzhi Sasuo, anyway, we all know that this is himself. Willing, right? "

"Well, I know."

The martial arti is helpless.

Boss is so told, what can he do?

"Do you know why let you pick up your interest?"

Shangqi Luked a soft smile, scorn the way: "Because he is a dead person, a person who is about to go to life, don't need too much fear, his life and death, hold it in my hand ! "

Cartry: "..."

It's sad!

The martial martial arts can't help but look at the sole soil in front of him. If you carefully calculate, Yisi Bo belt, Unexpected Boohed and Uchozuo Sasuke have been placed in the palm of the palm.

I really don't know why I like to use deceived Suzhio so like to use deceived ... Is it very strong? Is it possible to use?

Late night.

The mortal ghost knocks the door of Yisiza.

After entering, the first passage of the mortar ghosts let Sui Zhiwu heart take a tight: "Sorry, I suddenly bother you in the late night, it is very embarrassed, but some people want to borrow my mouth to threate you, If the information we organize has any leaks, Unecheva will be torn into pieces. "


Yisiza is slowly released his palm, and the waves are not surprised to open: "Do you have any relationship with me? Anyway, I will kill him sooner or later ..."

"No need to disguise it."

When the mortal ghosts sat in the face of Yuxi, the word was knocked on the heart of Yuxi. ? The organization knows that there are very few people, and it is unfortunately, I am one of them. "

"Who tells you? Yuxi wave belt?"

Yisiza's palm is re-cleared, as if it may violent at any time.

This feeling of caught soft ribs is very uncomfortable.

Yisizhiso is more likely to take a step three steps, hide behind the scenes, do everything, let those people who have thought to manipulate him until the end of the moment, only discovered them Control has been lost.

Now that others threaten him regardless of those chaos, directly grabbing the life of Unechebra, which makes Uzhi Piping difficult to operate.

If you are going to go, Yisizo is still trying to turn over, for this, he didn't hesitate to leak a heart to the ghost: "But then I left Sason's life, just because my writing wheel is about to consume Due, so I need to help the eyes let me re-have the power of the kaleidoscope. "


Can't help but laugh, he waved his hand and apologized: "Sorry, I am sorry, I really don't have to hold back ..."

Yisizhiso's face is very nice.

Is it seen? Statful reason?

I am inexplicably, he feels like a clown.

Obviously, the mortar ghosts in front of you have always manifested a very standard ninja, only the commands of the beginning of the dead.

However, this moment, Yishi Houh has a feeling, and the guy of the martillamon depends on everything!

Yiszhiso face is ugly to look at the martillamon ghost, and then I have once again asked: "Do you know? Still always know?"

Two sentences are two meanings.

In a word, it means that the martial artifacts are only discovered in the near future, and the other sentence is to wear his thoughts very early.

If it is the first kind!

If it is the second, the Sui Zhi is really feeling, and he has always been a clown in the eyes of the mortal.

"Sorry, I have always known."

The mortal ghost grinned and revealed his full shark.

Yuxi Pub's heart is crashing. His face is getting more and more ugly, this moment he finally no longer hides his own look, Shen Sheng: "It turned out that you have been secretly looked at everything between me and Sasuke, heart In fact, is it laughing at me? "

Mom, my heart is good!

Yisizo thought that he had a mortar ghost every time, and thought that he would secretly let Yuxi Bo sakura, and suddenly I feel that I am a joke.

When Ukiss Hostess, every time, when he was provoked, it would be a waste, thus inspired the hate and unyielding will, and the stem of the sneaky. The bastard is sneak next to it!

This fuck really doesn't want to endure!

Yisi Hoski feels that he has lived in these years, like a circus clown, a laughter for the mortar ghosts every day, and it is not stopped every day!

How can I happen!

Yuxi hub whole people are not good. He even somewhat faintly can't restressed his anger. He is an Yuxi, a very proud person!

All the Ninja, all the ninja they should be between them, and how he lives in a laughter!

Moreover, Unecheo Subshake each time, when the sneak sneaks to Sasuke, there is still a bit of ghosts in the heart ...

Unexpectedly, he was a big joke in the eyes of ghosts!

Shame ... Shame ... anger ...

These vocabulary are far from being described in the mood of Ukusi. He feels that he is like being litter, and he is thrown in the light.

Yisizhiso took his fist and looked at the martial arts.


The mortar ghost is nothing to have to ask this question. Why do you want to ask this thing, don't you consciously be ashamed this time?

The martial artifact is refreshing!

At the time, each time Yis Zhi Hose sneaked the way to let Sasuo learned to be sick, it is estimated that his shark people are despising him, and they can't find this kind of thing ...

Now know?

He, can do, know what you know!

But he doesn't say anything, just quietly look at your brothers!

Mood is not too cool!

Just like a hot day, I suddenly bubbled into the cold water bath, and the kind of refreshment could not be described.

As a result, the driva was secretly happier, but he was asked by Uzhi Pubie, so that he didn't know how to answer?


What should I say?

Is the truth?

"in case…"

Cartry ghosts looked at Utizhi, and said a word calmly: "If I just got it for my husky?"

Cartry ghosts directly look at the eyes of Yiszhushe, not afraid of scarlet writing, Shen Sheng: "Sir, do you really want to sacrifice yourself for a small ghost? Your talent and strength are very high, it is I have seen the strongest two people in peace.

You should have a bigger stage in this religion, as long as you are willing to kill Sashers, the disease is just a small trouble that is easy to solve, you will have the opportunity to really see the truth of this world! "

Cartry is telling the truth.

He really wants to persuade you Zhi Hou.

Yisiza is the most recognized ninja in the sneaky persimmon, and Shangyuan Nai is his most recognized boss.

If Yishuo is willing to go to Shangyuan Na, then Yishi Houou will have a larger stage!

Under the top of Shangyuan, everyone is equal, he will give them a lot of rewards, including long-lasting life, will make our own parties without worry.

Cartry ghosts know the truth, gain a powerful power; the ghost light is full of new students, can secretly protect your brother; Lin Yuyu is also cured by the disease.

If Su Zhi Subo is relying on the top of the top, according to the original naval valued to Yisi Posh, Yishi Hose is estimated to harvest more. His younger brother Unecheo Sasuke is definitely not worried!

For example, the ghost lights of the ghost lights, the merits of the merits, is so arrogant, why is it worthy of the trouble of find your brother everywhere, it's not because there is a guy named a pharmacist to escort him for him?

"As long as you are willing to rely on my boss ..."

Cartry ghosts looked at Yisizhiso, and the face became incomparable: "Mushed, although the adult occasionally somewhat bad, will treat this world as a game!

But adults treat themselves very generous, adults will cure your body, you can shelter your brother, there is no adult in this world, he is the world of this world! "

"This world is no."

After Yuxi hub shook his head calmly, suddenly he was tentatively, calmly opened: "Ghost, your boss is not Yisi Bo belt ... right?"


Cartill ghosts evoke their mouths, watching Yuxi Puba dewled a smile of playing taste: "Sir, today you have already known enough, after your card is being grasped, you have to continue asking Down? "