I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 223 Black: Some things you don't have to know

Cartry ghosts completed his mission.

When the ghost returned to its own room, when the anti-Tu transcorbent of Yuxi Bo belt was reported to the original navigation, he sent him and the Tissue's conversation did not have a big place to gave the original navigation.

When it comes to the last, the face of the mortal ghosts is hidden: "Mr. Yusi is really a good teammate! Shangyuan adult, can we only look at him to death?"

"Ghost, this time is good."

Shangyuan Na will not regret the appreciation of the belongings, and he didn't blame the sniosting to help him pull the Unexpected.

Shangyuan looked at some sad ghosts on his face, sighed a good air: "But you don't have to pay too much. Under my manipulation, there is no boundary of life and death.

Even if Yishi is dead, you still have a chance to see you, or you see the example of Yuxi Bo, even if he is dead, I can pull him back from the world ... "

Yuxi Bo Tong: "..."

Cartry: "..."

Do you have a personal person?

A big living person and a dead person, can this be the same?

Only, the original Needle is to appease him, and there is no way to get careful, and there is no way, you can only have to have a comfort.

There is still a little curious. Wait until Yishi Hou will be regenerated by the original Nairo, it is found that the black hand in the scene is the original naval ... is the first answer he excluded. At that time, what is the mood?

It's really curious to stop.

Shangyuan Na was in his own room, and control Yuxi Bo-soil continued to continue: "But Uzhi Hose refused your recruitment, this is not to give me the face, his courage is bigger than his brain, Is it a lesson for him before he died? "


The chanmon ghost, his face is awkward, said: "Shang Shangren, my life is very pitiful ..."

Yisizhiso is so fast, you are upset, you are dying, don't give him a living road, can you still let him take a good one?

Although Yishuo is dead, it should soon be resurrected as a tool in the hands of the original navigation ...

It's a sad life!

The martial artifact is a little sad.

Even if I have a legendary kaleidoscope written in the legend, but I don't really see my own destiny.

"I teach him, it is also good for him."

Shangyuan Na Ruo, released his own head, released his own order: "After you come back from the fire country, Yu Zhibo belt is also good, ghosts are good, then tell Sui Zhi Bohed some truth!" "

"What truth?"

When the chanmon ghost suddenly asked: "Is it going to go to the Taiwan?"

"Of course, not, you can't still come."

Shangqi Nairou smiled and looked at the skeleton of the mortar: "I want to tell him the truth, of course, is the truth that we control, a dark dark wood!

I guess that Unecheo this time will definitely find a way to contact the Trial of the Tsing T T Tonic Wave Ninja. He will definitely try to send his brother to the wooden leaves. After the Suzhi hub is coming back, let him experience the despair. Let's!

Let Yuxi Hostea know, in fact, Yuxi Bozuo only has a road to go, that is, join us, becoming our future chess! "


Cartry ghosts are interested in the opening of the way: "Don't you let Unechebra become our companion?"

"How do you have this idea?"

There are more dislikes in Shangyuan Na, extremely not Yue: "Do you think Uri Saso will be willing to be a genus? It is not good, but he feels that he is very great, he will be willing to be me Is it? "

"It's like it."

The mortal ghost pushes his forehead.

Unechebra is always above the top, even if you have a lesson, the pride of Unexpello is still unpaid ...

"Okay, just right."

Shangyuan Nairou disappeared on the body of Yuxi Bo, leaving only the last sentence: "Ghost, then you have been waiting for a few days to help the top generation's task! Bring soil, you are responsible Darkly to monitor Utue Subo! "

"it is good."

"I know."

There are only two people left in the room, and two people who have been subordinate and boss have this yin and yang ...

The mortal ghost has grinned and laughs: "With the soil, it is really no longer long time! I didn't expect that we are now companions!"

"Cartry, you are ..."

Yuxi Bo belt the teeth to teeth, look at the cacard. "When did you join the original nailed?

"It's very early!"

The answer and the answer of the Anshard Nairi are exactly the same.

It's just that the sore persimmon ghosts have added a sentence: "It is approximately eight years ago, when he claims to be asgens like Yu Zhibo, give me a command, let me find the original adult and give him a profound lesson;

As a result, I saw that the original adults were excellent, and they had a powerful force in the age of 12, and they didn't like those guys who treated their heads. So I decided to give my loyalty to the country, and then I became an academic inserted in Shangyuan. "

Yuxi Bo Tong: "..."

