I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 227 Don't let your blood my uniform!

The original Nairi is enthusiastic to say hello.

It's just that there is no one in the entire fog hidden village, I dare to respond to him, and I don't have a person dare to relax. Everyone looks nervously looks at their figure.

Tomorrow has only come four people.

However, these four people, facing them, more fog, but they have no believing, they do not fall in the momentum.

The fog is in the number of advantages, and the members of this group have not dare to ill, because the time, this group of fog has heard that another big national sandy village is broken, the whole Sandy village became a ruin.

Every foggy breathing is not compromising independently, visiting the four body sharing clouds, and even the atmosphere dares out.

As the high-rise in the fog village, you have rushed to the scene.

His eyes slightly swept away from all four members, and the face became more and more ugly, recalling the information about Xiao from the leaves.

" s Didara!"

Qingli smiled and smiled in the four members of the organization, and the godged and more downsful: "Didala, participated in the Xiaoshengcheng incident, personally took the five-generation style, I love Luo. "

Single only the first person is not good.

The green eyes are removed from Didala, slowly turning to the ninja of red-haired teenagers: "Sandy S-class rebellion, participation in the Xiaoda Sabbin Village incident, once in one person A country ... "

This guy is not good.

As a green, you have participated in the endurance battle, it is very clear that the level of the Leasha is able to cause how huge casualties in the battlefield.

The green eyes moved from the body to the body of the peach, and the face was more difficult to see a bit: "The foggy s scratch never, killing the four generations of water and shadow people's murderer and the end of the blood mist Hero ... "

To be honest.

There is still a good time in the fog hidden village.

Although the penetration does not kill the four generations of water, orange, but also ended the blood-fog era of foggy villages, so that the fog hidden village opened a new chapter.

As a result, the peach is no longer acknowledging.

So, the only three talents in the fog in the misty village were all rebellious, except for the beauty, there was no powerful battle.


It is quite unexpected.

The green eyes finally stayed in the last member of the child. I saw the hood on the face of the member. This is one of the strongest members that are recognized by the endurance.

Anything wearing a hood is undoubtedly the strongest person.

"White eyes!"

The green eyes suddenly changed, his white eyes opened, watching the person: "Let me see why ... this is ..."

"kill him."

An indifferent sound appears in the ear.

I saw the ninja wearing a hood, slowly reaching out your fingers, pointing to the open blue eyes.

It is the original navigation.

He almost forgot that there is a hidden white eye nintee in the fog village.

If you can see what he is tibia, it is not a meaningful thing to have a lot of luries.


Next, the air from the ancient dragon, sprayed a huge fireball toward the green position, from the sky and dropped directly in a group of foggy!

One fog is very angry, I want to avoid huge fireballs!

When the fireball in the sky gradually became bigger in the field of view, I cracked down to let my ministerial reacting: "Everyone, immediately release water rushing tolerance in his own sky!"

"Water, water rushing!"

Every fog that has been reacted, endures his palms, and the Zhangkou spurted a huge water flow in the air, and each water flow quickly rushed to the air to form a large-scale waterfall!

At this moment they are no longer in the waterfall, they will cause more hurts, they only care about the huge flames that can be defeated in the air!

Obviously this moment, hundreds of fog finished release have been successful, huge days of waterfalls form a barrier and block the air invading fireball!

The fireball of the ancient dragon sprayed in the air was surrounded by endless water. The fireball became evaporated, turned into a steam cloud fog in the air ...

All fog finished finally loose.

They blocked the attack of the monster.

If the fireball falls, people who can survive in the field must be succumbed, and this belt will definitely be a piece of ashes.

Shangyuan Na is looking at this scene, and the face under the hood shows a smile, his mouth is slightly evoke: "Oh ...?"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…"

Dida looked at the fog of the gods, and couldn't help but send a madness: "It's a group of true guys! Do you think that your spirit beast can only spray a fireball?"

"It can't be too harsh."

Shangyuan is laughing, continue: "After all, here is a remote fogy village, it is inevitable that there will be some, they are being locked in the bottom of the frog ..."


I can't help but snort.

This is a place that is awkward, whenever they laugh at a village, there is a companion next to this village.

