I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 222 Yisiza: Help me take care of it

Because of the more people know more, the more dangerous.

Yuxi Pub will not think so, he believes that he must know enough, in order to improve his next step, a person who is even secretly snorting him and Sasher, it is too dangerous.

Especially this actually insights his mind, uses him to threaten him with the feelings of Sasuke, how can this kind of thing?


Of course ask.

I have to ask.

Yisi Pubei looked at the ghosts, he would continue to ask, if you want to ask from the sneaky mouth, who is behind the scene behind him.

"I should have seen that person, right?"

"You have seen it, it is never all of him."

After the mortal ghosts, he smiled and added a sentence: "Mushed, if you know enough, you and your brother will be very dangerous."

"If I don't know these words, aren't it more dangerous? At least the threat to see, can you escape, right?"

After Yishuohe said, he began to think about the way to analyze the ghosts, at least the goal, because the person behind the ghost is he has seen.

No, no.

This is a bit difficult to analyze.

Because it is in line with the standard.

Everyone may have their own side. It is very difficult to simply analyze it. The person hidden behind ghosts must be very deep.

A person who has never exposed.

With the final black hand, it is better to analyze the ghost companion, which may have a chance to find a person who meets.


Unexpectedly thought of the teammates in the organization, and the guys who have been very few but have been unsuccessful, he was given a title called Gui.

Because the guy always wears a hink, never exposed the true face, and never really shot!

Undoubtedly, this person's suspicion is the highest.

If you ask this, would you admit it?

Perhaps, maybe it will not, may have only one fake answer.

The most fascinating place is that he doesn't understand the people who are called Guiji, only know that it is a teammate who goes back.

Yis Zhiso wished for a while, suddenly watched a visor ghost, whispered a name: "Shangyuan Nair ..."


The heart of the martial artifact is tight.

Is the performance between them? Yuxi Pubie actually guessed the identity of the original Nairo!

To be honest, I didn't think of the ghosts of the mortar.

Who is expected, Yisi Hosi suddenly opens: "Shangyuan Nai ... In fact, he also became your chess pieces?"

No matter who is suspicious, Uzhi Pub will not think that the original naval is the behind-the-scenes, after all, this is too unreliable!

Shang Nai fell to Xiaonan and Payne's pet, almost everyone knows that the original naval will be the leader of the next generation.

And the original Nair is very arrogant ...

Look at the performance of the original Na, in the meeting, respectfully the old man tested, and the newcomers in the organization are pressed directly.

So strong, weak, deceived ...

No matter how it is, it is not like a black hand behind it.

What's important to have a black hand? How can I get a good job with the five major powers of the village, and I will also participate in the childish tight tolerance.

Therefore, Uzhi Pubie believes that Shangyuan Na is also a chess piece.

Perhaps the original navigation does not know the truth at all, perhaps the original navigation may know part of the truth, but the original Nair Fair is just a piece of chess.

After all, when Yuxi Pub was added to the child, Shangyuan Na is a synchronization, and he joined him to the same day. At that time ...

Yisiza, 13 years old.

Shangyuan Needs, twelve years old.

Two people fighting in the provision of Unexpello, and Yisi Pubei sold a flaw directly to defeat the upper.

To be honest, at that time, I was american.

In the face of a member of Yischi, I didn't know how to avoid the vision, and I didn't know the role of writing my eyes at that time. I only know that the name of the written eye is very big.

For so many years, the advancement of Shangyuan is very fast, and may have been qualified to become a piece of chess, and his character has changed as the strength growth.

Yisizhiso feels that it is very likely to be a piece of chess.

This is not weird.

After all, I watched him in the past year, I couldn't be a small guy who was only twelve years old.

When the martial martial arts, the heart of the martial arts is relaxed, and the mouth is grinned. It is a stunning look: "It is not a gentleman ... The original Nairu is too big, always very easy to be used."

After the morta ghosts, it is not necessary to see some dirty things on the original Nairi: "How do I describe the top original? We did not take him as a qualified piece of chess.

When you are taught, Shangyuan Nair is a member of the organization of mission; when Yu Yin Village, Shangyuan Nairou is a guy who hooks the wooden leaves for Yu Yin Village; even he does not know how to choose.

As long as someone convince him, he will violate his previous commitment.

This is a genius without himself. He will be used in a moment, and will be abandoned in the next moment, it can't be called our chess pieces. "

"I understand."

Yisiza is slowly nod.

Shangyuan Needs is a guy that can be used.

If possible, maybe it may be considered, using the original naval to pass the information of the organization, as long as the part of the original Needs and the wooden leaves are involved, the deeper is implicated, he can reveal the flaws.

"Lin Yuyu is profitable, the ghost light is full of money is your companion."

Yuxi is immediately raised two people. After all, there are four people who have been tested in the hidden village. The three people have a good relationship, and only the peach is unable to exclude themselves.

and many more…

Is that it means that the peach is no longer possible to be the behind-the-scenes?

