I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 224 Sasuke's main examination

Before leaving.

Dida Lee is quarreled with flying sections.

Didara is half a mentally disabled + tease, the flying section is a pure idiot + fool, so Didara is of course quarrel, because the flying segment will reduce the IQ of Dida, then use rich experience to win he.

After this time noisy, Dida's eyes slowly moved to the original navigation, let Shang Nai will be in the heart.

"Hey, Shang Shang, your psychic beast?"

Didara drums have made their mouths, and the eyes of the eyes refer to the top of the ancient dragon: "It is the one who is ... I'm a bite of the fly!"

Didala also tried to use his voice to simulate the sound of Yuan Gu Julong, and there was no simulation at a little bit, but it seems a bit more prominent.

Everyone has paid on Didala.

What psychic beast is so cute?

Shangyuan Nairou also lively Didala glance, your psychic beast is only screaming!

"Hey, Shangyuan, hurry!"

Dida pulls his own arms, high voice: "I will summon your psychic beast. This time you help me a busy. Next time I can make a super large C2 Dragon Let you play! "

"No, your aesthetics have problems,"

Shangji shook his head, slowly closed his palm, and made a psychic handprint, whispered: "Take the law, Tongling!"

After a huge psychic mantry, it flew away from the ancient dragon after the air for a moment, and some people who have never seen the Yuan Gu Yanlong were frowned by autonomous.

Tong Tong beasts, the body is really huge.

And the momentum is amazing!

Even if even the flying segment and the corner are no more arguable for the spiritual beast, they are not compromised with the ancient giant dragon falling in front of them.

"It's really surprising ..."

The martillamon gains his mouth, revealing a sharp teeth: "Shangyuan ... Every Tongle beast is more than awareness!"

When they first met, the deep sea Tempere, the deep sea of ​​Shangyuan Na, exhausted all the Chatmmon Ghost ... But now this is a spiritual beast, which is undoubtedly more powerful than the deep sea Tetan!

Didala quickly climbed to the top of the ancient dragon, occupying the best position in a landscape, but also referred to the flying segment on the ground, mutter and urged: "It's fast, and a guy is directly spraying the guy! "

Unfortunately, the ancient giant dragon did not listen to the Didala order, but slowly looked at it, waiting for the original Needle command.

"Let's go!"

At the end, I fell out of the sky, and I fell around Dida, and the red sand was directly flying.

The peach is no longer able to take this mount again, and the body will jump up, and the body has some swaying.

Didara is a master of Yuan Gu Yanlong, and he is warmly refused to say: "Hahahaha ... Let's use your Chakra to adhere to it, otherwise, you may be taken off, but the road will be very Cool! "


Shangyuan never looked at him in a glance.

The reason why Didara guys must perform a task with him, and it's just in order to raise his ancient dragon.

The peach will not look at the original navigation, I can't help but curiously open the mouth: "Where is this Tongling beast? The endurance seems to have never had this kind of endure?"

"The endurance is very big ..."

Shangqi Luked a soft smile, continued: "This is the psychic reel I got from the big snake pill. Who knows that it will be such a big guy, just can take it when our flight tools are wasted on the road ... "

"Snake Pills Nikiko?"

Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled his brow.

If he did not have been in the original Nair and Yisiza, a few people in the mortar ghosts were forcibly taking the tissue, but the words of the big snake, did you have a chance to get such a way to fly?

To be honest, Sasuke is really envious.

This year, Sasuke is only sixteen years old. When you are blood, how can I don't like the spirit beast that is so powerful and flying?

Yuxi Bozuo has found a reason for hate Yisizhi Bud ...

If it is not an inkilion, if he is not allowed to join the tissue, he may have such a Yuan Gu Yanlong now!

Sasuke certainly won't know, the reason why Uzhi Hose forced him forced him to join the tissue, because next to the original Needle and mortar ghosts, these two are not a good guy, noisy, do not join Xiao, kill, kill ...

"Let's go!"

The original Nairou looked down at the beast under the body.


From the ancient giant dragon, fans the wings in the air, flew in the direction of the land of the country in the air!

After arrival, they left behind.

Each person's eyes are not from autonomous places.

The flying segment is even bluntly open: "Hey, the corner, your spirit beast, let everyone sit and sit!"

"To shut up."

The corner broke the way, looked up at the air far away, whispering: "If it is the way to perform the task, the speed is very fast, and can save time to save a lot It takes the expenses, it seems that if you perform the task, you can choose the original navigation of the little ghost ... "

"Hey, you only want money!"

Flying gangsters roared in their partners: "I hate the money, money is the embarrassment of the evil spirits!"

Cartry: "..."

Yuxi Hose: "..."