However, there is no more saying more, because of his understanding, they organize very cautious, and those who dispatched two squads is enough to have a strong threat to the village of a big country. This is never fog hidden village. Ability to block!


The ancient dragon in the air suddenly fell sharply toward the ground, and gavesered in the fog hidden village, a flamework ball sprayed from its mouth, which simply made all the fog's heads up a despair!

That huge fireball fell in the village of the village, and the rivotes of righteousness of the water was known as a fire!

The fog is panicked to avoid, or release those simple water tolerance to resist, just that the endurance they release is unpredictable, and they can't block a fireball in the air!

"Shui Wai · Shui Dragon Bomb"! "

A crisp woman drunk!

I saw a dragon suddenly splamed from somewhere from the misty village, bite the ancient dragon in the air, let the ancient giant dragons sprinkled, gave up the continued attack!

That is the fifth generation of water shadow, the water, the water, the water!

Even if the ancient dragon is strong, you can't ignore the impact of the water dragon bomb, especially in the woman's body, there is a double blood limit!

Every type can cause a certain threat to the ancient dragon ...

The acid solution is much stronger than those physical attacks!

This is the most beloved mount, after a while, I have to leave three times, how can I get it hurt!

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, looking at the fog of the fight and the sky that is escaping, whispered: "Hey, if you are leaking my secret, I will make me very troubles!" "

"Is it a young?"

The peach is no longer able to bother your mouth, I can't help but laugh: "Can you make you so like this?"


Shangyuan Na Luo did not denial, but the next moment in his mouth made the peach and no more people's face changed: "If he lessed my whereabout, I can only destroy the whole misty village, kill the whole misty village. Ninja, led them to leak my secret ... no longer, will you want to help me kill you, keep this secret? "

The original Needle is very understanding of the peach.

This guy is actually not willing to make people.

The four talents of the organization are seven, and only the peach will not be willing to go to Shangyuan Na.

Only now, the strength of the organization is too strong, and let the peach will never have a betrayal.

If you know how to go to the destroy, I will not be suspicious of the peach or not, I will return to the tissue, returning to the misty hero in the village.

"I went to kill him!"

Didala waves his own clay babies, just step on the giant bird to catch the blue, lest the guy to leak the news!

The peach will not bite the teeth, Shen Sheng: "I will go!"

If the fog cavity is destroyed by the original navigation, then his head has been suppressing the ambition that wants to master the right to fog, how can it be achieved!

At the last naval, I watched the peach and didn't pull out his dagger and smiled: "If you don't have the heart, but that guy, you can't escape!"

Shangyuan Nairi suddenly closed his palm, whispered: "In this village suitable for water, I must let the water will come! Take the law, Tongling!"

I saw a tall figure appeared in the psychic printed printed by the original navigation, and it is the other Tongle beast of the Shangtai Thai!

"as you wish."

A boat anchor hook fiercely popped up, almost no limit is generally smashed in the blue position, this record, the attack of the anti-defense makes the green essentially avoided, just surprised his body by a ship anchor !

Next second, the green body was dragged back!

The green body is uncontrolled, and there is no measures at all, even if he wants to release a huge force, the huge power is dragging, let his body have been hit hard!

The investigation captain of this fog hidden village is like this by an anchor. After the blue reaction came over, he has fallen in the feet of deep sea Titan, and his chest and abdomen hooks the blood of the anchor.

Shangyuan Needo slowly squatted, overlooking the blue, laughing, smiled: "Your white eyes discover my identity, is it?"


The green body is slightly shaking, and the face is ugly looks at Shangyuan Na, wearing a hood, and nodded slowly.

Shangji is gently applauded, whispered: "If you leak my identity, the whole fog hidden village will be destroyed by me, all informed fog natrians and villagers will be killed by me, what do you do now?"


The green face is a bit white.

Shangji fell to the ancient dragon that refers to the empty-in-flight, laughing and continuing: "Don't think that I am talking about the fake, it is to destroy the whole sandy village, but let us guess, it can destroy the misty village ?"


The green forehead is on the sweat.

