I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 229 is a little bit, you can hurt my finger.

The fog hidden village has become a fire sea.

The flame burns the air, describes a waves, the entire village is explosive and screaming, the mist, the first time I saw someone released this powerful fire, the scope of the surgery covered the entire Fog hidden village.

A desperate emotion is in every foggy heart.

A fog looked at the fire column of a group, and retired after a few steps. He fell on the ground: "Is this ... Is this power?"

"Water in the water]

A huge water ball suddenly rushed to the sky, followed by the four rounds of the surrounding flame column, and the water vapor suddenly started to appear.

People who extinguish the fire are like beauty.

Unfortunately, even if she is casting the flame here, she can't set out the full fog hidden village's flame, in the entire misty village, there are thousands of fire columns!

"stand up!"

According to the first horror of the first time, I have already returned to God, and the mono is ordered: "Everyone immediately went to organize the civilians of the village to avoid refuge and extinguishing the fire!"

At this moment, like the beauty, like the past, becomes the main heart of the fog, she waved the surrounding fog, and issued orders to them, requiring them to make each other rescue of the squad to the fog.

It's just that this whole fog hidden village is too big. The original book is hidden to the fog and the mist of the original Needs and others have to retreat to rescue.

After waiting for the beauty of Mandarin, only a dark squad is left around, this dark squad is also learning her order.

Perhaps because there are too many relationships, it sounds some tiredness: "In the original, immediately go to the pigeon conveying order, let the troops stationed in the Sanyuanwangwo, leave a squad, others come to support, Be sure to drive back to the village within four hours! "

"Yes, like beauty!"

This dark ninja did not hesitate, turning a few vertical jumps disappeared in front of the beauty of the beauty.

Another dark part of Ninja finally couldn't help, and I asked: "According to the beauty, according to the news we get, the purpose is always the end of the beast, in case they want to borrow the name of the hidden village ... "

"I know, Long Shiro."

It's ugly to shake his head, watching the winds and light clouds in the distance, whispered: "If it is not the people in the village, I will not think that the Ninja troops that mobilize there. We only protect the village first, there is a chance to protect the three ends that will not fall into the enemy. "

There is still a sentence in Men's Math.

That is, she is now not dividing the confidence of the intrusion.

In the face of powerful enough to make people dare to reverse, the battle will become slightly insignificant.

Illuminate does not think that the fog hidden village has a member of the victory.

Then it can only make another shortcut. If the information comes from the leaves, the purpose of the awareness is just to collect three tails, and maybe after he transferred to the village, these do not necessarily retreat.

Three somatling, just a head of the beast.

Looking at the last two secrets around him, continue to tell: "Chuan, Long Shiro, you will also go to all rescue! Let me pay it here!"

"Illuminate people!"

"Illuminate people!"

The two dark portions did not rider autonomously, and they didn't dare to reply to the beauty. The whole fog hidden village still stationed with thousands of ninja. How can I let the enemy?

"There is no relationship."

Illuminated, whispered: "Where do you don't play here, go to other places, maybe some people have saved some people ..."


The smog and the dark are the arrival of Shangyuan Needle and others, biting the bite said: "There are three people in the other side, even if it is just holding, we can also involve two enemies in the beauty of the beauty!"


Another fog, the darkness is firmly opened: "I have been working hard to be a good guidelines for the future of the beauty!"

Two fog kept secretly refused to leave.

Perhaps because I know the threats faced by the beauty, the two fog tested to refuse the order of beauty, insisting on fighting together.

"Hey, I see that you seem to have some disputes."

At the last time, I looked at this scene smiled. Suddenly, I interrupt it as the beauty of the beauty and fog, causing their attention.

Shangyuan Na Rou hidden in the hood, slowly spread his palm, laughed and opened: "Lishui, it is better to help you kill these two people so you don't Don't you use it? "


Drinking in the United States, one foot is kicked out of the two fog, the next position, the next position, I suddenly drilled a hump column!

Two fog have a bit of a sense of humming.

If it is not as fast as the beauty, they will definitely be burned into ashes directly from the flames that have just been sprayed.

Driven by Meill: "Now you have seen it, you will only leave here, you will leave here!"


Under the helplessness, the two fog can only leave it.

Shangji, I'm looking at the shadow only, shaking the head, shook his head, sigh: "Lishui, only you have someone, it looks really lonely, you have a poor ..."

"Oh ... I thought it was a certain amount of me?"

According to the United States, I hit my mouth, revealing a smile, suddenly the mouth spurting a group of sour, "boiling, happening!"

This group of fog came in the past!

The building on the street gradually eroded by acid fog and directly erosion, Didara and Red Sands, two people can't be frowned by autonomous.

This kind of boil, but a troubles!

