I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 226, everyone, good morning ... (ask for subscription!)

"Is there a beggar?"

The face of the red sand flashed on a shot, and then the shockedness was a bit: "It's a interesting embarrassment ..."

Yes, the jealousy of Shangyuan Na is too amazing.

In addition to the aesthetic feeling of the Magic Spirit, the powerful momentum that is emitted by the body is very amazing.

And the magic spirit suddenly lost Chakra, when I was just arrived, she broke out the momentum, which was not inferior to the official member of the child!

What is the most shocked by the red sand is that this is different from those dead, she seems to be like a living material, she can freely manipulate her body, and even can communicate.

There is a feeling of feelings ...

This demon spirit is similar to him.

If you say this, it's not wrong.

Because the Magic Olianna is also in order to continue the life, it is a little bit to the gear and the hair strip, and it has made itself a machine.

"Hey, can you talk?"

Didara is just curious. He is full of horror and looks at the girro girl around Shangji, I can't help but reach the palm to touch her cheeks: "Let me see what this is what is made, making it compared to Scoris Dan The really super beautiful and cute ... "

"Don't be too rude!"

The Red Sands seized the palm of Didala, and he didn't have a doctor of Dida to insulted himself.

The scorpion has stared at the body of the magical spirit, and asked the word: "You ... also make your body a man?"


The magical spirit Oroliana slowly lifted his head, the eyes in the eyelids were like two glowing gems, curiously looked at Red sand.

Just after she saw a while, she did not speak on the answer, but it was again turned to look forward to the original navigation: "What do we do?"

"Cough ..."

At the last navis, I watched the sight of Heat Sand, and said a few times symbolically, and said: "Your task is very simple, follow this kid called Yuxi, supervising him to complete his own assessment."

"I understand."

Olianna nodded gently.

Because her body has the original Nakra, her will also control it, so that she can easily understand the meaning of the original Na.

I saw that Oliana got the order, turned to the Huszhi Sasuke, a burst of mechanical female floated from her lips: "I wish you ... Assessment success ... I hope you ... not timeout ... otherwise ... the wacker is angry "

"Thank you."

Yiszhike slammed into this eye angry, he didn't care about her.

"Sasuke, courteous."

, "

"Okay, Olianna is just supervising Sasuke."

Shangji fell to sway, whispered: "We go to the fog hidden village, let Orona left to supervise the assessment of Sasuke!"

"I will stay here!"

Red Sands looked at the magic spirit, and looked at Yuxi, slowly swallowed: "Our main task should be to seize the Sanguanji, in case this Yushu fade can't overcome the three tail. I can help but add it. "


Shangyuan Nair looked with a red sand, your mother wants to stay, is that to help capture the three tail?

Shangyuan is not easy to think about him!

Since I saw Oliana, the eyes of Red Sands had never been removed, perhaps full of desires for this minting machinery manufacturing process.

Maybe I found my own class.

In particular, this similarity is also a woman.

"There is not that necessary."

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, whispering: "I believe that Sasuke can complete the assessment, Olianna is mainly to supervise him, refund, even if Sasu help can't overcome the three tails, I should be able to easily defeat three tails. "

"Reassured, I will not lose."

Yizhi Bozuo helped a cold and frowned.

Red sand has extended his palm, slowly swallowing: "It doesn't matter, the Shangyuan one person should attack the fog hidden village ... I will leave help!"

Shangyuan Na was touched his own down: "That is the senior to supervise the assessment, I took Orona to go hide village."

"Forget it, I will help you!"

The red sand shook his head and his face was a little black.

This is the original naval, is it not to understand?

To be honest, Red Sand is now a little regret, I know that when he chased the snake pill, he should not give up.

Take a look at the trophy got from the big snake pill, single just a spiritual contract of Yuan Gu Yanlong, and there is such a precise!

Red Sands feel that if you study the mechanical principles of the hair, you can let him go further.

"Let's go!"

After the original Nairi took the nodded, after leaving Unecheo Sasuo and Orona, he flew the ancient dragon and flew in the direction of the foggy village.

Fog hidden village.

This village is always hidden in the fog.

Especially in the morning, it is the most filled in the big fog, it is difficult to see the figure, very testing the perception of foggy.

"Is this the fog hidden village?"

Didara smashes his head, and it is not full of mouth: "This bad weather is really hate, you can only see a few meters in the eyes ..."

As a ninja who likes to attack the enemy, Didara is naturally a fine weather, because on sunny day, the aerial sight will be better, and now they don't see the situation in the bottom of the fog.

The mood of Red Sand is not very good. Look at the original Na Run said: "Is it directly attacked now?"

Shangji shook his head, whispered: "What we have to do now is to attract the foggy people who are stationed there, if they directly destroy the misty village, will someone go to see help?"

Red sand is picking the eyebrows: "So ..."

Shangyuan Nai Lu slowly slowed the height of the ancient dragon, Shen Sheng: "So we have to attack the fog village, defeating the troops in the misty village once, forced them to send people to disappear the troops support."

"Do you think they will last?"

"This is the right positive positive."

Shangji took his fist and laughed: "A village and a three-tailed, it is very heavy, the high level of the fog hidden village will understand!"

The peach is no longer hugging his arm, cold tone: "I can go to the village first ... this weather is my favorite!"

"Nothing ... I will handle it!"

Shangqi Nai Fei fell in the misty village, slowly closing his palms, whispered: "Wind is a typhoon!"

A drama of the fierce wind suddenly rolled up!

In the next second, the wind turned into a super violent hurricane, and the whole misty village was blown in an instant, and it will be filled with the foggy in the village!

... ...

... ...

There are countless buildings in the misty village in Shanglan Na, the wind is hit, and a string glass is blown by the wind and the broken sound is echoating in the misty village!

This is that after the arrival of the village, it has got the power of rewarding the wind, and can freely operate the wind. Check Kra, or manipulate the wind of nature.

Now I will come to attack the fog village now, because according to his estimate, the reward that he can get after the fog hidden village should be the power of water, and can freely manipulate the water.

These are the necessary strengths that can be synthesized.

"This little ghost!"

The peach is never looked at the surrounding fog and suddenly disappeared. He also saw Shangyuan Na, standing in the fog hidden village, and he also fed from the ancient dragon.

Didara and Red Sands have not continued to stay, and the two people have fallen on the ground and standing around the original Na.

The color of the peach is not very good, and the eyes are slightly tightening: "It can directly blow the thick fog of the entire village ... this level of the wind, the power, more than the saucer, can be strong. ! "


The look of Red Sands is inexplicable.

Because of the relationship between sandy village, there is a lot of strong people who are good at the wind, but they are not doubtful than one level.

The Didala's face is revealing a shouting, looking at the fast misty village, I can't help but laugh: "Hahahahahaha ... That's it! Sure enough, you will perform the task with Shangyuan, it is cool!"

This kind of weather is best for Didara!

In the morning, the silence of the fog hidden village was completely broken by this strong hurricane, and one of the ninja started collection, or to find a problem, or to find his boss.

Because I lost my fog, my hidden village became transparent, and foggyrs quickly found the problems in the village in the village.

no way.

It is impossible to find it.

After all, a huge substant is above their village, even if it is a ninja to see its position, it is just that it is a little panic and worry.

However, the emotions that make these mistles be panicked from panic, they are a scene they see on the silent main street.

A long-awaited ancient dragon floats over their foggy villages, slowly pocked its wings, and on the ground below the dragon, standing four people wearing Xiangyun black robes, they came from endure The most horrible organization now!


At the last navigation, he looked around in their surroundings. He waved his palm of his hand and he greeted him.

"Good morning, you."