Ghost light full moon: "..."

Lin Yuyu is profitable: "..."

What is the ghost teammate!

The mortal ghosts, the full moon and Lin Yuyu were shamily exchanged a look, apparent that they all clearly understood that this assistance angle was secondary, monitored or said to supervise Uzhioa action is the main.

After this person left, a time space whirlpad appeared behind them, showing the figure of Unexpello, for the next second, Yuxi wave tilled the soil, and the horizontal videos were kept.

The task of this, Yisi Hosi is a superior treatment.

The murder of the mutant is responsible for supervising his ninja has four, plus the martial arts threat of the martial arts, I believe he will be very well-behaved.

The corner does not know how to help their squadrons do the mission, the dark stream of Unecheo, and he is a heart.

The corner is such a pure one.

The corner looked at the reward manual of the map and replacement in the hand, Shen Sheng: "We first fire the temple, kill this famous land, and then go to the gold to get 30 million bounty, Go and see if there is a chance to kill a few wooden, ninja, earn more bounty ... "

Cartry ghosts loudly, against the opinions of the opposition: "I have not remembered, in order to avoid casualties, there is no permission of Payne, prohibit us from attacking the village? Even catching the beast, there are at least four people The above team ... "

"Just do the corpse of the wooden ninja to change money."

The corners have seen a visor ghost, yin, however, if you are afraid of death, I can go with flying sections, you can go back now! "

They are not dead.

It's really unaffected. Why did the home? The guy does not let this group of guys come to work, since they come, then they can't let them only make soy sauce.

Xiao Yi woven six people, can not only kill a land?

The corner looked at the rewards in his hand, frowning: "This guy named Flying Asa is also the guardian of the fire in the fire. It is more than 5 million than the land of the land. Yisizhiso, is you related to his information? "

Yisi Pubo shook his head: "I only remember Mr. Asa is the second child of the three generations of wood, and other information is not clear ..."

"Do you seriously?"

The mortal ghost grinned and laughed: "We have encountered that guy when we sneak into the leaves, and it seems to be good at using a chakra knife and fire."

Yisi Pubei frowned: "Is there this?"

"Of course, there is this."

Cartry ghosts and laughs and continue to answer: "That battle, you are not hurting Kakasi? At that time, it is still a intern at that time, he is waiting for us outside the wooden leaves, I remember that we sneak into Before the wooden leaves, you also borrow a money to him ... "


Yisizhiso picked his eyebrows.

"Oh, can you forget?"

The corner snorted, and I looked at Yuxi Pubie: "Borrowing the money of others can forget, your memory is really not in line with your age!"


Yisi Hosi didn't make it shook his head.

A breeze blows his hair.

The brigade here is still working in the direction of the temple of the fire, and the other side of Shangyuan Nairi is sitting in the ancient dragon has arrived in the country.

After all, flying, it is always better than walking.

The situation in the country of Water is somewhat nervous.

Because the news brought by the ghost lights, plus the movement of the tailor to capture the beast is very large, and you can't care carefully.

It is a pity that the fog hidden village has not selected the right people, and can only temporarily rush to a place to be defended.

According to Meills, I sent thousands of foggy towards to get around the Sangle care, and the dense linen of the strongholds almost surrounded the position of the Sanguan care, even if a bird flying in and also need to get a permission for foggy.

According to the news you got from the leaves, the members of the tissue capture the speed of the tail beast very fast.

Before you find the right people, and before you have no doubt, you can only take this clumsy approach to protect the three-dimensional care.

After a night of flight.

In the early morning.

When I arrived here, I was surprised by the number of foggyrs, I didn't expect ninja, and there was also a day of protecting the beast ...

"It's really stupid ..."

Didara uses his small telescope, looks at the flue-flavored fog, revealing a pure and innocent smile: "The whole sandy village is completely destroyed by the Shangda, how do they think these people can block us? ? "

"To shut up."

The red sand is not pleasantly looking at Didala. His teammate is going on, and Sandy Village is his hometown after all. This guy does not know how to avoid it?

Also fuck always takes out?

I really want to shoot Didara Zhang's mouth!

Shangyuan Na Lu ordered ancient dragon to fall on a ridiculous mountain, knocked on his arm, opening: "Okay, let's find a place to discuss tactics!"

"Is this still tactical?"

Didala looked at the original naval to show a dead fish eye: "You let this big head fly over, I stand on his body to throw a C3 · No. 18, directly flew all people, then let Sasuke this little ghost Going to grabbing three tails, isn't it? "

"That can't."

Shangji, I looked at Yischo, who was satisfied with a look, and laughed: "After all, I am the main examiner, I have to clean up a suitable examination room for students who take the exam!"