Especially for Red Sand, if it comes from him to fight with the beauty, maybe I can't get the benefits, after all, the attack is too big, his even can be corroded .

"Hey, women's mouth should not be too poison ..."

Shangqi Nai is just gently waved, a dramatic strong wind blows, blowing a boiling sour fog, he slowly looked at the beauty of the beauty: "If your mouth is sweet, I believe I believe There will be many people like you. "

"Oh, I will learn."

According to the beauty, the eyebrows were slightly bent, which seems to be in the battle but chatted.

As for her mood, it is not so good.

If the other member of the other is very good at the wind, then it is equivalent to let her boil, and there is no effect.

This battle is very tricky.

No, even if you can't see anything.

According to the beauty of the United States, I have never encountered such a powerful enemy as the original navigation. In the battle, I use the most lightly written attitude, indicating my power.

Shangnai, I went to the direction of beauty, slowly reached out your palm and whispered: "Feng Yi · big breakthrough!"

A wind moment is blown in the direction of Math!

The buildings on the road along the roadside have been swept away from the wind, and the ground is also plowed by the wind and plows a deep gully!

"Water in the water!"

Like the beauty, I spurt a powerful water flow in the mouth, resist the invasion of the wind. Her face is extremely nervous: "Is it a common C-class wind that can play such a powerful force?"

"Wind, wind!"

A hurricane cut the water array, showing a huge empty hole!

"Your woman is still very good ..."

Shang Nai, I looked at the beauty of the water in the water array. I said that people mean unknown. In fact, he said that he thought that he was in the garbage dump for many years, thinking that he is very poor, give him one Cookies.

Who is ignited to the next moment, a beautiful mantra, and stretched out of the stretch: "Where do you think is the most complete?"


When I got her, I turned to her, and I suddenly changed the face of beauty, and I spurted an overwhelming orange acid solution: "Solution · Dolly!"

This acid solution covers the top of their three!

If this extraction falls, Red Sands and Didala are definitely can't escape, and both of them may even be hit!

This woman, no wonder can make the fog hidden village, it is absolutely not because she grows beautiful!

Her strength is also very powerful.

At least her double blood, almost all restrained them.

Whether it is Didala or Red sand, the face is not shocked, the red sand is rushing to manipulate the three-generation wind shadow and the four-generation style, intend to release their magnetic defense.

"Don't panic."

Shangyuan Nai fell out to attract their emotions, slowly erected his finger: "! Soul!"

A purple energy shield appears around them, wrapped them in it, this is a group invincible skill.

A group of orange acids fell under the energy sanding, but it could not be corroded. These acids can only flow down the mask and gradually fall on the ground.

Just after the original navigation, after the energy defense, the distance in the distance is rushed towards their direction, and the face has a touch of perseverance: "Do you think you can get angry? Go to death! Monsters! · Feng Xianhuo! "

A group of flames came out from her mouth! This woman can still release the fire, or the fire of Unexpell!

No, it seems that there is nothing to be worth it. After all, there are a variety of Chakra attributes in the body, and one of them is the composition of water and fire ...

I saw that the flame flying in the group did not fall on the original Nairi and others, but fell in the acid solution around the original Needle!

After a while, when the colony fell behind the acid solution, it immediately caused a dramatic explosion. The whole street suffered from the street, the building is instantly destroyed!

The glyph can be exploded by the flame!

Illuminate suddenly launched a hidden hidden move, this is her real kill, after all, she has never regarded that the acid solution can kill the child.

Even the beauty of the beauty is also brought by the impact of the impact!

Just like the beauty, I looked at the strenuous street after I looked at the strenuous explosion, and my heart put down a sigh of relief.

She just picked up very well, just the instant of the strange purple energy mask disappeared, and the members of the child could not defend.

According to the judgment of the beauty, even if this group of guys is so strange, it is impossible to have no injury in this explosion, there should be two deaths of death ...

Optimistic, three may be killed!

However, when the explosive smoke dust dispersed, looked at the three shadows wearing Xiangyun black robes as the beautiful face, they even didn't even have a slim move.


Didala glarped his mouth and laughed: "Your woman's means is really fierce! I recognize your art!"

Red sand scorpion did not show the surrounding environment, whispered: "Judging according to the power of the explosion, it seems that this woman spit out something called nitrate, then use the flame to detonate it ..."

"It is indeed amazed."

Shangyuan Nai Luo Yuediao, softly praised: "The weak people of the endurance always look for the opportunity to defeat the power through all kinds of novelty tactics, have to say that the tactics under the beauty of the beauty is worthy of admire "

Shangyuan Needressed and laughed and continued: "It's really worth amazing, just a little bit, you can hurt my fingers ..."