I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 225, Shang Shang, your is very art! (San More sent! Subscribe!)

Unechebra helps attaches great importance to capturing this exam.

At the meeting, Shangyuan Na, mentioned that only after he successfully captured three tails, he would give him a fair opportunity to fracture with Uneers.

To be honest, this kind of life is really uncomfortable by other people in hand, but this is the way of revenge.

Sasuke's heart is actually very confused.

In addition to killing Yuxi Hosi, he can only throw all other distresses.

For example, swirls, flag-like Kakasi, Chunyan Sakura, the seventh class, all have to be all throw, no more important thing than killing Udi.

As for others, only after he will let him kill.

Saso believes that he can try to return to the wooden leaf, and the information that is known, then continue to work with the seventh class, and the rejuvenation of the Emperor Wuba in the fame of the wooden leaves.

However, sometimes, Sasuke also believed that he should replace the position of Yuxi Pub, become a formal member of Xiaoxiao, like these members, is like a strong, a strong, who is afraid, get one and Yuxi hubo similar title.

Write the wheel eye, or the Avengers sect.

If you want to kill Uzhi, you must exchange a duel chance to be allowed; if you want to get this opportunity, you must capture the San Tail care alone.

It's really unhappy!

Why is his revenge must be !

After anger in his heart, suddenly a little greatest, if he did not join the child, not the intern, if you want to kill Uzhi, do you want to have a monster with the whole well?

The exam rules are as follows. "

Shangyuan Na Ruo interrupted the cranky of Unechebra, he quickly listened to the ear, hoping to find some aspects of himself.

The exam rules of the original Naida also include this capture of three tails, which is also for his own tasks.

"After an hour, I will go to attack the fog hidden village. If you don't accidentally, this group of fog will choose to go back, wait until they go back to defense is your action time, starting from that moment, three hours. San Tail care. "

After the Shangyuan Na was finished, he turned his head and glanced at the Didara and Red Sand. "Three hours of time, enough?"

"Ha, for me, half an hour is enough!"


Didara and Red Sands have nodded, as for the peach next to it, there is a little hesitant, but he also nodded.

Mom, this group of organizations, actually only let Yuxi Bo saga to grab a three tail? The little ghost of this Unecao will be killed by three tails!

Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled frown, whispered: "If the fog nae staying near the three tails does not evacuate?"

After the next navigation, I was hitting the village, I was broken by the people.

Do he continue to perform the assessment of the capture of the three tails?

Is this not pulling?

There are thousands of misty naphs near San Tail, even if Sasu help self-consciousness, it is impossible to live in the siege of thousands of ninja!

"Do not worry!"

I was so laughing, and I slammed my palm and slammed my palm: "They will definitely adjust the ninja here!"

If the fog hidden village is on the verge of death, even if you know that it is a positive of the Shengdong hitting the West, you will definitely adjust the aid soldiers accommodating near Sanguan.

Compared to a tail beast, it is more important to the safety of the village.

After Shangyuan Na, he was confident, and he looked at Sasuo added a sentence: "Remember, you only have three hours, because I will send this time ..."


Unechebra helped his noddress.

If the original Na Ruo really creates a suitable environment, three hours of time should be enough for him to solve the three-lastwant.

When the last capture of the second tail, Unecheo Sasuke was fortunate to participate once, and he barely learned some experience.

As long as the protection does not let the beast release the tail beast jade, Sasuke is really enough self-confidence to capture the three-lastwant, after all, there are some intelligence about the three tails ...

However, I think that I have to get the information, I'm helping to faintness, I feel a bit unhappy!

Yisizhiso's bastard!

When I met on the base a few days ago, Uizhi Bohedi was very contemptuous, and Sasuke is absolutely impossible to be the opponent of Sanyuanji, because Yishi Houches have been handed over with the last generation of three tails. And a lot of losses.

Yisi Pubie believes that Sasuke is not possible to live at the San Tail.

First, the defensive power of Sanxuan is very strong. With the basic surgery that Sasukes master, there is no role; and Yuxi Bo sakuo has a substantive damage to the three tails, but instead Will be a three-tailed water.

Yisi Wubo did not evade Sasuke, this world can break the trial of the three-tailed defense, only his kaleidoscope writes the sky, the endless black inflammation that can be burned with flames can defeat the San Tail !

Just Yu Zhi Houqi scorn said that he does not need to use the sky, just need to write the mantramid of the horoscope to easily control the three tails.

Unexpectedly without a kaleidoscope, with the area of ​​San hooky jade, even if it is skilled in the use of illusion, it is impossible to directly control the Sanwangwo care directly, and the top can only manipulate it for a few seconds.

Yiszhike Sasuke could not help but remember the last words of Yuxi.

"The stupid brother, you didn't have a kaleidoscope. You are a waste worth mentioning. I can easily write the three tails with the kaleidoscope, and your strength is even even can't be broken ...

If you want to stop in front of me after catching the three tails, then I will die, then I will remember the pain I gave you! Only painful and hate can you have the same eyes as me, in order to let your waste are eligible to stand in front of me. "

"That born ..."

After Uzhi Bozo, after the time of Yis Zhi Pub, I couldn't help but secretly, he slowly stroked his eyes, desidied: "Hey, Yu Zhihe, you will thank you, you can let me Get three-tailed intelligence ... "

The brothers of the devil are really proud!