Because the peach is no longer a boss, they are not willing to talk to the peach, so as not to show the flaws, and the torrents are not awkward, they can't see his true face ...

Unexpectedly began to commit a headache under under consciousness.

If you want to find a black hand behind him, you can find it out as soon as possible, you must find a solution as soon as possible.

Yisi Wom touched his desk, whispered: "I will pay attention to protecting the secrets of the organization, will you help me protect the help?"

This is also a test, and it is also an inquiry.

Yuxi Hose wants to take this to test the person who captures the three-tubes, maybe there is a peer and superior with mortal ghosts.

If the macmon ghosts promise to protect the help, then the people who capture the three-tail column will definitely have the ghosts of the martial arts and even the boss ...

For example, Su Zhi Pub is suspicious.


The mortal ghost hooks his mouth and laughs and laughs: "It seems that we can only do this transaction, and geomathe is really refused to invest in us?"

"To tell the truth, I am very motivated."

Yisi Hostel looked at the ghosts and whispered: "But before joining an unknown group, I have to know your purpose and the existing member."

"... there is no way."

The mortal ghost is full of face and regrets that the sigh is a little bit: "In fact, the husband is my selfishness, I can't bear to see the ninja such as the gossip, and I will agree after I agree. You can report to the Shang Division.

After all, in my boss, my husband is a very troublesome figure! He may not like to add to us, and I also need a lot of effort to convince him to agree with Mr. I and your brother. "

Driven, the martial arts, the same thing, the small group, and there is a VIP threshold system.

However, it is really worth it.

Yisizhiso looked at the ghosts in a little surprised. It seems that there is a little reaction between the time.

His boss actually did not agree or even not know?

What does this mean?

Yisizu's brain quickly turned, immediately realized a terrible fact, that is, the people behind ghosts, very likely to think that Yuszhi Porsche did not have the value, or simply foresee him to death.


Since that person can read through him to protect his brother, you can do a series of things for your brother, how can you see the possibility of not-peasion?

The behind-theielves did not leave his position at all!

It is not that Yisi Hostel is self-blown, but he knows his strength and is absolutely among the best in the entire tissue.

Yuxi Pub is not a person who is no value.

Just because the behind-theielism knows that Yisi Pubie himself will die, so behind-the-scenes simply give up him.


Yuxi Hosi slowly lifted his head and looked at the mortar ghosts sitting in front of him, looking at this teammate in this evening.


But the martillamon ghost does not want to see the death of Uzhi, so the self-propelion came to recruit Unexpectedly to join them!

This is extremely dangerous.

Or the ghosts know that these things don't matter, there is no impact on the people behind him, or the mortal ghosts are dangerous to death by their boss.

Yisi is unclear.

Yisizhiso clearly, his teammates want to save him!

According to the original Na Na, I will wait until Sasu help and catch the three tails, and the Emperor Brothers will make life and death.

Yisi Poski is actually ready to die.

Just before he went to death, the mortar ghost early showed all this, so I wanted to pull him.

"Thank you, ghost."

Yis Zhi Hou looked at the ghosts and silent, and then he continued: "I have seen my own destiny, I have already seen what kind of person I am, I have found it I have to go."

Yisizhiso did brittle and rejected the ghost.

At the night of the altruation, Yishi Houqi has already prepared a ending in advance, never change for anything.

Even if he also appreciates this teammate.

"Mushed Mr. ..."

When the martial artifact face suddenly became ugly, grinned a grinning smile: "I am a big risk, can you think about it? After all, I don't want to lose my partner."

"Sorry, ghosts."

Yuxi Pubie reached out on the shoulders of the martillamon, whispered: "In fact, you should clear it? The person who stands behind you does not reserve my position at all."


The figurine of the cantotic ghost is stiff.

Yisi Hosi looked at the martillamon and continued to open: "You have to forget those more words to me tonight, I will forget these words, understand? Don't let yourself fall into danger ..."

"I know."

Cartry ghosts standing up, revealing the full mouth shark: "So just do! Remember, you can absolutely leaked the organization of anyone, this is the price of our protection, if you leak If you are afraid of a spider mart, we also have a way to find out the source of information, and we are not spy in the five major countries. "

"I remember."

Yiszhiso nodded, looking at the ghosts of the citilla ghosts, suddenly opened: "Wait, ghosts, standing behind you, if you want to draw, I hope you can Take care of it. "


After a while, the macmon ghost was silent, and he nodded: "Even if you don't want to make the favorite younger brother, I will do a few years with me, I will not sit still."

"I can rest assured that."

Yiszhiso nodded.

After waiting until the mortar ghost leaves, Unexpo snorted his mouth, and his fingertips, heepped a drop of blood.

His body can't help it.

Therefore, when I returned to the country, I must find ways to plan the future of Sasuke.

The death of the sky, the disappearance of Zhi Village is missing, no one knows that Yu Zhi's past.

If there is no position in the wood, it may not be a good way to entrust it to the ghost.