Your fuck is said to be true!

What about the ninja character of the ghost? Are you loyal to me? After seeing the original navigation, he fed the loyalty to the former boss.

"Those who have passed, I don't want to mention it."

Cartry ghosts looked at Unecho laughed, slowly swallowed: "Now we are all the companions of Shang Shang, we have to get along with ..."

Yischo belt is simply being mad, he is sullen into a space whirlpool disappeared: "I went to monitor Utizhi's guys."

In fact, he is getting angry at this side.

If Yuxi Bo has appeared in the original Naden room, he will find that the original navar is really not a person, and people are really a grievances.

Because the black is just looking for Shangyuan Na.

Therefore, I just temporarily leaving my will to the UXIo belt the top of the body, and it can only began to splaish and grow in the belt.


Shangyuan Needan is not vague, directly open in the earth and dirty water: "Although Unexpello belt does not appear when we collect the end and the second end, we still have to pay attention to him ..."


The dark voice is very dignified.

Originally, it has always been worried about Yisi Bo belt with gods, so it also directly open: "So this time you go to the country to catch the three tails, you can take a look at the trace of the pharmacist, see if he can bring him come back!"

After that, after the saying, the black voice has some hesitated: "Time, when you capture a column, I am placed next to the pharmacist, and I suspect that I may be caught by him. According to the material, I have no way to find his trail for the time being ... "

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Ok, I have a good time in my department.

It is estimated that the pharmacist is also used to control the white coat, reverse searching for a monitored he, simply directly monitoring his white peak into experimental materials ...

Shangqi Nairi is coming to nod to nod, it should be taken. As for the pharmacist, it is not a matter of easy things. After all, the pharmacist is the heir of the big snake pill, but it is not slippery!

After saying that the trouble of Yi Zhi Bo belt and the pharmacist, black and sneaked with the original navigation to continue: "In addition to this, there is one thing, that is about Yuxi Bo Sasuke and Yisi Subicon brothers."

"Well? What happened again?"

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, some curiosity looks down: "Yishi Board and Unechebra help not wait until our seal three tails will start duel?"

"I think you should not be too stiff with their relationship."

The black looked at the original navigation of the curious expression, smiled in the gloom: "After all, after all the brothers live in duel, the power of the winner will speed up, they can become our chess ..."


Shangyuan Needs to be speechless.

This fuck is staring at Unecheo Sasuke and Yisiza's people are still a lot!

However, it is also normal, after all, the black can be well known to the difference between the kaleidoscope writes the eyes and the eternal kaleidoscope, so it has always been very concerned about Yisi Bo with brothers.

In the history of history, the war of the Pacific Ocean of Unexpell Brothers, in the explanation of the two gold medals of the two, and the explanation of the two gold medals.

Maybe, this time Yuxi Boward's fight, still rely on black and white, but this time may be much more.


Shangji was looking at black, curiously said this question: "Why is the winner of Yisi Bo brothers grow rapidly?"

"This is the secret of Urcho!"

The face of the white face, a slim, cold voice: "If you can't get good, you may be stronger than you!"

"Said too much long, we will not say it."

Due to break the white, whisper: "The people know this is just a few, except for the people outside the Yishusai family, knowing is nothing to use, so you don't need to know this thing ..."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Mom, my feelings are faint!

Just not to treat your own attitude, who is willing to work with it?

No wonder the two people who plan to plan for the moon are all the spies who are undercover!

Sure enough, even if you live for thousands of years, it's still not to learn about the operation, it can only be an ordinary thinking in this life, which can only be the attachment of others.

Shangji fell to the dark and white to close the pork cages disappeared in front of him, and couldn't help but hook your mouth, because he is not Yuxi Bo, he will not tell him the truth?

This guy really thought that he was controlled everything?

The next few days of rest, the members of Xiaoxiai like privately in series, and I like the home to rest, and I have been waiting for the official task.

Capture San Tail: Shangyuan Na Lu, Didala, Red Sand, Tao Land, No Zhizuo.

Earn tissue funds: corner, flying segments, mortar ghosts, Yuxi Pub, ghost light full moon, Lin Yuyu is profitable.

Intelligence staff: absolutely.

Left-behind base: long gates, Payne, Hui Night Jun Ma Lu, white.