This is unquestionable, the ancient dragon in the air is too powerful. If it is uninterrupted, the entire fog hidden village may be destroyed once.

This guy did not lie to him.

The green bite his teeth and asked directly: "I want to know why you will join Xiao, if I have not remembering the wrong, your identity is also famous for the whole.

Even if the five countries, the country does not dare to ignore your existence, and even some people call you very likely to become the next ninja half, now it seems to be under the underestimacy ... "

"We are not something wrong."

The sound of Shangyuan Na Lu suddenly sinks, he is open: "You need to do it now, to prove you that you will not leak the secret, let me a little kind, let go of the whole misty village."


Green is again in silence.

After a long silence, he slowly raised his head, and his face was suddenly died. "You kill me!"

"not enough."

Shangqi Nairou raped a finger shake, laughed: "Give me your white eye, then prove how to keep secrets, I can forgive your peak."


The green is again silent.

Only dead people can keep secrets.

This well-known member requires too much.

Originally, he was a lot of elders in the misty village, but he was in front of the original Na, but he repeatedly was silent for two or three times.

Didara helped his forehead laugh, rushing to the original Na Rong: "I finally understood why the leader would value you, your guy is still destined to know the people! Even if it is a flying season, not as good as Your guy's means cruel blood! "

"Oh, I have known yet."

Shangji shook his head, looked down at Qingkou: "Now, tell me your choice!"

"Let go!"

Just as the original navigation is still forced to grave, a tall-picked female nintee supports a group of foggy-sharing!

It is the most powerful ninja in the fog hidden village.

Obviously she has listened to the secret next to her, told her, at this moment, I saw that the Ganwei is on the side of the original Na, immediately opens.

Shangyuan Nairu did not pay attention to the beauty of the support, but he continued to watch the green: "Before she rushed to us, it is your last time, make your choice, I will work hard because of your active cooperation. "

"I understand."

Green slowly closes his hand to close a handprint.

When Didara and Red Sand, I wanted to kill it directly, but I was stopped from the original navigation: "Senior, Didala, I believe he will make the most correct choice, a ninja is himself The sacrifice of the village is a glorious for them. "

The original Nairou guess is correct.

After the Qing Dynasty finished her hand, she slowly withdrew her eye mask because her eyes had a protective array of white eyes.

After all, his white eye is the only day of the whole rim. It is also the most difficult for the end of the endurance. Theory and strategic significance is that the five major countries are not the same, and the fog hidden village is also accidental. Only a white eye was obtained.

All attempted to follow the mistakes of the beauty of the aid to help the green, but they did not stop the pace of autonomous, because they saw the grief of the whole fog hidden village.

The elder in the village ...

That village is a somewhat detection captain ...

The village is very respected to the enemy in the village.

Green slowly dissert his eye mask, slaughtered the white eyes of his transplant, and his pilgrimage usually gave him a member of the hood.

No, it is accurately, it should be to offer a sacrifice to the Devil?

After all, it is so evil ...

The blood is in the eyes of the white eye, and the white eyes are handed over, and the white eyes in the hands will be given to the original navigation. "If I follow what you said, you promised me, will let go of fog Hidden village, right? "


At the end of the original Nairou, I took the white eye and whispered to the road: "There is also the second thing, help me keep my secret ..."

"Ha ha…"

I laughed and laughed slowly, and I reached out to my own bitterness, whispered: "I know, I will keep this secret ..."

At the next moment, the members of the justice thought that when the Qing Ce was forced to commit suicide, it was a bitter, stabbed the heart of the original Na.

His action is too fast!

Even if the Didara and Red sand of Dida and Red Sands are also coming again!

I have to say, after I get a white eye, the young cultivation is related to the endurance, this assassination almost reached the fastest speed!

However, the speed of Shangyuan is faster!

Up to more than 20,000 live energy, so that Shangyuan has reacted in almost instantly, and the hands of the hand to reverse the wrist, and won the suffering in his hand!


Shangqi, he went down, and then broke the throat. After his blood did not come and spurt it, he flew him out: "This is my favorite uniform, don't let yourself. Blood stood it, the little person who wronged the illusion. "

At this moment, the evil temperament of the anti-school is a bit more.