Yisiza is like a high god, treating his brother like a antite, but I don't know if a crust has spent several years, I have been secretly collecting his intelligence through each of his words!

Yuxio is very confident. With his understanding of Utueo, he trains himself in these years, as long as he gives him a chance of duel, he will definitely overcome and kill Uzhi Hosi!

"What are you thinking?"

The original Nairo will pull Unecho saga to reality.

Yuxi Bo sag sagged his head, stroking his eyes, whispered: "Nothing, I just want to let me officially start actions, after all, I can't wait to catch three tails, then go back to kill the foundation Guy! "


At the end of the original Nairo, I looked at it. I nodded: "Yes, you have this self-confidence. After all, we used to be a comrades of the exam. If you really kill Uzhi, I recognize it. Your power let you replace his position. "


Yischo Sasuke's eyes suddenly lit up.

If he has not remembered, Yishuo has overlook the original navigation; if he can defeat Uven, it is not his strength that has exceeded the original navigation?

No, things can't be so good!

Yuxi Bozou helped looked at the original navigation, put forward a request: "Hello, Shangyuan, if I can fight three-Tailor care, you come to play with me! I want to use you to check your strength! "


I still don't wait for the original navigation, Didala took the lead in seeing Yuxi Bo Sasher, opening: "Hey, little ghost, are you crazy? Do you want to challenge the original guy!"

After a while, Didala was stroking his chin with his fingers, refuting his words: "It seems that you can, the Shangyuan's brain and the spirit beast are very powerful, but in addition to the creation of a super-volcano, We have never seen him really shot! Perhaps his own strength is not strong? "


The red sand scorpion couldn't help but glarets. Let's fall! "

The peach is not allowed to open the mouth to add a sentence: "Our foggy village's four generations of water shadows, the guy is also he killed!"

"Hey? Is there this?"

Shang Nai returned to the peach and walked and smashed, scratched his backbrain scoop: "The strength of the sauce guy is generally, I really have forgotten this kind of thing!"

The peach will not feel that the original navigation is turning him.

When I didn't assassinate the sagita, I didn't have a lot of life, but I didn't solve the savist. As a result, the savist was easily solved by the original navigation ...

The peach is no longer really thinking that the original navigation is to insult him.

Unfortunately, I don't have to know how to know, know that I am playing up.

The peach is no longer cold, and it is not satisfied: "I remember that you are only 12 years old! After so many years, I have been very normal ..."

"Hey, who will remember at a little bit!"

Shangyuan Na will not put a hand, he really doesn't want to remember the opponent that you can't cause threats.

Not to mention his current strength, the entire endurance can not pick up a person can do his opponent, it is estimated that only the two guys in Unexpected Boss and the killer, there is only the desire to challenge him.

Shangyuan Nai turned his head and looked at Unechebra, looked at him seriously, a word opened: "After you successfully capture the three tails, I will fight with you ..."

Shangyuan Nai said, slowly spread his palm and re-hold, added: "I can understand your thoughts, I want to challenge a opponent who can test my strength before fighting with Yuxi exercise ...

So I will simulate the combat method, illusion, body, and sterilization of Ukusi. It can simulate it as much as possible outside the kaleidoscope. "

Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled frowned, and the opening refused: "Don't need it, what I want you can show your strength ..."

"Well? All power?"

At the last navis, I can't help but laugh. I have a finger that I have a finger, my face gradually emerges. "Sasuke, don't be too confident ... I promised to play with you, is Give you a reward for you. "


The face of Unecheo Sasuke is hard to look, as if he returned to the top of the exam, he bite his teeth: "Then I will say it after I caught the three tails! Let's start, I have already I can't wait! "

Shang Nairi looked at the expression of Unecheo Sasuo, whispered: "We will start attacking the fog village, the fog hiped village will send aid to the soldiers to arrive here, they are about four hours from here, that is, you There are still four hours of rest supplementation time ... "


Unechebra nodded.

Shangji, I watched the Sasuke, who checked himself, and smiled: "But since the exam, of course, someone must be responsible for monitoring you ... Psychics!"

A smoke appeared in front of everyone.

Just as everyone is surprised, a very beautiful female machinery appeared on the side of the original Nair, and her body is all consisting of small pieces, and the silk is formed into a precise.

It's just that this is still there seem to haven't connected the Chakra line, and the low head is standing in the same place. There is no action in the body, can't see her operating principle.

However, only the appearance of this is enough, it is enough to be amazed, even if it is mechanical, it is very beautiful, as if it is a teenage girl.

It is the original nephew to the magic of the magical spirit Orona.

The eyes of the red sand, I can't help but look at this sound: "I can make such a fine, it is an unimaginable art ... Shangyuan, this is you doing Is the leader to give you? "

"It is actually doing big snake pills."

Shang Nai stared in the stapped. He took the black pot on the big snake pill. His palm fell on the hair of the magical spirit, and focked with her 50,000 points in Chakra behind her body: "Wake up." , Oliana! "

... ...

... ...

Mechanical sound gradually ring ...

This is gradually turning the hair behind it ...

A piece of alloy began to turn, gradually formed a circular moon in this , floating in her palm center.

Next, this is a blue light, and her eyes suddenly flashed a shine. A gentle mechanical female voice came out from her mouth: "We ... will help you kill the enemy ... this Affirmation is very interesting. "